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Yabu When I think that this is the first time since we were born that we’ll be experiencing a change in the name of the era, it’s a very moving experience.

Inoo At the time of our debut we couldn’t even imagine something like the change of an era. Because of our group name, maybe there’s a time coming that it will be nostalgic and will remind everyone of the Heisei Era.

Chinen So that the kids born in the next generation don’t think of us as an old group (lol), we’ll have to always keep at the forefront with our work.

Nakajima We were given our group name because all of the members were born in the Heisei Era but, even back then the grown-ups would tell us “And us old guys are “Showa STEP!” (lol).

Yabu Just like the grown-ups born in the Showa Era raised us kids born in the Heisei Era, us Heisei guys have to raise the kids born in the next generation.

Arioka Because we’re not just “Heisei” we’re “Hey! Say!”.

Yamada But, when Johnny-san first revealed the group name to us he wrote “Heisei JUMP” on the whiteboard. To be honest, when he did it I thought “Are you serious, you’re putting the name of the era in there!” (lol). Before we knew it it was being written in English like it is now, thank God (lol).

Yaotome When we were the special supporters for the “World Cup Volley Ball 2007” they put the “JUMP” English letters in too. It had impact, we were given an interesting group name.

Takaki But, I’m grateful that once the Heisei Era is over we will still be connected to it. Even the people that normally have no interest in us are taking notice like “I wonder what’s going to happen to Hey! Say! JUMP”.

Arioka Of course we’re a little glad that we have this opportunity. I want to spend the last night of the Heisei Era together with the members.

Yaotome Because there will be a new era, in 2019 all of us that have the “Heisei” name, will do our best so that we can leap higher and higher and jump right out of the Heisei Era.

Yamada Ryosuke

A time you felt happy recently

On Chinen’s birthday, the two of us went out to our favourite, kind of expensive restaurant. The last dish that we had there was so delicious I could die! I was so happy, I thought “I can do my best at work now!”.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

My sense of taste. Before I hated sticky foods like yams and okra but, now I’ve come to like them. But I’m still no good with natto.

Yamada-kun’s change and growth

He pulls the group along, and you can trust him to bring us all together. I think “So there’s not so much pressure on Yamada I have to give it my all too” (Chinen)

His feeling of wanting to come back to the group has always been strong, it doesn’t change (Yabu)

He’s shouldered the burden of the huge role of the centre since he was young. Lately you can even make fun of him on variety TV shows, he’s paving the way to a different kind of centre (Yaotome)

Chinen Yuri

A time you felt happy recently

Lots of different people celebrated my birthday with me. I thought I am who I am today thanks to everyone.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

At the time of our debut I had this puzzling, unjustified confidence, I felt like I could do anything. Because I understand my true ability and my position, now I can look at things and think about what’s best to do.

Chinen-kun’s change and growth

He’s quite calculating in a good way. He doesn’t really talk about it much but, he’s got his life planned out with things like “in this many years I want to do this” and stuff (Yamada)

Since he’s the youngest, at the time of our debut he didn’t know how to talk to adults. Now he gets given jobs like being a presenter for the “World Gymnastics”, he works seriously even when he’s on his own (Yabu)

Since he has the potential to be a genius, he works hard. And since he can remember choreography really fast, his practice is amazing too. He’s the strongest (Yaotome)

Nakajima Yuto

A time you felt happy recently

When I slept in until 10 o’clock for the first time in ages and when I had too many lines and they told me they’d do up a prompt book but, it got my fighting spirit all fired up, and I desperately remembered all my lines and did them without making a mistake and without using a prompt book. I felt like I’d really achieved something.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

I learnt to control my emotions.

Nakajima-kun’s change and growth

He’s really handsome and looks especially good in a suit. Basically, he can do anything, I’m jealous (Yamada)

He can compose himself like an adult (Chinen)

He’s learnt to properly balance his group work and his solo work. When I see that it looks like he’s having fun in the group, I feel reassured (Yabu)

I’ve known him since he joined the group but, I think he’s really grown. I thought he was cute in the beginning but, now I respect him (Yaotome)

Arioka Daiki

A time you felt happy recently

It felt great when I fixed the height of my table all by myself. I want to use this as a chance to challenge more DIY.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

When I was getting teased on TV shows, I was told that “The fans still like it” and it filled me with confidence. I’m comfortable showing them my ugly side too.

Arioka-kun’s change and growth

I rely on him more than you know (Chinen)

When no one in the group had regular work, Arioka-kun got a chance to work on a big TV show, and he brought all the things he learnt back to us (Takaki)

He’s always practicing things like who is going to be the funny man and the straight man, no matter what show you’re on he’ll come through (Nakajima)

He’s blossomed on “Hirunandesu!”. He’s getting funnier and funnier but, he wasn’t able to show that at the start. I’m glad he can show how funny he is now (Yaotome)

Takaki Yuya

A time you felt happy recently

On a TV show I built the world’s greatest dog house in the “Tokyo German Village”. With the help of the staff, we built this incredible thing that was like a house. It makes my happy when I think about how I put it there.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

In the beginning I don’t think I cared about the things that went on around me but, now I take my time and look over things. It motivates me when I think that everyone is doing their best.

Takaki-kun’s change and growth

His love for the group grows more and more each day (Arioka)

He politely confirms the concert choreography right up to the end, he’s very stoic. I feel like in the last 1, 2 years this is a change that I’ve particularly noticed (Chinen)

In the beginning he was a lone wolf but, now he has an incredible love for the members. This guy really loves JUMP. He got the cast of the play all worked up too (Yaotome)

Lately he smashed his first play, I feel like he’s found his weapon (Nakajima)

Inoo Kei

A time you felt happy recently

When I saw some staff I hadn’t seen for a long time and we went and talked and ate yakiniku.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

I think I have been able to do a lot of different things and grow from this but, now I can be grateful and humble about it. I still get along well with the members but, I’ve especially become closer to Takaki. At the time of our debut we never talked like this, and now we got out to eat and drink together.

Inoo-kun’s change and growth

If he has a serious side, then he also has a weird side. That’s his charm (Chinen)

At a glance it seems like he’s changed but, I think he’s become more honest about showing his true self (Takaki)

On the radio show we do together once a week, I leave the delegation of time completely up to Ino-chan. Thanks to him I can be free to do my own thing (Yaotome)

Yaotome Hikaru

A time you felt happy recently

When JUMP were able to do different kinds of work like the 4 Dome Tour and Kohaku Utagassen over the New Year period.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

“SUMMARY” and “Johnny’s World” were a great experience. In 2018, I did my first play in four years, and I thought that acting was fun again.

Yaotome-kun’s change and growth

The strength of his heart on variety TV shows. He has the creativity to say things that I would never even think of. He has the power to create something new (Chinen)

Every week during the live broadcast, more often now he’s not even saying anything and he takes a deep breath in and perfectly messes up his words (Arioka)

His poor sense of direction has been cured. Every week when we did the radio broadcast, for the last two years every time he got out of the elevator, he’d walk off in the wrong direction to the broadcast studio (lol) (Inoo)

Yabu Kota

A time you felt happy recently

When I watched a video of my big brother’s two kids singing a JUMP song. They had properly remembered the lyrics, it was so cute. It makes me feel better whenever I watch it.

Something that’s changed in the last 11 years

I think my appearance has changed but, I don’t really know much about myself.

Yabu-kun’s change and growth

He’s like a big brother (Chinen)

He’s never changed being a great big brother. When someone seems to be having a tough time, he’ll reach out to them. He’s saved a lot of the members, including myself (Nakajima)

Because we auditioned on the same day, I feel like we have an unchanging fate (Inoo)

Yabu is generally the one that teaches me all kinds of different things. I’m grateful to him, he’s got a bright mind. I think that the two of us have to keep pulling JUMP along together (Yaotome)

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