「Dangerous Love」Popolo August ’18

Scan 38

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Yamada Ryosuke

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

 “Because you are mine from now on”

It’s something I would never say normally but, sometimes I want to try saying something kind of pushy like this (lol). Since I would never even call a girl “you” like that, maybe she’ll be charmed by this personality gap!?

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

Afterschool guidance…

It’s student teacher love I guess. After school, unknowingly a female student comes to me with a question, and flipping through her note book I see she’s written “I like you”. As I laugh and say “Hey!” I’ll pat her gently on the head (lol).

Inoo Kei

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

 “I got Bruno Mars tickets, if you’re interested?”

Even though I’m asking “Are you?”, on the inside I’m confidently thinking “Of course you’re interested!” (lol). I’m bringing up an event that girls seem interested in, and using that feeling that they can’t say no as an attack.

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

The ultimate thrilling love!?

You shouldn’t fall in love with someone you work with so how about an in-group lover? Touching each other so that the other members around you don’t notice, finishing my half-eaten fried chicken… it makes my heart race (lol).

Cross talk

Yamada Ino-chan doesn’t have a mischievous image~.

Inoo Really? But, looking at me you’d definitely think I was mischievous (lol). When I was a kid I was really serious, I was a kid who never really got up to mischief.

Yamada Exactly! If you compare me to Ino-chan, I was definitely a mischief maker. Without knowing who owned it my friends and I made a secret base on a plot of land, when the land owner found out they got re-ally angry and threw us out… If I think about it now I know it’s something you shouldn’t do but, when I was a kid I couldn’t understand it, I was seriously rebellious against the adults I knew. I was like “Why are you crushing the dreams of a child!” (bitter laugh).

Inoo Since you kids built it seriously, the adults shouldn’t be mad at you.

Yamada I shouldn’t have done it but, at the time I didn’t think I had done anything wrong. I wasn’t afraid of anything (bitter laugh).

Inoo Speaking of, I made secret bases too. My friends and I would get together in the woods where we weren’t allowed to go~.

Yamada That’s a road we’ve all been down as boys.  Ino-chan right, he’s not rude to his senpai but, he doesn’t belittle himself to them.

Inoo That’s not how it is at all~ (lol).

Yamada But he’s the type that does things anyway. Since the JUMP member’s worry quite a bit, there are a lot of members that can’t get themselves to do things on their own but, Ino-chan leads the way for us.

Inoo When there’s something I have to do I decide that I’m just going to do it.

Yamada You do it in a messing about kind of way but, you’re never rude about it. So it’s a bit different to being mischievous but, I think “He’s great at this”, he’s always saving me.

Inoo When Yamada is playing a prank on the members his face is like a mischievous young boy (lol). Who is it that you usually always play pranks on?

Yamada Well, I can say for certain that it’s Dai-chan (lol)!

Inoo I thought so. You never really play them on me.

Yamada Yeah, just the person I’ve decided on. No, it’skinda Dai-chan I guess. It’s like that guy, he’s funny so it makes me want to irritate him (lol). He gives me the reactions I’d hoped for.

Inoo Speaking of, lately when we got back from recording, there was this really, really sexy model idol’s picture in my hat. But I didn’t notice it straight away so it took away from the reaction… (bitter laugh). I think it was probably Takaki or Dai-chan that did it but…

Yamada What kind of prank is that! They didn’t tell me about it at the time, maybe because they forgot about it too (bitter laugh).


Yabu Kota

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

 “Come with me and don’t complain”

It’s ok to do this kind of pushy confession, without giving the girl time to think about it. Ah, but actual me would end up saying something like “It’s completely fine if you don’t answer now. Take your time thinking about it” (lol).

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

Love with a senior female co-worker

Secretly dating a female senior, during work she’d give strict leadership but, during breaks we’d flirt in the tea room♡Seeing the face that a normally strict girl shows only to me, that’s the best.

Okamoto Keito

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

 “I want to fall into your dreams”

At first it sounds romantic doesn’t it? Actually so that a girl that has a lot of dreams doesn’t worry, I mean that “I will save you even in your dreams”. Now that you don’t have to be afraid anymore you can relax and sleep ♡

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

Washing ashore on an island filled with ferocious animals

Me and a girl I don’t know on an uninhabited island. At first we don’t get along but, we’ll go to gather food and fight ferocious animals together, gradually our bond will deepen and we’ll become close.

 Cross Talk

Yabu When I was in Elementary School, I’d go to the swamp near my school and grill and eat crayfish I caught.

Okamoto (rofl) Isn’t that something a poor person does? How did it taste?

Yabu No~ It was horrible (lol). Since it’s too much of a hygiene problem, good kids should definitely not try this at home! At that age Keito was…. catching lobsters not crayfish?

Okamoto Is that how you envision England (lol)? I was an animal type kid too. In Elementary School when I was playing on the playground, I’d trip over the rocks and hurt my legs in weird ways… I often saw hedgehogs.

Yabu In the school yard!? Wild ones?

Okamoto Yeah.

Yabu Seriously. I can’t beat a story like that~… Ah, I have another one. When I was little, I’d catch lizards and praying mantis but, because my mum hated them she banned me from doing it. But, I wanted to catch them at any cost, because I couldn’t help it, I’d put them straight in the letter box when they were caught.

Okamoto Wah, that’s horrible (lol)! Wouldn’t they escape straight away?

Yabu They would, it was a miracle when they didn’t~.

Okamoto That’s a pretty shocking story. If we’re talking about the mischievous phase, I hurt myself a lot and broke a lot of bones. I broke my hand playing soccer, and I broke it when missed catching a Frisbee…

Yabu I guess I had a lot too. I fell off the stairs at the park I’d go to with my big brother, and when I was messing around on the monkey bars with my friends we’d pull at each other and fall off, when it was decided I would run in the school relay if I ran out in front I’d get caught in the rope and trip over…

Okamoto Wait, I broke something on the monkey bars once too.

Yabu As you’d expect, that’s just “something that happens”. If I try thinking about it, I think I’ve had a broken bone about 3-4 times~.

Okamoto I’ve broken something about the same amount (lol). We’re matching.

Yabu We have a story of chivalry together don’t we. The long phone call that time.

Okamoto Ah~, we did.

Yabu I got a phone call from Keito when he was running errands on the way home but, we ended up deep in talk. The reception got bad and he dropped out once but, he was like “It cut out~” and was still connected to me.

Okamoto (lol). Yabu-kun’s take out delivery arrived so I thought “This is a good time to hang up!”… but he just started eating as he was (lol).

Yabu In the end, somehow or other we were on the phone for about two and a half hours, weren’t we? In the end Keito said “I’m going to the sauna now” and hung up on me (lol).

Okamoto Because phones obviously aren’t allowed inside the sauna (lol). But, I because I hung up on him because I was in the sauna, I thought he’ll be like “Then, I guess I’ll go too” and come straight away.

Yabu (lol). You felt afraid?

Keito Ha ha (lol). Ah, just a bit (lol).

Yabu Really (lol). But, from now on we’ll each do our best to leave a remaining tale of bravery of not being a nuisance to people (lol)!


Chinen Yuri

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

 “Come with me, I’m gonna buy you something”

Because everyone in the World loves money. But because saying “I’ll give you money” is kinda yucky, it’s smarter to say “I’ll buy you whatever you like as a present”.

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

Dangerous love with a female enemy boss

I’m a mafia boss, and I’ve fallen in love with the female enemy boss. A charming female boss like Mine Fujiko but, when a dispute breaks out and were fighting face-to-face I’ll whisper my confession in her ear. Then, we’ll form an alliance and become one big organisation!

Nakajima Yuto

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

“I want to see your sleeping face”

We’ll eat dinner together at her place, and then I’ll say it when the mood gets to that “So what are we going to do now?” stage. It means “Let’s sleep together tonight♡”. The key point is the pushiness in the hidden meaning behind the words.

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

An enemy or someone of a different social status

Love like “Romeo and Juliet”. Being in different positions, if your love isn’t strong you can’t climb over that wall. It’s difficult to reach a happy ending but, there’s meaning in the way that they communicate their feelings.

Arioka Daiki

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

“I like you. Go out with me. The only option you have left is to nod”

The set-up is me and her are a workplace senpai and kohai. I’ll give the female kohai a confession with the same tension as I normally order her at work. I’ll be matter-of-fact until the end, but it’s like “I won’t give you the right to say no!”

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

Overthrow the Demon King with the power of love!

I’m the hero, and I’m on a journey to rescue the King from the Demon King. While I’m fighting the enemies, I’ll confess to and marry my childhood girlfriend. That always together until we die love, that’s definitely “dangerous” right (lol).

Cross Talk

Nakajima When I was in the lower grades of elementary school, I leapt off this totem pole kind of thing and I fell straight down. I broke my front teeth and they took me straight to the hospital (lol). But, it was ok because they were still just my baby teeth.

Arioka If it’d been your adult teeth, you would have had to get dentures that young (lol).

Chinen Me too, when I was little I fell down the stairs, I rolled three times and my chin started bleeding.

Nakajima Me too, when my friends and I were throwing plastic bottles at each other, one hit me on the eyebrow and it started bleeding!

Arioka A bleed of pride (lol)!

Nakajima They took me straight to the hospital that time too and I got three stiches (lol).

Arioka I’m the same as Yuto, I have a scar on both eyebrows.

Nakajima Are they valiant scars?

Arioka No, I got one when I was a baby and I ran into a chair when I was crawling. Then when it finished healing I bumped the other side so I have one on both (lol).

Nakajima Now you’re symmetrical! That’s in fashion right (lol)!

Arioka When I became an adult I bought a pressure cleaner, and I cleaned the entire area around my house’s carpark for everyone, it was very chivalrous.

ChinenThen all the clean parts and dirty parts became clear though (lol).

Nakajima Dai-chan is the prank-playing mischievous type.

Daiki I often stick those stickers you always see on water bottles on Ino-chan’s bag (lol). He finds that out straight away but, when I put a sexy magazine picture on the back of his hat he put it on without noticing and I laughed (lol).

Chinen Yutti is the type that would risk his life for mischief~ (lol).

Arioka When Yuto was 10 he would go on a rampage like a pro-wrestler, he was the “Dynamic Mischief” (lol).

Nakajima But as I grew up I wasn’t the Dynamic Mischief any more.

Chinen It’s scary if you rampage now.

Arioka When Chinen was sitting next to me in the car, he started playing with these water balloons from overseas, and even though I told him “It’s going to break when you’re waving it in my face like that, stop it”, it burst just like I said.

Chinen I remember you saying that! That was unexpected.

Nakajima When I was co-starring in historical drama with our senpai, Higashiyama-san, he took me along to karaoke. When Higashiyama-san was right in the middle of singing, without thinking I interrupted him and shouted out “Higashi!”.

Arioka You did~!

Nakajima When I noticed I was like “Huh” coz I wasn’t expecting it but, when Higashiyama-san kindly said to me “That’s ok”, I was grateful for his tolerance towards others (lol).

Chinen If he had gotten mad, Yutti wouldn’t be here anymore (lol).

Nakajima Definitely (lol). Maybe I’m too wild~ (lol)?

Chinen Isn’t that old?

Nakajima Coz I’m a mischief!

Arioka I don’t know what you’re talking about. But still, since we generally like pranks, we’re sure to make new mischievous legends from now on, aren’t we?

Nakajima For the sake of the next “Heroic Stories” feature, let’s be mischievous~.

Chinen Stop it already (lol)!


Takaki Yuya

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

“Let’s try it first!”

Before our love grows, we have to understand each other well (lol). Can’t we enjoy our favourite sports and hobbies together. So, it’s necessary to “try” anything (lol).

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

In love with the grown up “cousin”

When I go to visit a relative’s family, and cousin I’ve known since I was little has become more like a woman, I’ll end up falling in love (lol). When we’re looking at the moon in the evening I’ll turn into a wolf, and kiss her unexpectedly (lol)!

Yaotome Hikaru

Dangerous Q&A

Q1. What do you say to your girlfriend when you’re being slightly pushy?

“Fall in love with me”

I’ll hit them straight with my feelings exactly as they are. If I use this “You should fall in love with me without complaining” loaded attack, my partner will be overwhelmed by my vigour and will nod their head with thinking!

Q2. What situation comes to mind when you hear “Dangerous love”?

Unseen special treatment

An office romance where you can communicate with each other without being noticed by the people around you. Like she puts something special in only my tea, or sneaking off to eat lunch together on the roof would be nice!

Cross Talk

Yaotome Long ago, I’d do fireworks anywhere. I would get worked up like “Let’s do fireworks-!”. I did them with Yuya too

Takaki When we were Juniors. And there were times people we didn’t know would get angry at us.

Yaotome I guess there were (bitter laugh). The one you’d generally invite to do fireworks would be me or Dai-chan. It brings back memories.

Takaki I’m an adult now but I still feel like I want to do fireworks. On last year’s tour we did them on the local beaches. When we did, the coordinator seriously took me along to somewhere I could do it, with Inoo-kun and Arioka-kun too.

Yaotome Did you have fun?

Takaki We had loads of fun! When you become an adult you can’t do it for such a long time because, as soon as you light the firework, it’s over in a second (lol).

Yaotome Doing fireworks as an adult is nice too. Saying that, when I was a Junior, I didn’t use polite speech when I talked to my senpai~.

Takaki Even now I speak to Kamenashi-kun in plain speech though… (bitter laugh).

Yaotome That’s ok I guess (lol). Because at the time we didn’t know how to speak in polite form-. As soon as I joined the company I asked Tackey for his phone number.

Takaki Seriously (lol)?

Yaotome When I did Tackey said “I have time~” and he called me when he had time (lol).

Takaki Oh my God (bitter laugh).

Yaotome It couldn’t be helped; I was a kid after all (lol). But thanks to that, even now there are senpai I talk to in a friendly way without using polite speech too. Our senpai, they’re all so nice and they watched over us~.

Takaki It’s because we respect them that we use plain speech with them.

Yaotome Of course. It’s plain speech but, it’s because I can properly show my respect towards the senpai.

Takaki Our senpai don’t normally tease anyone. So I’m surprisingly happy when I’m teased by a junior (lol).

Yaotome I wonder what are the Juniors like these days. Since I’ve hardly even met them~.

Takaki Since I do the radio show in Osaka I’ve met the Kansai Juniors but, especially Ohashi (Kazuya) is always coming up to me like “Senpai, let’s go out to eat”. If feels like his words are polite but his attitude is normal… (lol). But, coming to me on his own like that is cute, it makes me happy (lol).

Yaotome I know what you mean (lol). Has Takaki played any pranks on the members lately?

Takaki Because there happened to be some sexy idol photos in the dressing room, I put them in Inoo-kun’s hat (lol). Ah, that’s the kind of prank that a middle school boy would play, it’s like that between the members sometimes. Like sticking the stickers from the Junior sticker sheets that come with the magazines on someone’s bag.

Yaotome That’s a part of being a Johnny’s (lol).

Takaki Uh huh. I think our senpai definitely did it too. Because it’s a traditional prank, it’d be great if it could be passed down from us too (lol).

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Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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