Secret JUMP Vol. 3


「Secret JUMP」Vol.3 Chinen Yuri x Arioka Daiki

Popolo March ‘19     Full scans at:

A forgetful person who goes home without their presents~

Arioka The secrets about the Chinen I know, I’ve told them all already~.

Chinen Have you really exposed that much? Well, what about lately?

Arioka Is that ok (Lol)! Last year Chinen got a birthday present from the stylist but, he forgot it and left it at work. Even though he was so pleased to get it he forgot it, I can’t believe it~ (Lol).

Chinen That’s coz I went home early, and I’d left the house with only my bag (Lol). But, I accepted it properly afterwards.

Arioka Because of that one incident, so he didn’t forget to take the present I gave him home, I checked properly up until Chinen had the paper bag in his hand.

Chinen I’m glad that you helped me take it home properly~ (Lol).

Arioka I’m glad too. Of course! It’s because I wanted to give Chinen a present. Something you can’t buy unless you win the lottery!

Chinen If they’re super rare sneakers, I think I’d auction them off (Lol).

Arioka What! Don’t do that! But, if I get lucky and win the lottery I would be a person who “has it” too but, Chinen who got them as a present would be pretty lucky too (Lol).

Chinen Of course. With this luck even on auction they’ll go in one quick bid~ (Lol).

Arioka Stop that!

I activate my brain with grape sugar before work

Arioka A secret about me lately, if you know anything you’ll tell them (Lol).

Chinen Daiki’s secret… I don’t know anything (Lol).

Daiki What! I talk to Chinen about everything though.

Chinen I ignore everything (Lol). Because Daiki starts talking to me about anything, before I’ve said I want to know. Compared to Razor Ramon RG’s “I want to say it quick~”, Daiki’s “I want to say it to Chinen quick” is even more amazing (Lol).

Arioka For me, it’s nice that I know all about Chinen.

Chinen I guess. Daiki is like “Chinen’s next photo shoot is at ◯◯”, he knows about work arrangements that I don’t. That’s amazing.

Arioka Fu fu. I know everything.

Chinen Well, lately, Daiki is the only one who wears his own underwear under his costumes. Why is that?

Arioka When the fabric of my underwear gets warm and I take them off, the static electricity makes my hair crackle and I hate it. So, I just wear my own underwear.

Chinen Daiki is the only one that eats grape sugar before work too.

Arioka It helps my brain work properly. Because I only eat it before work, Chinen has never even seen me do it!

Chinen But you do eat it.

Arioka I see. Because it’s unusual I must have spoken to Chinen about it before. Even in the concert MC he was making fun of me like “You eat grape sugar so you’ll be able to tell us something funny. So, please tell us!” (Lol).

Chinen Really though, does it work?

Arioka It does. When I don’t eat it I’m like a bug.

Chinen Right. When you eat grape sugar, and when you don’t the things you talk about, and your performance are completely different.

Arioka Right. When I eat grape sugar I feel like that “Huh, what was I saying?” feeling goes away (Lol).

Chinen Old man!

Arioka But, because I didn’t eat it today, when we made name plates out of sugar in our interview I couldn’t write my name at all, I seriously gave up.

Chinen It was marzipan. Because Daiki couldn’t quite remember, his interview took a really really long time (Lol).

In private Daiki has a big brother vibe

Arioka We don’t really change when we’re at work and when we’re in private.

Chinen Daiki is different though. Because in private Daiki is surrounded by a lot of people younger than him so, he’s got quite a “big brother vibe”.

Arioka Ah. In JUMP I have the middle position but, because everyone I go out to eat with in private is younger than me, my big brother vibe naturally comes out.

Chinen Because it’s nothing but juniors like Nakagawa Taishi, he does his best to bring out the big brother vibe but you can’t rely on him at all (Lol).

Arioka That is not true!

Chinen But when you go to eat with Daiki, when it’s time to pay he never says “You pay” even as a joke. He’s very manly and cool (Lol).

Arioka Talking about food made me remember but, when we were in high school, Chinen would only eat baumkuchen.

Chinen Uh huh. After all, baumkuchen is breakfast.

Arioka When he came to play at my house, I asked my mum “Chinen only eats baumkuchen so please prepare some”. Now the only thing he needs to eat is ginko (Lol).

Chinen Before I used to have a tendency to eat nothing but the thing I liked.

Arioka How have I changed?

Chinen You don’t sleep in anymore. Before you obviously slept in in private so, you were always late. Even Daiki has become an adult (Lol).

Daiki Yep. I took note of all kinds of different things and became an adult (Lol).

Chinen It’s like, we’ve already talked about so many different things, there’s nothing left that I want to ask Daiki.

Arioka I have something. When Chinen does “Ultra Music Power”, you do that magnificent dance where you spin your feet around, I really like it. Dance it just for me!

Chinen What the heck (Lol). Fine, next time I’ll do it for you in private. I’ll give you a discount too (Lol).

Arioka Why do I have to pay!

Chinen Ah, that’s definitely a secret.

Arioka Don’t be so weirdly calm!

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Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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