Yabu Kota 2019-2020 Calendar 100 Question Interview


  1. What’s your latest hobby? Drinking tomato juice.
  2. What are your Top 3 favourite foods? Number 1 beef udon, number 2 oden style fish cakes, number 3 somen.
  3. What are your Top 3 favourite animals? Number 1 dogs, number 2 seals, number 3 dolphins.
  4. Shower type? Bath type? Bath.
  5. What’s your source of energy? Seeing my friends. Because then I can forget about all the things I don’t like.
  6. When do you get excited? When I think I’ve overslept but I really still have two hours, and can go back to sleep again.
  7. When are you low energy? When my PASMO is out of charge and I can’t get through the gate. (t/n: PASMO is a train card)
  8. What words make you happy when you hear them? “It doesn’t seem like you’ll go bald”
  9. What colour do you like? Deep blue.
  10. The place you want to go? The Manchester United home ground, Old Trafford.
  11. A dream you often have? I often dream about being in the world of the movie that I’ve watched before bed.
  12. The best time you’ve sleep? Seven hours.
  13. Dog type? Cat type? Dog
  14. Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely not.
  15. Do you believe in fortunes? If it says something good then I do. If it says something bad then I hope that it doesn’t happen.
  16. Do you think that aliens exist? I think they do but, space is vast so, they won’t come to Earth!
  17. The part of your appearance that you like? My lips. Because they don’t get dry easily.
  18. The part of you on the inside that you like? If it’s a part I like then it’s that part that does things through until the very end.
  19. If you could change one part of your appearance? My feet. Because they’re small and easy to trip over.
  20. The part of you on the inside that you’d like to fix? I end up hurting people’s feelings by saying things that I don’t really think are true. I’ve been told I’m a cold person before.
  21. If you had could choose a different job? An investor. I want to know what it’s like to work in economics and all over the World.
  22. The last thing you want to eat before you die? As long as I can eat with my beloved friends and family then anything is fine.
  23. What do you keep in mind at work? To keep an open mind. I want to be a person who can talk to anyone.
  24. What do you think is something that gives fans the wrong idea? I’m actually not that serious. I only pretend to take things seriously.
  25. The ideal person that you admire? Doers, not talkers. People who don’t speak about their own ability.
  26. The type of girl that you like? Someone who does their best for me.
  27. When you’re in love are you the type that wants to be spoilt? Or the type that wants to do the spoiling? Spoil me when I want to be spoilt and when I want to spoil you then want to be spoilt.  
  28. Soba type? Udon type? This is an argument without an answer. I like beef udon but, if it’s between udon and soba then, maybe it’s soba. Soba restaurants have a delicious flavour.
  29. What’s your favourite drink? Miso soup. I like the one with red miso.
  30. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? I only fall in love at first sight.
  31. What part of your home interior is your favourite? The model soccer stadium that I spent half a day making.
  32. What environment can you relax in? My room at my parent’s house. It’s still full of the things I had when I was a kid and has a messy feeling.
  33. Which Johnny’s that you get on well with apart from the members? Kitayama from KissMai and Tottsu from A.B.C-Z. I go out to eat with Kitayama twice a week.
  34. What’s your dream of the group’s future? To do work that we can always say is “Fun!”.
  35. What’s your personal dream of the future? To properly live my life day-by-day. Happiness in old age. Everyone’s happiness.
  36. What’s your favourite saying? “One way or another”. It’s a suggestion to myself. I hate it when I feel backed into a corner.
  37. What’s your schedule for your days off? I get up at 8am, and I learn about things, I read books and watch movies. In the evening I start to feel like “Who will I go out to eat with I wonder” so, I go and meet my friends, and so that we can go and eat delicious foods we got to the sauna to prepare our bodies. Then we go out to eat.
  38. When you’re low energy what do you do to encourage yourself? I sleep and forget.
  39. Which member would you go to an amusement park with? Nakajima. It seems like he’s scream a lot and have fun.
  40. Which member would you go to a public bath with? Takaki. Once, we ran into each other at a public bath in the city.
  41. Which member would you go to karaoke with? I guess anyone is fine. I often do karaoke with Yamada and Chinen.
  42. Which member would you go cherry blossom viewing with? Chinen. Because we often go out on walks together.
  43. Which member would you go to the pool with? Takaki. He seems like a good swimmer. I don’t really like swimming that much.
  44. Which member would you spend Halloween with? I’m not really interested in Halloween (Lol).
  45. Which member would you eat hotpot with? Chinen. He seems to like hotpot.
  46. If there a place that makes you feel relaxed? When I get off at the station in my home town.
  47. What’s something you do for your health and body? Go to the sauna. Drink tomato juice. Not that I do it on purpose.
  48. Are you the type that lines up the notes inside their wallet? Or the type that doesn’t? They’re more or less lined up.
  49. What’s the best trip you’ve had in your life? The New Year’s trip I had in 2017 when I went to New York and Las Vegas. I didn’t go sight-seeing, every day for a week, I would go and see about two shows every day.
  50. What are your Top 3 favourite movies? Number 1 Princess Mononoke, Number 2 Blow Number 3 The Usual Suspects
  51. Do you have a favourite book? Sakai Masato’s essays.
  52. What is the taste of your mother’s cooking? My mother isn’t very good at cooking. I like her chicken soup.
  53. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Stretch out the sleep. Sometimes I stretch the back of my calves.
  54. What do you do before you go to sleep at night? I reflect on my day. And I look over the day’s news too.
  55. What do you wear when you’re asleep? A t-shit, tracksuit jacket and sweat pants.
  56. What’s your treasure?My friends.
  57. How do you relieve your stress? Sing in the bath.
  58. What’s your favourite scent? Rose.
  59. What thing do you want the most? A cleaning robot.
  60. What’s something that you will always have in your bag? Headphones.
  61. If you could only eat one thing for an entire month what would it be?Multivitamin supplements.
  62. What’s your favourite number? It was soccer number when I was a kid.
  63. What’s your favourite kind of meat? Beef skirt steak.
  64. What’s the special privilege of having you as a lover? I’ll admire you more than anyone.
  65. If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would you take? A smoke bomb. I’ll suddenly use it and suddenly return.
  66. Please tell us one secret! If I tell you it won’t be a secret.
  67. If you start your live over what age would you be? I didn’t get enough sleep. I’m glad I had a good sleep. And I’m glad I watched the soccer.
  68. What would you call your life if you had to give it a title? “Spoilt” (Lol). Because I spoil myself.
  69. If you had one day to use one million dollars what would you do? I’d take all of the different people who I owe things to out to eat.
  70. Say something to yourself when your 100 years old!「Do you have a young girlfriend?」. Fufufu
  71. If you had three days before the World ended what would you do? I’d go and see all the people I wanted to see.
  72. What little thing are you worrying about at the moment? Three of the four lightbulbs in my bathroom have blown.
  73. What would you do if you could use magic? I’d make two of me. When I’m doing something, then the other me can be doing something else I want. It’s like, one of them can be at work, and one of them can be having fun in private.
  74. Rate yourself out of 100! Half good, half bad.
  75. What are you obsessed with? Old maps of Tokyo.
  76. What do you collect? Nothing but, I have accumulated a lot of the disposable chopsticks that you get with take-away.
  77. What would you like to come true in 2019? To climb Mt Fuji.
  78. What kind of person do you want to be in 10 years’ time? I want to become a man who looks good with a beard.
  79. What is the current Hey! Say! JUMP not good enough at? Nothing? We don’t know that ourselves.
  80. What’s your specialty at karaoke? Anything Mr Children.
  81. What’s a memory you have of going to karaoke with the members? Doing anime songs only karaoke with Yamada and Chinen.
  82. What is your role in the group? The commoner. I have the sensation of a normal person.
  83. What advice would you give to yourself at the time of your debut?「Your hair is too long」
  84. What’s your strongest memory of the Heisei Era? The year 2000 dilemma, Nostradamus’s big prediction.
  85. When do you feel like you’ve really grown up? The chances to hold my friends’ kids is increasing.
  86. Tell us Yamada’s weakness! He’s scared of heights.
  87. Tell us Chinen’s weakness! He can’t wear prickly sweaters.
  88. Tell us Nakajima’s weakness! He hates centipedes.
  89. Tellus Arioka’s weakness! His phone lock screen picture is always tacky.
  90. Tell us Takaki’s weakess! He hates bugs.
  91. Tell us Inoo’s weakness! He has no stamina.
  92. Tell us Yaotome’s weakness! He’s an idiot.
  93. Tell us Yamada’s charm! His beautiful skin.
  94. Tell us Chinen’s charm! He’s built like Vegeta.
  95. Tell us Nakajima’s charm! His calf muscles that he’s toned through drumming.
  96. Tell us Arioka’s charm! He’s stylish.
  97. Tell us Takaki’s charm! His innocence.
  98. Tell us Inoo’s charm! He goes at his own pace.
  99. Tell us Yaotome’s charm! The same as his weakness, his idiotic side.
  100. Send a message to Keito! I told you to message me but you haven’t done it at all. Message me!




Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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