JUMP Produce JUMP Vol. 8

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From Kota → To Chinen

Chinen right, he makes stupid faces and often acts playful but, he’s actually very shy around people he doesn’t know. But, he’s the type that puts his full trust in people who open their hearts to him, or who he thinks “I can trust”.  In order to reach that level of relationship though, I think it takes people quite a bit of time. When he was still a junior, Chinen would travel to Tokyo from his hometown in Shizuoka. So, it felt like every time Chinen and I saw each other we’d say “Oh, it’s been a while”. He was embarrassed to talk to me, so he’d poke me like “jab jab” (lol). At the time that was the way that Chinen communicated and I understood “You want to talk to me properly, don’t you?”. He really was a shy, cute kid but, he doesn’t feel like my little brother or anything. Especially since we became members of JUMP. Of course there’s an age difference but, being members of the same group I can’t see him as my junior, it feels like a strange relationship. When we work away from each other for a while, even though the members are all in this together, it feels like we’re “Friends with a bit of an age gap”.

The interesting thing about that shy Chinen was, he ended up hitting it off with my hometown friends straight away. When we had a New Year’s Party kind of thing, somehow Chinen was there too (lol). Saying that, just the other day I went back to my family home and Chinen followed me along, then my mum, Chinen and I, the three of us all talked together (lol). Somehow my family’s dog has become attached to Chinen too, it’s funny.

When we first met, if I think about how he was so shy that he couldn’t talk to me honestly, he’s like a completely different person now. While continuing to work as a group, and also starting to work on his own maybe he started to feel like “It will be bad if I don’t start to communicate more”. Meeting all kinds of different people, I think he’s grown a lot and become able to talk a lot. When we’re at work now he’s started to take the position of watching over the juniors from our company, Chinen has become a really responsible adult.

Even though being an idol has this overwhelming feeling to it, the calmness with which he is able to see the whole picture of everything is Chinen’s charm. Because of this he observes things carefully, and is a person who can make a quick decision. Because he reflects on himself too, it’s not just the things around him, he’s always thinking “How should I conduct myself” as well. But, since he likes to do funny things, in his head he loses that coolness and plays around (lol).

From now on, the thing that I want to see from Chinen is, him playing a kind of shady character. In his lead role in the “Sakamichi no Apollon” film you saw a little bit of this shadowy side but, it wasn’t a role that let you imagine much more. For example, if it happens or not is another thing, a bad guy whose involved himself in a heinous crime or, a murderer. I really want to see him take on a role that does a full 180 on the Chinen we have now and see that impact.

Since I play futsal with Chinen about once a week, there’s not really anything special that I want to do in our private time together (lol). If I wanted to go travelling with someone in my private time I’d probably prefer to go with Yamada. Because I don’t feel confident that I’d be able to make Chinen enjoy himself (lol).

That is, me and Chinen are the type that think special event kind of things are “a pain in the ass” (lol). So, Chinen would be fine just sitting around in his room watching anime and soccer.

Either way, if Chinen and I make plans to go somewhere, we like sushi and meat so, it would be nice if we went to eat the delicious specialty foods in a different region. Even when it’s for work those kinds of trips are fun. But, I don’t want to go fishing together (lol).

Lately, Chinen has been calling me “old man, old man”. I don’t mind it at all. Because he’s not wrong. But, if I was brave I’d say something like “Because even you are going to turn into an “old man” one day” (lol). Nah, I’ll tell him “It’s already happening!”.  But, these days even I seem to be saying “I’m turning into an old man”.

Saying that, the Chinen that I produced this time is, showing his lazing around at home being a nerd side. Because there aren’t many people that Chinen shows this weak side to at work, I aimed to show the readers this relaxed in his time off appearance. When he’s at home, because he sits around in his underpants, with his hair all messy surfing the net, I tried to recreate a style close to the real thing, and take a picture with this kind of feeling to it (lol).

Popolo, November ’18

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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