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Yaotome Five years. It feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye.

Inoo This is the fourth time we’ve had a special feature in Stera too right? Time keeps flowing faster every year, I think that’s heartbreaking.

Yaotome (Lol)

Inoo Five years, that’s pretty amazing.

Yaotome Of course it’s not just our own power, but it is amazing.

Inoo The listeners have the same flow of time as us so, people who once said “I want to become a dolphin trainer” are telling us that they have managed to become one.

Yaotome People who told us they were getting married, tell us that they have had kids now too.

Inoo People who were high school students are now in their twenties (heartfelt). That’s what I think, the length of four and a half years, you really feel the weight of all the months and years.

Yaotome After all, when we have received updates over the years from the same people we can really feel how long “Rajira” has been going for. There are people that tell us “I’ve been listening every week since the first episode and never missed one”, I guess they never got bored of us… Thank-you so much.

Inoo Thank-you.

Yaotome For us to have been able to continue for this long, is all thanks to the staff.  Every week they prepare all kinds of different corners for us, most recently, what was it, they gave us something that was really confusing, we were like “This is the corner!?” (Lol), but we tried it and it was really exciting, and the listeners all enjoyed it too so, I think we were able to share that “Rajira Love” with the listeners.

Inoo Even though we enjoy the corners they prepare for us, one person, can completely derail what the staff were expecting and I think that’s great. Since a lot of fun is born in those times too, I want to be able to get everyone worked up in those casual times between the corners too.

Yaotome In the talk parts.

Inoo Yeah. At the beginning, we were worried about the live broadcast, but since we were able to build a relationship of trust with the staff, we’re not particularly worried about it anymore, and can talk normally. When a corner takes longer than usual, we’re like “Let’s make this part shorter”, or “We should go a little faster”, we usually make adjustments like this in the planning meeting beforehand.

Yaotome Since they always signal us about these things during the broadcast, by the time we realise it’s almost finished.

Inoo Right. There are times when it feels like we’re pressed for time, but there are also times when we deliberately try to continue the pace just as it is without even noticing.

Yaotome There are.

Inoo Since it’s a live broadcast, even now I get that nervous feeling that never changes. But, by doing a live broadcast every week you have confidence in yourself, and I guess it’s something that you do with your own power. When I appear on other regular shows, I feel like I bring to life the things I have learnt here.

Yaotome For me too, the many effects of doing the live radio show is honestly surprising. I have come to realise how influential the things we say can be. The weight of this responsibility, I can feel once again how much influence we have.

Inoo I don’t want to brag about my voice work experience, but I have also been able to do voice work in “u & i” in a different medium to “Rajira” and I still think that it’s fun to express things with your voice.

Yaotome We use our voices when we sing too.

Inoo That’s right, that’s exactly right!

Yaotome Because our job revolves around our voices. There are a lot of times we have to express things with our voices.

Inoo Since we can’t be seen when we’re on the radio, for us and for the listeners it has a different kind of fun to it than in a video.

Yaotome For sure.

Inoo Lately, we’ve been able to take on all kinds of different jobs thanks to “Rajira”.

Yaotome The collaboration we did with “N Supe” was a really valuable experience.  It’s a show that we would rarely be able to appear on.

Inoo Having an actual collaboration between a radio and TV program is a fresh and challenging project.

Yaotome It is.

Inoo They built a radio booth for us in the “N Supe” studio, and the people who appeared on the TV came as guests. After “Rajira”, there was also a TV and radio broadcast of the footage of the radio, and it was still on the radio but, it was a new way of media transmission, and it was fun to look at it objectively. Being able to see the different ways that programs can be produced close at hand was valuable and interesting.

Yaotome As for the theme of war as well, since it wasn’t something that we were a part of, I think we were given a really great opportunity.

Inoo We went out on all kinds of different location shoots, and we were able to hear lots of valuable stories about what it was like at the time.

Yaotome In the show, when we threw it to the listeners to “Please try asking the people around you who were there, like your great grandfathers, and great grandmothers, about their experience”, we got responses saying “I’m listening to the radio with my grandpa”, and from this I felt like there were lots of people listening to us.

Inoo I’m glad that such a broad range of people listen to us.

Yaotome With our own power, having the opportunity to deliver our message like this is something I am really thankful for. Even when there’s an earthquake, there are lots of things to think, but if we are able to give people a little courage with our voices, I want to deliver this to them too.

Inoo Since it’s a live broadcast there are some things that are hard to comment on, and I think that we can’t only say nice things, and I worry about this too. But, so that I can have the courage to say something, even if it makes me sick at the time, so that the listeners can hear it, the significance of us being there, I strongly feel that this is what I cherish about the live broadcast.

Yaotome We’re grateful that “Rajira” exists.

Inoo We are. Also, I feel like “Rajira” has spread and broadened our work. For me, speaking personally, I think it also connected me to my work on “u & i”. Is there something for you too Hikaru?

Yaotome For me, I was able to appear on “Scolded by Chiko-chan” that admire so much.

Inoo In these ways, the dreams that we talked about on “Rajira” have become a reality.

Yaotome Since we had such a fierce approach (Lol). The recording was really fun, but I was so nervous.

Inoo Did you get properly scolded by Chiko-chan? (Lol)

Yaotome Of course♪

Inoo That’s amazing. To actually be able to appear on a show that you love so much.

Yaotome Thank-you so much. I’ll lend you my voice from now on too.

Inoo That’s important.

Yaotome We’ll never change, but from now on we’ll keep thinking of things together with the staff, with Ino-chan and me and the listeners, I think that we can make it together.

Inoo The 9pm slot, and the 10pm slot are new this year, we are the only things that have stayed the same since the show first started. Should we invite someone else to the 8pm slot?

Yaotome (Lol). For me “Rajira” is when I summarise my week. I think it would be nice if we could keep doing it without changing our stance.

Inoo I want to cherish the time we have talking with our listeners from now on.

Questions to Ino-chan and Hikaru-kun


Q. Do the JUMP members complain about being invited to “Rajira”?


Kei When we have a concert on Saturday we often invite them, but when we’re in rehearsals or eating in our spare time we start by bringing it up causally like “Rajira’s on today”. Chinen and Takaki especially respond, so we ask them “You want to come? You’re totally coming right~?” (Lol).

Hikaru Takaki appears a lot (Lol).

Kei Because he’s pushing to become a regular (Lol). When we want to express the passion of the concert it’s of course better to do it together with the members, and it’s fun.

Hikaru It changes the atmosphere and gets us all worked up.


Q. You have an amazing sense for making up your own words like “Konbanwaffoi” and “MONOZUKI”. I’m sure that you will make-up lots more beloved phrases from now on too. (Midocchi-san)

Hikaru Everyone is happy that we made up “Konbanwaffoi” for you. The guests say the same.

Kei We’re happy but on the other hand, since we’ve ended up making up a bunch of words like this, I think it will be difficult for new listeners to understand. But of course when everyone understands these words you feel like part of the team, like we’re a family and that is a great feeling. I’m going to keep this balance in mind.


Q. Looking back on when the show first started, is there something that you think has grown about yourselves? (Blue Ink-san, Miyuhika-san, Ponponpopopo-san, Ayutanmi-san, and many others)

Kei Our sense of measurement I guess. In the beginning, things like keeping up with the time, or wrapping up well, were quite nerve wracking, but I feel like we have been able to polish these skills over the last four years.

Hikaru In regards to time, I often leave this up to Ino-chan, but I have started to more-or-less keep an eye on the clock too (Lol). I think I have a better ability to cope with it than before.


Q. Decorating the studio and bringing you cakes, you can feel the love the staff have for you. What’s something that has left a lasting impression on the two of you? (September Snow-san and others)

Hikaru They give us a birthday cake every year, but I was moved when they got me a bass shaped cake and a stylish cake that looked like a calendar. I was surprised by those designs.

Kei The decorations that have left an impression were the cherry blossom viewing ones! They put a picnic rug down in the studio and organised tea and snacks for us. We’re on the radio so of course the listeners couldn’t see, but doing it was fun so I’m happy.

Hikaru Even though we’re on the radio, they’re always organising all kinds of different schemes to raise our spirits, and we can feel the warmth of the staff.


Q. What has been the most difficult thing to seduce so far? (Rena-san, Aochan-san and others)

Hikaru The chameleon. (Immediate reply)

Kei The chameleon was quite a while ago~ (Lol).

Hikaru Ah, the sand from the Junior League baseball finals!

Kei That was a different corner.

Hikaru I see… Ah, the butterfly net!

Kei The butterfly net was hard for me too.

Hikaru We’re actually used to when they throw us a curveball of a topic, it’s when they bring us simple things that we get worried.


Q. If you were a listener which corner would you like to send a letter to? (Mameko-san and others)

Kei I wonder~. Is any corner ok?

Hikaru I love music, so I’d probably send something like “Please play this song”. To tell the truth, for many years now I’ve been sending requests from my phone to the radio shows that I like. When I was little I couldn’t buy many CDs, so I’d request it on the radio, and if the song played I’d frantically record it on a tape cassette. Like “I did it! I got it!” So I can understand the viewers feelings well. They’ll be happy when they read this too.

Kei It’s hard to choose a corner. Maybe, if I sent a letter I’d write in about something normal and every day.


Q. Have there been any radio names that have left an impression on you? (October Maiden-san, Look Over Here-san and others)

Kei Radio names really bring out people’s personalities. There are ones that catch my eye, and ones that make me laugh unintentionally.

Hikaru There are!

Kei Sometimes there are tongue twister radio names, but I can’t help thinking that they’re mean.

Hikaru (bursts out laughing)

Kei There are ones that have “I love ○○-kun” in them, I’m like “Write that in your message~” (Lol). The ones that leave an impression are the older people who have radio names like “Yellow ○○” or “Blue ○○”.


Q. If you could produce a whole “Rajira” show what you would like to try doing? (Dream Worker-san)

Kei I’d make the whole hour a worry consultation. I’m turning 30 next year, I’ve done all kinds of jobs in that time, so I want to look down on the young people and smirk as we talk (Lol).

Hikaru I like this one, but when it’s Valentine’s day, I’d do a project on “How should I confess” and a message delivery assistant project. It would be bitter sweet and cute, we have that “big brother” impression on people (Lol).


Q. What’s your favourite corner? (Go Aocha-n-san, Job Hunting LJK-san and others)

Kei I like the present corner.

Hikaru It’s funny.

Kei In the beginning, we’d do it after looking in the box, but so that we could overcome that hurdle, the box is open from the beginning now.

Hikaru It’s hard, but it’s fun.

Kei JK (=Highschool Girl) Words is funny too. They seem to use all kinds of words like “zeki” (=zettai kishoutenketsu When something is sure to develop). But is that a dirty joke?

Hikaru (Lol). Girls are good at playing with words. I think they must come up with them a lot.

Kei Also, the fireworks corner was fun. We got all kinds of phone calls from people out watching fireworks.

Hikaru Ah~! That was fun!

Kei I was surprised like “Are there really that many fireworks shows going on at the same time all over Japan!?”, this kind of discovery corner is fun.

Between Us and Yaotome Hikaru

What is Inoo-san to you? God!

Say one thing to Inoo-san I’ll treat you next time we go out to eat


Between Us and Inoo Kei

What is Yaotome-san to you? Someone I talk to once a week

Say one thing to Yaotome You talk a lot

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