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Hey! Say! JUMP Calendar 2020-2021 Special Magazine

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Glasses and Words

Yabu Kota


As the most intellectual of the group, lyricist, and group MC… Yabu Kota stands against the world as he puts his sharp opinions into “words”. This time’s fashion item is “glasses” and paired with the theme of “The World of Words” we took the shoot with a view into the world of academia!


Beautiful words that flow with the melody

The thing that I keep in mind when I write lyrics is “words that suit the melody”. I’ve been given a lot of melodies to put lyrics to, so I want to be able to use beautiful words that “are pleasant on the ears”. In the same way, because many words have the same meaning, I pull out a dictionary, and search for words that are worthy of the music. For this reason, I deliberately try and focus on using mainly Japanese.

A lot of the music I like has this same kind of aesthetic, but there is often a lot of care put into the lyrics. I love songs with a strong message, so because I am also in a position to produce these things, I think that I want to give the people who listen to it words that hold meaning for them.

Of course, I’m able to put even more emotion into the songs that I have written lyrics for myself. As I’m writing I’m considering things like “Ah, it would be beautiful if this member sang this part”.


Favourite glasses

I’ve worn glasses for fashion before, but I don’t usually wear them. But, for example if my eyes are a bit puffy, I might wear them to disguise the fact (Lol). I wear a pair with a simple black frame, but I like the amber, tortoiseshell style frames as well. I guess most of my sunglasses are tortoiseshell. Because it gives an impression of softness. I usually have about two pairs in my car.


Book Talk

I usually read one book every 2-3 weeks. For novels I like Kazushige Abe-san and Isaka Kotaro-san. I’ve just read Mijima Yukio-san’s “Kinkakuji” (t/n: The Golden Pavilion Temple) for the first time. Pure literature is amazing as you’d expect. I read a lot of essays too. Reading has become something that stirs up my curiosity for genres I don’t know about, and I think it’s great.

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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