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Number 35   To Okamoto Keito-kun

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From Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2)

A long time ago, we appeared together on Inohara-san’s TV show “Hyakushiki Ou”. When the show was starting, we didn’t even talk to each other. But, in the long time that the show went on for, we started to slowly talk to each other, and by the end we were able to willingly mess around together. Doing this, we were able to spend this moment of growth together, thinking about it now, it was a really great time. It would be nice to meet up with those “Hyakushiki Ou” members again. It will feel like a class reunion!

Yeah, I want to meet up with the “Hyakushiki Ou” members~! At the time, every time Fujigaya-kun did a recording he’d wear a different accessory or watch or something, I remember you showing me. You were incredibly cool every time, I always thought “I want to be like that too~”. Also, I don’t know if you remember but, you took me along to a restaurant with a dart board. It was the first time I’d played darts in my life! Fujigaya-kun introduced me to his friends too, I was really happy, I remember it so well.

From Fuji Ryusei (Johnny’s WEST)

I think Keito is a good guy with a kind heart. And, we’re the same age! And, you always wind people up with things, like why you suddenly cut you hair really short? Before, when we went out to eat together, Keito had been growing his hair but, why did he suddenly start talking to me about this with what seemed like conviction? Even though you said it, the next time we met I was surprised to see that you had already cut it! Will you please tell me, why did you cut it? (lol)

Ha ha ha ha. I did talk to Ryusei about it the day before I seriously cut my hair after all (lol). Like “Long hair is nice~” and “I’m definitely not cutting mine any more”. At the time, I hadn’t really decided to cut it but, when I went to my hair dressers appointment the next day, Ryusei popped into my mind and I suddenly decided to cut it. Since I already had plans to meet up with Ryusei again, I thought it would be a bit funny if it had become short… Oh yeah, your favourite café that you secretly told me about, I probably go there more than Ryusei thinks I do (lol). I thought when Ryusei would ask something like “Always in a coffee glass” it was really cool so, I copied that too ♪

From Totsuka Shota (A.B.C-Z)

When I appeared together with Keito on “Hyakushiki Ou”, he took me along to a café that he recommended. It was a really nice place, I went there on my own just the other day. But, when Keito wasn’t there, it was a little lonely. Let’s go to the café again~. Teach me guitar~. Let’s play punk~. Let’s go see a movie!

I took you along to the café. I remember. It’s a place with a great atmosphere. I go there every now and then too. Whenever I go I’m like “I wonder if Tottsu is here~ (lol)?” I want to go together again. I really like Tottsu. I really love him. He’s so cool, he has a great sense in movies and novels and plays and hobbies. Oh, I’m reading “Jordan’s Bat is Rumbling” right now. I want to play punk~. Let’s go to a studio together!

From Sato Shori (Sexy Zone)

I think it must be about 4-5 years ago now but, I visited Keito’s house, do you remember? That day me and Keito went to eat ramen and went to the CD shop. And then last we went to Keito’s house. There Keito’s dad, Kenichi-san taught us to play guitar but it was actually the first time I had played guitar. The c chord that was so hard for me at the time, now I can play it properly. …oh, this ended up becoming a memory about Kenichi-san (lol). That day, Keito bought me a Maroon 5 CD at the CD store. I still cherish it now. When I play guitar in concerts, Keito always gives me a comment on it. It makes me happy. We haven’t played together yet so, I want to play together some day. And… give me a guitar please (lol)!

Your comments make me so happy. I’m happy but, you left out the important part, Shori-san… At the time, Shori was playing the lead in the “49” drama, and that day, I suddenly got a call to my mobile from an unknown number. I was so weirded out like “What do I do?”, I thought maybe it was a delivery man, so I carefully answered, and this really quiet voice that I could barely hear said “Hey! Keito!”. Ah, it was so scary, scary.

“Uh… I’m sorry. Who is this?” I said,

“It’s me, me, me!” Huh, who? Me me the swindler (lol)?

“Tell me if you change your number” I said,

“I’m calling on the phone I’m using in the drama filming” you said.

Don’t call me on that thing (lol).

So, when you said that you had free time after work, we said that you’d come to meet me, we’d go out to play, and then you’d stay at my place. Moreover, the next day you had early morning filming again so, I got up in the morning, made you breakfast, and then took you to the film set. I felt like I’d become your manager. You can have any guitar you like (lol).

From Kato Shigeaki (NEWS)

When I release my books, you buy all of them the second they hit the shelves and read them, and when I do a play you come and see it, I’m really grateful! Even though you go to the trouble of giving me feedback, I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you want to tell me… I think it’s cute but, next time perhaps you could send me an essay in a message (lol). Tegoshi will probably tell you my contact information! I don’t know what Keito is into at the moment but, because you seem to have a strong dedication, I want you to never waver and give it your all.

I always read all of Shige-kun’s books but, they’ve been really interesting every time. The stories are beautiful, there are all kinds of parts I sympathise with, and I can picture all the scenes. Since I’ve gone and said it I guess you can tell I’m a fan, Kato Shigeaki’s fan. But, I’ve had hardly any chances to talk directly to that person that all the fans long to talk to. The day before I meet up with Shige-kun I’m like “I’m gonna talk about this, then I’m gonna talk about that” and decide on everything in my head. But, when I actually see Shige-kun right there in front of me I get nervous… even though I bumble my words at the best of times, it gets ridiculously bad. Next time I’m going to memorise it like a speech, I think it would be nice to properly express my feelings (lol). I’m looking forward to the next release!

From Kamiyama Tomohiro (Johnny’s WEST)

I remember Keito from the time he joined the company. Since he’d been overseas for a long time, he’d fumble his Japanese. Now, being able to speak English is what he lives for! Keito right, I hear from Yasuda-kun and those guys that you talk about all kinds of music stuff? I love guitar too but, since I don’t know the equipment very well, next time I want you to tell me all kinds of things too. So, let’s go shopping together! And then, buy me what you recommend ♡ Huh, did you say “ok”? Thanks so mu-ch!!

We’ve know each other for over 10 years now, there weren’t really many people in our year, so we wanted to be special to each other. Speaking of, Kami-chan has the same green member colour as me too so, I think that one day I want to do a guitar or music or any kind of collaboration with him! So, let’s go to the music store and look at equipment together, we can try out all kinds of different things, and then buy each other presents ♡ Choose something really expensive~!

From Jinguji Yuta (King & Prince)

About half a year ago, Prince were allowed to appear in one of Keito-kun’s magazine projects, thank-you! I was nervous because the photo shoot was in a different environment to usual but, you talked to me in such a friendly way, you really helped me out as my senpai. As long as it’s ok with Keito-kun, I want to go out to eat together, 1 on 1.

I have personally been paying attention to Jinguji-kun since around the time you joined the company. You had a different aura to the kids around you, you were the only one that exuded a different feeling, I thought you were really cool. When you played guitar and sang in one of the Junior concerts you were really cool too! The guitar you used then, I’m sure you said something like you got it from your grandpa? I don’t quite remember it exactly but it was quite old so, I said that I’d like to try playing it once too. Now you’re debuting as KinPuri, you can look forward to getting more and more work! As long as it’s ok with Jinguji-kun, I want to go out to eat together, 1 on 1.

From Marius Yo (Sexy Zone)

Keito-kun was the first senpai that the choreographer introduced me to when I joined Johnny’s. I was only 10 or 11 years old and he was really kind to me, it made me happy. We were both raised overseas, and because we share the difficulties and worries of coming to live in Japan, I can always relax and talk to you. From now on, I want to talk to you more and more. Since I’ve always admired cool Keito-kun, if you have anything like advice for me, anything is fine, please call me anytime. Since it seems that you’re good friends with Shori-kun, please be good friends with me after I turn 20 too.

Of course, they introduced you to me because I could speak English. You were really cute, you spoke English and German, and your Japanese was great too, you were tri-lingual, I thought you were amazing. Since you had that part to you, I was a little worried about Marius ever since you joined the company. Because you also took after me by debuting with the least experience and standing in your place in a group I felt an affinity with you, and when we saw each other, we’d often talk. But, without noticing it you overtook me in height and shoe size, you became so handsome… It’s like every time I see Marius now, I’ve started to feel like “I’m getting old” (lol). From now on, I think I want you to become a person who can show all kinds of people the wonderful things about you. I’ll be happy if Marius calls me once he’s turned 20!

From Yamashita Tomohisa

Keito has always had the image of “quietly doing his best”. I think you’ve had a lot of things to consider about studying abroad but, Keito is Keito-like, it’s important to be honest with yourself. “Follow your heart” ok. If you want to talk to me about anything, just say the word!

Until now you’ve always been someone I can trust, your cool and kind, and I think I’m a lucky person being able to meet this kind of amazing, wonderful senpai! When I contacted you about going to study abroad again now, you said some really reassuring things to me. “I will follow my heart.” I would be really happy if we could ever work together. Thanks!

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