Hika Paper 12/05/2020


Yapo-! ʕ•͡  •ʔ 🍎 From Chibi Hika.

Question Do-jo-!

I read some similar questions again this time, so if you’re like “These answers are similar-” ( ̄∇ ̄) っ, read them!

Well then ta da!


Lately I’m really in love with Hikaru-kun’s mouth?

Even when I’m not eating anything, it looks like I’m eating

Thank-you for falling in love with my restless mouth!

Please do your best to fall in love with all of me, not just my mouth!

I say that but my mouth is the only part with this habit Lol


I love Hikaru’s “friend” series ♡ Seeing Double is my favourite. Hide and Seek Lover, Seeing Double, Corner of the Room Lover, Gigantically Tall, please tell me what kanji  they have and their last names and any punctuation that they have in their names.

Oh-! I’m glad that you’ve made one of my friends your favourite!

My friends’ names are generally pretty uncomplicated-!

Hide and Seek Lover.

Seeing Double.

Corner of the Room Lover.

Gigantically Tall.

It’s just by coincidence, but everyone has the same birthday-!

I’ll keep introducing to my friends from now on-!


Is Hikaru-kun the type that likes udon? Or soba? By the way, I’m the type that likes Yaotome ←

The type that likes Yaotome? Shucks (ノε`*)ノLol

Soba I guess-! Seaweed soba is simple but I love it! When I was still at school, I often went to a standing soba restaurant at the train station-! I want to go there again-! Not the station, but I wonder if the standing soba restaurant is still there?

But like, I like it better when I make udon myself-!

I came up with a recipe for Hirunandesu too, a limitless udon recipe!

Coz I realised I can’t get enough udon no matter what kind it is!

In the end I turned into a gourmet!


Is there a part of your own face that is your favourite Hikaru-kun?

My tongue I guess-!

I am grateful to my tongue who delivers the taste of so many delicious things to my heart!


I recently signed up for Jweb and have been reading as many JUMPapers as I can! Hikaru-kun’s kind personality seeps out in the way that he writes and thanks to this I have fallen in love with you! Here is my question. Do you prefer red apples or green apples?

Oh-! Thank-you for finding me!

Blue apps or read apps hey-!

This is my final decision-!!

I take the middle, princess apps!


Do you have a takoyaki maker at your house?

Huh? It’s YOU…

Are you spying on my house? How did you know that?

By the way, I have one that makes giant takoyaki-!

It makes takoyaki the size of your fist-! It’s hilarious-!

By the way, since the hole is so big, you can put chocolate in it, and use it for chocolate fondue too-!


Let’s be straightforward, what’s your fetish?

That is-… Lol

I often get this question in idol magazines,

But it always makes me worried-!

I say that, but since I feel that a girl’s appeal is on the inside, I say this quite strongly, but maybe her smile? I like looking at nails, so maybe a finger fetish?

Should I make this my fetish?


But maybe I like hands! I think everyone has such cute small hands when they’re holding their uchiwas and penlights!


If you had to sum up Johnny’s in just one phrase!?

One family of entertainers in this world.

A family with very special bonds.


Yaotome-kun!! Did you know that aloe vera has a flower!? The aloe vera at my house is blooming~!!

I knew that-! It’s cute!

I love the aloe vera that my mum grows, she grows them in Miyagi and she grew them when she came to Tokyo too!

By the way, when  you cut or burn yourself, cut some aloe vera and spread it on the sore part and it will get better-!


I’ve always thought that listening to Hikaru-kun’s gentle words is wonderfully comforting! Here is my question!!! I’ve been told that I use harsh words. How can I learn to choose kind words like Hikaru-kun? Please tell me!

Are they that kind?

I don’t really focus on talking in a kind way, but it’s probably because I’m bad at expressing things coz I’m a bit stupid,

So I use examples with all my might but the result is that it gives people a gentle impression maybe?

For example,

When someone asks “How are you?”, normally you’d say “I’m good” but, that feels plain.

When I’m asked “How are you?”, I say  “I’m good. I slept really well today! How about YOU?”

I answer with something like that.

The contents of the answer.

Connecting to the next words.

It’s a pain but, if you don’t say this much I don’t think you can express it in Japanese~!

I still have to keep studying Japanese and conversation!

Let’s do our best together!


Hi-karu-kun! Let’s play!!

Ok, lets!

Well, I’m playing hide and seek,

So YOU play jump rope-!

And when we finish playing we’ll go to a café and tell each other how we felt about it-!


Hikaru-kun, good morning, hello, good evening. Hikaru-kun said that lately he was talking with Maruyama-kun and a professional drummer and bassist but I’m curious to know what you talked about! Since I welcome manic conversations I want you to tell me! I’m in a rhythm squad, so I’m curious to know if bassists often talk about heavy, bass sounds!

Good morndaynight-!

Ah-! It was super fun-!

I had fun and got a little drunk, but I remember what we talked about!

An example, I haven’t got a lot of experience of holding and playing vintage basses,

If I had to pick one or the other, I’d say I prefer the more simple, modern basses,

Maruyama-kun likes the vintage ones, so we showed each other the basses we like-.

Also as bassists understand, we talked about the depth of playing a slap-!

Then we showed each other the first bass we ever bought,

We showed each other our favourite basses,

Oh, and we talked about music other than bass,

I don’t know why, but I told them about a song I like, and I was actually playing music from my tablet, and everyone was listening, and we were talking like “Ah- that’s it!”.

I was like it too, but it seems like everyone is simple minded like kids!

I want to have a remote meet up again, and of course I want to have a session too!


When you’re grocery shopping Hikaru-kun, are you the type that carries things in their hands, or are you the type that carries a basket, or are you the type that uses a trolley, which are you??

Ah-! I use a trolley-!

I buy things from the fridge in commercial sizes, so it’s really, really heavy so I use a trolley!

Hang on, am I some kind of weak girl? But, it’s because I’m confident when it comes to food!


Which do you like, black, milk or white? (I’m talking about chocolate).

Black and white-!

Black goes with coffee, white feels kind of high class~!

Guys! I’ll be waiting for choc-chip cookies for Valentine’s Day! Lol True love ones of course!


Hikaru-kun, which is the most attractive, “soft and fluffy”, “soft and squishy” or “smooth and silky”?

Oh-! These are fun choices-!


Soft and fluffy! I love soft, fluffy bath towels and stuff,

I have a fluffy mat in my kitchen too,

There are lots of fluffy things in my house!

Talking about fluffy things makes me want to fall asleep on top of a cloud!


This year I’m in my third year of high school, I’m going to apply for a music university but I’m still nervous about performing in front of people and my head becomes completely blank and I forget the notes. How do you break away from your nerves Hikaru-kun, please tell me!

Hey, hey, YOU! What are you talking about-!

Those nerves are rare, don’t break away from them-!

If you’ve practiced then make those notes that won’t come out, come out!

So make your own honest sound, even when you bring out your own sound then you’ll be nervous in front of other people, that’s just proof of how much YOU love music!

It’s a little self-important, but that’s my advice.

Don’t practice to be good,

Practice so that you can enjoy the performance!


Yaotome-san, please bring life to a new gag!!

He he. Well then… put both of your hands on the lower part of your stomach,

And make a kind of smug face.


That’s it! Arioka Tarzan!


Please try drawing a self-portrait!!

Uhwa~h! I’ve drawn one before~!

I’ve drawn one before in class, but it was so awful I couldn’t believe it! Lol

At the time I didn’t listen to what the teacher was saying and I don’t remember

anything ←

Drawing a self-portrait in a class, is a beginning I guess?

Really I like drawing difficult images and things from my imagination, maybe drawing real things is the issue! Lol


If you could be a girl for a day where would you want to go and what would you want to do??

Of course~ I’d go back in time a little bit~ and go to the movie set~ and have fun~ thinking of how I should act in response~ when Inoo-kun says his lines to me~.

And then~ when I was invited as a guest on Rajira I wonder what Yaotome-san feels like in person,

“I wonder if he really does look like me?” I want to confirm it-.

← She’s gonna get mad at me!

(t/n: He’s pretending to be Yamamoto Mizuki, the actress who starred in Peach Girl with Inoo, who everyone says Hikaru looks like when he dresses as a girl)


I fell in love with Hikaru-kun when I saw him roll up his sleeves.

If rolling up my sleeves is the switch to love, then I’m going to flick all kinds of switches from now on!


Thank-you for your questions again today-!

Gargle and wash your hands properly again today-!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooom




Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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