Hika Paper 29/04/2020




Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 It will give you stamina.


Question Do-jo-!

It’s long so take your time to read it (◕य◕)

What did you have for dinner last night?

I made and ate a fish centred meal.


Hello Yaotome-kun!! I’m a high school student and I took my homework out but it’s a pain in the ass and I haven’t started working on it even once. Is there a way to motivate myself?? I want Yaotome-san to cheer me on in a message!!

If you do it something good will happen! Do it and don’t waste your effort! I’m cheering for you!


I have a question for Hikaru-kun! What is your best dish Hikaru-kun? I’m really curious!!

Um-, I’ve been cooking a lot of hot pots lately, but I like making mabo tofu and other spicy things!


I’m spending a lot of time at home and I don’t know what I should do. How have you been spending your time at home Hikaru-kun??

In the evenings I’ve been having remote calls with someone-or-other,

During the day I’ve been doing some light workouts, and watching my way through movies, dramas and animes! Lol

And I’ve been taking my time cleaning and stuff!


I’m turning twenty this year! I think that there are a lot of things I want to try when I’m an adult, like drinking alcohol. What was the first thing you did when you became an adult Hikaru-kun?

When I turned twenty the first thing that I did while thinking “This is the first!” was drinking a beer-! I used to make mistakes too,

now I can hold my alcohol well!


Are you calling and messaging the JUMP members while you’re spending time at home??

I haven’t been contacting them at all-!

I’ve been messaging Yabu, and he suddenly video-called me the other day and we talked! Lol


Dai-chan started doing his BEDHAIRShare, but aren’t you going to jump on this opportunity too Hikaru-kun?? I’d be happy if it could become popular within JUMP too Lol

No-, coz I don’t get BEDHAIR-!

Personally I want to see Dai-chan’s LEGHAIR too!


Hello Hikaru-kun. Thank-you for setting up an online exchange for us. I want you to tell me how to relax at home!

Put some rock salt in the bathtub, and have a salt bath-! You’ll get all cosy and warm through to the centre of your body like when you get in a hot spring!

And after this use plenty of skin lotion!


Quick! If you had to dye your hair right now what colour would you dye it Hikaru-kun?

It’s here! Lol

My colour question!

Right now~ I can’t got to the hair dressers-.

But I’d have to do something like my current milk tea? kind of blonde colour that I’m really into.


There’s something I want to tell Hikaru-kun! I work at a medical practice and for the last few months we’ve been dealing with all kinds of things every day. Amongst this, I can’t help discovering that my own illnesses and things are piling up, and lately there’s been an increase in the times that I can’t help feeling pains in my heart and body. But, because Hikaru-kun is there for me even in these times I’m able to fill myself with energy and think “Keep moving forward” “Keep smiling”. To me, Hikaru-kun is my “light”. Thank-you for bringing me so much happiness!

No no, even if you give me this kind of thank-you, it’s me who is the grateful one. Of course the medical people who are standing on the frontlines, should be sent off to work with well-wishes from the hearts’ of their family’s too, and you’re doing your best, even though you don’t get any thanks,


It’s wonderful that you’re frantically doing your best for the sake of others,

I’m cheering for you every day.

Because we are simply people who can’t do anything.

Not going out for unnecessary things. Doing things at home.

Maybe we can do something big too.

Because right now, it’s for the sake of others. That’s what I think.

Because we can’t live alone.

So even if it’s only a little, trivial thing, I want to make you smile too, and that’s why I blog every day,

“If I do this then everyone will smile-!  They’ll be able to escape from reality just for a moment and refresh themselves”. It’s stupid but this is all that I can think about!

When this current situation is over, JUMP will be right there, wanting to see everyone.


I play instruments the same as Hikaru-kun! I play the oboe, but I’ve decided that I’m going to do my best during this time of self-isolation!! Have you been playing bass in your break Hikaru-kun?? Also, who have you been having remote meet-ups with??

The oboe is great-!

The other day I had a remote meet up with Maru-chan and we played bass!

Matsuda Genta too, he doesn’t play bass but I taught him about instruments!

Instruments are really, playing them makes me feel like I’m flying through the sky-!


I saw Yamada-kun making hotcakes and now I want to eat hotcakes! Will you make some hotcakes Hikaru-kun?

I saw it and now… I’m going to make hotcakes too–! Lol

I love them simple with just a bit of butter!


What condition has your hair been in lately?

Um- I haven’t dyed it for a while, but it hasn’t turned into a pudding again yet, it’s in good condition!


Where are you writing this now?

In the work room! Lol

It’s a super duper simple answer!


Is there something you haven’t been able to let go of even now, Hikaru-kun?

My style, in life and in music I’m already 30-years-old, and I will not be swayed. I won’t go with the flow.


I saw your version of cold udon on Hirunandesu, and I think I’ll make it on my day off. If you have a version of something that used yakisoba noodles I’d like you to teach me (* ‘ᴗ’ *) Please be careful of Corona and keep doing your best

My version of yakisoba is to fry it again!

Fry it in sesame oil and char it a little, and it’s crunchy when you eat it! It’s nummy-!


I like you!! Won’t you accept my confession!!!

How embarrassing! I like you too!


Nice to meet you!! How long have you been good at drawing Yaotome-kun?

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved drawing anything on white paper! If I draw it, then I know that it feels like I’m making my own world and it’s fun!


I love Daiki-kun and Yuya-kun and Yabu-kun and Hikaru-kun ♡ I’m doing my best to become a Johnny’s too!

You really love BEST! Thank-you!

Oh-! I’ll write the information from when I was less than nine-years-old, but since I was nine-years-old I’ve been dancing, acting, taking voice lessons and training!

Since I loved dancing the most, all I did was take dance lessons! YOU should find something that you love and dedicate yourself to it too! Keep loving us from now on ok!


After Corona is over, please tell me what you want to do, and where you want to go!

I want to plan a concert-!  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


Lately, I’ve been at home all the time and haven’t been able to exercise at all. It would be pretty bad if things stayed this way (Lol) Isn’t there some kind of simple exercise that I can do at home?

Do some light stretches, and then I recommend doing squats! Lift your hips too, since the muscles in the lower half of your body are big I recommend fat burning as well!

It’s appropriate to get sweaty, so put on some music,

and do air kickboxing until the end of the song!

You’ll lose weight doing this!


Starting this Spring I’ll be a high school student! But, since they’re downsizing the entrance ceremony as well I won’t be able to make any friends. Even when the schools reopen, I’m worried about making friends. If it were you Hikaru-kun, how would you make friends?

As you’d expect I’ve never had to make friends under these circumstances, but since I’m a positive idiot,

I wonder if the other kids aren’t all thinking the same thing?

Like “I want to make friends, but at this time…”.

Also, I talk to people who have a similar appearance and vibe to me! It’s a relatively successful way to meet people!

I hope you meet some nice people.


The days of working from home have come. Nothing changes, and I have no sense of what day it is and I’m worried. Is there no way to enjoy losing track of what day it is?

For a sense of what day it is you should watch us when we appear on Hirunandesu every week and you’ll be like, “Oh! It’s Tuesday!”.

Make sure to watch the other members’ TV shows and listen to the radio too!


Is there a Junior kid that you’ve been curious about lately Hikaru-kun?? Please tell us your impression of Naniwa Danshi who have co-starred with you in Moshimo Juku before!!

Naniwa-kun are really witty!

And they’re cute! I can’t help kissing the members, so with Naniwa-kun, I really want to kiss their cheeks!

Onishi-kun has a manliness to him but his cuteness is strongest when he’s playing bass!


Hello Hikaru-kun! My birthday is on the May 1st, and last year I turned twenty-four at the same time that it became Reiwa. I laughed a lot, I was overflowing with love for my friends and Hikaru-kun, and I cried too, I had an emotional year! What kind of year have you had since we changed to the Reiwa Era?

Oh-! Congratualtions! You’re twenty-five! I hope your life gets happier and happier-!

Since it became Reiwa, I wonder.

I feel like I want something to happen–!

It’s pretty broad, but I want to do something big!


Hello! You said that you’ve been talking to all kinds of different people Hikaru-kun, but who have you called during your time off? Just the people you can remember is fine!!

Um-? The drummer Pierre Nakano-san, Yoshida Ichiro-san, Maru-chan, Sawano Hiroyuki-san, Miyata from KissMai, Tsuka-chan, Sakuma, Matusda Genta, Yabu Kota, Ryuchell, Kyujitsu Kacho, Matsuo-san from Chocolate Planet, Fujomori-san from Oriental Radio? I’m sorry anyone that I forgot!


You’ve also been spending time at home Hikaru-kun, and I think it must be lonely not being able to see the JUMP members. So, please tell us one by one, your feelings of gratitude towards the members that you wouldn’t normally say! 3. 2. 1. Ok!

I can’t see them-!

When I see them again I want to barrage them with a bunch of new gags, so please support me at this time‼️


Did you watch Yamada-kun making hotcakes on YouTube!?!?

I watched it-! It had that Yamada feel to it from beginning to end! Lol


What kind of role would you like to try from now on?

I’d like to play the master of the bar that the protagonist regularly goes to, or I’d like to try a role as a teacher too!


I’ve been having fun watching JUMP concert DVD’s in my time at home! Have you been re-watching JUMP concert DVDs too Hikaru-kun?

I check the new concert DVDs when they’re ready-!

Maybe you could say they are demo quality?

I watch these, and say things like “I want to show more of the dancing”.


I love Hikaru-kun’s laugh, so please tell me “The thing that made me laugh the most recently”!

Yuto appearing in Nobuta wo Produce!

He’s as tiny as a grain of rice!

I laughed at that!


What is a Hikaru-kun style favourite hair cut? (Since you change it quite a lot…) By the way, I loved the half-up hair style you had for the concert! Don’t lose to Corona and please keep being healthy ✨

Wah-! Here is it! A hair question! Lol

I change it depending on my feeling at the time, since it’s my favourite at that one time it’s hard to rank them-!

But since I’ve only had long hair once, I’d like to try it again!


On Hirunandesu Arioka-kun said that “Hikaru-kun has a fruity smell”! What kind of smell does Arioka-kun have??

I said what Dai-chan’s room smells like on Hirunandesu!

Dai-chan himself smells like, he has this kind of burnt plastic smell to him! Lol


Help me please Hikaru-kun!!! I became a university student in April, but I am extremely shy and haven’t been able to make any friends at all and I’m worried… I’m terrible at making conversation too… If you have any advice on what I should do please tell me!

Making friends is just one wall, but for me, of all the friends I made when I was in school, there is only one that I still call my friend now that I’m twenty-nine!

“I have to make a lot of friends”, I’m sure you’re thinking this for some reason, but I think it’s fine to ask yourself things like “Are friends really necessary?”.


In the middle of Summer I lost my (??) and up until now I’ve been wondering what I should be dedicating myself to… It’s really irritating. What would you do to clear away this irritation if it was you Hikaru-kun?

Man~ I’m like that at the moment too, it’s irritating, but when I think that there are things I can do now just that makes me feel happy. So cherish the things that you can do now.


Please tell me what’s good and what’s difficult about being a south paw.

Being a south paw isn’t an inconvenience at all! Lol

Since scissors and knives and my favourite pens, all of them are made exclusively for the right hand, there are days I have to really think about it,

But now I don’t notice it at all-!


Hikaru-kun, thank-you for always giving us lots of fun on Johnny’s Web with your Puu drawing descriptions and the videos from your friends (Gigantically Tall etc.), thank-you~!! I love it when Hikaru-kun dresses as a girl, I want to see you dress as a girl again!

To do that I’d have to buy a women’s wig with my own money though? Lol

But I do~ love~ dressing like a girl~,


Sorry, that’s an annoying way to write Lol


Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for doing another question board for us!! This is sudden but I have something to discuss with Hikaru-kun. I have hay fever and sneeze a lot, but I’ve been told by the people around me that I sneeze like an old man and I’m worried. What can I do to fix it? Sneeze expert (?) Hikaru-kun, please tell me!! Lol

So, the trick to this is,

When you want to sneeze, look at the darkest place you can see!

When you do this your need to sneeze will stop!

On the other hand when you look at light or bright places, you’ll be like “Achoo!!” Lol


Since we’re in the middle of temporary school closures, to make my mum happy I’ve been coming home before her lately and making one thing off the dinner menu in advance! So, I want Hikaru-kun to teach me one of his latest recipes so I can make it secretly for my mum!

My data tells me that you’re between 10-19 years old, but I’m sure your mother is quite young too, so I think she’d be happy with something Western style, but Japanese people are of course weak to Japanese food.

Put some bonito and konbu in a dashi stock, and the softly boiled food will warm her heart, don’t you think?


The drumming that Hikaru-kun did in “Ikemen desu ne!” was really cool, I love it!! Have you always played the drums?? Do you still play them now??

The first time I practiced the drums was for that drama!

I practiced so, so much that I can still play the basics even now!


What should I have for dinner today~?? What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you!

No way-! I’m so happy-!

Then… curry! ← I am a child


Whenever I look at your Hikapaper it fills me with energy! Is there anything that you want to do with SixTONES?

I want to join Suto-chan on their Youtube!

Since there’s a lot of kids who are aiming to do variety shows!

I’m going to tease the hell out of Hokuto and Kyomo-chan! Lol


If you had to live with one of the members who would you choose? And why!!

I won’t waste time!

Yabu! In a good way, he’s like air.

It’s hard when he’s not there, but when he is there I can live.

That’s all!


Lately there are a lot of people who are leaving messages unread and I wonder if there is something I can do to make them read mine? Even when I’m slow I still reply withing 24-hours but…

I understand!

But back when I had a flip phone, getting a reply two days later was normal, so we’re spoilt these days-!


I thought I’d do a diet, but I couldn’t keep it up at all. How do you keep going with a single thing when you need to Hikaru-kun? Please tell me!!!

I’ll be straight!

I get obsessed with these kinds of things!

If it’s a diet, then there’s all different kinds, but use your head to resolve yourself about food, and use your body for muscle training.

I want to know! I want to know more! It’s all connected to continuing on!


The deadline for the question board, May 1st, is my birthday…! Since we aren’t at school this year I feel like I’m not going to get to celebrate with my friends at all so if you celebrate for me I think I’ll be able to have a wonderful year so I’d be happy if you would please celebrate for me!!

Thank-you for being born!

From now on, please keep loving me and Johnny’s.

Of course, I’ll return the favour!


If you became a regular student just for a day what would you like to do Hikaru-kun?

Is it ok if I say something really stupid?

I’d love to do a long jump! Lol


For work related reasons, I have a lot of chances to work with older people but it makes me nervous and I can’t speak well at all. Even though the people I work with are friendly to me I can’t help being stiff and I think about this frequently… Do you think there’s a way that I can build a good sense of distance with them?

You’re already doing it!

Because you’re nervous, YOU are the one maintaining a proper distance.

Have confidence in yourself!


Thank-you for doing the question board for us!! I watch the drawing videos that Hikaru-kun uploaded every day and Hikaru-kun’s voice and right thumb and illustrations heal me!!! Thank-you!

Thank-you! Make sure to try and draw along with me!


While you’ve been spending time at home, what has been getting you worked up Hikaru-kun??? For me, I have a lot of TV show recordings collected and have a lot left to watch! (Lol)

Since I’m not working either at the moment, I have a lot of free time-…

I want to go back to work soon-


Ah, I’ve realised that everything I do is work!


Hikaru-kun! Please tell me something good that happened lately ^ ^

The coffee I drank on my balcony was delicious!


Hello. I know what Hikaru’s killer technique is! If there are any effects of this killer technique please tell me!

Killer… The first breath…

Steel Mentality!

There is no effect this way or that, I have acquired the technique from rigorous daily training. ← Who has?


Hikaru-kun, you have a skinny macho image, but do you do any muscle training or go to the gym? I want muscles like Hikaru-kun.

I hardly ever go to the gym!

Since I have a sandbag and dumbells and a resistance band at home, I like working on my internal muscles!


How are you Hikaru-kun-! I’m doing well-!

Yes- I’m better than ever-!


The videos from Hikaru-kun’s friends are fun, I love them! Thank-you for always doing fun things for us!

Thank-you! I’ll tell my friends!


Hello Hikaru-kun! Lately, I’m into yuzu chili paste, but I can only think of ways to use it on things like natto and egg rice… If there’s a way that Hikaru-kun would recommend using yuzu chili paste, please tell me!

It’s pretty simple, but fry some chicken thighs, and when you add yuzu chili paste, it brings out that Japanese style flavour!


What colour is the toothbrush that you’re using at the moment? I’m so curious to know that I can’t sleep at night!!!

Whi… no… white!

Also, please get some sleep! Lolol


I’ll be graduating from university next Spring, but then I won’t feel youthful anymore. Did this happen to you when you finished school as well Hikaru-kun??

Um-, I’m special, I didn’t do a lot of youthful things, so even now I’m an adult I have a strong desire to be youthful! So it’s fine not to force yourself to be youthful as well, isn’t it??


Which dialect do you think is cute Hikaru-kun?? I think the Sendai dialect that Hikaru-kun often uses is cute, I love it!

I think that my Miyagi accent is normal, but I kinda like the intonation of Hokkaido dialect!


I’ve heard that Hikaru-kun gets on quite well with the Tokyo Juniors, but are there any of the Kansai Junior’s that you’re cheering for? Please tell me!

Um-, I like all of the kids I met doing Murakami Cram School!


I’m aiming to become a childcare worker but I’m really terrible at drawing. So, Hikaru-kun who is good at drawing, please teach me the trick to being a good drawer!!

Um-, in the furture I think I’ll make some videos about this, but to start with, devote yourself to drawing a beautiful circle, square and triangle!

If you can draw a beautiful circle, you’ll be able to put it to good practical use.


I am a nurse!! In these circumstances, I’m doing my best at work!! I’m definitely going to see JUMP again!!

Thank-you four your service in this time!

I’m full of really grateful feelings.

We’re trying not to get in the way as much as possible, and spending time at home, and cheering for you!

Of course we’ll see each other again!


Starting this Spring I’m going to a vocational school. It’s a new environment, “What if I don’t get on well with the kids I’m with now?”, “What if they think I’m in the way?”, I’m worrying about too many things, and I’m not showing the real me. What do you think I should do?

Hmm-, when YOU compare yourself to the other kids it’s not very mature?

It’s fine to not waste time comparing, and as time passes you’ll naturally come to get along.



I watched Hikaru-kun’s web video, and drew Yabunbun and sent it to my friend! (Lol) Since I thought it would be good to draw the soccer balls properly, I drew them properly, and they found out that I’m a dedicated drawer, but (Lol) my friend was happy!

I understand-!

When you don’t expose your dedication, they’ll be happy! This is everything!

When you put your heart into a drawing it saves people!


What did you dream of being in the future when you were little Hikaru-kun?

I wanted to work at a ramen store-!

Because after my dance lessons I’d go to the same ramen store every day, and the boss was really kind and cool!


Is there anything that you love so much that you love it too much and can’t give it up?



Good morning. Hello. Good evening. I’m always cheering for Hey! Say! JUMP! Thank-you for always giving me energy! This is abrupt, but which is your number one memory with the members? I’d be happy if you answered. I’ll be cheering for you from now on until forever. Please do you best!!


If one did pop out from amongst those too many… I guess it would be the moment they announced out debut.

That was a nervousness that I would only experience once in my life!


I’m in the softball club, but what is Hikaru-kun’s best ball sport?

Table tennis and billiards-!

Only to a hobby level though Lol

My big sister played softball!


When I’m worrying, I remember the saying “Take three steps forward!” and I do my best. The one who created this saying was Hikaru-kun! Please come up with a new saying! 3. 2. 1 Please!

If you can’t take three steps forward, then watch yourself take three steps back.


What time are you going to sleep and waking up during self-isolation??

I have chaotic times too, but generally I usually go to sleep late at night and wake up in the morning!


I love tall guys! (Lol please do the “This kind of guy” series!

Oh! I’ll let a bunch of my friends know!


If you were told to spend a million dollars in one hour, how would you do it?

I’d, I’d put it in my savings…

I don’t know how to use large amounts of money…


What tools do you need to be left handed??

Um-, I can do anything with my right hand so, I just think about it-!

But I don’t think that really has anything to do with it-!


I’ve always been suspicious, but even though you say lots of air-headed things on variety shows, how do you come up with such cool words for your raps and lyrics?

Because Yaotome has many different personalities! Lol


Hello Hikaru-kun, are you enjoying your time at home? I’m reviewing the study that I don’t understand, making crafts, and watching JUMP concert DVDs, it’s just, I planned to get up early every morning but I can’t wake up and I’m worried… if there’s a nice way to wake up , please teach me, please take care of your body

That’s admirable-!

But at the moment you’ve got no time constraints, do you? So, you should be able to spend your time how you like?!


Is Hikaru-kun a sweet tooth? Or do you like spicy food?

I like spicy food! I love peri spice, and I love Korean food, and Thai food, and Indian food!


Do you have a dream for Hey! Say! JUMP? Please tell me one if you don’t mind.

I want to be in a stage show that makes the members cry at the grand finale.


What thing do girls do that makes your heart ache Hikaru-kun? A habit? A word? What is it? I want to make Hikaru-kun’s heart ache too so please tell me!!

You’re already making my heart ache with these feelings-!

For me-! This is enough-!


During self-isolation I’ve been at home watching videos the whole time and a whole day goes by and I’m wasting my life away, please scold me!!!!!

You fool!!

I’m doing the same! ←


In April I started searching for a job, but from now on I’ve got nothing but nerves    ( ‘ ᴗ’ 😉 Please give me a message so I can do my best!

To start with take really good care of your health.

I think your goal will be a ways off yet, make it come true bit by bit!

I’m cheering for you!


Hikaru-kun has this image of being a very kind senior who spoils lots of his juniors, but from amongst all those kids if you had to choose three juniors that you loved the most who would they be?

My cute juniors-!

Number 3! Okada-kun from V6-! He has a perfect face-!


The next junior-!

Number 2

Kame-chan from KAT-TUN!

He’s an innocent kid-! I can’t stand it!


Number 1~…

Taichi-kun from TOKIO!

He has a cute smile-!


(They’re definitely going to get mad at me.)


Do Yaotome-kun and Arioka-kun often have the same bedhair?

Um-, never!


I love plum shiso dressing a lot, but what dressing do you like Hikaru-kun?

I love dressing spinach with sesame seeds! It’s one of my mum’s best dishes, so I want to eat it from time to time!


Hello! I’m a Hey! Say! JUMP loving middle school third year girl! Since was little I’ve loved drawing pictures, but I’m really terrible at drawing eyes and I can’t draw the left and right eyes with proper symmetry, I always end up with one eye bigger than the other. Hikaru-kun is good at drawing, is there anything you keep in mind when you’re drawing eyes?? Please tell me if you can! Let’s both look out for the Corona virus!

When YOU draw eyes for example, you probably draw the left eye, and then you draw the right eye, yeah?

To get symmetry between left and right, draw just the line of the left eye, then just the line of the right eye, then they eyelashes on the left eye, then the eyelashes on the right eye, do it this way, when you alternate between left and right you’ll easily be able to draw it!


I reaaaaaaaally love rap, but I can’t sing it very well. Is there a trick to singing rap?

It’s difficult to put into words, but I think it’s better not to think of rap as singing. I think of it as a percussion instrument, it feels like the beat comes flowing from your mouth!

I’ll have to make a video about this too!


This is my thirteenth year of being in love with Hikaru-kun! Of course Hikaru-kun is the one I love most in the universe, but… I met someone special, and last year I got married, and now we have been blessed with a new life growing inside me! I feel nervous about giving birth in these times and nervous of facing this new life. I feel like I’ll be able to make it through if Hikaru-kun is cheering for me! Once it’s born I definitely want to bring it along to concerts with me ✩ Just one word is fine so please give me some words of support Hikaru-kun!!!

Ah- man. Now that I’m almost thirty, whenever I hear these kinds of things I tear up…


And thank-you for supporting me!

Because you are here I have been able to have fun following the show business path.

I’ll keep working my hardest from now on, so make sure to bring your baby to the concert!


If you could teach a bird a word Hikaru-kun, what word would you teach it? I have a parrot and I think I’ll teach it the word from Hikaru-kun’s answer!

Of course,

I’d get it to say

“Don’t sleep through life-!” Lol

It would be cheeky and cute! Lol

t/n: This is the catch phrase from the Chico-chan TV show that Hika loves


I’m a primary school teacher. Due to the effects of the Corona virus the school continues to be temporarily closed, and I feel lonely not being able to see the kids. From now on, it seems like we might be using video streaming to do lessons. I have no experience and I’m nervous, so I’d like you to tell me if there’s any trick to recording a video.


There are merits to making videos into videos, please don’t worry!

The point of the videos is that the students can record them too,

And being able to do some light hearted review of what they have learnt is a merit!

Face forward and do your best!

I’m cheering for you!


What do you want the fans to call you Hikaru-kun?

It’s fine, just called me what you like-!

I’m happy when you call me Hikaru-kun!


Hello Hikaru-kun. Thank-you for opening the question board for us at this time. This year I’ve started looking for a job. I’m also a vocational school student, but due to the Corona virus I haven’t been able to start school. I’m really anxious. Since the main focus of the school is on practical training, I can’t take classes online, all I can do is keep my enthusiasm bottled up inside and wait. And job hunting is making my anxiety worse. Hikaru-kun, please give me some advice to encourage me. Take care of your health too Hikaru-kun, shut yourself in the house. I’ll be shutting myself in too.

Um, “Shut yourself in” has a kind of negative image to it, but we can’t shut ourselves in when we’re busy, can we?

So I think that from now on we should aim for the things that we can do.

“I can’t do it, so it’s impossible”.

I don’t think this is the right way to think about it.

“If I can’t do it then…!”

When you think this it broadens your view!


Hikaru-kun, have you been watching #AthomeChinen?

I’ve been watching-! Chi is so cute Lol


How can I go on?

“I’ll do it again tomorrow, it’s harsh though”.

It’s hard to go on when things are like this.

Do it again tomorrow. That’s enough.

“It’s harsh, it sucks”, it’s easy for these things to pop into our heads,

I think the main point is not letting these things pop into our heads too much!


I was born and rasied in Fukushima, I’ve heard my grandparents accents, and lately I’ve been told that I speak with an accent too. What do you think of girls with accents Hikaru-kun?

Having an accent is a treasure from your hometown-!

I think it’s living!

It’s cute!

t/n: He answered this in Miyagi dialect


I love Hika-chan’s drawing and I want to see more!

Yep! It would be great if I could release more kids’ drawing videos!


I love you Hikaru-kun! Thank-you always! How many apples represent the love you have for your fans??

So many that they wouldn’t fit on the Earth.


Hikaru-kun has said before that he has diffusers in his house and changes the scents, but please tell us the details!

Right now, I have black ink in the entrance,

Floral in the hallway,

I’ve put a scentless one in the toilet,

And since I eat there the living room one is scentless,

And in the bedroom I burn scents depending on how I’m feeling that day!


Hikaru-kun, have you heard of dalgona coffee? It looks stylish and you can make it easily with only a few ingredients, I recommend it! Hikaru-kun who loves coffee, please make sure to try it ( ⁎ᵕᴗᵕ⁎ )

Ah-! I’ve had it before-!

It’s a bit like a cappuccino?

It’s so stylish I’ll have to drink it at a café!


The picture that Hikaru-kun showed us before was amazing! Do you usually draw a lot with coloured pencils? Do you use other drawing tools? If you could show us another picture I’d be really happy!

I have drawing tools too, but usually coloured pens, and if I have to say it, I’m really hung up about the quality of the paper!

Since it takes me a day to draw a detailed picture, I have a chance to draw at the moment!


Hello! This is sudden, but Hika! I’m free right now! What should I do…?

Free right now? Then do 100 sit ups! Lolol


Since I’m at home all the time lately I’m not getting tired, but everyday, in one night I can often remember having 3-4 dreams. What’s a dream you’ve had lately Hikaru-kun?

Ah-, I’ve been having dreams too-, in a recent one I was taking part in a love variety show, I was surrounded by beautiful girls, but the men were all influential celebrities, I had this kind of chaotic dream! Lol


It turned out kind of long, but thank-you for looking at it (◓ᴗ◓)


Everyone look after your health-!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooom









































































































Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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