Secret JUMP Vol.5


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「Secret JUMP」Vol.5 Chinen Yuri x Nakajima Yuto

Popolo May ‘19


Chinen is part of a  Chinese martial art’s practice kit… ?

Chinen Lately, even on the cold days in the middle of Winter Yutti opens the windows in the car when he’s traveling. He always asks me “Chinen, is it ok if I open the window?” (Lol).

Nakajima I open them. The heater is hot, and we can’t get dehydrated so, I open the window and let the air circulate through. I’m always impressed by Chinen. Even when you talk to him when he has his head phones in listening to music, he will always reply to you.

Chinen That’s because I set the volume so that I can listen properly whenever people are talking (Lol).

Nakajima Just what you’d expect of Chinen!

Chinen So, when Yutti has free time at the work, he’s always playing “Wooden Dummy” with me~.

Nakajima That (Lol). It’s what they used to practice the Chinese martial art of Eijunken in the “Ip Man” movie, it’s a wooden doll. Chinen is like the doll used in practice, and I’m like “Wham! Blam!” and shower him with my kung-fu punches (Lol).

Chinen Because Yutti is becoming an absolute master at Eijunken, I completely become a doll and don’t move.

Nakajima But, that’s because Chinen said “I want to practice being a wooden doll” (Lol).

Chinen I did. I think that maybe I’ll be able to audition to play the part of a wooden doll in a kung-fu movie.

Nakajima Really? But, that will be done by a wooden doll not a human so, it’s not a part that Chinen could play.

Chinen No, I want to play the part of a wooden doll!

Nakajima Well, if it’s Chinen I guess you can play any role~.

Chinen Since we have encouraged each other up until now and will continue to do from now on, wouldn’t it be great if we could co-star in a kung-fu movie?

Nakajima That would be great. Since we’ve been encouraging each other since high school~ (Lol).

Chinen Why are you saying that like it’s something special. It’s just normal (Lol).

Encouraging and speed eating boiled egg curry in the school cafeteria

Chinen Speaking of, when we were in high school the only thing the two of us ate from the school cafeteria was curry.

Nakajima Uh huh. We’d encourage each other to see how fast we could eat the boiled egg curry. But every now and then I’d get the Chinese chicken.

Chinen Because it was crowded we’d hurry to the cafeteria, and eat in a big hurry and then it felt like we could relax when we got back to the classroom. At the time Yutti was really into coconut jelly too (Lol).

Nakajima I loved it. After school we’d go and play billiards or darts too.  The two of us have been unexpectedly excited talking about when we were at school (Lol).

Chinen In Summer we’d walk to the station near the school too, and the heat while we were waiting for the train was really harsh. There was only one spot in the entire station that got a cool breeze, the two of us would often go and cool off there (Lol).

Nakajima Uh huh. We’d buy snacks at the station, and we’d eat them together. Chinen was so cute back then.

Chinen I still am (Lol).

Nakajima That’s true (Lol). Chinen looked cute but he’d say things like “Yutti, stop that” to me as well, and I think he had a reliable, adult part to him too.

Chinen I still do (Lol).

Nakajima I was supported by Chinen!

Chinen Also, when we were students, Yutti would strive to do all of his school work seriously.

Nakajima Chinen was the most engaged in class, it was amazing.

Chinen I think that’s because I was with Yutti who had the same approach to study as I did.

Nakajima No, if I hadn’t been with Chinen I wouldn’t have thought “I’m going to be a straight A student”, I’m glad that we have a relationship where we raise each other up.

Thanks to Yutti’s advice I can stomach stomach

Nakajima Speaking of, before we went to New York Chinen came to my house to prepare for the jetlag.

Chinen Because we could sleep on the plane we said “We’ll stay awake all night”, and we stayed up talking together while watching late night TV programs but…

Nakajima Morning came, and we both ended up having a little bit of a snooze (Lol).

Chinen Because it was so nice and warm when the sun started to come up.

Nakajima Chinen said “I often stay up until 5am” but, what in the world are you doing?

Chinen I’m always watching videos. I watch live game streams, and I fall asleep while the video is playing.

Nakajima I get engrossed in watching videos too but, my eyes get really tired, and before I know it I’ve fallen asleep right in the middle of it (Lol).

Chinen I see. Coz Yutti always gets up early on his days off, right?

Nakajima Right. I get up at about 8am and do my cleaning…

Chinen You don’t go out?

Nakajima I stay inside the whole time. I watch videos, and foreign dramas and movies. But, I end up getting sucked into playing games, and just like that the day is over because all I can do then is game.

Chinen It requires special attention.

Nakajima Because I’m not very good at using my time effectively, I try to only do the things I think I can do. I practice the drums too.

Chinen I see. And go out to eat, I remembered that Yutti orders delicacies from time to time (Lol).

Nakajima I do I do (Lol). Because I’ve liked delicacies for a long time. But, thanks to my recommendation Chinen was able to eat washed rice at the yakiniku restaurant right?

Chinen It was stomach (Lol)!

Nakajima Ah, he’s a greedy one (Lol). When we go out to eat, of course we talk about work but, we always talk to each other about the regions we want to travel to.

Chinen/Nakajima Let’s go to Kyoto!

Chinen I’ve been there for work before but, because I’ve never been there in private I’d like to try going.

I’d end up giving my home made cooking to Chinen

Nakajima I have one thing that I want to ask Chinen. I want to see Chinen’s acrobatics again!

Chinen Ok. I’ll do some for you in private later (Lol).

Nakajima In private! You know, I really loved when Chinen did the back-up dancing for Yabu-kun’s “Ryusei no Uta”. I think that that is Chinen’s strongest weapon, because the emotion in his expression when he lets go is wonderfully engaging.

Chinen My expression changed each and every time I did that dance. It felt great in those moments when I gave my feelings completely to the music but, because I was sure to do it every time it was never the same, it was an always changing expressive emotion.

Nakajima So, is there anything you’d like to request of me?

Chinen Out of all of the members I have only ever eaten Ryosuke’s home made cooking so, I want to try Yutti’s home made cooking too. Because I’ve heard that you can cook but, I’ve actually never tried it (Lol).

Nakajima Ok. I’ll make it for you in private later (Lol).

Chinen Of course you will.

Nakajima Mincemeat curry and pot-au-feu are easy. Ok so next time, I’ll bring Chinen some of my home made cooking to work in a Tupperware container and say “Please eat this and do your best ♡“ as I give it to him (Lol).

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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