Secret JUMP Vol. 8


「Secret JUMP」Vol.8 Nakajima Yuto x Takaki Yuya

Popolo August ‘19


Takaki-kun takes on the role of the “hated character” at work!?

Nakajima Lately, Takaki-kun has been doing anything at work.

Takaki Don’t bring up that topic straight away (Lol). I’m never in the dressing room to begin with so I don’t know.

Nakajima So you could say “You have no dressing room habits!” (Lol).

Takaki Uh huh. And since I’m not in the dressing room, I haven’t seen what Yuto is like in the dressing room either.

Nakajima Even when we’re filming for the “Little Tokyo Life” and “Itadaki High JUMP” variety shows Takaki-kun isn’t in the dressing room. And for today’s interviews, he ended up going off on his own to a separate room.

Takaki I like being on my own.

Nakajima No, you do it on purpose so you can immerse yourself in the kind of character that would say “I like being on my own”.

Takaki That’s right (Lol).

Nakajima Takaki-kun is more thorough than usual when studying for a role (Lol). In this way Takaki-kun is the kind of person that wants to get work done quickly and efficiently.

Takaki Because when I want to wrap things up at work quickly, I take charge and it seems like I’m in a bad mood.

Nakajima I wonder if that staff at the workplace at the time think “Selfish Takaki-kun is doing things seriously”? But really, so that he can bring a good nervous tension to the workplace he is playing the role of the “hated character”.

Takaki That’s right. Of course Yuto understands well~.

Nakajima In the last issue when you did the interview with Ino-can you set the timer for three minutes too (Lol).

Takaki That was also to bring out that good kind of nervous tension (Lol). But like, today I got some new material when I asked Yuto “How do you take care of your beard?”. I’m really interested since I can’t grow a beard myself.

Nakajima I answered “I shave the parts where it doesn’t grow, then I carefully neaten it up with the trimmer” (Lol).

Takaki Looking at Yuto, I thought that maybe I could grow a beard too.

Nakajima I think it would suit you (Lol)!

Takaki But like, Yuto’s beard is also to help him prepare for the role in his play this time.


You can tell they’re a kind person from their hospitality

Takaki I have never been in a contemporary play.

Nakajima Oh yeah, this time you’re playing the Earl of Essex in “Queen Elizabeth”, and last time you played Shakespeare.

Takaki So, I feel like giving a natural performance like Yuto’s seems kinda hard.

Nakajima There was a bit of pressure for me in the “WILD” play because it was my first lead role in a straight play, and it was the first time it had been performed in Japan.

Takaki Even though the play was in the Globe Theatre, the same place that I had acted before, it had a really fresh feeling like “How can it be so different”. The Yuto who was standing on stage had properly become his character.

Nakajima That makes me so happy! In Takaki-kun’s “The Swan and the Rose”…

Takaki That’s backwards. It’s actually “The Rose and the Swan” (Lol).

Nakajima Oh, it is (Lol).  Compared to that, in the current “Queen Elizabeth”, you’re gallantness and glamorousness have increased and it’s really wonderful. Because Takaki-kun has great style he really suits the play’s costumes.

Takaki Thank-you (Lol).

Nakajima It made me feel once again that being tall is an important factor when you’re in a play.

Takaki It’s cool that Yuto is around the height where he can work as a model as well.

Nakajima Thank-you (Lol). In saying that, when Takaki-kun entered the stage and brought out the audiences laughter, you could really feel the trusting relationship and performance between him and the lead actress Daichi Mao-san. I thought that Takaki-kun’s voice was great too!

Takaki I thought the same about Yuto’s (Lol).

Nakajima We’re both praising each other so much it’s making me laugh. Oh, I did seriously laugh though, in the scene where Takaki-kun danced holding the tambourine (Lol).

Takaki Ha ha ha (Lol). You ended up laughing and didn’t think I was cute at all?

Nakajima That was the only scene where I saw “Member Takaki-kun” so I laughed because it felt like “They made him do it”.

Takaki I did it (Lol)!

Nakajima I was moved by Takaki-kun’s concern. When I went to see the play, I was allowed backstage but, when I was Takaki-kun came and handed me a drink and said “Drink this while you’re waiting”. Isn’t that hospitable?

Takaki I’m excited for the Olympics next year so I’m preparing (Lol)!?


Yuto has become your regular super-hot guy

Nakajima Oh! Speaking of, during the photo shoot today, you remembered and talked about something that happened twelve years ago!

Takaki I seriously just remembered it out of nowhere~(Lol). It was the story of when Yuto and I did the “Public Letter Exchange” on “The Shonen Club” together.

Nakajima I said that “If Takaki-kun were a beetle he would be a giraffe stag beetle” (Lol).

Takaki You said it suited me because that kind of beetle is “refined but restless”.

Nakajima Takaki-kun said “Yuto is like a tiny squirrel”, but that was just an example (Lol).

Takaki At that time, even though the program was like our home, we were really nervous. I wonder if we’d still be nervous appearing on it now (Lol).

Nakajima I feel like we would~.

Takaki The boss and company staff watch it too, so that show always feel like an audition.

Nakajima But like, now Takaki-kun has grown to be more than just a beetle.

Takaki Did I become a rhinoceros beetle?

Nakajima No way~! Now you’re a golden stag beetle!

Takaki What’s that?

Nakajima It’s a very popular beetle because it’s gold coloured and cool.

Takaki Thank-you very much.

Nakajima If we’re allowed to keep talking about growth and change, compared to when we debuted I think that Takaki-kun has become more stoic in his work, and his awareness of his position in the group has definitely changed. I’d definitely say that “Takaki-kun found the place he belongs” in JUMP.  In acting, variety shows, and radio programs too I understand that “Takaki-kun can make it a place where he can be Takaki-kun”.

Takaki I guess. Something that has changed about Yuto is his coolness.  Even though I still think he’s cute just like when we debuted, I can’t think of him as this wild man that he has become (Lol). But, he’s your regular super-hot guy (Lol)! I think that Yuto has become the kind of cool guy that little boys dream to become!

Nakajima Thanks so much again~! But like… Takaki-kun and I, strangely don’t interact in our private lives~.

Takaki That’s true. Strangely we have no mutual friends (Lol).

Nakajima So, a naïve question for Takaki-kun… um, I haven’t got one at the moment.

TakakiBecause if we go out to eat sometime soon you’ll ask me personally (Lol).

Nakajima Huh! We’ve been out before!?



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