Secret JUMP Vol.1


「Secret JUMP」Vol.1 Arioka Daiki x Inoo Kei

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Heartfelt movies make Ino-chan cry!

Inoo: Lately Dai-chan and I have been recommending movies to each other like “You should watch this movie!”

Arioka: We have. Like “This movie is funny, you should watch it!”

Inoo: I don’t know how many times we’ve had the same conversation like: Have you seen it? Huh, you haven’t seen it? Watch it!

Arioka: I wonder how it all started?

Inoo: The first time I recommended something to Dai-chan like “This is a great movie so you should watch it”. But, even after one week went by, two weeks went by, Dai-chan hadn’t watched it for me at all.

Arioka: But that’s coz… (mumbling)… But, then instead I said “Watch this movie” and recommended one back (lol).

Inoo: What Dai-chan said at the time was “I watched the movie that Ino-chan recommended to me so, Ino-chan can watch the movie that I recommend to him too”.

Arioka: That was because Ino-chan’s “Watch it watch it attack”was terrible!

Inoo: But, I actually watched the one that Dai-chan recommended to me properly (lol). Even though Dai-chan still hasn’t watch the one I recommended him.

Arioka: No…, but like, the one’s Ino-chan recommends me, they’re movies full of content that I would usually completely ignore.

Inoo: That’s true (lol).

Arioka: One’s where huge kaiju (t/n: giant Japanese film monsters like Godzilla) appear, they’re kinda B-grade films. But, in the end I gave in to “Ino-chan’s Presentation”…

Inoo: The movie that Dai-chan recommended me, was the complete opposite genre to the one I recommended him.

Daiki: It’s a heartfelt movie that lets you experience a feeling of euphoria.

Inoo: It was, yeah.

Arioka: So, when I asked Ino-chan “How was it?”, he simply said “I cried at the end”.

Inoo: I cried, I cried.

Arioka: But like, at the time, I thought Ino-chan didn’t cry when he was watching movies (lol).

Inoo: I didn’t either, I was like “I cried at a movie, I do have a heart!”

Even though we’re male friends we XX together

Arioka: A memory I have is going to play at Ino-chan’s house.

Inoo: Huh? What time are you talking about?

Arioka: The time when Ino-chan showed me the blueprints he had drawn.

Inoo: Ah! That time I did the provisional middle school library renovation project for “24 Hour TV”. Back when I was using CAD (drafting software).

Arioka: At the time, I suddenly remembered the blueprints that my grandfather drew. It has this nostalgic feeling, looking at this fresh blueprint drawn by one of the members reminded me of such a moving memory.

Inoo: Long ago, I went to play at Dai-chan’s house too.

Arioka: Ah! When we played that horror game!

Inoo: Yeah. We got more and more afraid and then without realizing we ended up bonding as men and hugging each other. It’s not that embarrassing (lol).

Arioka: It’s not, it’s not.

Inoo: But, it’s because by now there’s nothing left that everyone doesn’t know about Dai-chan, even me.

Arioka: Huh, what do you mean?

Inoo: Because you just look like an idol, everyone knows it.

Arioka: Don’t make fun of me! But, because we always report back to each other about all kinds of things, we have no secrets any more…

Inoo: Nope, none!

The secret thing that Dai-chan does every morning!

Arioka: Speaking of, after the Wakayama concert the other day, the two of us ate dinner together in Ino-chan’s hotel room.

Inoo: That was a secret (lol). We were locked up in the room together and the other members must have thought we have a “suspicious relationship”.

Arioka: They did not!

Inoo: Somehow we ended up watching some documentary kind of TV show together.

Arioka: We could talk about all kinds of things while we watched it. There’s really nothing we have to hide.

Inoo: We’re very open friends.

Arioka: Because that’s the way we are, now there’s nothing that I want to ask you…

Inoo: No, there is! I’ve never been able to ask it before though… Dai-chan, you always say “I did my morning sham” but, what is sham? Is it shampoo? Or champagne? Or some other thing?

Arioka: Ah ha ha ha (lol)! Why champagne!

Inoo: When Dai-chan is being classy, maybe he starts with a fabulous morning drinking champagne.

Arioka: My morning sham has ended up being that Shan Shan thing!

Inoo: What’s that Shan Shan thing? Oh, it’s praying to Ueno Zoo’s baby panda “Shan Shan”, isn’t it (lol)!

He’s energetic in the morning but the afternoons are…

Arioka: The thing that I want to ask Ino-chan is, when I came on Inoshira this Summer, I was glad that Ino-chan seemed to be having fun!

Inoo: Huh? The way you’re asking this question is creepy (lol).

Arioka: No. I thought I was going to ask a question but then, I suddenly remembered a happy memory!

Inoo: It was fun, I was happy too.

Arioka: Morning Ino-chan is surprisingly energetic and bubbly.

Inoo: I’m usually energetic all morning. But when I eat lunch, my energy levels suddenly drop but, that’s my s-e-c-r-e-t (lol).

Arioka: That’s a secret?!

Inoo: Last is something I want to ask of Dai-chan. I always watch Dai-chan on TV and cheer for him. Please invite me to “Hirunandesu!” some time. I want to show a new side of myself.

Arioka: Understood. For me, I always love seeing Ino-chan playing the keyboard in the concert while relaxing. He’s not worried when the he’s bathed in the spotlight, watching Ino-chan having fun playing the keyboard, I end up going to stand beside him without even realising it. Please keep drawing me in with your kind smile from now on.

Inoo: This isn’t some letter exchange corner (lol).

Arioka: I was just saying it the way Ino-chan did (lol)!


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