Popolo February 2019


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2019 Catchphrase

Yaotome Hikaru “The Entertainer”

Yamada Ryosuke “I won’t change my hair colour too much!”

Nakajima Auto “Study 2019″

Inoo Kei “I won’t eat too much!”

Yabu Kota “An eventful journey”

Chinen Yuri “Healthy year, healthy Chinen!”

Arioka Daiki “Run swiftly! Like a wild boar!!”

Takaki Yuya “Actively enjoy 2019!”

Cross Talk 1

Yaotome・Yamada ・Nakajima ・ Inoo

Everyone burst out laughing! The biggest happening in 2018!?

Inoo The time that I laughed the most in 2018, it has to be when Yamada spilt his pants, doesn’t it (lol)?

Nakajima I feel like I need to say “Which time are you talking about”!

Yamada You’re rubbing it in too much!

Yaotome But, since we’re talking about times we laughed in 2018 we can’t leave it out.

Yamada Of course…?

Yaotome Coz like, the fact that you tore the crotch makes a great joke. It’s like the God of Comdey came down himself!

Nakajima And moreover, you could see his bunny print pants through the part that he tore, they were so cute (lol).

Inoo So cute

Yamada … (bitter laugh)

Nakajima Even though we said they were cute they didn’t really have that “bunny” feeling! It was one of those cool logos.

Yamada You had nothing better to follow through with (lol)?

Inoo But like, when we put the costumes together, Yamada said “Maybe it’s going to tear” and prophesised it.

Yamada I had a hunch somehow.

Inoo But when I heard him, on the inside I was thinking “There’s no way it’s going to tear”. And then it totally did during the show!

Yamada It tore. Because I have a wide stance when I’m dancing. It was definitely because of that!

Nakajima It was living up to your expectations from when we were putting the costumes together.

Yamada But I didn’t really think it was going to tear (lol).

Nakajima That’s why you couldn’t do the jacket moves during “Mae wo Muke” (lol).

Yaotome Chinen is addicted to club music. His routine is to dance on the stage before the show, isn’t it?

All Yeah

Yaotome This time, he got the tissue box from the dressing room and put bottle caps on it so it looked like a turntable, and when I saw him start pretending that he was a DJ I laughed so much!

Yamada Ah, he’s always doing that (lol).

Nakajima Everyone was watching, I thought it was cute.

Yamada Rather than watching him, it was more like we were “watching over” him (lol).

Inoo That’s cute just like Chinen. Hikaru was sleeping during the prep meeting.

Nakajima He was sleeping!

Inoo Everyone noticed but, not one of us could touch him. So instead we woke him up by thinking “Don’t sleep” (lol).

Nakajima I noticed coz Yama was signalling me with his eyes.

Yamada I was. My signal also meant “Yuto, wake him up”. Because I can’t believe he was sleeping!

All (lol)

Yaotome I’m sorry, I will reflect on my actions (sweats).

2018’s Mood Maker was on fire again!!

Yaotome I was playing a game with Yama and Dai-chan and Ino-chan but, when he saw us Chinen said “I’m playing too” and started running in this weird way.

Nakajima What way?

Yaotome It was like, I can’t describe it well but, it was like a bumbling run.

Yamada He was in such a hurry to get to the game console I guess.

Nakajima I wanted to see that cute Chinen~ (lol).

Inoo And also, this is funny to me but… when all the members are in the prep meeting, we get a bit hungry so the staff take this into consideration and prepare snacks for us.

Yamada Because time seems to go slower, they’re these conflicting things that everyone does their best not to eat!

Inoo But, in the end we tend to eat the potato chips (lol).

Yamada We end up eating them~.

Inoo Because everyone puts the potato chips in front of me and Dai-chan. And then Dai-chan pressures me like “Eat some”.

Yaotome Really? But, doesn’t Ino-chan open them in the end (lol)?

Yamada And as well as starting the party, he spreads it!

Nakajima He does, when we notice it’s like a party has started, and everyone eats them.

Inoo When I open it like that I think “I guess everyone’s going to eat them”.

Yaotome You open them intending for none to be left!

Inoo That’s because when Dai-chan puts them in front of me, he cheats me into eating them (lol).

Yamada I get lured in too and end up eat quite a lot (lol).

Nakajima I look at the animal shaped biscuits and Yabu-kun and Hikaru-kun and I do a “What animal is this?” quiz.

Yaotome When Yuto found a dog shaped one, he seemed happy and he whispered to me “WOLF!” (lol).

Inoo Not “DOG” (lol).

Yaotome I like B’z so I got it, and because they did the theme song for Yuto’s drama, I think he said it for me.

Nakajima That’s right. And then, Hikaru-kun started to look for one too and he looked happy and said “WOLF!” back to me.

Yamada I had no idea you were doing that (lol).

Inoo Even though Yuto is tired from his drama filming, his impersonations are really funny.

Yaotome Like catch phrases from actors in old movies. Everyone thinks it’s really funny.

Yamada Even when you’re tired, you’re full of energy (lol).

Nakajima I’m an entertainer so of course, when you praise me I end up doing it!

Inoo Do you take requests?

Nakajima I do not (lol)!


Cross Talk 2


The birth of a legend leaves hilarious story!

Chinen A “funny episode” between the members is of course Yaotome-san’s “everyday” joke!

Arioka Ah, that one (lol).

Chinen For example, you make Hika say the days of the week or the months of the year in English but, when you see him doing it everyone laughs (lol).

Yabu Hikaru has completely become everyone’s toy (lol).

Arioka That’s coz he keeps giving weird answers~! That’s what we’re laughing at!

Takaki The fact that even when you ask him the same question he gives a different answer is very like Hikaru-kun (lol).

Yabu It’s almost like it would be weirder if it actually came out right.

Chinen It’s surprising how ridiculous his answers are. What do you mean your birthday is on “everday”? Is it your birthday everyday (lol)!

Takaki That kinda suits Hikaru-kun.

Arioka In the end, 2018 ended without ever getting the right answer Everyday Hikaru-kun (lol).

Yabu It’s a shame (lol)!

Arioka Takaki right, when he was rehearsing he said “Ouch!” and I got worried, when I asked him “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” he said “I danced too much and my nose hurts”, it made me laugh but, it was so cute (lol).

Takaki Huh? Me? But I didn’t say that?

Arioka You did, you did. But I understood the sensation.

Chinen What sensation?

Yabu When you become too conscious of the snot in your nose and you end up sniffing.

Chinen So, lately Daiki said “My nose hurts” but did he transfer it to Yuya?

Arioka No, no, no, Takaki said it lately.

Chinen So in the end, both of your noses hurt (lol).

Yabu Since we’re talking about being on tour, it’s always fun when everyone eats together.

Chinen The joke of the tour was Yabu’s funny story.

Yabu It was (lol). If I do say so myself! When everyone is eating, I’ve developed this habit of always talking to Chinen like “This is yummy”, but this one time I said “Chinen, this is tasty” but, somehow…

Chinen He was talking to the wall. I wasn’t there at the time because I had work on the radio.

Takaki He thought Chinen was there, and he talked to the wall beside him, isn’t that incredible (lol)?

Arioka Was that when we were in Shizuoka? Hikaru-kun can’t beat that story (lol).

Chinen Hikaru’s “everyday” joke and Kota’s “talking to the wall” will have to compete for first and second place.

Takaki Maybe (lol).

Arioka Of course, both of them made us burst oust laughing. Just as you’d expect of “Yabuhika”.

Yabu How embarrassing (lol)!

Getting past the hate, a historic day was born!?

Chinen When I went to a concert for an artist from overseas with Daiki, he got too excited and armed his entire body with the artist’s merch. It made me laugh because no one else looked like that (lol).

Yabu It was that techno guy (lol).

Arioka Of course I was the only one (cries). Thinking about it now, traveling through the city looking like that is pretty funny.

Chinen Speaking of, when I went out to eat with Ryosuke, he said “I want to eat a croquette” so we ordered one but, they brought out this absolutely enormous crab cream croquette (lol). He was like “There’s no way I can eat this all on my own”…

Takaki Huh! Did he eat it?

Arioka He doesn’t like crab, does he?

Chinen He was quite hungry so he ate it. For Ryosuke, that day will go down in history.

Arioka That’s amazing!

Yabu Yamada who lost to his own appetite.

Takaki I laugh quite a lot at Hikaru’s funny faces too~.

Yabu His facial muscles are too soft, so he can take complete control of his face and change it. He can move just the eye and eyebrow on one side of his face. The same way that Jim Carey can.

Chinen The four of us can only move the right side though (lol)

Arioka Takaki’s reflex to being teased is so good it’s not fair (lol).

Chinen Normally it only takes him a second to come up with a reaction.

Arioka Takaki instantly just pops out his bit but, it has this great, funny feeling to it.

Takaki No, I’m not saying anything to be funny, I’m just saying what I think (lol).

Chinen Isn’t the funny thing about Yuya when instead of reply he just blanks you?

Takaki Ha ha! That’s funny (lol).

Arioka Yabu-chan gets manic about things and talks way too fast.

Takaki It’s funny for us too coz no-one can keep up (lol).

Chinen When Yabu get’s serious and fired up his face gets too serious (lol).

Yabu Yours does too (lol)!

Arioka Chinen starts talking really fast when he’s talking about the things he likes too.

Yabu We’ve been saying this and that, but isn’t the winner of this years “Most Funny” Yuto?

Arioka I think so. Because Yuto had drama filming and he couldn’t take part in rehearsals, the atmosphere changed.

Takaki Yuto’s a great mood maker, isn’t he?

Chinen Because he does impersonations of the staff and famous people like he’s some kind of fool (lol)

Yabu You do that too (lol)!


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