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Chinen Yuri x Takaki Yuya


What kind of girl do you unconsciously get a crush on?

Takaki Chinen would get a crush on… what kind of girl?

Chinen Of course, the kind of girl that when you glance at them you think “She’s got a nice body!” (Lol)

Takaki Ha ha ha, right!

Chinen Man, but being serious, I guess I don’t meet many people who I get a “crush” on.

Takaki Right, so because we don’t meet them the “I want to meet them!” feeling grows stronger.

Chinen If I met someone every day, then it feels like that fresh sensation would disappear.

Takaki For sure. If you met someone every day and they became like a girlfriend, you wouldn’t have a crush on them anymore (Lol).

Chinen Huh~. Doesn’t it normally go something like “I have a crush on you, so be my girlfriend”?

Takaki No. Girlfriends are different, you get a crush on girls that you think are cute and stuff!

Chinen That’s called having an cheating!

Takaki It’s not cheating. You think they’re cute in a pure way.

Chinen Won’t that make your girlfriend mad?

Takaki I wouldn’t have someone who would get angry about something like that as my girlfriend!

Chinen Just what you’d expect of Yuya (Lol)!

Takaki Even though they have a boyfriend, there are girls that have crushes on male idols, aren’t there? It’s the same thing.

What catches your attention?

Chinen The part that catches my attention when I first meet someone, I guess it’s their face?

Takaki There isn’t really anyone who looks at anywhere but someone’s face first (Lol).

Chinen So after I’ve looked at her face first, the place that I personally choose.

Takaki Yep. For me it’s the lips. No matter what their shape, I remember how nice their lips are when I think about meeting the person.

Chinen Of course! It’s on their face for me as well then, their mouth.

Takaki What kind of mouth do you like?

Chinen I’m not good at explaining, but cute mouths.

Takaki I see (Lol). After their face I guess I look for the overall balance of their body next.

Chinen Skinny necks make me think “She’s girly”.

Takaki I know what you mean! They feel so different to guys necks.

When do you unconsciously feel like you want to kiss a girl?

Chinen Is there a moment that you unconsciously want to kiss a girl Yuya?

Takaki When we’re having fun together (Lol)!

Chinen What (Lol).

Takaki Also when we’ve had a fun time together, but I won’t see her again.

Chinen When you think that you won’t be able to see her again, it gets you fired up.

Takaki That’s right. I want to commemorate that once in a lifetime meeting (Lol).

Chinen Just like something out of a drama.

Takaki On the other hand it feels like if Chinen was playing a role in a drama he’d be like “I’m a late bloomer but I can do these things too”, right?

Chinen U—m, if I had a script even in my private life…

Takaki That kind of situation (Lol).

Chinen Also genuinely, when I meet eyes with a girl that I think is wonderful, I want to kiss her!

Takaki Ooh~! That really is like the story line out of a drama (Lol).

Chinen But like, if the girl doesn’t feel the same way I guess I wouldn’t be able to do it very well.

Takaki Yeah. On the other hand if I were suddenly kissed by a girl, I’d be like “thank-you” and it would make me really happy, but if I didn’t like her I’d be like “sorry” (Lol).


Yabu Kota x Yaotome Hikaru


What kind of girl do you unconsciously get a crush on?

Yabu The kind of girl that Hikaru gets a crush on is girls that share his hobbies I guess? You love drawing and cooking, so going out somewhere drawing together, or staying home and cooking, it seems like you’d be attracted to a girl that you could have fun doing things together with.

Yaotome Mmm hmm, I see. That’s a good deduction.

Yabu By spending time with his girlfriend Hikaru would also increase the things that he’s able to do and he would be able to link those skills to his work. I think that kind of relationship would be ideal.

Yaotome Of course if there was a girl like this I think I would end up falling in love with her. As for Yabu— Someone with a baby face and anime voice…

Yabu Oh, but real (Lol).

Yaotome A tsundere, the type that would say things like “I’m gonna kiss you so squat down!”

Yabu Ha ha! Do I seem like the kind of guy that likes cunning girls (Lol)?

Yaotome Yep. And sometimes she’d come home with blood coming out of her head from where she’s been battling monsters (Lol). That kind of unique type, right?

Yabu The type that’s come from a different, parallel world~. But of course I’d like that kind of girl. I think I’d start to get curious about things like “Huh, what? What’s that?”.

Yaotome Right, of course.

Yabu I like cunning ones too. Coz when they’re cunning, it’s because they want their partner to think about them, right. Everyone hate’s this kind of behaviour, but if it was just for me I think it would make me happy.

Yaotome U—m, long ago I’d also be interested in cute looks and fall for these, but now that I’m older I can’t help thinking “What are you up too…?” “You can’t trick me!”

Yabu Huh, I’m the opposite, I want them to actively trick me (Lol).

What catches your attention?

Yabu The point that catches my attention is even when she has colour in her hair it’s still glossy, it gives a good impression. Because when I see a girl with pretty hair I think “She must be the kind of girl that works hard in all kinds of different ways”.

Yaotome For me it’s hands I guess. Girls’ hands are different to boys’ hands. I like hands that look soft and have a round feeling to them.

Yabu Like crab buns (Lol)?

Yaotome Also, I can’t help noticing their nails. You can get a kind of seasonal sense from them. I don’t have a particular preference, but it’s fun when I can tell “This colour must be in fashion this season”.

When do you unconsciously feel like you want to kiss a girl?

Yaotome I can’t stand it when they have lip gloss on their lips. When she’s only just put it on I’ll kiss her and steal it all ♡

Yabu Oh, that’s a very idol-like thing to say (Lol)!

Yaotome Then it will start a sweet conversation like “Ah~, I only just put it all on though!” (Lol).

Yabu (Lol). The thing that makes me want to kiss them is, for example, when you say “Just wait a second” to the type of girl that wants to follow you anywhere.

Yaotome That was a manly and cool thing to say too!


Yamada Ryosuke x Arioka Daiki


What kind of girl do you unconsciously get a crush on?

Arioka Yamada seems to like girly-girls. And their clothes too!

Yamada Yep, that’s right but… Up until now I’ve been the type that thinks 100 out of 100 girls are “cute”. But I’ve changed!

Arioka Huh, really!

Yamada I suddenly thought “That’s not what’s important to me”.

Arioka But you put a lot of importance on their voice.

Yamada Oh, having a cute voice is important (Lol). No matter how handsome the man it’s weird for him to have that same high pitched voice, so it makes me curious.

Arioka I see~!

Yamada Dai-chan doesn’t seem like the type that would fall for outward appearances. It feels like you put a lot of importance on personality.

Arioka Yep, what’s inside is seriously important. Even if she was the cutest, most beautiful woman in the world, she’d be no good if she had a bad personality!

Yamada Ah, if I met the most beautiful woman in the world I’d be totally fine with it. Coz she’s the most beautiful in the world!

Arioka Then what about the second most?

Yamada I’d pass on the second most (Lol). But I’d fix her personality (Lol).

What catches your attention?

Yamada The thing that catches my attention the first time I meet someone is the way they talk.

Arioka Oh~, same for me!

Yamada It’s obvious, but it’s stuff like whether she can use polite speech properly or not. For me it’s got nothing to do with whether she’s older or younger because the first thing I notice is polite speech.

Arioka I know what you mean! It’s about the way they go about meeting someone for the first time. It’s something you see regardless of if they’re a man or a woman.

Yamada There are people who can’t help it coz it’s part of their character, but it’s seriously no good to be rude right from the start. I think it’s how you want to be perceived as a person.

Arioka Because we have grown up in hierarchical, sports minded society.

Yamada Right. And of course the first time I meet someone I look at their face.

Arioka Like their eyes and stuff. The first time I meet someone I look them in the eyes when I’m talking.

Yamada I’m shy around new people so I couldn’t do that! When I look cute girls in the eyes I can’t talk at all (Lol).

Arioka Then do you look at their clothes?

Yamada Uh huh. At the moment I’m into white knitted sweaters.

Arioka I like those~(Lol)!

Yamada I love them! In my opinion white knitted sweaters are the strongest. If you put on a white knitted sweater there is a 70% chance that I will fall in love with you! The other 30% is personality.

Arioka I notice their clothes too though.

Yamada Dai-chan likes street clothes himself, so it seems like you’d like girls with a casual aesthetic.

Arioka That’s right. I like knitted sweaters too though (Lol).

When do you unconsciously feel like you want to kiss a girl?

Arioka There isn’t any particular setting that definitely makes me want to kiss them. Round about the moment we say goodbye?

Yamada I know what you mean. It would be nice to kiss when you’re saying things like “Have a great day” or “I’m home”. This is Arioka’s timing (Lol).

Arioka When I’m on a first date I spend the whole time thinking that I want to kiss her, but it never seems to end up that way in the end (Lol).

Yamada Right. Because it depends on the atmosphere between the two of you.

Arioka That’s it, so I’d be happy if she kissed me, but what about Yamada?

Yamada Huh~ Yamada’s got nothing. When they’re being cheeky (Lol). All I’ve got is when you’re saying you’re final goodbye it’s nice to have a deep kiss.

Arioka That’s heart breaking (Lol).


Yuto Nakajima x Inoo Kei


What kind of girl do you unconsciously get a crush on?

Inoo I feel the charms of the animal known as the girl. They are different to the obviousness of men, so it intrigues me. Because I’m charmed by that which I do not have even though I am human too.

Nakajima Speaking seriously though, what you’re saying is that you love girls (Lol).

Inoo Yuto would suit someone stylish. Then if your partner was tall as well you’d look really cool standing side by side.

Nakajima But, when girls wear heels they get much taller~. I’d be kind of worried if she was drawing close to my level (bitter laugh).

Inoo Right.

Nakajima Because I think that “Girls should be protected by boys”. But a cool, stylish girl would be nice. It seems fun to go shopping together too. What I mean is, not just for fashion, it would be nice to take my partner shopping for things related to our hobbies.

Inoo That kind of date would be fun.

Nakajima Also, I think that people who have an open mind and are able to think about things positively are wonderful. I’m a negative person so it seems like that kind of person would be able to change my feelings.

Inoo If I had to choose I’d say I’m a negative person too, so I understand what you mean.

What catches your attention?

Inoo If it’s the first time I’m meeting them then of course I look at their face.

Nakajima Of course when you’re talking to someone you should look at their face, and I notice the finishing touches to their make-up. The charm of a natural look is in the reserved make-up, I think that even I can understand it.

Inoo In the end, what’s on the inside it visible on our faces. People with nice personalities have nice expressions… In saying that, I’m not a mind reader so I would be fooled right away (bitter laugh).

Nakajima Have you experienced this before (Lol)!? Didn’t you learn your lesson!

Inoo It’s boring if I do my best to take the proper precautions. I like feelings to be honest (Lol).

When do you unconsciously feel like you want to kiss a girl?

Nakajima When Chinen is sleeping I want to kiss him (Lol).

Inoo He’s so cute (Lol).

Nakajima I think it would be the same when I look at the face of a girl I quite like while she’s asleep. It would be nice if it made me want to mess with her while her defences are down. I kiss my dog straight away when I see him sleeping too. When I do he makes this confused face like “What?” though (Lol).

Inoo On the other hand it’s great when they’ve got their guard up and are on the attack too.

Nakajima When you put your face close to hers and she makes a “Ah, he’s here!?” face it makes my heart race. I can understand that.

Inoo So for me I like waking up more than being asleep.

Nakajima I see~. You have a nice kiss when you first wake up, but then next second she’s like “I’m getting up” and suddenly throws off the covers, what about that kind of tsundere feeling?

Inoo It’s cute when they’re like “Stop it!” and getting angry too (Lol).

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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