Secret JUMP Vol.7


「Secret JUMP」Vol.7 Takaki Yuya x Inoo Kei

Popolo July ‘19

Even though I’d made up my mind he didn’t pick up the phone for some reason

Inoo Lately, the amount of time that the members have together at work has gotten smaller~.

Takaki It has. Everyone’s together for a minute and then we’re all flying off to work, because we’re all scattered over different workplaces we don’t end up seeing each other for a while.

Inoo We’re grateful that we’ve been able to receive individual work though.

Takaki But, when we’re at a workplace where everyone is together, I share a dressing room with Inoo-kun.

Inoo You do, you do. I’ve been told that we spend our time lazing around. But, it’s not like we get especially worked up when just the two of us are talking about things together (Lol).

Takaki It’s more like we don’t talk at all, right? Because usually all we do is watch TV together (Lol).

Inoo That’s right (Lol). Because we usually watch news programs, we tell each other what we think about things like “They’ve been doing these things all over the World lately” or “There’s been a terrible disaster”.

Takaki It’s not so much telling each other what we think, as just mumbling to ourselves (Lol).

Inoo But because Takaki is (at the time of the interview) getting ready for the “Queen Elizabeth” play, he uses his scare time to remember his lines, and I understand well what it’s like to seriously come to grips with them.

Takaki Inoo-kun understands because he’s had experience doing a play too.

Inoo That’s right~. Because I am a stage actor~ (Lol).

Takaki When I really, really picture you on stage in my head it makes me want to laugh though (Lol).

Inoo Why? What’s wrong with that (Lol)! How are play rehearsals?

Takaki To be honest, they’re perplexing (Lol).

Inoo What do you do to relieve your stress?

Takaki Nothing, nothing. Because it’s good to feel stressed as long as it doesn’t get too much (Lol)

Inoo That’s the problem indeed.

Takaki Just what you’d expect of a stage actor (Lol)!

Inoo Exactly, I just remembered. Before the play started, I thought I would invite Takaki out to eat and called him. Even though I did, he didn’t pick up the phone!

Takaki No no no!

Inoo Even though Takaki is pretty much the only member that I ever contact! Even though I had made up my mind and called him he didn’t pick up the phone!

Takaki That’s not what happened~! Now is not the right time to say this but, the Popolo readers must be totally living in a dream right now (Lol).

Inoo Humph… You’re living in a dream too, Takaki! Since then, I figured that I must have become a nuisance and stopped calling you (Lol)!

Takaki You’re such a considerate man.

Inoo I am no~t being considerate.

Takaki No, I really wanted to go too. But, it was so la~te when you called!

Inoo You were asleep (Lol)!

The way Takaki behaved in Okinawa was effortlessly cool

Takaki It was fun when we went diving in Okinawa last year, I want to go again.

Inoo Since it was the first time in ages that we’d both been diving, it was even more fun than I’d imagined.

Takaki It was. I was actually really nervous like “I wonder if I’ll be able to dive under?” (Lol).

Inoo My heart was racing too.

Takaki I never even thought I’d go traveling with one of the members in my private life, I guess that Okinawa trip was my first time?

Inoo Me too, it’s been this many years but I never thought I’d go on a trip with Takaki (Lol). But, we made some really great memories, and it was a valuable experience.

Takaki We had fun doing all kinds of things.

Inoo Speaking of, at the time I kept on saying “I’m cold, I’m cold” so, Takaki bought me a hoodie somewhere (Lol).

Takaki No, but, it was really cold at the time. I don’t remember ever being that cold before. Since we’d gone to so much trouble to have a good time, I thought it would be better to reduce the amount of cold memories just a little.

Inoo Takaki suddenly went off somewhere and when I was thinking “Is he coming back?”, he came back with a hoodie in his hands and, I laughed without thinking (Lol).

Takaki That’s what you were laughing at!?

Inoo No, but I thought “This guy does such cool things”. Something this considerate doesn’t happen that often. The way you did it so effortlessly too, you were so cool.

Takaki Well, you know (Lol).

Inoo Huh? If that’s the case then, Takaki must be becoming a “considerate man” like me.

Takaki Since that’s where the conversation’s going, since we went on the Okinawa trip last year, I think I’ve started to put others before myself.

Inoo You have. But wouldn’t that be great, if we could both be “considerate men” (Lol).

Even if we left our jobs we would still be friends

Inoo For us it was like “It took us seven years just to exchange contact details” but, in truth, what do you really think of your relationship with me, Takaki?

Takaki Huh? But like, I’ve brought this up in conversation before but, that was because when I bought my first computer, I called Inoo-kun and he taught me all kinds of things. If I didn’t have your contact details then I couldn’t call you.

Inoo That’s right. We’ve already talked about that. So, what do you think of it?

Takaki Um? …Friends.

Inoo Friends, that’s funny (Lol).

Takaki I mean like even if we left our jobs, we would still hang out as friends.

Inoo Oh, for sure. Even if one of us quit our job I think we would still have a relationship as friends.

Takaki That’s what I mean. People walk all different kinds of paths in their lives so, maybe there will come a time when we decide to continue on our separate ways. But even in the unlikely event that that happens, I think we’ll be friends that contact each other regularly.

Inoo Even when we’re old men, we’ll be drinking buddies (Lol).

Takaki That would be great. Being able to have this kind of relationship even when we’re old must really mean we’re friends, right?

Inoo I think so. But when I think about it, I wonder why our relationship ended up this way…

Takaki We probably just have a similar vibe.  By being together, we’ve both come to notice this about each other I guess?

Inoo I wonder.

Takaki Oh well, let’s keep on being good friends from now on! Can I say that?

Inoo That’s the appropriate thing to say I guess (Lol).

Takaki Well, what about “Let’s go diving together again!” (Lol).

Inoo That’s something that I seriously want to happen. I’ve got it, since we’re friends I guess it’s ok to call you again.

Takaki Just, don’t call me late at night (Lol)!

Inoo You’re a cool, considerate guy so you had better pick up next time!

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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