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This article was a bit all over the place so I have divided things up to make it easier for you to read in blog format. There were three sections to the article:

1. 10 personalised questions for each member

2. 2 questions to each member from the readers

3. 4 member cross talks

I’ve put the cross talks at the top of my translation for easy access and then put each member’s 12 questions together under their name. Enjoy~♡

Q.97 Tell us your latest hot news

Inoo If someone started to fall asleep when we’re waiting in the breaks between shooting… Yuto goes and pokes his finger in their ear. Since you’ve just relaxed a few minutes before it delivers a perfect shock (Lol).

Arioka He did that to me too!

Nakajima When I see someone who is falling asleep, it makes me want to go mess with them ♡

Chinen I don’t lose to that kind of relaxed feeling but, yesterday me and Yabu and Hika went to get something to eat. We had TV show filming that day though. The steak that was featured in the show looked delicious so we were like “Let’s just go and eat this!”.

Yaotome Using the information we had learned from the show, we made a special flavour blend.

Yabu It was delicious~ ♡


Q.98 Is there a certain craze going on in JUMP?

Arioka The thing we’re passionate about is “Road Trip Asian Journey”!! I was the first to get into it. Then it spread to Takaki, Hikaru-kun, Yuto, and, finally Yamada has come and joined this side too!

Yamada It unintentionally caught my eye yesterday. Thanks to that I didn’t get enough sleep (Lol).

Yaotome Of course it’s interesting monitoring the love of someone else but, it’s because they’re travelling to all kinds of different countries. Visiting these countries makes them known to the World and Japan, and you learn a lot from it too!

Nakajima There are only three members left who aren’t into it. I want to hurry up and have all the members get excited about it together!

Takaki Inoo-kun watches it. I told him to “Watch it” the other day, didn’t I?

Inoo If Takaki says so, then I’ll watch it ♡


Q.99 What if all of the members were high school classmates?

Chinen I wonder what it would be like if all of the members were in the same class.

Nakajima It doesn’t seem like it would be any different to all being in the same group (Lol).

Takaki Obviously the eight of us would never hang out together.

Yamada Actually, me and Yuto and Chinen went to the same high school but, I feel like there was a distance between Chinen and I at school.

Chinen That’s because I was a serious student (Lol)!

Nakajima If I had to choose I’d say Yama was in the mischievous group. Because for three years his usual seat was at the very back of the room (Lol).

Arioka And together with Yamada, making sure people knew they were there at the back of the class would be Takaki. If these two were in a class together I feel like they’d be best friends.

Takaki No doubt about that (Lol).

Chinen But, the one who really held all the power from the shadows would be… Dai-chan! Because he looks like a straight A student, the teachers would trust him and he wouldn’t stand out but, really he’s the bad guy!

Arioka Of course, I’d mess around with my friends too but, I’d be the only one they wouldn’t get mad at (Lol).

Chinen Yabu is the same type. He wouldn’t do anything himself but, he’d talk the friend in the seat beside him into doing interesting things.

Yabu Actually, I did do that (Lol). Chinen was a high achieving straight A student. When he really went to high school he always got the top scores in his year level!

Yaotome Yuto would be the class president.

Nakajima Because when we went on our high school class trip I was next in line after the teacher as the great “Fusafusa Squad Leader”!

Yamada Who would get the class excited about stuff?

Chinen Definitely Ino-chan (Lol)

Inoo If you want me to then I’ll do my best~. I’ll assertively raise my hand in class, and speak in a loud voice~.

Yamada So, Hika is that student that is always sleeping in class. Because he did nothing but sleep in class and never listened to a thing, that’s how he ended up this way (Lol).

Yaotome That’s funny. I always made sure I was properly awake when I was in high school though (Far off gaze).


Q.100 Finally, please give a message to the Seventeen readers

Arioka The thing that I who have graduated from school want to express to the readers of Seventeen is, “It’s best to positively take part in school events”!

Nakajima Because there are things that you can only do at this time in your life, you will definitely make great memories. Go on a date in your school uniform, or go to Disney Land in your school uniform ♡

Takaki I want you to fall in love a lot too ♡

Yamada And get up to mischief ♡

Yabu If you’re at a co-ed school then it’s best to make friends with the boys too! I was actually really stuck up and aggressive when I was going through puberty, and I regret that I didn’t make friends with any of the girls.

Chinen Yabu scared all the girls and didn’t get invited to their end of year party (Lol).

Yaotome And it’s best to eat your lunch on the roof top. Because that’s the flavour of youth.

Inoo Huh, did you ever eat it on the roof?

Yaotome…no! It’s just a dream (Lol)!

Nakajima Yuto

Q.1 What do you like that your mother cooks?

A. Western style steamed custard. Even though it has shimeji mushrooms in it which I hate (Lol), it’s delicious so I still want to eat it.

Q.2 What’s a photo you’ve taken lately?

A. My parents and my maternal grandfather together when we went out to eat to celebrate my little brother’s twentieth birthday. The restaurant we went to was wonderful so, I took photos of the outside and the inside!

Q.3 What outfit do you want to wear this Spring?

A. I want the knits that I wore as inners this Winter to be the centre piece. I really liked the elaborate design on the sleeves and bought them, even though they got hidden by my coats.

Q.4 The words from your parents that left an impression in your heart?

A. Don’t forget to be grateful. It’s really basic but, it’s so obvious that you tend to forget. So, lately I’ve started to see things from a different point of view, and I think I want to become someone who says “Thank-you” rather than “I’m sorry”.

Q.5 What movie would you recommend to the Seventeen readers?

A. The political film about the behind the scenes of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden “Zero Dark Thirty”. The protagonist is a female CIA analyst but, the difficulty and unreasonable parts of living as a woman are real. I don’t think anything is lost by watching it in your teens.

Q.6 What are your phone lock and home screen pictures?

A. The lock screen is a picture of the streets of New York that I took when I went there last year, and the home screen is a picture of some beautiful stained glass I came across at the Metropolitan Art Gallery.

Q.7 What do you collect?

A. Bass drum heads. Since two years ago they’ve been putting the tour title logo on it so, after all the shows are over I get to keep them, and I put them on the wall at home. I want to slowly accumulate more from now on!

Q.8 What fetish do you have?

A. Perfume and fabric softener and shampoo and stuff, I love when I walk past a girl with these kinds of scents wafting off her.

Q.9 If you were a girl what would you play up?

A. I generally don’t like people who are bad with words. It would be great if I could be a laid back girl that talks that way but, if I’m a cute girl I want to be able to say “It’s not a character!”.

Q.10 The moment you think “It would be embarrassing If the fans saw me like this”?

A. When I wake up it’s definitely a no-go! Because my face swells easily it’s all puffy, and when I stay up late I get bags under my eyes straight away…

Q.90 To Nakajima-kun. What did you do to grow so tall? Morikae・High school 2nd year

I guess I just ate a lot of my mum’s nutritionally balanced cooking.

Q.93 To Nakajima-kun. This Spring, where do you want to take your camera? Osuzu・Middle school 2nd year

A.   A temple with beautiful cherry blossoms. I love aesthetic photos. Because I have an indoors personality I never go out much but, it would be great if I could go out while they’re blooming.


Yamada Ryosuke

Q.11 Teach us a Yamada style popularity technique!

A. There is no such thing! I pretend to be cool for work but, I never think “I want to be popular” in my private life!!

Q.12 What is Yamada’s latest news?

A. Last night, I didn’t sleep. I started watching a romance variety show that the members said was funny so, they successfully got me into it and I watched up to episode seven in one go. So I ended up not getting enough sleep (Lol).

Q.13 How do you refresh?

A. Watching TV, and playing games. I let things out with things that aren’t work related!

Q.14 What is a Yamada style best movie?

A. My favourite Japanese movie is “Our 700 Day War with Chuzai-san”. It’s a youthful comedy where a group of high school boys in a country town wage a prank war on the police but, it makes you laugh and cry. It’s a movie that boys will definitely love!!

Q.15 What’s something you bought recently?

A. Some tough looking white sneakers. Because they have presence. I like how they become the centre piece of an outfit ♡

Q.16 What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought lately?

A. I went to buy sneakers with Chinen but, we ran into someone we know at the store. They said “It’s my birthday today”. They said it so we couldn’t just ignore it so… we got them some high quality headphones as a present. They were more expensive than the sneakers (Lol)!

Q.17 Tell us about your clothes today!

A. I’m in the middle of filming “The Burning Sword” so, today I’ve declared today a comfort day. The main point of my clothes today are the pants made of a nice feeling stretch fabric!

Q.18 Who is the JUMP member you have been out to with most recently in private?

A. Chinen. The other day we played games together at my house. I didn’t notice that he fell asleep beside me. He always does whatever he wants!

Q.19 Is there a different side of yourself that you show in front of a beloved pet?

A. Lately I’m worse when I see my niece than I am with my pets. I talk in baby talk the whole time. I’m falling even more in love with her (Lol).

Q.20 What homemade dish have you cooked recently?

A. I don’t know where I got this image of being good at cooking. My friends came to my house to visit, and late at night they said “We’re hungry”, “Cook something”.  That day all I had in the house was some steak in the freezer so, we had some surprising late night flambé (Lol). Without thinking I started laughing to myself like “What the hell am I doing?”.

Q.91 To Yamada-kun. What does Yamada-kun who is good at cooking want to make for a girl? Ponta・High school 1st year

A.   It’s a cliché but, of course I want to cook a meat and potato stew! It’s simple but actually difficult, because it’s the meal that brings out that “home cooked flavour” the most.

Q.96 To Yamada-kun. What Spring clothes do you like on a girl? Moeno・High school 2nd year

A.   I like girl’s knits. The light ones more than the fluffy ones. Simple ones in colours like ivory are cute and have a gentle feeling to them ♡


Chinen Yuri

Q.21 Tell us how you would spend the ideal day off with your girlfriend!

A. A laid back hot springs trip ♪ We could wander around the streets, and buy souvenirs, and go halfsies in hot spring dumplings ♡

Q.22 What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done lately?

A. I went to the launch of the “Death Professionals” drama with my co-stars and the staff. I got all excited with the special members, it was really fun ♪

Q.23 What game are you into at the moment?

A. “Turnabout Othellonia” is exhilarating and I’m really into it. It’s got a card game element to it, it’s really fun. I play it without thinking!

Q.24 What’s the latest word you looked up?

A. “Gift voucher”. Kota said he lost his headphones so, I thought I’d get him a gift voucher and looked it up.

Q.25 The travel destination you’d like to visit?

A. Australia. I’ve never been to the Southern Hemisphere and the ocean looks beautiful. I want to go on about a one week vacation!

Q.26 What is something you always do when you go back to your hometown?

A. Visit my best friend’s family in Hamamatsu. We’ve been friends ever since we were little, and now they feel like my family too. I contact them every time I go back to my hometown ♪

Q.27 Please tell us what you would say to pick a girl up when she’s down!

A. “Let’s go get something to eat!” I guess. You always feel better when you’ve eaten something delicious. To make her smile, I’d treat her to anything she wanted!

Q.28 If you weren’t doing this job what kind of job do you think you would be doing?

A. I think this job is the best so, I can’t imagine anything else! But if I could do anything then… A sports player. People adore athletes so, it seems like I’d make good friends!

Q.29 If you were a girl, which member would you go out with?

A. Takaki-san ♡ He’s manly but cute, going out with him would be healing. Because he’s an active person, it seems like he’d take me to all kinds of different places.

Q.30 When you look at a girl, what always catches your attention?

A. Her face I guess~. Because when I talk to someone, I want to properly look at their face. But, because it’s a bit embarrassing to look them right in the eyes, I end up looking at people’s mouths a lot (Lol).

Q.81 To Chinen-kun. What is the only sport that the skilful Chinen is bad at? Rie・High school 1st year

A.   Basketball! When I was at school, I’d generally always get a 5/5 for P.E. but, when we did basketball it would drop to a 4.

Q.87 To Chinen-kun. What are you happiest to be praised for? Akiho・Middle school 3rd year

A.   “You’re funny”. I want people to praise what’s on the inside more than what’s on the outside. When they watch a TV show and say “That thing you said was so funny”… It makes me really happy ♡


Inoo Kei

Q.31 If you were a high school girl what would you like to try doing?

A. I guess I’d like to try using “TikTok”. I’d want to become famous using my own power, and not the power of my friends (Lol)!

Q.32 When do you think “I’m cute”?

A. When I’m eating food (Lol). When I’m really hungry, I eat in silence.

Q.33 What fashion item have you been wearing a lot lately?

A. A scarf. I had it on today too but, it’s quite heavy and warm. I wouldn’t have been able to make it through Winter this year without it! I’m looking forward to wearing it again next Winter!

Q.34 Where do you look when you go to visit someone’s house?

A. When I enter I guess I look straight at the entire layout. That doesn’t feel very nice, does it (Lol). When you enter and can feel an openness, I think I like people who can create a sense of space! By the way, my favourite part of my own house is the sofa. It’s huge and you can roll around on it, it’s great.

Q.35 When do you practice piano?

A. I start practicing before the concerts I guess. And normally I play the songs I want to play when I feel like playing them so, maybe that’s different to practicing. The song I want to play at the moment is TWICE’s “Be as ONE”.

Q.36 Do you talk about serious things?

A. For the friends the same age as me it’s talking about “I had stamina before” (Lol)! I think I’m of an age now where my stamina was completely different three years ago. And talking about the mistakes we made in our youth. Those are a secret (Lol).

Q.37 What is your sexy point?

A. Um… When I’m on my bed (Lol)? When I wake up, and want to go back to sleep, because I think it’s the moment in the day when I’m at my most defenceless ♡

Q.38 What did you do on your most recent day off?

A. I think I slept all day. I do go out too but, on my most recent day off I stayed home. I only went out to get dinner.

Q.39 What clothes do you want a girl to wear when you take her on a date?

A. I take the “It’s fine if she wears what she likes!” stance. It’s fine to ignore the boy’s opinion. The ones who know the most about girl’s clothes, are girls after all.

Q.40 Where would you go on a first date?

A. A theme park! We’ll wear those headbands with the ears on them together, I’m totally fine with a pair look.

Q.92 To Inoo-kun. What did you do to become so pale? Tuna・High school 2nd year

A.   It’s genetic! I don’t think “I have to whiten it” and do anything special (Lol).

Q.94 To Inoo-kun. I’ll be taking university entrance exams next year. How can I progress my exam studies? Kurumi・High school 2nd year

A.   I think this is the crossroads of life. For me, I regretted not studying more at the time. Maybe if you think “If I don’t do it now I’ll regret it” it will give you strength.


Yaotome Hikaru

Q.41 What do you do in your free time?

A. Puzzle games on my phone. Right now there are about 900 levels but, it’s so fun that I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it (Lol).

Q.42 What food are you into lately?

A. Curry—! I make mushroom curry at home a lot ♪ Right now I’m into eating Asian curries while walking ♡

Q.43 Which artist do you admire?

A. The illustrator Nakamaru Mitsuru. His picture books are wonderful, I’m moved by them all! I especially recommend “The Kind Devil”. Make sure you give it a read!

Q.44 If there’s an interior item you’re into at the moment please tell us!

A. I don’t really like putting things around my rooms but… I’m really into the heater that I bought last year! It’s the shape of a fireplace, and has a light that makes it look like there’s a flame burning. And, it makes a real crackling sound it’s so soothing~♪

Q.45 What house work is your specialty?

A. Housework in general, I can do anything! But cleaning is my favourite~. Using the vacuum cleaner or a floor cloth, until the floors properly shine, I polish everything until the whole room sparkles.

Q.46 What was the latest time you cried?

A. When I was watching a love documentary, I was moved to tears by the scene where the simple boy confessed. When I saw him gather up all his strength and do his best, the tears started to fall~. I was cheering him on as I cried (Lol).

Q.47 What fashion item do you unintentionally collect?

A. Stuff like denim jackets and souvenir jackets. I end up buying things I like as soon as I see them (Lol).

Q.48 What kind of father do you want to become?

A. A papa who can teach them to have fun while moving their bodies. To have the power of imagination, I think it’s important to use your body too, not just your head. Scuba and horse riding, I want them to experience these rare kinds of sports while they’re young too.

Q.49 What’s something that you could only do to your one true love?

A. Because I’m the type that expresses my feelings straight out, I think I’ll end up being nice to my true love. And, she’ll never have to invite herself out to eat~!

Q.50 Tell us the latest time you showed respect to your parents!

A. I invited my family to a concert! I was really happy when they told me they had fun ♪

Q.83 To Yaotome-kun. What new instrument to you want to try? Osuzu・Middle school 2nd year

A.   Violin & banjo. The sounds have a great feel to them ♪ It seems like I’ve started to accumulate a few hobbies~.

Q. 86 To Yaotome-kun. In the new school term what joke can I use to spice up my self-introduction? Miku・High school 2nd year

A.   U~m. How about the one where you throw your name in on the third step? Something like “Aitsume! Koitsume! I’m Yaotome!”. For example, if you’re Yamada-kun” something like “Not an ocean!  Not a river! I’m a Yamada!” would be OK. Try coming up with your own variation!

(t/n: 1st joke: That guy! This guy! I’m Yaotome! 2ns joke: Not an ocean, not a river, I’m a mountain field)


Takaki Yuya

Q.51 How would you spend your ideal day off?

A. Lately I tend to do things in dribs and drabs. Right now I’m reflecting on whether I’ve been “wasting my time”. So, on my next day off I want to get up early, and drive to the hot springs with my friends, eat delicious things, and spend it in an active way ♡

Q.52 What’s your recommended beauty technique?

A. Sauna. Because I especially don’t sweat a lot in Winter, I go at a pace of about 3-4 times a week. By the way, my sauna style is to get in → get out with a short break in between and do it over and over again!

Q.53 The song you have on repeat at the moment?

A. I always have music playing at home. But I love songs from musicals. Lately I’m into the “Lala Land” movie sound track.

Q.54 Tell us about your interior decorating!

A. At my house, there’s seriously nothing. There’s just a sofa, a TV and a picture on the wall, I don’t even have a table. I like rearranging the room. And, I don’t mean in a half-assed way, if I do it I’m a person that will want to move everything. I’m getting ready for the next time I move things around right now (Lol).

Q.55 What’s your usual spot at home?

A. I guess this is probably on the sofa. But, that’s coz the sofa is all I’ve got (Lol).

Q.56 Tell us your latest “I’ve gone and done it now” episode!

A. For the “anan” mood photo shoot I had to slim down. The second the photo shoot was over I ate and drank way too much. Now, I’m back on a diet again (Lol).

Q.57 Which member have you contacted most recently?

A. For some reason Arioka-kun sent me a picture of Juri from SixTONES. And he was right next to me too (Lol). So, I took a photo of myself looking confused and said “Send this to Juri”, and lately we’ve been having this mysterious conversation (Lol).

Q.58 What would you do if you fell in love?

A. Everyone would find out right away. I’m not the type that can hide my love ♡

Q.59 Tell us about your best outfit!

Yamada and Keito and I went shopping before. The two of them came up with an entire outfit for me. I bought it, and it was the most expensive stylish jacket I have ever bought!!

Q.60 What fashion item do you wear every day that brings you good luck?

My hair! Because to me this is also a fashion item (Lol). The key point is even though it’s Spring it’s a bright colour that makes you feel like it’s still Summer ♡

Q.82 To Takaki-kun. What can I do to bring out my sex appeal? Riochi・High school 2nd year

A.   The person that I’ve thought is sexy is also my friend, Miura Shohei. It feels like his manliness and kindness have grown ♡

Q.88 To Takaki-kun. What do you do to keep motivated to stick to your diet? Haru Cheese・High school 2nd year

A.   I decide on a target and a time limit!! When you have a goal that you “absolutely have to reach” it makes you stoic!!


Yabu Kota

Q.61 What place do you like in your hometown?

A. I lived in Yokohama until I was in elementary second grade so, Landmark Tower. I didn’t know anything about the World when I was that old so, I thought that it was the tallest building in the World (Lol).

Q.62 How long do you take to get ready before you go out in the mornings?

A. About 15 minutes I guess. Because I wake up 15 minutes before I need to go out (Lol). I wash my face, get dressed and go out just like that!

Q.63 What do you want to do before you turn 30?

A. I want to buy all new furniture! I’ve never moved house, so I wonder if it would feel like it if I just changed the furniture? I want to replace everything!

Q.64 What’s something you need when you’re at work?

A. My headphones. Because there are often times when I suddenly have to listen to music.

Q.65 What daily training do you do?

A. Just simple stretches I guess. I don’t do it every day at the moment but, I got to the boxing gym and the training gym. I’m trying to go 3-4 times a week.

Q.66 What song do you often sing at karaoke?

A. “1/3 Pure Emotion” (SIAM SHADE). When I go with the other guys my age it gets us really worked up (Lol). Because we were in elementary school when the anime it was from, “Ruroni Kenshin”, was airing. We end up pretending to be Kenshin.

Q.67 What soccer player would you recommend to high school girls?

A. A player the same age as them like, Nakai Takuhiro-kun who plays for the “Real Madrid” Under 16’s soccer team in Spain. I believe he’ll become a player who is well suited to the future of the Japanese soccer world! He of course takes his technique, and body seriously. Keep an eye on him from now on, and I think you’ll be able to brag about it in the future ♪

Q.68 It’s your girlfriend’s birthday, what do you want to plan?

A. Before her birthday, I’ll ask all the people she knows to help and make a message video. We’ll watch it together and last there will be a personal message from me that will be her present ♡

Q.69 What’s the trick to bringing the group together?

A. That I make mistakes too. Because I’m older and the captain, I think it’s important that I show them that it’s ok to not be perfect!

Q.70 Even though it makes you feel guilty, what food can’t you help eating?

A. Home style ramen! I love it but, now that I’m training my body it’s become a demon-like food… But I still wanna eat it—

Q.85 To Yabu-kun. What’s the trick to singing beautiful high notes like Yabu-kun? Shuna・Middle school 3rd year

A.   While you breathe out, let your voice out naturally and, comfortably! And take power from your shoulders. I’m still learning too so, let’s do our best together!

Q. 89 To Yabu-kun. What’s the secret to getting a soccer club boy? Yuu・High school 2nd year

A.   Praise his playing! If he has a favorite player say something like “You’re so cool, just like ◯◯ player ♡“. Boys are simple so he’s sure to be happy!


Arioka Daiki

Q.71 Where do you usually eat alone?

A. If it’s ramen then a ramen restaurant. If I think I’m going to do it in the evening then I can but, eating alone is lonely, and there are only so many things you can eat right? So I often end up getting stuff delivered.

Q.72 What do you look like when you sleep?

A. I wear pyjamas. But, because they have quite a strong circus like design, when I know that the delivery man is coming that day I put on a t-shirt and pants made of fluffy fabric (Lol).

Q.73 What habit do you continue to improve yourself?

A. I but bath salts in my bath water and listen to music while I soak the lower half of my body.

Q.74 What was your most fulfilling day off recently?

A. I had fun when I went to Hakone on a “Hirunandesu” location, so the next week I went to Hakone with (Nakagawa) Taishi and stayed the night. We drove along in an open topped car being washed by the breeze, we went to a circuit bath and drove racing carts, we went fishing, we ate food… It was really fulfilling!

Q.75 What do you get hung up on about your hair style?

A. Because of the way my hair grows it’s easy for the part above my ears to get puffy so, I trim that part so that I can keep the volume limited.

Q.76 What’s something you’ve bought that has left a memory?

A. When I bought some sneakers, and at a concert for an artist I like they were wearing the exact same ones, I got really excited!

Q.77 Who is must watch artist at the moment?

A. King Gnu. They’re a Japanese band but, they have catchy melodies and it feels like they fuss over even the small details in their tracks. I especially recommend their song “Prayer X”.

Q.78 If we wanted to watch a movie on a date what would you recommend?

A. “Love Actually”. It paints a picture of many different forms of true love in an omnibus style, it makes you laugh, it warms your heart, and at the end it gives you this warm feeling of “Love is wonderful ♡”. I like it so much I watch it regularly.

Q.79 What’s your picture of the ideal couple?

A. Someone who shares the same hobbies, I long for a relationship that’s like “If we were the same sex we would be best friends”. Because, when I see couples that come together to the JUMP concerts, I’m half filled with happiness, and half filled with envy (Lol).

Q.80 If you could turn into one of the members for a day who would you become and what do you want to do? 

A. I’d become Takaki who is putting the finishing touches to his body, and waste time showing it off at the beach (Lol).

Q.84 To Arioka-kun. Who is your hero? Marumo・Middle school 3rd year

Ironman, Spiderman, Kamen Rider Ryuki… There’s so many, there’s too many, I can’t decide!

Q.95 To Arioka-kun. Arioka-kun is always full of energy, do you ever get sad? Kotono ・High school 3rd year

A.   Of course I do! But, I guess I don’t let it get to me. When I’m feeling sad, I spend time with my friends, and sleep!

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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