Takaki Yuya 2019-2020 Calendar 100 Question Interview


Thank you again for a lovely friend who supplied me with the interview page pictures. A couple of little bits had been cut off but this is most of it 😘

1.    What’s your latest hobby? Cleaning my veranda.  I don’t have any flowers or anything but I make sure the ground is always clean. Every day, I give my entire veranda a shower buy splashing it with water.

2.    What are your Top 3 favourite foods? Hamburger steak, fried food, kimichi hot pot.

3.    What are your Top 3 favourite animals? Lions, monkeys, horses.

4.    Shower type? Bath type? Shower.

5.    What’s your source of energy? My time off.

6.    When do you get excited? When everything goes smoothly at work, and we finish earlier than we had planned.

7.    When are you low energy? When I’m off in a regional area and my friends invite me somewhere.

8.    What words make you happy when you hear them? “You seem flashy”.  It means “You seem popular” right?

9.    What colour do you like? Purple

10. The place you want to go? Cuba. I want to see the old cars.

11. A dream you often have? My solo song on the 「SENSE or LOVE 」album was about a dream I often have. “The Story without a Name”.

12. The best time you’ve slept? 1, 3, 5, 7, anything is fine really. They say that you wake up feeling refreshed after a REM sleep as opposed to a non-REM sleep. I’m ok even if I only get one hour of sleep though.

13. Dog type? Cat type? I don’t like either really but if I have to choose then I’d say dog.

14. Do you believe in ghosts? I believe in them.

15. Do you believe in fortunes? I believe in them or more like, I think of them as a good guide. Because if I put a lot of effort towards something it seems like all kinds of different things will come true.

16. Do you think that aliens exist? We can dream that they do can’t we?

17. The part of your appearance that you like? My wide shoulders. Because people tell me they’re “surprising”.

18. The part of you on the inside that you like? My efficiency.

19. If you could change one part of your appearance? I want a balanced, muscular body.

20. The part of you on the inside that you’d like to fix? The part of me that things “No matter what happens, it will work out somehow”. It’s a good way of thinking towards work but it can also be a bad one sometimes too.

21. If you had could choose a different job? Nothing. It’s been this way for a long time but, I decided I would continue doing this job just as I am.

22. The last thing you want to eat before you die? Eating fried food surround by my family. Because everyone loves it.

23. What do you try to keep in mind at work? To have fun.

24. What do you think is something that gives fans the wrong idea? They probably think that I have a lot of friends but, I really only have a few. I worry about that.

25. The ideal person that you admire? Adults who haven’t forgotten how it feels to be a child.

26. The type of girl that you like? Because this changes from time to time I guess. Someone who can get on well with my parents.

27. When you’re in love are you the type that wants to be spoilt? Or the type that wants to do the spoiling? That depends on my partners age.

28. Soba type? Udon type? Soba.

29. What’s your favourite drink? Water.

30. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? I have. It was almost love at first sight (lol). I thought they had a great aura, and I fell in love without even talking to them.

31. What part of your home interior is your favourite? The pictures. I have a number of pictures that I’ve bought myself. I choose a room, think if there is a story that goes with it, and make one to hang there with that meaning.

32.  What environment can you relax in? Places with big music. Like concert rehearsals.

33. Which Johnny’s that you get on well with apart from the members? Kiriyama from Johnny’s WEST.

34. What’s your dream of the group’s future? I want to get more famous even overseas.

35. What’s your personal dream of the future? I want to play the lead role in a musical.

36. What’s your favourite saying? “It’s not about the you that you can be, be the you that you want to be”. Because I was worried when I was buying my car, my friend gave me some advice, “Don’t think about the real things like the price, buy the one that your heart desires”. I think it means, that it’s great if you can work your best and rise to meet things.

37. What’s your schedule for your days off? I have too many hobbies, I can’t say for sure. At the moment it’s diving, cars, motorbikes, go-karts, jet skiing, and camping, I like doing things outdoors.

38. When you’re low energy what do you do to encourage yourself? Listen to music.

39. Which member would you go to an amusement park with? Yuto. He’d take pictures for me. Because I don’t really get much of a chance to go to the amusement park, it would be a special occasion and I want pictures to remember it by.

40. Which member would you go to a public bath with? Yabu-kun. I’ve run into him at the bath house before. Because we both love saunas.

41. Which member would you go to karaoke with? Yamada. I have a real interest in singing, and Yamada also goes to practice at karaoke so, I feel like we’d give each other advice.

42. Which member would you go cherry blossom viewing with? Yabu-kun. Coz we’re the same age.

43. Which member would you go to the pool with? Chinen comes to mind first but, Arioka-kun or Hikaru-kun maybe. Because we went together once a long time ago, and I want to go swimming again.

44. Which member would you spend Halloween with? Inoo-kun. I feel like we’d both get excited in the same way.

45.  Which member would you eat hotpot with? Hikaru-kun. Because it seems like he can cook but, I’ve never eaten any of his cooking before so I want to try it.

46. Is there a place that makes you feel relaxed? When I’m with the people who are special to me.

47. What’s something you do for your health and body? I eat a lot of salad.

48. Are you the type that lines up the notes inside their wallet? Or the type that doesn’t? I don’t have a wallet. I just shove the notes straight in my pocket.

49. What’s the best trip you’ve had in your life? The family trip we went on for New Year’s in 2017. I took my whole family and my sisters whole family on a trip in Japan. I organised and paid for everything, I felt really grown up.

50. What are your Top 3 favourite movies? Number 1 is “The Holiday”, Number 2 is “Ironman” and Number 3 is “Interstellar”.

51. Do you have a favourite book? I read a lot of books about cars.

52. What is the taste of your mother’s cooking? Hamburger steak.

53. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Open all the curtains.

54. What do you do before you go to sleep at night? Drink water.

55. What do you wear when you’re asleep? It depends on the day.

56. What’s your treasure? I don’t know. Nothing.

57. How do you relieve your stress? Drive my car.

58. What’s your favourite scent? The smell that lingers outside a barbecue restaurant. It makes me hungry.

59. What thing do you want the most? A desk. I don’t have an all-purpose table at home so, I want a table I can eat at.  No just the sofa and TV.

60. What’s something that you will always have in your bag? I don’t generally carry a bag with me.

61. If you could only eat one thing for an entire month what would it be? Salad.

62. What’s your favourite number? The generic number 7.

63. What’s your favourite kind of meat? This is hard! Beef I guess. I really like sirloin steak but, because I like all different kinds I get filet too.

64. What’s the special privilege of having you as a lover? I think I’ll give a lot of encouragement.

65. If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would you take? Flippers.

66. Please tell us a secret! If I told you it wouldn’t be a secret.

67.  What age would you like to be when you die? I don’t want to die.

68. What would you call your life if you had to give it a title? “A Life of Leisure” .

69. If you had one day to use one million dollars what would you do? I’d call all my friends and have a party. I’d use it all straight away.

70. Say something to yourself when your 100 years old! “Go in peace”.

71. If you had three days before the World ended what would you do? Spend it with my family.

72. What little thing are you worrying about at the moment? My right eye has developed a double eyelid. It’s always done it when I’ve been tired but, lately it’s always got it. I hate it because my left eye and my right eye look different.

73. What would you do if you could use magic? I would open the love of Japanese idols, and then we could be cool all over the world. Like an idol from overseas.

74. Rate yourself out of 100! 0. You guys rate me! I can’t rate myself.

75. What are you obsessed with? Watching videos. Surfing the net.

76. What do you collect? Nothing.

77. What would you like to come true in 2019? To hang out with five Johnny’s. Like my Juniors. Every year I never end up doing it.

78. What kind of person do you want to be in 10 years’ time? I think I’ll grow a beard. I really wanted to say “I want to appear in a lot of plays” but I give-up. (t/n: This last word got cut off a bit. It said や_る and I could see a tiny bit of the middle letter and I think it was やめる but yeah… not sure about the last word, sorry)

79. What is the current Hey! Say! JUMP not good enough at? Wanting more.

80. What’s your specialty at karaoke? Mister Children. But I haven’t been much lately.

81. What’s a memory you have of going to karaoke with the members? When we all went together. We sang a bunch of the group’s songs, and sang different parts to what we always do, it was fun.

82.  What is your role in the group? (t/n: this was cut off)

83. What advice would you give to yourself at the time of your debut? “Have fun!”

84. What’s your strongest memory of the Heisei Era? Being born.

85. When do you feel like you’ve really grown up? I’m not confident in myself but, the people around me often tell me I am. Long ago my smart big sister told me “You’ve grown up so fast”. She just said it casually in conversation one day, it made me happy.

86. Tell us Yamada’s weakness! Frogs.

87. Tell us Chinen’s weakness! Fluffy clothes.

88. Tell us Nakajima’s weakness! Moths.

89. Tell us Arioka’s weakness! Pickled plums.

90. Tell us Inoo’s weakness! I wonder… I guess nothing.

91. Tell us Yaotome’s weakness! Cats.

92. Tell us Yabu’s weakness! Saying pretentious things.

93. Tell us Yamada’s charm! Singing.

94. Tell us Chinen’s charm! His outstanding reflexes!

95. Tell us Nakajima’s charm! His skills.

96. Tell us Arioka’s charm! Nothing (lol).

97. Tell us Inoo’s charm! He can turn his head really fast.

98. Tell us Yaotome’s charm!  His ability on variety shows.

99. Tell us Yabu’s charm! His knowledge.

100. Send a message to Keito! Just that I’m waiting. When you get back I want to hear all about it. It was your thought to go to New York so, that’s all I have to say, I can’t say anything nice, just that I’m waiting.

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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