7 Day Clothing Mix-up


Hey! Say! JUMP Calendar 2020-2021 Special Magazine

English Translation ↓

“Lending and Borrowing” Clothing Mix-up 7 days

These three who even go shopping together in their private lives have done a special shoot with three different fashion trends. They attempted to mix and match outfits to suit different imaginary situations ♪


Day 1 [Check their styles!]

Simple & Cool Ryosuke

I’m the type that keeps it simple and likes to look smart and well dressed in monotones. I get a lot more hung up on clothes than others. When I find something I like I buy two of them!

Ryosuke’s Base Items  

A Jacket

B Shirt

C Skinny jeans

When you put together a whole black outfit you look well dressed, and with the leather and faded fabrics, the depth that a variation of fabrics brings to the outfit is a key point.


French Chic Yuri

I’m in clean, casual mode. The French chic striped shirt and non-washed jeans really suit me.

Yuri’s Base Items

D Jacket

E Striped T-shirt

F Jeans

The fresh striped shirt paired with the dark coloured jeans, make a good impression on everyone. And the zip up jacket looks sharp.


Street Mix Daiki

I like clothes that have a little element of fun. My best style is oversized clothes in a street mix.

Daiki’s Base Items

G Jacket

H Hooded parka

I Jeans

I love parkas, and pairing them with a big jacket is my favourite combination. Bringing it together with some jeans in this casual style is my recent go to.


Day 2 [A relaxing time!]

Ryosuke H + F

Playing games at home to my heart’s content on my first day off in ages. Dai-chan’s parka is so comfy~♪. I’m gonna be relying on deliveries when I get hungry.

Ryosuke’s Voice

I don’t generally pay much attention to fashion trends for clothes, I choose things that I want to wear or that I like the look of. Even when I see something that I think looks cute and I buy it, I have nothing to go with it… That’s how it is. If I don’t wear something for about 2-3 months, I ask my friends “Have you got one of these?” and give them away. Because having someone else wear them for you is better than getting rid of them.


Day 3 [Enjoy live concert]

Yuri A + E + I

Since going to a concert takes a lot of effort, I copied Dai-chan, and I’ve gone with a slightly harder image. Does Ryosuke’s leather jacket suit me?

Daiki G + C

Lately, Chinen has been copying my music hobby and we went to a foreign artist’s concert together. Since it get’s hot inside you get used to wearing light clothes!


Day 4 [For the first session!]

Ryosuke D + E + F

Meeting everyone working on a new drama. Because there will be people there that I’ll be meeting for the first time, I want to look neat. Maybe I should use Chi’s items?


Day 5 [Updating the blog]

Daiki B + C

I’m going to have to update my blog soon! But I haven’t bought any new clothes lately… I’ll ask Yamada if he’ll lend me some of his clothes.

Daiki’s Voice

I give quite a lot of my clothes to Chinen. So, when Chinen wears them we have this routine where I’m like “Oh, you’re wearing such cute pants!” and he’s like “I know~!” and we mess around (Lol). When Yamada is sorting out his closet he says “This is very Dai-chan-like” and gives me clothes.


Day 6 [It’s a cold day]

Yuri G + H + I

I came to play with Dai-chan, but it’s so cold on the way home. Dai-chan’s asleep, is it ok to go home like this… Oh… Oh my God. “Oi, Chinen!!” He found me!

Yuri’s Voice

Has my fashion been influenced by Dai-chan recently? … Does it seem that way? We’ve been together a lot more lately, and since I know what brands he likes, I think “If I buy lots of these clothes maybe I’ll be popular?” and buy lots. Maybe that’s why my fashion has started to resemble his.


Day 7 [On a holiday]

Daiki H + I

Yamada suddenly invited me out on my day off like “I want to make you something delicious”. Since I’m heading out in a rush, I’ll go with my regular parka style.

Ryosuke B + C

Every now and then I put my skills to use and make something delicious for the two of them. But I leave the shopping up to them. Don’t waste any money, ok?

Yuri E + F

After eating Ryosuke’s delicious food, we go bowling. Even though we know it’s just for fun, we all end up getting really fired up. I’m definitely going to win!



Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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