Secret JUMP Vol.2

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「Secret JUMP」Vol.2 Inoo Kei x Yamada Ryosuke

Popolo February ‘19       Full scans at:

I only get a message from Yamada once a year

Yamada A “Secret about my partner” that only I know (lol)? Why little old me doesn’t know anything about you (lol).

Inoo Me either (lol)!

Yamada I’m curious~ (lol)!

Inoo Yamada and I hardly even message each other but, I got a message from him just before and he was like “What’s up?” and my heart started racing, he said “Did you buy the games?” (lol). I was so surprised (lol).

Yamada I guess I it’s coz I only message Ino-chan about once a year (lol).

Inoo It’s about as frequent as sending each other a birthday message (lol).

Yamada That one was, because I told Ino-chan to buy these games, it was a confirmation message.

Inoo I went to the effort of buying them because I thought we could play them together during our free time when we went to the regional concert venues. But, the day we got to the regional venue Yamada said “Show them to me” so I showed him and he was like “This is no good. This is no good either” and kept saying they were all no good (lol).

Yamada Because I take my games seriously (lol). But in the end we played together!

Inoo Uh huh. It was fun playing together with Yamada and Dai-chan and Chinen in the hotel room.

Yamada So, I’m gonna expose the real story behind Ino-chan in the dressing room!

Inoo Bring it on!

Yamada Ino-chan right, even when he has his own dressing room he’s never in it.

Inoo I’m not (lol).

Yamada But when we’re doing a concert and all the members are together in one room, and when we’re filming variety shows and stuff from a different room you’ll hear ✻$%… (lol)

Inoo What, what’s that puzzling tone (lol). When they prepare about 2 or 3 dressing rooms, the members generally all gather in one. It’s rude to leave the other empty rooms unused so I go there and sleep (lol)!

Yamada Is that all you do?

Inoo Yes. But I often go and sleep with Takaki.

Yamada That’s right. It’s the secret pattern of Yuya and Ino-chan disappearing again (lol).

The flavour of Kyoto that they ate alone together

Inoo We’re like it with messages but, we’ve haven’t been to each other’s houses either.

Yamada Huh! You came to my house! You took my leopard print clothes home! Don’t you remember?

Inoo Oh, that’s right (lol). That happened about 3 or 4 years ago. Those clothes, I still wear them properly now.

Yama That is definitely a lie!

Inoo It’s true, it’s true. Because it’s embarrassing to wear them in front of Yamada, I wear them when I’m working on my own or, if I’m just popping out to the convenience store.

Yamada Oh! Speaking of, I just remembered that time I went out to eat with Ino-chan and Dai-chan and we got on a roll, the “Then it was 7am Incident”.

Inoo That happened~!

Yamada I couldn’t help being so sleepy but, Ino-chan was like “There’s gotta be some stores still open somewhere!”, he was so incredibly energetic that I gave up (lol).

Inoo I’m energetic in the mornings (lol).

Yamada But, have I ever been out to eat with just Ino-chan?

Inoo We have!

Yamada We have not!

Inoo We have! When we went to Kyoto to take the pictures for this year’s calendar, the two of us ate eel together!

Yamada That was delicious!

Inoo It didn’t taste like eel, don’t you have any memory of us eating together!

Yamada I remembered it now.

Inoo But, Yamada was the one that told me about the store.

Yamada It was my first time eating fish like sliced eel and the famous gudgeon from Lake Biwa too. I do it myself too but, I love people who get focused on eating and look like they’re having fun saying ‘Yum, this is good”. Ino-chan was exactly like that that time. Ino-chan loves eating too.

Inoo I want to go again~.

I have a rule not to let the number of hangers increase

Yamada Ino-chan is strange to me, I want to talk to him about something else that’s a mystery.

Inoo Another mystery (lol).

Yamada Ino-chan goes off traveling overseas without saying a word. He’s got no obligation to inform me but, after he’s been back for like one week, or one month, he’ll say something like “I went to XX though”. Like he’s totally just been to some warm ocean. I admire that he’s so active but, it’s a mystery.

Inoo That’s right. Surprisingly I’m the traveling type. The other day I went diving with Takaki in Okinawa. But I informed you after.

Yamada Hold up (lol). What’s this secretive feeling.

Inoo When you say “Why don’t you talk about it”, busy people will say it’s “hard to have fun” so we have to be sneaky about it (lol).

Yamada What do you mean have to be sneaky!

Inoo Oh, I have something that I think is a mystery about Yamada too.  I’m worried because I haven’t been able to throw anything away recently. On Yamada’s day’s off he rearranges his toilet or his rooms, and it’s always clean so, tell me the secret to keeping my rooms neat and clean (lol).

Yamada It’s my hobby! What’s up with this sudden question (lol)!

Inoo Don’t you throw out your clothes?

Yamada I don’t throw them away, I give them to someone. I have a rule not to let the number of hangers in my closet increase. By the way, so my t-shirts don’t get wrinkled I put them all on hangers too.

Inoo I see~. What do you do with presents and commemorative items?

Yamada Because I want to forget about work when I’m at home, all of the commemorative things related to work and trophies are at my parents’ house.

Inoo I see.

Ino-chan, you even do that in the morning?

Yamada Ino-chan is someone who does nothing but erratic things that I could never even imagine but, what have you bought recently? You’re not the kind of person I would ask this to or expect to reply so, I’m deliberately asking you now (lol).

Inoo U-m. Oh, lately I thought I want to go camping.

Yamada See, not what you were expecting (lol).

Inoo But, I can’t go because I haven’t got enough days off in a row so, I thought I just want to experience the feeling, so I bought some camping goods online, like a table top camp cooker.

Yamada And, then what did you do?

Inoo In the morning I fried up some eggs and bacon and bread in my house (showing a photo). It’s was so tasty.

Yamada Incredible~! It looks delicious! But, now we’re talking about food, now I want to eat that eel that we had in Kyoto again. Kyoto has those delicious looking tea ceremony style yakiniku restaurants too.

Inoo Alright, I’m going to Kyoto!

Yamada …as I said, Ino-chan, don’t you dare say later “I went to Kyoto on my own” (lol).

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