Takaki Yuya Anan No.2139


5-cropThank-you to the wonderful Dimi who sourced the scans for me 😘 and to the four lovely fans that requested this translation 💜

Translation ↓

Masculine and romantic. Manly but, gentle in a way.  A “cunning body” that makes you want to touch it without even realising, Takaki Yuya has freely exposed his body to us.

Today’s photo shoot was… embarrassing (Lol). Normally, I’ve never shown this much of my body before, I’ve had a lot of first experiences. But, if I seem embarrassed then the pictures will come out looking like that, I wonder if I do this with all my might I’ll be sexy. I did my best to build up my body too. I went to the gym so much I it killed me, my whole New Year’s this year was spent training. It’s the first time I’ve trained like this in my life. The Chiropractor that accompanied me to the gym, taught me that the physical make-up of my body made it harder for me to get abs than other people. When I was a kid I could never once pull my body around the horizontal bar, and it seems that this is the cause of that too. The trainer taught me that the area around my shoulders was the best, and we focussed on training that part. Posing too, I learnt while the teacher moved me in front of the mirror, it’s been an amazing experience.

It seems that the meal management was quite strict too.

Especially the three days before the shoot, so that my body would become even more toned I ended up doing fluid draining. Without taking in a single carbohydrate, I ate only small 300 calorie meals while the fluid decreased. And then this morning, I ate six mochi. By suddenly taking in carbohydrates, your muscles increase by three times their normal size during pump-up. But, you can’t put any flavouring on them so, it seems I have come to hate the mochi I loved so much (Lol). It’s hard but, when I first started managing my meals, all of the members started too. Because the members were doing it together with me, I was able to do my best until the very end. Especially Chinen would say “If Yuya is doing it then I am—”, and he’d come to core training with me. I was really happy.

Today, before we started the shoot, there was a surprising suggestion that “Wouldn’t it be interesting to cut my hair at that point?”. The truth is, right in the middle of the photo shoot, we did a hair cut in the dressing room. It was completely different to before, and he was able to show us a whole new expression.

From the beginning, I had decided that I would cut it when this photo shoot was finished so, I thought it would be interesting if I cut it right in the middle of the shoot. (While pushing his hair back up off his face) It’s got a completely different feel to it (Lol). When it’s long I have an unconscious habit of pushing it back. Generally, when I want to be sexy I grow it out, and when I want to make people think I look younger I cut it. Even in concerts, my hair is an important tool to bring out my sex appeal. I comb it carefully back stage, so that in one show I can change my hairstyle a number of times. Apart from other things, I guess that it allows me to show different expressions. Even in the performance I’m aware of the same things, and in the song before a sexy song, I deliberately become really cheerful, it looks like I’m having fun, and then the sexiness is accentuated. I do it thinking that I want to show the complete opposite image.

That’s why Takaki Yuya is the group’s “Commander of Sexual Attacks”.

I think that JUMP has a pure image… No, maybe that’s just what I think though (Lol). They feel like they belong in a school classroom, because really, we’re always messing around. I think there are a lot of fans that like this kind of cute atmosphere. But, because I think that eventually we’ll gain a mature feeling and performances, so that we don’t draw a “What are you doing all of a sudden!?” reaction when the time comes, from now on I’ll show my sex appeal, and I’m thinking it will help people get used to it. There might even be people who are attracted by seeing me like this but, I don’t think that can be helped. Everyone likes what they like, I understand sex appeal, and maybe adult females are attracted to that too. When those people tell me “You look great”, as time is steadily chipped away, I think that maybe I’m getting closer to becoming a good man.

The same as having a body equipped with a radiant and healthy charm, Takaki Yuya also has a co-existence of sexy and pure on the inside, he’s a “cunning man” who entices our hearts.

I wasn’t aware of it but, in the beginning, even though I’ve always been the cheerful type in front of my close friends, when I was at work, that side of me didn’t come out. When it did, that day, my friends told me “Don’t try to be cool, it’s better to show who you really are. Because it’s hard for them to see it”, and now I’m able to show this part of my self at work too.  It’s also thanks to this that, year by year, I’ve come to enjoy my work. I’m glad that I got to do something new in this photo shoot too, because this is my last year in my twenties, I think I want to try doing everything.

He declared that he wants to continue.

When my managers and hair and make-up artists have looked at pictures of me lately, they’ve been complimenting me. Since I’ve put a bit of an effort in, they’ve really noticed the change. I want to do my best, so that I can show them something even better.

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Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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