JUMP Produce JUMP Vol.5


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From Daiki→ To Yuya

This time, the photo concept for the Takaki that I produced was the instagrammable “Harajuku Kawaii” that’s growing popular all over the world. I wanted to see this “Harajuku Charisma ・Takaki” that I could never even envision him as normally (lol). Behind this theme, is a different world to the one of Hey! Say! JUMP’s current Takaki Yuya = I thought I wanted him to express the him that lives in a parallel world. Actually, the Takaki that you can see is already living in another world (lol). It’s a world that you absolutely can’t see in everyday life. So, I thought this time, I’m going to open up the door to “the figure hidden in another world” for you.

There are four parallel world Takaki’s. The first one is JUMP member Takaki. The second is Harajuku Charisma but, Takaki has been the charismatic type since he was a Junior. Even now he’s loved by the Juniors. The third is “Daruma Collector” Takaki. Darumas right, they’re cute but, they fascinate everyone, and have an eccentric kind of aspect to them too.  The darumas represent this essence that Takaki has too. The fourth is because he has the image of suiting a slim style, being surrounded by antique furniture is Aristocrat Takaki who spends his life in elegance (lol).

In my memories with Takaki, the one that left the biggest impression was, in 2005 when me, Takaki and Yuto appeared in the “~SHOCK” shows. When we’d go back to the dressing room after our time on stage, I would always fight with Takaki. To start with we were just fooling around together pretending to be wrestlers but, it gradually became more real until we were having a physical fight (lol). But, we’d make up straight away and go to eat gyudon together, or catch a movie on the way home. We’d repeat this every day.

If I there’s a word for how I used to see Takaki, the thing I want to shout is “Honest!”. He has a really straight forward personality. For example, if something happens in front of him or, if he’s thought about something that he’s done he’ll gasp reflexively. It’s Takaki’s “Inner Voice” escaping (lol). When we’re doing dance lessons too, he says stuff like “This is hard” or “I’m dying” (lol). Even if it is like his “Inner Voice” is quietly leaking out, he’s a person who seriously gives it his best.

So, his ability to act on things and be quick about it is Takaki’s specialty. If he’s looking at a magazine and says “I want to go there”, he’ll have been there before you know it. This part of him is also honest to himself so, I think he’s the kind of person who can do what he thinks. Takaki right, because he looks cool at a glance, maybe there are people out there that find him “difficult to approach” but, if you try talking to him you see straight away that he’s a playful and cute person. Being able to feel such a gap is also one of Takaki’s charms I think.

So, if I compare him to before he doesn’t dress himself up anymore, he’s become more natural I guess. Towards the JUMP group too, now we’ve heard the words “I love it” clearly come out of Takaki’s mouth. Before we assumed it but, to express his feelings straight to the members, it made me really happy too. I don’t know for sure but, maybe inside Takaki is thinking “I’m going to break out of this shell”.

Now, even though Takaki and I are the ones in charge of the “JUMP da Baby!” radio show, every time I listen to Takaki talking, I feel like he’s learning lots of things through his own experiences. Every time I think “Takaki is getting bigger”. Even talking on the radio, I feel like there are a lot of times when he helps me out, he’s slowing becoming an encouraging person. Since last year Takaki has been appearing on the live “Music Bit” radio show in Osaka but, his serious attitude in dealing with it, I think “I wonder if he’ll make use of it in the show he does with me?”. Because he has the important role of teasing me, and playing the straight man to my funny man (lol).

The Takaki from now on, I want Takaki to become an even bigger and stronger person.  For example, appearing on a marine sports hobby TV programme, I want the name Takaki Yuya to have an appeal in society. Speaking of hobbies, lately Takaki is trying to learn how to write with a ball point pen. He seems to think that the letters look neater this way, he’s the type that takes things on seriously once he decides on them.

For example, when he decides to go on a diet he’ll eat nothing but salad, he’s stoic too. But, while putting in this kind of effort is an appeal of his, he’s the type that hates people to see it (lol).

So, he doesn’t easily show them to the members but, he seems to actually have some really cool private clothes (lol). Even I have only seen him wearing a long coat once but, he looked so cool. So, I want to see him become a model in a different style of magazine to Yuto. Wouldn’t it be great if he could show off that “Charisma ・Takaki” for us?

Popolo August ‘18

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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