JUMP Produce JUMP Vol. 9 (Final)


To Ryosuke → From Yuri

Full scans at hsjpanya.tumblr.com

This time, I produced Ryosuke, it shows him eating “delicious food”, I love this part of him. The human called Ryosuke has three main desires and I wanted to show the readers what he looks like when the first desire “appetite” has been satisfied. Because I also really wanted to see him say “It’s yummy!”, and make this happy looking expression.

Since about 5 years ago Ryosuke has become like a wallet to me (lol). But, he decided it himself too and doesn’t hate it, because he always does it with an “I’m glad to!” feeling. Basically I never invite people out to eat, so because it’s decided by Ryosuke inviting me out like “Let’s go!”, I think it’s because “He wants to treat me to delicious foods” I guess (lol). I get along well with Ryosuke in private too but, I wonder why (lol). We were always working together before our debut, and I went to play at his house too, we went to the same school, and we were in the same group called NYC. Because he’s someone that has always been close to me, I think we naturally became friends where “there’s nothing we don’t know about each other”. But, getting on as well as we do even outside of work, it’s a bit of a rare relationship I guess.

Doing this kind of job, I think we’re more or less aware of having rivals or competitors. But, because I understand that I respect the good parts of Ryosuke, I don’t feel that way about him. Because even when Ryosuke gets worn down you can rely on him, it seems that he’s come to be someone I can trust even in my private life.

His straight forward and honest attitude towards work, is something I have always respected. As an idol and as an actor he’s a great performer, and as a JUMP member despite his age he has a strong sense of responsibility in pulling the group along. When we were still kids, we had no idea what it meant to be part of a group but, comparing the Ryosuke from back then to the Ryosuke now he’s always had a strong love for JUMP. For me, because I was always with that Ryosuke as a JUMP member I was able to think “I’ll do it for him”, he’s an absolutely essential part of the group. Even now, Ryosuke saves JUMP in all kinds of different ways, and I feel that it will definitely be the same from now on too.

I moved to Tokyo from Shizuoka, and from the first time I met him Ryosuke has been an energetic person but, long ago he got gastroenteritis and his health deteriorated quickly. He’s not like that now but, basically his heart and his emotions are stronger than his body.  The part I personally keep an eye on is Ryosuke’s ability to put his full power into something. Because there’s a part of me that’s prone to worrying about things, when I think about all kinds of things I feel like I’m going to quit and take a break but, because Ryosuke believes in me I push myself forwards. He helps you understand the circumstances around you and brings out your effort in these times, because he builds confidence. I’ve always thought that Ryosuke is a person who has had to “Fight his emotions”.

I think there are a lot of people who know about Ryosuke’s cool parts but, he’s become a bit of a funny guy when he goes on variety TV shows. When it comes to games, he’s somehow become a “loser character” (lol). In that way, this “No Good Yamada” character is the complete opposite of his coolness, if it became a national constituency, then he’d be adding to his special skills even more wouldn’t he (lol)? In that, it would be fun to co-star in a drama but, I’d be happy if I could appear even in just a tiny part in a work Ryosuke was in. If Ryosuke plays the lead role of a policeman then, I’d be completely satisfied with the role of the criminal who appears only to be captured by him in the opening (lol).

In our off time, a little while ago the two of us went on a trip to South Korea, we went sight-seeing and shopping, and it was great that we were able to make friends with some of the locals.  In today’s photo shoot, I gave Ryosuke lots of his favourite eggplant dishes to eat with fried eggplant as the main but, since I don’t like eggplant, I always give it to him. So, Ryosuke and I have a “age eggplant relationship” (lol). (t/n: Chi is making a pun. “age” is the Japanese word for both “fried” and “give”).

 Popolo December ’18


Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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