Secret JUMP Vol.6


「Secret JUMP」Vol.6 Arioka Daiki x Yaotome Hikaru

Popolo June ‘19


The part about Hikaru-kun that I respect

When he appears on variety TV shows with lots of other talents where they are “opposed by the program”, the stories that Hikaru-kun tells become pivotal to making the show exciting. Just before when Hikaru-kun told one of his stories, everyone on the entire show was splitting their sides with laughter (Lol). Just having stories that draw people in like that is amazing. The skill to be able to tell different stories, on different TV shows, I guess it’s something he’s developed by co-starring with all kinds of different people but, the thing I respect is that weapon that only Hikaru-kun has.


The part about Dai-chan that I respect

The part about Dai-chan that I respect is, that no matter what the setting he’ll definitely be able to give you a reaction. For example, even though you can say words like  “It’s hot, it’s cold” or “It’s spicy”, being able to express these reactions for people to see is quite hard. I think his ability to be able to express things to the viewers using his expressions and body is amazing. Moreover, nothing ever gets cut out, because his reactions are able to be used properly in the contents of the TV show. I think that he’s a professional that can produce reactions that other professionals envy.



Before the show he bought a vacuum cleaner off the home shopping program!

Arioka We appear together every week on “Hirunandesu!” but, I’m impressed by how incredibly quickly Hika does his make-up.

Yaotome I’m fast. By the time I’ve finished my make-up Dai-chan is just coming into the make-up room (Lol).

Arioka I’m pretty fast too but, Hika doesn’t even take 10 minutes.

Yaotome I do go into the make-up room a little earlier too but, by the time I’m finished Dai-chan is generally still standing around gazing at his outfit choices.

Arioka I am. They prepare three outfits for us but, Hika always says “Dai-chan, this one~” and plans what I’ll wear.

Yaotome Uh huh. And we watch the home shopping program “Baguette” that’s on before we appear on “Hirunandesu!” together too.

Arioka Uh huh. While we’re watching “Poshlet” we say things like “Oh, that’s great”. I actually bought a vacuum cleaner once (Lol).

Yaotome It’s fun saying “Oh, that’s great” together.

Arioka Yep. After that, we’ve developed a pattern of heading to the green room when the news program starts. Talking about the behind the scenes of the broadcast…

Yaotome Lately during the commercial breaks I’ve been doing gags, and I feel like Dai-chan should do the second half but, depending on the day Dai-chan doesn’t go along with it very well (Lol).

Arioka Right~ (Lol). But bringing everything to a close during the commercial break, it’s quite hard isn’t it?

Yaotome Yep. So the evening before I think about what I’m going to do tomorrow but, when school kids come to the studio on a field trip and I think “Ah, I have to do something suitable for elementary school kids” I’m completely lost (Lol).

Arioka You get so hung up about what gag you’re going to do that you can’t concentrate during the broadcast (Lol).

Yaotome It will be over by the time the readers have read our conversation but, we  appeared in the “What If Cram School” play where Murakami Shingo-kun was Cram School Principal.

Arioka It was an improvised play. We only had one rehearsal (Lol).

Yaotome The whole thing really was adlib so I was a little nervous.

Arioka Because we did the story of “Momotaro” we had to think about “What kind of Momotaro do we want to do?” and “Who will play the monkey, the pheasant, the dog and the ogres?’

Yaotome Even though we were doing folk tales like Momotaro, Kaguya Hime and Urashima Taro, when we were standing on stage and I looked at Dai-chan I instantly knew “Ah, this is what you want to do”.

Arioka But, I’m the type that wants to start fooling around with the props when I see them (Lol). So, when I asked Hika “Can I use this?” he rejected me like “No, you can’t” (Lol).

Yaotome But, that play, had a strange high kind of atmosphere.

Arioka We were sweating in a strange way (Lol).

We always have to postpone our meal after we see a movie

Yaotome Our “Secret Talk” about outside of work things, there’s too much to talk about,  we’d never stop talking.

Arioka The amount of space on this page would never be able to hold such volume (Lol)!

Yaotome I remember going to play with Dai-chan a lot.

Arioka In the Shibya game centre!

Yaotome We went there~ (Lol). When we became adults we thought we could play the medal games at the games centre as much as we wanted, didn’t we.

Arioka It was fun shooting medals or getting lots of medals when we hit the jackpot. Those medals though, when you touch them a lot they make your hands go black (Lol).

Yaotome We’d get so engrossed in playing, that before we knew it we’d be talking to the fans that had gathered around us.

Arioka We’d shake their hands with our pitch black ones like “Sorry about my hands” (Lol).

Yaotome We’ve been to see movies too.

Arioka I invited Hika to go and see the “Oliver Twist” movie and I said “After the movie we’ll get something to eat on the way home” but…

Yaotome It wasn’t that kind of movie, and we ended up going straight home (Lol).

Arioka When the movie ended, both of our moods had dropped through the floor and we were like “Man, let’s just go home”.

Yaotome Because we both like horror movies we went to see “Noroi” too but, even though we’d been taken in by the advertising and the opening, we were both a bit disappointed when it ended and we decided on the “Let’s just go home” pattern again (Lol).

Arioka It really was like that. But it was different when we went to see “Alien vs Predator”.

Yaotome That movie was fun, and we used the last dregs of our pocket money and both bought one of those cryptic alien bangles.

Arioka Even though we went to the effort of buying them, we’ve never even worn them (Lol).

Now, my room has turned into a forest

Yaotome This is so nostalgic. We’ve talked a lot about our secrets outside of work but, now that we’re adults we have all kinds of body parts like our heart and our livers right?

Arioka What! I thought we had our hearts and livers even when we weren’t adults though.

Yaotome That’s not what I meant, when you become an adult you have to take care of all the different parts of your body, don’t you?

Arioka I see. So, you’re asking what part of my body I want to take care of?

Yaotome Uh huh (Lol).

Arioka Since I use my hips a lot, I think I want them to be flexible. If we talked about this kind of thing during the commercial break on “Hirunandesu!”, we’d end up with Nanbara-san teaching us how to stretch.

Yaotome Hips are important after all.

Arioka Uh huh. Since Hika doesn’t bat an eyelid when he’s buying expensive basses and sneakers, please tell us what the most expensive thing you bought recently was (Lol).

Yaotome An air purifier and humidifier.

Arioka Did you buy a set?

Yaotome The humidifier was expensive but, I bought two of each.

Arioka For hay fever prevention, right. You bought four?

Yaotome Uh huh. So now my room has turned into a forest.

Arioka Huh? What do you mean a forest?

Yaotome It has clean forest air (Lol).


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