Idol Open Message Board   Number 37   To Yaotome Hikaru-kun


SKMBT_C284_18121718180『アイドル公開伝言板 第37回 八乙女光くんへ』

『Idol Open Message Board   Number 37   To Yaotome Hikaru-kun』

Myojo December‘18    Full scans at:

Translation ↓

From Fujigaya Taisuke (Kis-My-Ft2)

It’s been a while. How are you?

I watch “Hirunandesu!” a lot.

It’s like, every now and then you suddenly have these bizarre hairstyles, what does it mean?

What makes you feel like deciding to change your hairstyle? I want to know!

I change my hairstyle when we’re doing a concert. Two years ago when we did the “DEAR” tour, I was into pink coloured hair, I changed the colour subtly at each location. Ah, to be specific, it was about once a week I guess. When I put the pink highlights in, they’d fade out in a week. So, I put highlights in each time we went to a different place, and about once a week, I ended up changing my hair colour. So, when I have bizarre hairstyles on “Hirunandesu!”, you can think “JUMP must be on tour at the moment?”.

From Kamiyama Tomohiro (Johnny’s WEST)

When I joined the company, Hikaru-kun had this image of already giving his all as a front line Junior. From then on, even though we never really crossed paths, when we’d meet at work, I guess we talked pretty easily?  Because we both dye our hair a lot, I think we have this “What colour is it going to be?” or “I wonder which salon he goes to?” kind of feeling.

Lately, Hikaru-kun doesn’t really have that image of changing his hair colour a lot but, have you planned what colour you’re going to do next?

Also, because we both use bleach, I think it’s easy to damage our hair but, what kind of hair care do you do? By the way, I blend my shampoos, and use two different treatments, and I also use a keratin spray since that’s the main part of your hair, and use hair dryers and straighteners that are gentle on my hair. Even when I have to stay overnight for work or concerts, I carry the full set with me, even I have started to call myself “The Hair Salon!”, I do that many different things (lol).

Kami-chan changes his hair colour a lot, I’ve always wondered what kind of hair care you do too. But like, stuff like blending your shampoos, I’m surprised how many different things you do!

I don’t do that much I guess…

I buy the shampoo and treatment from the salon, and I asked the hair and make-up artist which hairdryer is best for my hair and use that but, the non-fading treatment has been a pain in the ass lately and I haven’t been using it. So like, before I go to hair and make-up at work, I get the make-up artist to lacquer it for me. I think that’s a good thing to do…

Because I always colour my hair depending on how I’m feeling at the time, I think I decide on the colour at the time. Next time I need to ask things about my hair, I’ll come to The Hair Salon: Kami-chan with my questions!

From Kiriyama Akito (Johnny’s WEST)

The other day, I was able to go and see your play. As I expected, you’re a talented performer. You had heavy lines, it was relentless but, you did a great job. It made me want to try doing a play together!

Also, we go to the same hairdresser but, we’ve never run into each other have we~.

It’s been about two years since I started going to that hairdresser I guess. The timing of when Kiri-chan finishes his hair cut and when I go, up till now we’ve passed by each other but, we’ve never been there together at exactly the same time.

Since I’m always changing my hair colour, I spend quite a bit of time there though.

Thank-you for coming to see “The Rose and the Swan” play!

Kiri-chan has done a lot of acting in plays and dramas and stuff too.

I want to try acting together too! Please let me enter Kami-chan’s fighting ring!

Senga Kento (Kis-My-Ft2)

If it’s a memory I have with Yaotome then, the “Johnny’s Baseball Tournament” is unforgettable! Of course I mean, the time when Macchi-san and Higashiyama-san came too. We did a group shuffle and I was with Yaotome. We started doing the robot dance. When I said to Yaotome “Put the catcher’s mitt on your head and try dancing!” and asked him to do something ridiculous, his whole face was like “I’ll do it!”, and he seriously, put the catcher’s mitt on his head and danced all on his own. I was surprised by the strength of his heart and also seriously respect it! Since then, I’ve been able to call Yaotome “Sensei” (t/n: teacher).

Sensei, it’s been a while!

I haven’t had the chance to meet with you lately, I’m not motivated enough. Before, you said “Let’s go to the sauna together”, you gave me these words but, I don’t know your phone number, so I haven’t replied. What should we do?

Every time I meet Senga, he makes me start messing around somehow. During the baseball tournament, when he asked me to do something ridiculous, even though all I did was what he asked, all the way through since then he’s called me “Sensei”. Still, it’s not like it feels weird at all (lol).

You seem to get on well with Fujimori-san from Oriental Radio who I co-star with on “Hirunandesu!”, and he told me “Senga-kun likes Yaotome-kun”. You, really do like me don’t you (lol). We’ll go to the sauna next time! My number, I didn’t tell you. I’ll get Fujimori-san to tell you next time, ask him for it!

From Kawai Fumito (A.B.C-Z)

Hikaru, right. He makes these “gross faces” and other funny faces, yeah? I don’t think he’s been doing it much lately but, every now and then I want to see them. Long ago, when I’d see those funny faces, I’d be there just roaring with laughter all on my own. It’s totally my sense of humour~.

When he was in some production, he had a role where he seemed like he’d be making a lot of “gross faces”, and I was told that “This is the kind of character that I think Kawai-kun would like” but, unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch it.

When Tsuka-chan and I were allowed to appear on “Hirunandesu!” the other day, I was lonely because Hikaru wasn’t there. I’d really wanted to see him. Because if Hikaru was there I would have felt calm and been healed by him ♪

When Koyama-kun and Nakamaru-kun hosted “The Shonen Club” I used to make “gross faces” a lot. And I think they even made a corner out of it. They’d bring out some kind of topic like “How do you get your message across when you’re talking to a foreigner?”, and I’d do all kinds of things while making ugly faces.

Obviously afterwards, Kawai-kun seemed to be the only one that got it, and I remember you laughing really, really hard.

“Some production”, what production?  It was probably that one, I don’t do plays, so I guess it was the “Dark System” drama.

It was a surreal performance, and I made a lot of gross faces and things. So, if you buy the DVD you can watch it!!

For me, Kawai-kun is like a kind big brother who even gets all of the lame things I do. Keep laughing to the fullest from now on!

From Totsuka Shota (A.B.C-Z)

I’ve always been together with Hikaru since the beginning~.

When he’d laugh and you’d see his pointy teeth, that smile was so cute! This one time, his eyes were all bloodshot so reached out to him like “Are you ok?” and he said “I’ve got rubbish in my eyes”. But, even so he grinned and beared it (lol).  When I found out later, that actually the choreographer had been mad at him and he’d been crying, I thought “He’s one tough kid”.

The video of Hikaru singing TUBE’s “Ah~ Natsu Yasumi” (Ah~ Summer Holiday) that they filmed at auditions, is something I can never forget even now!

I remember that day well. At the time, YabuHika and KAT-TUN, and A.B.C of course, became the back-up dancers for KinKi Kids’ concert. I was surrounded by people older than me, and I was the youngest. Even though I had to remember the choreography for so many songs, I couldn’t do it at all… It was harsh being the only one that couldn’t do it, and I’d run away and hide in the dining room. Tottsu noticed I was doing it and came after me. When I was pushing back the tears, he said to me “Are you ok?” in such a kind way, it was too much, and I felt like I wouldn’t be able to hold back my tears.

Tottsu, thank-you for always looking out for me like this!

Miyata Toshiya (Kis-My-Ft2)

When I was doing the Doribo performances I lent him my “Angel Beats!” DVD, but I’ve been waiting forever for him to give it back, what should I do? Even though I’ve told him to “Give it back” so many times. Let’s be honest, you lost it didn’t you (lol)!?

Yaotome is really funny. Like we did for “27 Hour TV”, if there’s another chance for KisMai to appear together with JUMP, I think I want to try do something together with Yaotome!

Miyacchi is always telling me this joke but, even though you always just say “anime DVDs” to me, you’ve even publically named the anime now (lol).

Well… You see… Since I lost them when I moved house I’ll buy you new ones! I’ll return them properly, just wait.

That’s right, I want to do a KisMai and JUMP collaboration too. Personally, I want to do a skit with Miyacchi. Oh, but, then we’d end up with two idiots. Since we want a straight man with a good voice, Kitayama would be perfect, let’s ask him!

From Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2)

When we were Juniors I went home the same way as Hikaru so we naturally became friends. It would often be me and Hikaru and Inoo taking the train home together, or going out to eat. At the time, Hikaru would often wear a hunting cap so, that’s the impression he left with me. Since Hikaru and I joined in the same year, whenever I see him I always feel like it’s been a long time, we’re like “Yo!” and talk happily. Why don’t we go home together on the train again later, like old times?

That’s right. Of course me and Tama and Ino-chan would go home together on the train a lot. That hunting thing, I remember it well~ (lol). I remember going to play at Tama’s house a lot when we were Juniors too.

At Tama’s house, even his mother and father are young. Tama would often ask his mother about the clothes I’d bought my self like “What do you think of these?”. She’d say “It makes you look a little more proper” and charm me.

Tama-chan gets on well with everyone.  

When we were Juniors and even now, I feel like our relationship hasn’t changed at all.

Nowadays, I guess we go home different ways but, since I don’t mind taking a detour let’s go home together on the train!

Fukasawa Tatsuya (Snow Man)

Hikaru-kun, Takaki-kun and Arioka-kun would always come to my house to play. At the time, Takaki-kun and Arioka-kun were in the same group as me so, they don’t really feel like my seniors. The first senior that I really made friends with, was Hikaru-kun.

Do you remember that bright red guitar?

Hikaru-kun gave it to me like “I can’t use this anymore so you have it”. I treasure it and keep it safe even now!

Also, Hikaru-kun and Chinen and Yamada and Arioka-kun and Takaki-kun and Inoo-kun came to my hometown festival once~. Almost everyone who’s in JUMP now!

Since there were so many famous people all together, it caused a big ruckus.

Even though I have so many different memories, every time we meet you leave me out. Even though you’re like “Wah~!  Abe-chan!” or “Ah! Yuta~!” and all friendly with the other members, I’m the only one that gets left out! So, when we meet JUMP, I’ll make sure I always end up in the very back row (lol).

Of course I remember the red guitar. Don’t cherish it and keep it safe, use it!! I really have a lot of memories with Fukka from when we were Juniors. Because I’d always go to play at Fukka’s house back then. I feel like Dai-chan and I would often play pranks on Fukka. One time you left a necklace on a desk, and we coloured it completely black with a magic marker. But, Fukka would never get mad. You’d just go with it like “Do I really own such a cool necklace?”. Everyone would be laughing. You’re my junior but, Fukka feels more like a friend to me. Since I want to keep teasing Fukka from now on, please keep lining up in the very back row!  

Abe Ryohei (Snow Man)

For me, Hikaru-kun has always been someone I’ve admired. When we were little, I passed Ya-Ya-Yah’s audition and ever since, I was allowed to be your back up dancer, then about 5 years ago, the senior to take me out on my first trip was Hikaru-kun. We went all the way to the Airsoft field together, I was so happy but at the same time, I was so nervous. I can’t remember anything that we talked about on the way but, I feel like we talked about music. Quite a while ago, I said “If there’s any clothes you don’t want I’ll take them!” but, I haven’t gotten any at all! I expect you’ve given them all to Kouchi who works with you on “School Kakumei!”… That’s whant I think but, what should I do?

I’m waiting for them too~.

Even though you were the same generation as Yamada, you passed the Ya-Ya-Yah audition and joined. You were always our back-up dancer, of course I knew. It feels like Abe-kun and I have been together forever. That time we went to Airsoft… I can’t remember it at all. Sorry! If you wanted some clothes why didn’t you say so? Sorry! I don’t remember that conversation at all either (lol). But also, I do not give them to Kouchi! It’s just, I have a lot of quite unique clothes so, I don’t think people would be happy if I gave them to them… Is that ok? Like my Winter coats and stuff, I have things that I use properly, so you can choose from the things I don’t wear anymore, and I’ll give it to you next time. In exchange you have to send me a weather report. It doesn’t have to be every day, just send it when it’s like “Take precautions today”!

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