Nakajima Yuto 2019-2020 Calendar 100 Question Interview

1.    What’s your latest hobby? Watching online videos. Like videos of comedians, or live gaming videos, or action videos and stuff.

2.    What are your Top 3 favourite foods? Number 1 is spicy fish entrails, Number 2 is gizzard and Number 3 is horse. I like foods with texture. Since I was little I’ve been told “You choose foods like you’re drunk”.

3.    What are your Top 3 favourite animals? Number 1 is lizards, Number 2 is cats and Number 3 is dogs.

4.    Shower type? Bath type? Bath. It’s the place that I reflect on the things that happened that day and refresh myself.

5.    What’s your source of energy? Everyday work, deciding on the day’s objective, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.

6.    When do you get excited? When I’m with the members.

7.    When are you low energy? In the morning, when I have to wake up even though I’m still sleepy.

8.    What words make you happy when you hear them? When people watch my acting work and say “I mean it in a good way but, I wouldn’t have thought you were a Johnny’s”.

9.    What colour do you like? White, black, navy. My member colour light blue.

10. The place you want to go? Europe, I’ve never been before. Maybe Paris.

11. A dream you often have? The dream where I’m standing on the stage in a play even though I haven’t memorised my lines. I have it when I’m feeling the pressure of having to learn my lines every day.

12. The best time you’ve slept? About six to seven hours.

13. Dog type? Cat type? Dog. I have a dog.

14. Do you believe in ghosts? Maybe they exist but I’ve decided I don’t believe in them.

15. Do you believe in fortunes? I don’t really believe them. Enough that I believe in the good ones, and take heed of the bad ones.

16. Do you think that aliens exist? I guess they exist. I think that we can’t think that ours is the only earth in the great wide solar system.

17. The part of your appearance that you like? My beauty mark.

18. The part of you on the inside that you like? I’m relatively good at getting close to people.

19. If you could change one part of your appearance? I want my right eye to be the same size as my left eye. Just my right eye is a little bit smaller.

20. The part of you on the inside that you’d like to fix? The highly strung part of myself that overthinks things. But I think that part is necessary for acting so, in the end I think I’m fine just the way I am.

21. If you had could choose a different job? A fireman, a lawyer, a doctor… I think when I was little I liked these kinds of jobs where you help people.

22. The last thing you want to eat before you die? My mum’s homemade cooking.

23. What do you keep in mind at work? To cherish my relationships with people. So I can do this I guess I people watch and think “You’re that kind of person”.

24. What do you think is something that gives fans the wrong idea? I guess I’m the type shows them a relatively passive side of myself.

25. The ideal person that you admire? Someone who is kind to others but hard on themselves.

26. The type of girl that you like? Someone who speaks in a beautiful way, and is considerate.

27. When you’re in love are you the type that wants to be spoilt? Or the type that wants to do the spoiling? Either. I think it’s give-and-take.

28. Soba type? Udon type? Soba.

29. What’s your favourite drink? Water. When I want to use my head I drink coffee.

30. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Quite a lot. Like “Ah, that person that just went past was lovely”.

31. What part of your home interior is your favourite? My big, black beanbag with heaps of beans in it. It’s what they call the lazy person’s sofa.

32.  What environment can you relax in? When there’s something warm. Like baths or spots of sunshine.

33. Which Johnny’s do you get on well with apart from the members? Kato Shigeaki-kun from NEWS, and Kami-chan and Hamada-kun from Johnny’s WEST.

34. What’s your dream of the group’s future? I want to become artists that can hold a Big 5 Dome tour.

35. What’s your personal dream of the future? I want to keep acting forever. I want to be the lead but, I want to become someone who brings out the feelings from sidelines too. Not just in films but plays too.

36. What’s your favourite saying? It’s nothing special but, it’s the feeling that “I don’t just want to go to the big, wide places, I want to go to the small places too”. It’s kind of like, do things that have never been seen before.

37. What’s your schedule for your days off? On my recent days off, I sleep in until about 11am, I eat brunch, I read my script, and go to the hair dressers. I actually get up early because I want to do all kinds of things. I want to play games, and I want to practice the drums. And I want to go out to eat with someone too. Because talking to people motivates me.

38. When you’re low energy what do you do to encourage yourself? I think positively. Like “Because today was so horrible, it’s only going to get better from now on”. And I listen to songs that are linked to how I feel.

39. Which member would you go to an amusement park with? Yabu-kun and Chinen. Because when we had a break at work when we were at an aquarium once we rode one of the attractions together, and it was really fun.

40. Which member would you go to a public bath with? Yabu-kun, Takaki-kun. Because they like saunas, I want them to teach me all the good points.

41. Which member would you go to karaoke with? Yabu-kun and Yamada. I like the same artists as Yabu-kun so I feel like we’d get really excited together. Yamada is a good singer, I want to choose a song that we can sing together in a duet.

42. Which member would you go cherry blossom viewing with? Yabu-kun and Chinen. They seem like they would properly admire the blossoms.

43. Which member would you go to the pool with? Takaki-kun. Because we did “Water Polo Yankees” together. We were floating in the water the entire time so I want the two of us to float together.

44. Which member would you spend Halloween with? Yamada. Because he wears coloured contacts in the concerts, I want him to teach about these kinds of things and dress up together.

45.  Which member would you eat hotpot with? Everyone would be great! We actually went when we were doing a regional concert once, and had puffer fish hot pot. Everyone was eating together like “This is delicious”.

46. Is there a place that makes you feel relaxed? When I’m with the members.

47. What’s something you do for your health and body? I do absolutely nothing for my body but, from the beginning to the end of the concerts I take things like citric acid.

48. Are you the type that lines up the notes inside their wallet? Or the type that doesn’t? I put them together so that all of the peoples’ faces are facing down.

49. What’s the best trip you’ve had in your life? The New York trip. We were only there for 5 days and 3 nights. I wanted to do so much more.

50. What are your Top 3 favourite movies? Number 1 is the “Star Wars” series, Number 2 is “Villain”, Number 3 is “Hajimari no Uta”.

51. Do you have a favourite book? I never read books.

52. What is the taste of your mother’s cooking? What she’d make for me when I caught a cold, soba full of thinly sliced vegetables like carrot or daikon, mushroom, and wild plants.

53. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Wash my hands, and gargle.

54. What do you do before you go to sleep at night? Have a yoghurt.

55. What do you wear when you’re asleep? Pyjamas.

56. What’s your treasure? The photo I took with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill from “Star Wars”.

57. How do you relieve your stress? Watch videos and play games, I do things I can immerse myself in.

58. What’s your favourite scent? The smell of small flowers like osmanthus or jasmine. Or citrus too. I surprisingly like the smell of petrol stations too (lol). Because they remind me of when my family would go on trips and I get excited.

59. What thing do you want the most? A camera lens.

60. What’s something that you will always have in your bag? My wallet, and house key. When I’m doing a drama I have my script and something to write with. And preventative face care for early morning work.

61. If you could only eat one thing for an entire month what would it be? Yakitori.

62. What’s your favourite number? 2.

63. What’s your favourite kind of meat? Beef and chicken are fighting over first and second place. I like red meats.

64. What’s the special privilege of having you as a lover? Even when I’m watching TV on my own I get really into it, I want them to see this and think “He’s funny”. And because I like a lot of things like cameras, if they have a hobby they can teach me about it.

65. If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would you take? A knife.

66. Please tell us a secret! Right now, one of the toenails on my right foot is broken.

67.  If you start your life over what age would you be? When I joined Juniors in elementary school. I think I got a bit carried away at the time. Back then, I thought that if I had focused on every single bit of work and properly learnt things, things would have started moving a little faster but it was too early.

68. What would you call your life if you had to give it a title? “Episode 0”. My life is only just beginning.

69. If you had one day to use one million dollars what would you do? I’d buy a one million dollar camera.

70. Say something to yourself when your 100 years old!「Do you still want to live?」.

71. If you had three days before the World ended what would you do? On the first day I’d do a Hey! Say! JUMP concert, and make a fun place for everyone. On the second day, I’d spend half the money that I had. Because I’d be scared that the World might not end, I wouldn’t use all of my assets. I’d spend the third day with my family. I’d relax with my family and eat delicious food.

72. What little thing are you worrying about at the moment? My lanky body. I want muscles.

73. What would you do if you could use magic? I want to teleport. Then I could sleep in until the very last second and “beam” straight to work.

74. Rate yourself out of 100! 63. Because there are still so many things I want to do.

75. What are you obsessed with? Watching the original “SUITS”.

76. What do you collect? Cameras, jeans, shoes.

77. What would you like to come true in 2019? To go overseas. To an English speaking country if I can. I want to hone my English, and experience a new culture.

78. What kind of person do you want to be in 10 years’ time? I want to be recognized as an idol and an actor. It feels like I have a sense of obligation to “have to do my best” at the moment so, it would be nice if I could reach a time where I can relax a bit. And I would like to be a refined adult.

79. What is the current Hey! Say! JUMP not good enough at? Our ability to produce the group. It would be great if we could develop a sense of unity to all look and move towards the same thing.

80. What’s your specialty at karaoke? JUMP songs. And Elephant Kashimashi’s “Like Tonight’s Moon”. Because I can’t sing that way, I think “I wonder what I’m lacking?” as I sing.

81. What’s a memory you have of going to karaoke with the members? When I was sitting next to Yamada and watching him sing a love song, it seems like I fell in love a little bit.

82. What is your role in the group? The timer. I look over everything and check for balance.

83. What advice would you give to yourself at the time of your debut?「Hey! Say! JUMP is definitely where you belong!」「The ones who will support you in the really tough times are the members」「I don’t want you to forget the gratitude you have for all these people」

84. What’s your strongest memory of the Heisei Era? When Michael Jackson died. It was depressing. As for the group then it’s when we did “24 Hour TV”.

85. When do you feel like you’ve really grown up? Never. I always want to be a child at heart.

86. Tell us Yamada’s weakness! He’s weak to attacks. In “SUPER DELICATE”, there was a scene where Yamada and I were together, before, Yamada was kind of shy, I felt like I was attacking him, and then, he grabbed my face firmly with both of this hands. I thought “He’s rarely this aggressive!”, and when I went with it and moved a bit closer too, he seemed embarrassed. As I suspected, he’s weak to attacks.

87. Tell us Chinen’s weakness! Prickly sweaters.

88. Tell us Arioka’s weakness! His belly button. He doesn’t let anyone touch it.

89. Tell us Takaki’s weakess! Dirty jokes. He never tells them.

90. Tell us Inoo’s weakness! Being touched. He says stuff like “Oi, stop that” or “Gross!”.

91. Tell us Yaotome’s weakness! His speech. He makes a lot of mistakes. And he forgets choreography straight away.

92. Tell us Yabu’s weakness! He becomes weak when he’s using a cute character in a video games. When you see him playing a character that makes him think “I’m cute”, it seems like his heart weakens a bit too (lol).

93. Tell us Yamada’s charm! His extraordinary aura. He feels like the ace, like the rightful king. The Centre.

94. Tell us Chinen’s charm! His high athletic ability. He’s cute, as if being that cute wasn’t enough, he’s cool too.

95. Tell us Arioka’s charm! His childish face. The humour he’s developed on “Hirunandesu”, making jibes, his responses are so fast.

96. Tell us Takaki’s charm! I don’t talk about it much but, he’s refined on the inside. He carries himself well and is stoic at work lately.

97. Tell us Inoo’s charm! His feminine appearance. His casual remarks. He has a loose, gentle demeaner and good manners.

98. Tell us Yaotome’s charm! He’s a cut above the rest when he performs a dark role. His rock star hair.

99. Tell us Yabu’s charm! More than anything else, his singing voice. And his kingly feeling. He feels like a DoS too. On the contrary, he has a squishy smile and innocent laugh.

100. Send a message to Keito! I believe that you’re a guy that does things when they need to be done so, I want you achieve some serious results, and come back to us. I think you must have a lot to do at the moment and be busy but, I want you to do your best and not run away. I know you can do it!!

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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