Popolo October ’18


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All of the things we love ♡

Love 1 Dai-chan (Yamada)

Dai-chan’s come backs are the best! No matter what we’re messing around together about he gives his come backs with everything he’s got. If I shout “I play ✖✖ card!!” he shouts “◯◯ attack!!” and we carry on like a pair of elementary school kids (lol).

Love 2 Cunning Girls (Yabu)

When their cunning ways actually come to light, it’s really cute! It’s not ok when the cunningness is a bother to someone but, if it’s just me then its fine.

Love 3 Pizza (Inoo)

I never used to eat it but, lately there’s been this (pizza chain) so I gave it a try, and it was delicious ♪ If I had to choose then I’d say I’m still a rice guy but, pizza is good too~.

Love 4 Bass (Yaotome)

Of course I love the sounds and stuff too but, since I love orthodox bass, I also have fun looking at the shape and appearance of the instruments. Actually playing them is hard but, that’s what makes it so fun.

Love 5 My phone (Takaki)

Because apart from when I’m at work, I never go anywhere without it. I use the GPS and when things get dire it can look up anything to help me out. It’s a tool that connects people all over the world too, it’s amazing.

Love 6 Popolo’s Catering (Okamoto)

It feels like the pizza ratio is quite high. It makes me really, really happy! I get really excited when they sometimes change the (?) catering.

Love 7 Star Wars (Nakajima)

Yabu-kun told me about this store with lots of merch in the windows that he walks by sometimes. Because I love Star Wars even just looking at merchandise is fun.

Love 8 Internet (Chinen)

We had computing class in elementary school so I’ve had experience with them since I was little. Because we’re connected through the internet, it’s like you can go anywhere in the world and investigate things.

Love 9 Summer (Arioka)

Summer right, it feels really great. Like the blue sky, and the sound of the cicadas, and it’s a time you can spend wearing light clothes and stuff (lol). I don’t really like wearing lots of clothes so, I hate winter.

Love 10 Bath robes (Takaki)

I spend quite a bit of time wearing them at home. I always wore one in the play dressing room, I guess I got used to wearing it. I have a few different designs but, I do have favourite but because I want it to be something just for myself, it’s a secret (lol).

Love 11 Going out on my days off (Inoo)

Basically I’m the type that wants to go out on my days off. I want to travel too but, it’s hard since I don’t get long holidays… If I had three days off in a row, I’m the sort that wants to go to a resort! Or traveling in Asia is nice, or an island would be nice too.

Love 12 Yuto (Okamoto)

As my Japanese teacher, he’s always taught me kindly (lol). So, because he asks me about English, we are teaching each other. I still have to practice my English though so I’m not  a good teacher!

Love 13 Fried egg (Yabu)

I lay the bacon out, break the egg over the top, put the lid on and steam them. Because I don’t have a lid at home, I use the heavy lid from my hotpot instead (lol). When the egg is half cooked, I sprinkle it with seasoning and it’s freaking delicious!

Love 14 The sea (Yamada)

I often want to go to the sea, not just in Summer. Since I only want to go and look at it, I get in the car and go down in the evenings too. Gazing at the quiet surface of the water, and listing to the sound of the waves has a calming feeling.

Love 15 Miyagi (Yaotome)

I’m from Miyagi, it’s a lovable place. The seafood from Sanriku tastes the best, the seafood and the food from up in the mountains is their pride too. When I’m thinking about where I want to go traveling the place that comes to mind is Sendai in Miyagi (lol).

Love 16 Music (Arioka)

I generally listen to a lot of Western Music but, the playlists on my music app update every day and discovering new artists this way is fun. Now, the one I’m listening to a lot is Marshmello. It’s perfect for turning up the Summer!

Love 17 Frogs (Chinen)

Since I was a kid, I’ve liked those little green rain frogs. I’m not great with animals but, rain frogs are ok. For a while I had a picture of one as my phone lock screen (lol).

Love 18 Baths (Inoo)

Even in Summer, I try to use the bath more than the shower as much as I can. I use the bath salts that I get as presents, since it’s been hot lately my favourites are the ones that have a cooling sensation.

Love 19 Videos (Yaotome)

I love live game play videos. Because watching the videos makes it feel like I can play them too, even the games that are too hard for me. Watching the stories in games is more fun than watching stories in anime.

Love 20 Dogs (Yamada)

Well animals, so obviously I like dogs. You can’t beat that moment when you call their name and they turn to look at you, wagging their tail! When people talk about dogs they say that Shar Peis are the ugly ones but I think they’re cute.

Love 21 Keito (Nakajima)

I love that he’s bad at Japanese. Even now he can’t read “duplicate”, he hesitates between “choufuku” and “joufuku”. But because he’s really cool when he’s speaking English, that gap is really cute!

Love 22 Bright, energetic girls (Arioka)

Bright, energetic girls are great. And girls that are fun to talk to too! Those kinds of girls right, they have this image of having neat handwriting. Somehow it seems like they could write in that kind of easy to read way.

Love 23 Brands (Takaki)

Before a lot of people had their favourite brands but, I’ve finally started to understand the charm of this. Because when something is made reliably, you can keep using it forever so I want to slowly accumulate things.

Love 24 Oden (Yabu)

I love oden so much I even want to eat it in Summer. But maybe it’s more like I love the stock, than the oden. Recently I ate Shizuoka oden. My favourite oden ingredient is, egg! Man, I love eggs!

Love 25 Sleeping (Chinen)

Even now I love sleeping. For me, maybe it’s the thing I desire the most that I don’t have to work my hardest for (lol). There isn’t an ideal sleeping time but, the best sleep is when you wake up feeling refreshed!

Love 26 The ones who read for me (Keito)

Because there’s nine of us, don’t the letters get all crowded? But I’m happy that there are people here who can read them properly. They say to me “I know” don’t they?

Love 27 Wind chimes (Nakajima)

I bought one when I went to Mt Narita with my dad. It’s made of metal, like a miniature version of the temple bell. When the wind blows, it makes a “chirin” sound. I’ve got it hanging up at my parents’ house.

Love 28 Cold noodles (Yaotome)

Lately, I think that cold noodles are especially tasty. The other day, I bought a whole box of them (lol). It’s nice when I can eat them with my favourite flavours, and adding chili paste makes it taste great too.

Love 29 Soft drinks (Yamada)

I drink them a lot when they provide them at work for us. But when I think about it, I don’t drink them at home, or buy them myself. In the end, I can’t drink them, maybe because I don’t want the bubbles to come slipping back out.

Love 30 The moment after replacing batteries (Arioka)

Putting new batteries in gives a sense of security, it’s reassuring. Especially when it’s something that doesn’t need its batteries changed that frequently (lol). I always keep a stock of AA and AAA batteries.

Love 31 Pizza (Okamoto)

I really love it. Ones with a tomato base, like marinara, are the best, I could eat them forever. The members have started calling me “Pizzataro” (lol). I eat so much of it!

Love 32 Smiling girls (Takaki)

Everyone says this a lot but, girls that smile when they’re beside the person they like are really cute. I think I want to be someone who can make anyone smile too.

Love 33 Cameras (Nakajima)

It’s really fun when I’m taking photos! I like taking pictures of scenery and buildings, and people. Because it leaves a reminder of normal, everyday life, I’m glad that cameras are my hobby.

Love 34 Money (Chinen)

Money is important. Doing a ranking of all the athletes annual salaries, maybe they could measure the value. It doesn’t seem like there is anyone who hates money, or people who worry when they have too much.

Love 35 Mt Fuji (Yabu)

I’ve liked the shape of Mt Fuji ever since I was little. I’d draw pictures of it, and when I made a train set, I would always make a Mt Fuji. Mountains are fine but, I prefer looking at Mt Fuji (lol).

Love 36 Movies (Inoo)

I watch a lot of DVDs on my days off. Lately “Source Code” was really interesting! The other day I went to see a movie I’d been wanting to see at the cinema but all of the seats were full (cries).

Love 37 Bed (Yaotome)

I do love sleeping after all (lol). Naturally I obsess over my mattress, I spent a long time searching for the one I have now so that it’s not too soft, and not too hard. I’m opposed with low pillows too.

Love 38 Perfume (Yamada)

I have about 30, and I always carry two different kinds with me. When I’m meeting my seniors I wear a light, gentle scent, and when I’m doing a concert and want to be filled with energy I use a sweet scent.

Love 39 Seaweed miso soup (Yabu)

Since I can’t make miso myself, it’s tasty when I go out to have it. There’s all kinds, but I love the one with seaweed in it the best. When I go out to a sushi restaurant I will always order it.

Love 40 Chinen (Arioka)

He says “What?” more than anyone else when you’re talking to the other members. Whenever he does it you have to explain things over from the start and it’s a pain in the ass but, I love that kind of Chinen (lol).

Love 41 Popolo (Okamoto)

I think it has an appearance that you don’t see in any other magazine. Because the projects have this Popolo characteristic. I can discover new things about the other members like “You can make that kind of face too”.

Love 42 Girly gestures (Nakajima)

Like tucking you hair behind you ear, or running with their toes pointed inwards. These distinctively girly casual gestures make my heart race. I guess because it’s not something that guys have in them?

Love 43 Dancing (Chinen)

For me, music and dancing is something that I can’t be without. I’ve been learning to dance since I was little, and singing and dancing on the stage is my special place. Because I’m happiest when I’m standing there.

Love 44 Eating (Inoo)

Because this Japanese restaurant I went to recently was quick and had delicious seasoning, I want to go again. Especially the final course of rice served in a stone pot was the best! I’m worried I’m going to accidentally eat too much and get fat though (bitter laugh).

Love 45 Saunas (Takaki)

It’s become a part of my life now to go about 3-4 times a week, or 5 times in a big week. I like going to saunas in places I haven’t been before. I have decided to get in and enjoy myself without giving myself any rules.

Love 46 Foxes (Arioka)

When they jump up, and stab their face down into the snow to grab their food it is really cute ♪ I want one as a pet but I can’t have one so, since Keito had one as a pet a long time ago I’m satisfied just asking him all about it.

Love 47 Sneakers (Yamada)

Before I found them hard to use and used to avoid them but, when I tried them I found they were tight fitting and easy to move in, I was surprised. Now I have collected about 10 pairs. I like ones with a big, rough design.

Love 48 Spin-off dramas (Okamoto)

I watched the “Code Blue: One More Day” five nights in a row. Every day I’d tell Dai-chan what I thought about it, and it made him happy. I’m happy when I fall asleep seeing the members faces.

Love 49 Yuto (Yaotome)

I love the reactions that Yuto gives when I tease him. And how he interacts with me properly on variety shows too.  Even outside of work when you do something like pull down his pants he exaggerates his happiness (lol).

Love 50 Stars (Yabu)

Since I like stars, I always end up looking at the sky. You can’t really see the stars in Tokyo but, when I go somewhere with a clear sky I make time to observe them. I know a bit about which stars go with what constellations and stuff.

Love 51 Things that are inherently girly (Inoo)          

Not stuff that’s decided on like “because you’re a girl~” but, the parts that I expect to be different to my own hold an interest and kindness I guess. Their embarrassed feeling is charming.

Love 52 The group (Chinen)

I love Hey! Say! JUMP. It’s not an image I make up, it’s because it’s a group that’s naturally got a fun atmosphere. The way JUMP talks together as well, it’s special because of these members.

Love 53 My dog (Nakajima)

Lately when it’s been hot his breathing gets all raggedy and I fan him, I take the electric fan out and fan him. But then he falls asleep in a spot where the wind from the fan can’t reach him. I call out to him “Are you ok over there?”.

Love 54 Omelette rice (Arioka)

I’ve liked it since I was a kid, and since I’ve been saying “I love it” ever since I was a Junior, I was chosen by an omelette rice chain to be the “omelette rice ambassador”. I was so happy.

Love 55 Girls with natural make-up (Yamada)

I understand the feelings of girls who want to pile it on too but, I can’t deal with girls that slather it on. Girls that wear a moderate amount, and laugh a lot are nice. Girls who laugh without thinking and show their teeth!

Love 56 Cars (Takaki)

Just looking at cars gets me all excited. When I’m driving, I don’t think about anything and it’s great, it’s become a way to relieve my stress, and I love spending time with myself in car.

Love 57 Shaved ice (Okamoto)

I’m not very good with sweet foods but I like shaved ice. I always choose the blue Hawaii syrup flavour. Maybe I just like the way the name sounds though (lol). Shaved ice from festival stalls is really yummy.

Love 58 Inns with hot springs (Yabu)

Places where you can rest your body are great. I especially like when they have tables and chairs along the windows of the veranda. It’s nice rolling around on the tatami floors but, I guess I’m always on the veranda (lol).

Love 59 Moto GP (Yaotome)

I’ve always been a fan of Valentino Rossi, who’s been riding for quite a while now and is the strongest rider of all time. So, it’s fun to talk about with my older MotoGP fan friends.

Love 60 Gyoza (Chinen)

I’ve been saying for a long time that “My mum’s handmade gyoza are the best” but, it hasn’t changed even now. Because I was raised on that gyoza. Besides, they’re “made with love”.

Love 61 Tomatoes (Inoo)

It wasn’t like this when I was little but, I’ve come to eat them quite a bit now that I’m an adult. I snack on them, and they are perfect for breakfast too. Eating them just as they are without any heating or anything is A+.

Love 62 Pizza (Nakajima)

I’ll never forget the pizza we ate in New York! Even though it was such a super huge size it was still reasonable. I had a salami pizza, Yama had cheese and Chinen had a margarita. I want to eat that pizza again!

Love 63 The Flash (Arioka)

Coz it’s a hero story and it often expresses a great fighting spirit. The footage is like a digest, showing bits of footage like “pah, pah, pah”. I don’t know why but I really like that technique~.

Love 64 Wooden spatulas (Yamada)

I really like this kind of cookware. I’ve probably got used to using one over the years, and it feels nice to use. When I’m stirring the ingredients with it, is the time when I feel like I’m really cooking.

Love 65 My guitar tuner (Okamoto)

It’s the thing that tunes my guitar for me while all I have to do is set up. Because it can even deal with the fine settings, tuning is easy. Just watching it is fun!

Love 66 Water (Takaki)

There people who drink a lot of it for their health but for me, since I don’t really drink tea or coffee, I nearly always drink water to keep hydrated. I’m not fussed about the type; I like to just drink it at room temperature.

Love 67 Videos (Nakajima)

Music, action summaries, cars… I watch videos that match my interests. I have a healthy curiosity I guess (lol). When I get home, I watch them a lot while I’m relaxing.

Love 68 The colour blue (Yabu)

I really like blue. I don’t know why it hasn’t changed but, I’ve liked it for a long time. Coz I even like clothes that are navy or indigo, I have quite a lot of them! And the Samurai Blue (t/n: he means the colour of the Japanese soccer team) too, maybe I like that too much though (lol).

Love 69 Sparkling water (Chinen)

When I was a student, I always had a stock of lemonade in the fridge at home. Now I drink more sparkling water. Coz I like the refreshing feeling when you drink it, I drink about a bottle a day.

Love 70 Shoes (Yaotome)

Since I like shoes I’ve been collecting them for a long time. Of course I accumulated a lot so I cleaned them all out but, I still have about 20 pairs. There are all kinds of shoes that I like but, I do have a lot of basketball shoes.

Love 71 Sleeping (Inoo)

Ideally… I feel like a proper sleep is a good 7 hours. Usually when I have to get up early I think “I’m gonna go to bed” but, I end up staying up late without realising it, so it’s difficult to do.

Love 72 Caprese (Yamada)

For me that hates tomatoes, it’s the kind of food that I never would have eaten but, when there were leftovers at a dinner I didn’t want to be rude and challenged it and I was like “This is so good!” (lol). Now I can absorb the lycopene into my body.

Love 73 Ranma ½ (Arioka)

Because I thought I wanted to watch videos on my phone, I got “Ranma ½” and have been watching from episode one. It’s different to when I watched it all those years ago, there are new discoveries like “This voice actor is wonderful~” and stuff.

Love 74 Girls that style their hair (Okamoto)

When they wear it tied up, and when they have it straight down, completely changes the atmosphere.  Because they can even change their make-up too, I think girls have a lot more fun than guys.

Love 75 TV (Inoo)

Because I have a TV that can record live TV, I use it a lot to watch the shows that my friends recommend. My recommendation, as you’d expect it’s the variety show that Takaki is a regular on!

Love 76 Natto (Takaki)

I want to eat it every day. I like both the whole-bean kind and the minced bean kind. I eat them with sauces and things sometimes but, I guess I enjoy the flavour just as it is a lot too. I always request it from the tour caterers too.

Love 77 Western clothes (Nakajima)

This summer is quite hot but, when it’s hot it makes me want to wear denim. But of course it’s thick and it’s pretty harsh so, I wear denim with a low thread count. Even when you sit down it won’t crease, it’s hardy!

Love 78 Futsal (Chinen)

Because we’d been watching the soccer World Cup, Yama-chan and Kota and I were like “Let’s play futsal!”, and we’ve had some matches too. The amount we have to move is intense but, that’s ok. I’m bad at scoring points from the front line!

Love 79 People with a feminine side (Yaotome)

People who have a kind and considerate personality. And people who are good at cooking. If they made me their home made cooking when I come home tired from work, I think I’d be healed right away~.

Love 80 Yuto (Yabu)

He’s generally just kind. Whatever the time, if you contact him he’ll reply to you. So when I find interesting things in the streets, I take a photo and send it to Yuto. Then he replies to me with his comments.

Love 81 Geta (Nakajima)

t/n: geta = wooden sandals worn with a kimono

It’s these last 2 or 3 years. They sound they make when you walk like “karan koron”, it’s got this great reverberating feeling, yeah~. For some reason, they make me appreciate the feeling of summer (lol).

Love 82 My niece (Yamada)

My sister had a baby and I became an uncle but (bitter laugh), it’s like a “I’m not an uncle?” kind of cute and it’s inevitable! The lock screen on my phone is a picture of my neice too (lol).

Love 83 The sound of rain (Chinen)

On those great days when you’re not doing anything and it rains, you can’t go out so you stay home. And then, I love listening to the sound of rain while I’m lazily spending the time in my room. Surprisingly it calms my heart, it’s great yeah.

Love 84 Spicy food (Takaki)

I’ve started to want to eat it regularly. Maybe I’ve been trained by the kimchi hot pot that my grandma made for me. It’s hot from the moment that you put it in your mouth but, now I don’t want that hot feeling to stop, it’s weird.

Love 85 Secret hideouts (Arioka)

I liked the secret hideouts that I make with my friends. Boys will be boys, we longed for a place that we could call “our own”. We would play a lot in the car park near my house.

Love 86 The members (Inoo)

Members of an idol group, they are a precious existence as people I never would have met if I had lived a normal life. When Dai-chan told me “I watched your drama”, I thought “I’m thankful”.

Love 87 The geta sound that Yuto makes (Okamoto)

Yuto made that “karan koron” sound. Hearing him do it I thought “Summer is here”. Because you don’t hear it even in the city, I’m lucky I could hear it so close by!

Love 88 Ice-cream (Yaotome)

I don’t know why but when I’m really tired it makes me feel like eating it (lol). So I always have 2-3 different kinds stocked in the freezer, then I can choose which one I feel like on the day before going to sleep. The mango flavoured shaved ice style is A+.

Love 89 Saunas and bath houses (Yabu)

I go about 1, 2 times a week. I always do three rotations of the sauna and the cold bath. Because it’s ok to read manga in the sauna, I took one but it got all wrinkly!

Love 90 Drums (Nakajima)

It’s great when I play them and all the sounds come out! With other instruments, the sound doesn’t come out to start with. Anyone who hits the drums can make a sound, they have a beating and hitting feel to them. Playing them changes your mood.

Love 91 Sandals (Takaki)

They feel great to wear, and they’re the best because they are easy to take on and off! In Summer I wear them the whole time except for formal occasions. Because I’m not particularly hung up on the design, I always wear a pair of normal flip-flops.

Love 92 My sofa (Yamada)

It’s so comfortable that when I have a whole day off, I spend half of the time here. It’s full of these cushions that aren’t too big, I love to bury my face in them (lol).

Love 93 Showers with strong water pressure (Arioka)

In hotels overseas and stuff, I hate when they have weak water pressure and are fixed to the wall. So, if I move house, checking the water pressure beforehand is essential (lol).

Love 94 Girls with great smiles (Chinen)

Girls who smile honestly are great. Maybe not being able to grasp everything, having some unknown parts is good too. But short girls have always been my favourite.

Love 95 Egg rice (Yabu)

I’ve liked it since I was a kid but, I was told that you shouldn’t eat it too much. Now that I’m an adult, I eat as much as I want while trying different variants.

Love 96 My friends (Inoo)

Because all of my university friends are working now too, we’re busy and it’s difficult for us to meet up. When we do meet up after a long time and go out to eat together, as you’d expect it’s really fun.

Love 97 Talking to Arioka-kun (Takaki)

When the members are all together, Arioka-kun talks to each and every one of us. Because he’s interested in everyone’s individual work, he wants to talk about anything and everything.

Love 98 My niece and nephew (Yaotome)

When I go to my big sister’s house we’ll always play together but, that purity is simply just love. I’ve come to want to watch over them as they grow up.

Love 99 Accessories (Yamada)

I like earrings and necklaces. Because my friend runs a store, he makes original pieces for me when I ask. The one I’m wearing the most at the moment is one with a smiley face with stars for eyes on it.

Love 100 Hey! Say! JUMP (Okamoto)

Day by day, my love increases. The thing I want to work the hardest at now, is living up to everyone’s expectations. Because everyone is here, I’m able to think “I’m going to do my best!”.

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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