Secret JUMP Vol. 9


「Secret JUMP」Vol.9 Yamada Ryosuke x Yabu Kota

Popolo September ‘19


His true form is a shirtless guy in shorts wearing a headset and a black mask

Yabu Lately Ryosuke has been reading his script in all of his spare time at work.

Yamada That’s right. Because the “Cicada Boy” drama has started.

Yabu But, ever since you cranked in you’ve been saying “I have to remember my lines!”.

Yamada I’ve been saying that (Lol).

Yabu That’s right! When we travel to other regions, Ryosuke has finally started to not bring just a portable game console, but the whole actual game console with him.

Yamada I bring it with me~!

Yabu He brings this big thing into the hotel room or dressing room (Lol). Whenever I’d think that Ryosuke had a lot of baggage I’d be curious like “What’s he carrying in there?”.

Yamada I guess you really weren’t expecting me to be carrying a whole gaming console in there (Lol).

Yabu I knew that you liked games but, not that much! I was impressed.

Yamada Man, it’s not just a whole game console though (Lol).

Yabu You have that headset and mic that look like an intercom right.

Yamada That’s right. If I’m going to do it, then I want to do it with the same level of concentration as I always do (Lol).

Yabu Since this is a good opportunity, I’ll reveal what Ryosuke’s gaming style is like right here (Lol)!

Yamada Seriously? But that’s going to be kinda embarrassing (Lol).

Yabu He has the headset on his head, wears a black mask and is shirtless!

Yamada That’s exactly right (Lol). But, that style is exactly the style that I play games in when I’m at home.

Yabu Huh~, is it really the same?

Yamada Yep. Shirtless and in shorts. But I’m wearing a mask (Lol).

Yabu What are you wearing a mask for?

Yamada I dunno (Lol).  I probably, put the mask on to go out, and then just stayed that way.

Yabu So as long as you’re wearing a mask you’ll forget and get immersed in the game?

Yamada If it’s hot when I get home, the first thing I do is take off the clothes I’m wearing, change into shorts and game non-stop! So, I forget that I’m even wearing a mask (Lol).

Yabu Do you have a gaming room?

Yamada Yep. It’s in a different room to the one I sleep in.


During games Ryosuke is the type to seriously shout and complain


Yabu But like, when you first started playing games in the dressing room I thought it was weird that you said “This screen is no good!”. Like, what was wrong with the TV that all the members were watching?

Yamada It was no good~. When the members weren’t watching TV or, when they were playing with their phones I thought I would have been able to use the screen but…

Yabu What was wrong with it?

Yamada The one I use at home, is a dedicated high resolution TV called a gaming monitor so, I thought it would be really fun but the TV in the dressing room was too big, and it was really hard to play on.

Yabu O~h… That’s what it was.

Yamada When the amount of information that enters your field of vision is too big it’s actually worse. When you’re concentrating, you have to do your best to minimise the amount of information that enters your field of vision, so that you can keep your eye only on target and do your best. When the screen is too big you have to move your neck to see everything.

Yabu I see. So bigger isn’t necessarily better (Lol).

Yamada Because being just one second late can mean death in a game.

Yabu I see. You complain a lot while you’re gaming.

Yamada I sometimes shout out something like “AH~!” I guess (Lol).


The Yabucchi FC who never won a game were actually also disappointed by their uniform!?


Yamada The hobby that Yabu-chan and I have in common is soccer.

Yabu It is. But, it’s funny but, we’re different in that I like watching it, and Ryosuke likes playing it.

Yamada Coz I’ve actually never watched a whole soccer match.

Yabu He doesn’t know any soccer players apart from the really famous Japanese players, he’s completely oblivious to the rest of the World (Lol).

Yamada No, of course I at least know the ones like Messi (Lol)!

Yabu About Summer last year the two of us were like “Let’s make a team”.

Yamada At time we played about two times a week, didn’t we?

Yabu We did. It felt like we were overdoing it, and yet lately we haven’t got together in ages (Lol). You can only play futsal when you have a team of ten, and it’s hard to gather that many people. Even when the JUMP members came we only had about five…

Yamada Since we made a uniform, we only got to use it a few times in matches.

Yabu Ryosuke designed the team’s uniform.

Yamada Uh huh. But when we decided the team name would be “The Yabucchi FC” I thought “That’s so damn lame” (Lol).

Yabu Ha ha ha (Lol)! You properly put the Yabucchi FC logo right on the front of the uniform!

Yamada It was so embarrassing!

Yabu You could hold it high on your chest with pride!

Yamada Ah ha ha! And the Yabucchi FC were so weak it was seriously pathetic (Lol).

Yabu We were the weakest (Lol). Because we didn’t win a single game (Lol).

Yamada But like, the other teams seemed to have professionals or retired professionals on them. Of course we were gonna lose against that.

Yabu We only had experience playing boys soccer so we never won (Lol).

Yamada But, compared to when I first played my physical strength improved, and I started to be able to run myself ragged.

Yabu When we lost the game we had to pay everyone’s court fee as a penalty.

Yamada So we wanted to win!


Ryosuke is the member that knows the second most about the real me


Yamada The person that Yabu-chan goes out to eat with the most is Kitayama-kun from Kissmai (Lol).

Yabu Yeah…… I guess so.

Yamada The two of us don’t get the opportunity to go out to eat together.  Maybe we did once two years ago?

Yabu But, Yamada generally knows what goes on in my private life. The two of us have talked about all kinds of things before.

Yamada But still the JUMP member that “knows the most about Yabu-chan” is Chinen. The amount of time they spend together is totally different.

Yabu When I think about the amount of time that we spend together Chinen is the one I spend the most with but, Ryosuke is definitely the third, ah I mean second (Lol).

Yamada Oh! Am I breaking into the higher ranks (Lol).

Yabu We talked about how we both have soccer as a common hobby but, there’s another one too (Lol).

Yamada The two of us also both like looking at houses.

Yabu We look at all kinds of different properties and say stuff like “This one looks great” to each other (Lol). Generally, Ryosuke always keeps me updated on the best inner city properties.

Yamada When you’re ready to move you can rely on me!

Yabu Right, I remembered something. When Yamada was filming “The Burning Sword” movie, I wrote the pronunciation of the difficult kanji words in his script for him but, did it work out?

Yamada It did! There were kanji that even Yabu-chan couldn’t read, the period drama style lines were really difficult. I gave up coz they were well above my level (Lol).

Yabu It was based on a work by Shiba Ryotaro-san, and he has his own period style peculiarities too.

Yamada Thanks to Yabu-chan I was able to become the character of Okita Souji and get through the filming. Thank-you! I have a whole new appreciation for you.

Yabu I’m looking forward to when it opens!

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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