Hey! Say! JUMP Calendar 2020-2021 Special Magazine

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Takaki Yuya


Takaki Yuya loves the sea so much he says “When I’m in the car I naturally head towards the sea”. This time, we asked Takaki-san to talk about the sea that he loves so much.


To me, the sea is the place where I can relax and refresh.

Since I’ve felt close to the sea for as long as I can remember, I still don’t think there’s a certain reason why I love it so much. When I’m in the car I unconsciously head towards it, that’s how I express the feeling. In Summer I enjoy the Summer sea, but the sea is beautiful in Winter too. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, I always want to see it.

After I’ve finished a big job like a play, when I’m completely exhausted I go to the sea as well. I can able to relax, but I guess it’s become the place where I can also reset myself. Long ago I used to get in the water a lot, but since I’ve become an adult I’ve been doing it less and less.

Now-a-days I like to drive to the seaside and stop and gaze out at the people who have come to the beach. Because there are people who are excited and having lots of fun, I’m also able to take in their happy energy.



Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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