A.B.C-Z 新しい太陽 Lyric Translation

新しい太陽 (atarashii taiyou – new sun) is a song about a break-up that uses the rising sun as imagery of a new start. The whole song is very sweet and supportive. It’s about a couple who have had to break-up and that although it’s still painful there is a new sun waiting to shine on them both from now on. (Fumi’s big solo lines in this one are sooooo goooood 👌🏻 Fumi solo ballad in 2021 please 🙏)

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A.B.C-Z 灯 Lyric Translation

This is the theme song for A.B.C-Z’s drama series “One More”. The word 灯 (akari) means “light”. This song is all about becoming someone’s light, supporting them when they are not able to shine on their own. It’s really beautiful and I love the way the lyrics flow through the music.

Short Promo! If you’d like to watch the “One More” drama, I’ve been helping my friend Daem with her English subs (she does all the work, I’m just beta-ing the translations). You can find them on her Twitter and LJ accounts 😘

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A.B.C-Z Nothin’ but funky Lyric Translation

I’m ba~ck! With translations from Ebi’s new single “Nothin’ but funky”. The title song is a disco bop about… um… I’m not sure? The lyrics are hectic, from Fumi telling us all he’s “not a porpoise” to Tottsu going to “cook some rice” 😅 I think it’s about giving up everything and leaving town to be with someone, but interpret as you will!

Check out the offical music video here ☞ https://youtu.be/1NBgeTxmBZY

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A.B.C-Z 頑張れ、友よ Lyric Translation

Long time, no translation! 😅

Here it is! Ganbare, tomo yo! Good luck, my friend! Ebi’s wonderful theme song for their Oenya movie. The lyrics were written by a famous (old) comedian called Egashira-san, which has got the song a lot of hype. It’s a great song about keeping on going, even when you fall! Hasshi’s last line is my favourite and basically sums up the entire feel of the song ❤️

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A.B.C-Z BAD GAME Lyric Translation

I LOVE THIS SONG! This is another powerful song about forbidden love. This one goes through the pain of understanding well that the love you want is a lie, that it’s only going to hurt you, but still wanting it anyway. The lyrics would be totally at home on Zephyr but the poppy synth tunes are perfect for CONTINUE? This is my lasting favourite off the album!

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