Secret JUMP Vol. 4


「Secret JUMP」Vol.4 Yaotome Hikaru x Yabu Kota

Popolo April ‘19

Translation ↓

After the concert finishes Hika turns into a carpenter?

Yabu After such a long time we have no secrets from each other (Lol). All the things we can talk about have already been pretty much exposed, even in Popolo (Lol).

Yaotome That’s right. Ah, maybe I’ll talk about that mysterious thing Yabu does in concert rehearsals.

Yabu Huh? The mysterious thing I do?

Yaotome Yabu is always restless when he’s on stage (Lol). He often gets warned like “Yabu, don’t move, stand still!”.

Yabu Ha ha ha (Lol). I do get told that. So, for example when we’re confirming the members’ movements, I hate just standing there and staring. So, I guess I end up swaying while I watch (Lol).

Yaotome You don’t just sway, you wander around in circles (Lol).

Yabu It’s impossible for me to stay on the bamiri (the marks on the stage that show standing positions) the whole time. Even when I have to stay in position on the bamiri for an entire song, I end up moving and only stand on it at the beginning and the end (Lol).

Yaotome You do? You do it in rehearsals so then, you actually move around freely during the real show too.

Yabu Watch closely. After the concert finishes, for some reason Hikaru wraps a towel around his head.

Yaotome I do (Lol). I do it when I can’t take a shower after the concert.

Yabu You eat with the towel still wrapped around your head. When we see Hikaru like that, the members say “Ah! The carpenter. The carpenter is here!” (Lol).

Yaotome That’s when I’m told “You’ve got your radio work in 5 minutes” after the concert ends, I hate putting my hat on while my hair is still wet with sweat.

Yabu Carpenter Hika (Lol)!

Yaotome When we pick fights with each other in the concerts, it seems to make the audience happy but, it’s not like those kinds of scenes are especially developed in the planning meetings.

Yabu They just flow naturally. Speaking of being natural, Hika often falls asleep in the dressing room. That’s his natural state (Lol).

Yaotome Sleep is reality.

We ate dinner so close it was like we were a couple

Yabu As for in private, Hikaru said “I don’t have many friends. It feels like I’ve only got Ryuchel” so, I said “Then I’ll be Hikaru’s friend!” didn’t I?

Yaotome You did.

Yabu So, Me and Hikaru are friends (Lol). We’re friends and we’re members, and we fight battles together so we have a comrade like relationship too, it’s not something you can sum up in one word, I think it’s made up of “various relationships”.

Yaotome Right~ (seriously).

Yabu In saying that, about four years ago, I suddenly got a phone call from Hikaru and he invited me out like “Let’s go eat!”.

Yaotome I did, I did!

Yabu Because it was so sudden I said “What’s up? Should I invite someone?” and he was like “Don’t you want to go together?” (Lol). Because we had been out together with other members and Ryosuke before but, it was rare that it was just the two of us.

Yaotome We went to a restaurant that I made a reservation at~.

Yabu It was a normal izakaya bar, and because there were hardly any seats we had to sit in this couple seat kind of thing (Lol). While I was eating my dinner I was really, really close to Hikaru, it was so embarrassing (Lol).

Yaotome Uh huh (Lol). But, at the time, I had never known that to happen at the restaurant before…

Yabu We ended up talking about some nostalgic things (Lol). We talked about this and that, we talked quite a bit about our private lives.

Yaotome It’s not like we talk about that often though.

Yabu The turning point, it felt like a turning point but, like talk between any regular guy friends, we talked a lot about pointless things (Lol).

Yaotome I asked stuff like “Did you do anything for New Year’s Yabu? Did you go anywhere?”, and we talked about what topics were in at the time.

Yabu Uh huh. Also, Hikaru suddenly rang me in the middle of the night once. I thought “What in the world does he want” but…

Yaotome I was singing at karaoke and, I wanted to listen to Yabu’s solo “Ryusei no Uta” (Lol).

Yabu Because it was like 1am, I was already asleep though (Lol).

Yaotome I’m sorry, I’m sorry (Lol).

We talked about this and that and things we don’t know

Yabu Speaking of, I have never seen what Hikaru looks like when he’s driving. You drive normally don’t you?

Yaotome Quite a bit. I go for solo drives.

Yabu Huh~, I see (Lol). I’ve never ridden in the passenger seat while Hikaru is driving either.

Yaotome You haven’t~ (Lol). On the other hand, there’s something I don’t know that I want to ask but… Do you cook?

Yabu Absolutely not (Lol)! The stovetop in my kitchen has turned into the place I keep my vegetable juice and supplements (Lol).

Yaotome That’s surprising.

Yabu Hikaru takes his cooking seriously. You love hot pot too right?

Yaotome Uh huh. This season’s kimchi hotpot is great! That’s right, at the moment, Yabu is tied up with rehearsals for his role of a boxer in the “HARU” musical but, next time I want to go to the gym together and get some boxing experiencetoo.

Yabu That sounds great. But, I have a strict diet to prepare for the role, and I have to eat only the same things and it’s terrible (Lol).

Yaotome You were eating a chicken salad just now too (Lol).

Yabu The thing I want for Hikaru… No, it’s not something I want but, I want him to put his health first and live a happy and healthy life (Lol).

Hikaru I’m living (Lol). But, I know what I want to say to Yabu. From now on, let’s keep living a happy life together (Lol).

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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