Question Dojo July 2020 Master Post

This time I’ve stuck all of Hika’s Question Dojo answers in this one post for people to scroll through. Enjoy~ 💛

2020/7/12 Part 1 

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 It doesn’t go well with oden.

You’ve been waiting…

So let’s begin!

Questions Do-jo-!


Q. What kind of bread do you like Hikaru-kun? 

A. Um-! Great question! I quite like bread, so I like all kinds of different types, but from my Top 5, the one I want to eat now is yakisoba bread!!

Q. I’m nervous I’m nervous, please tell me how to release my nervous tension…!

A. You’re nervous!

Is it physical tension? Then,

Tighten every single muscle in each corner of your body, tighten even right down the very ends of your fingertips, tighter, tighter, count to about five seconds then release your energy all at once.

This is a technique my marital arts Senseis have taught me, if I’m nervous before a concert and have five seconds I do it, so give it a try!

If it’s mental, then it’s your natural instincts signalling you to run away from mistakes and give up,

So of course it will give rise to nervousness.

If you think that you’re always going to be nervous, then you build a nervous image,

So now, even though you’re nervous, you can change, because there is no such thing as a person that never makes mistakes.

I think that you feel nervous when you’re focussed on getting something right,

And that doesn’t feel comfortable, right?

Q. Talking about things that make our heart JUMP, I can’t make the contribution that ANN did so please let me tell it here! I’m terrible at sewing and when I saw a celebrity that is good at sewing on TV I started mumbling like “Awesome, I could never do that” and my dad started making fun of me like “What can you do?”. I was feeling irritated, and my pet budgie was near my dad’s nose and it suddenly bit him on the nose as hard as it could! Lol I thought that the budgie was punishing him in my place and that really made my heart JUMP! Lol 

A. You’ll have to teach me how you trained your budgie.

I want a budgie like that to ride around on my shoulder all the time. Lol

Q. Yaotome-kun looks very cute lately!! Why? 

A. Because I changed the way I work out~,

10 push ups, 10 sit ups, 10 squats,

And 600 million smiles  (❍∇❍)✌️

Q. I want you to say “I love you, you fool” in Miyagi dialect!

A. You fool, I’ve decided that I love you.

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I am currently a high school second year taking all of my classes online. Because of this, every day at home is the same during self-isolation, and I feel like it’s leaving a bit of lingering loneliness behind… If there’s a way that I can change my mood I’d love you to tell me m(_ _)m

A. Of course not being able to see your friends, or change your surroundings will make you feel lonely. It’s something to worry about at the moment-!

I’m sure that online classes will be something unique to this time, so when you become an adult, you’ll be like “Things were like that back then” and I’m sure you’ll come to think of it as a life experience!

Also, when you’re online, don’t just sit in your room, try moving different places around your house and maybe it will change your mood?

We’ll both do our best to go with the flow!

Q. The very middle of the year seems to be about the 2nd of July! 2020 has already turned into the final stretch, so fast! Hikaru-kun, have you thought of anything that you want to do in the second half of 2020, is there any way you’d like to spend your time?

A. It’s the 2nd of July! I didn’t know that!

Since I’ll be turning 30 this year, they are even running a special project on Rajira, and I’ll slowly be doing things I haven’t done before up until December!

I’ll start with the things I like, like coffee, or maybe I’ll try some kind of camping since I’ve been obsessed with it for five and a half years!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun. Thank-you for opening the Question Board again! By the way, why do you love oden so much Hikaru-kun? What ingredients do you like, please tell us a Hikaru-kun oden story!

A. Oden is the strongest–!

Just boiling them in stock, I like each and every one of the ingredients, it’s different to sukiyaki or yakiniku, because even when you take your time to eat slowly the ingredients don’t go cold and hard!

The ones I like are Mr Sweet Potato Jelly, Mr Fish Cake and Mr Fish Stick!

Eating these three I like with mustard is a must–!

Also having udon the next day, makes my tummy happy again (。-∀-)

Q. Once social isolation is over I think we are going to start doing a lot of work, but do you feel like it’s going to be awful to start with after such a long time??

A. For about the first two times I had work, I was like “Huh? Has it always been this exhausting?”, but now that my brain has kicked into gear it’s really, really fun!

But I wouldn’t say the current circumstances are great, so I’m only going from home to work, and I’m scared to go outside to eat-!

I honestly think that I want things to go back to normal, to go to cafes and ramen restaurants, and see my friends!

But in times like this we have to stay positive!

Q. I always enjoy your Hikapapers, Hikaru-kun. I would like some love advice from Hikaru-kun. Lately I’ve been getting a feeling that the person I’m interested in is being subtly nice to me, and I show my kindness in my own way, but things aren’t really progressing and I’m starting to get an uneasy feeling about things. It’s fine if things continue to progress slowly, but I’d like to get some advice on how I should stop expecting things will go nowhere.

A. Here it is here it is! Love hey-! Ooooh-! ← Shut up

If you have a lot of chances to talk to them,  your conversation technique, and communication are useful (I can’t do it unconsciously either)

Listen to your partner, sympathise, talk about yourself, and then gradually go back to listening.

You can use this in interviews and things as well,

But when you talk to your partner, giving them sympathy will put them at ease, and by talking about yourself, they’re sure to feel like they can open their heart to this kind of person!

I hope that your love blossoms!

Q. What do you want to do while you’re still in your 20’s Hikaru-kun?? I don’t think Hikaru-kun is the type to be taken in by age stereotypes, but if you are please tell us!

A. There’s about two things, I have already experienced them, but the first one is something really, really fun!

I guess traveling somewhere I have never been before is the recommendation!

And the other is something really, really harsh!

Not just so that I can become strong to harsh experiences, it’s also important to understand the feelings of harsh people!

As we get older, the harsh experiences increase, so we have to leap into these harsh places while we’re still young!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I think that Hikaru-kun’s blonde hair + a centre part is the coolest thing in the World, but what kind of hair style are you into yourself Hikaru-kun, or what do you think looks good? If there’s a hair colour and style that you’ve had before that you like please tell us! (No matter what hair style you have it looks wonderful, but if you could I’d like to see Hikaru-kun with a centre part again please. Lol)

A. Thank-you!

I’ve had all kinds of different hair styles, but the fun ones are obviously,

Gold and silver, pink, blue, when it’s like this!

Also, dying it in unique ways, the fun one is

The one where I had the gold inner colouring!

When I had my hair styled it was easy to bring it alive!

I can’t choose a favourite-! Because I’m still overflowing with hair styles that seem like they would be fun!

I think that I’ll do the centre part in there again somewhere too!

Q. What burg do you like?

A. I like a burg with pineapple on top that comes with a side of curry (◕य◕)

Q. Hikaru-kun, I turned 20! I want to exchange drinks with Hikaru-kun, but since it’s a dream that will never come true, I’d at least like to do a “Cheers” through the Hikapaper!

A. Congratulations! Cheers~!

They often say you should “Drink until you’re smashed the first time!”, but then you won’t remember anything,

I think you should drink the amount that you can. First of all, you can be careful not to wreck your body, and at the same time you can drink to have fun!

Also having lively drinks at home with your parents will make them happy!

Q. What was online work like for you Hikaru-kun? My classes are online and it’s comfortable being at home, but it makes me want to see my friends Lol

A. “Is it ok to have meetings and things online from now on too?” That’s what I think! I didn’t particularly hate it,

Because when everyone is relaxed they come up with ideas,

Working remotely of course made me think “I want to have a fast paced conversation”,

But I guess the great thing about being remote is that you’re always relaxed and can properly see each and everyone’s face when you’re talking! I guess this is something unique to remote calls!

I understand it makes you want to see your friends again too,

But I believe in the saying “If there is hate there is also fun”!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I have made a list of things I want to do when Corona is over and we’re able to go outside freely again and am continuing to self-isolate! You probably hate this question, but what do you want to do when Corono virus is over, Hikaru-kun? (*´-`) By the way I want to go and have a secret drinking party with my friends!!

A. Ha ha ha! I heard a secret just now, but huh, was it an illusion? That’s normal! Lol

When I have a day off I guess I’ll go on a secret one man camp–!

During isolation I’ve been researching equipment and buying new things, so I want to try them out soon!

I want to drive for three hours and listen to the sound of the forest by a camp fire–!

Q. To my beloved Hikaru-kun. I’m a university arts student, but sometimes I lose motivation to draw my pictures… When you need to motivate yourself, Hikaru-kun, is there anything special that you do?

A. With my motivation, when I can’t think of any ideas or my goal doesn’t quite seem clear I lose motivation–.

(t/n: this italicised section was really tricky and probably wrong) 

So, maybe I’ve heard a completely different story,

But when you imagine that you hold yourself down, and work is nothing but the worst! Such a small thing limits the goal! These things train you to have a negative image,

And naturally, from the limit of that image, you notice the possibility of doing that thing in reality,

Accepting this bottom line that you imagine is really great!

Also this is simple, in the morning I say something like “If I do my best today, there’s some yakiniku waiting!”,

“I’m gonna have a delicious drink!” etc., I decide on mini goals for myself!

Not just in the morning, I make them in the evening too before the day is over!

Makes sure to give this a try too!

It would be great if you could draw some wonderful pictures!

Q. Hikaru-kun! Please decide what I should have for dinner tonight!

A. Natto, tofu and a tin of boiled mackerel!

And water for the drink!

I think it’s he… healthy, but eating meals like this from time to time, doubles how delicious other things taste when you eat them!

So, today YOU’ll have silken tofu and water!


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again–!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/15 Part 2 

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 Long and skinny.

Question Do-jo-!!


Q. Hello! No matter what song or sound I set as my alarm I never wake up the first time… Hikau-kun wakes up early, what song? Or what sound? Do you use!?

A. Ah- I see! So-, you’re probably,

One of those people who doesn’t wake up when they hear their alarm,

You don’t properly hear the sound of the alarm!

When I want to make sure I wake up the next day,

The night before I think “This will wake me up! This will wake me up!”

And listen carefully to the sound of the alarm.

Since humans have memory,

A number of hours later, the alarm will ring,

“Ah! This is the wake up sound!!”

You’ll be like that! Good luck waking up early- (◕य◕)

Q. Hika-chan! What colour should I do my nails this month!

A. You change your nails every day?

If you’re changing them every day, then look out the window,

And choose a nail colour based on the feeling it gives you,

That’s a good way to do it!

I don’t do my nails, but I feel the same way about my shoes, I’m like “I want my feet to be like this today!”.

Q. When you think of Summer do you think of barley tea? Or is coffee the default still?

A. Iced coffee is the default!

But during the year I use barley tea and water to keep hydrated.

I sometimes drink tea, and I’m like “Ah- this is delicious!”

Barley tea has lots of minerals so drink it as much as water!

Q. I’m a woman in her 30’s who is close in age to Hikaru-kun! Hello (◜ω◝) I have never had a blood nose once in my entire life! I’m waiting for Hikaru-kun’s reaction! 

A. A friend in their 30’s Yay  (❍∇❍)✌️

Isn’t that great?

When I was about 25-years-old there was a period where I was getting blood noses every day, it was scary! Lol

But for me it feels like the cause was that I wasn’t getting enough sleep!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun. I’m the same age as Hikaru-kun and I’ve taken the first step into my 30’s~. During Inoo-kun’s birthday project on Rajira the other day, Inoo-kun came up with a plan for a Yaotome List. When I heard you talking about it I thought I might copy you. There’s a still a bit of time left before Hikaru-kun’s birthday, but at the moment what do you want to challenge when you’re in your 30’s?

A. Happy 30th Birthday~!

Um-, it seems like life is harder in your 30’s than your 20’s!

They say that your body starts to lose its power in your 40’s, so I’m going to load myself with even more things in my 30’s so that I can become a lively 40-year-old!

Let’s give it a try together!

Q. If I had to compare Yaotome-san to a drink I think he would be a café latte loaded with sugar with beautiful, clear ice in it! What do you think you would be if you had to compare yourself to a drink Yaotome-san?

A. YOU have such an interesting way of thinking!

I love coffee, but if I had to compare myself to a drink,

I guess I’d be matcha~!

Some people can be picky about it, but surprisingly matcha ice-cream is popular amongst young kids,

Man, I’d like to be like that, but I guess a mid-range popular drink would be fine!

I don’t need to be the best!

Q. Please tell us a thing that “is the way it is” with Hey! Say! JUMP!!! P.S. I love Hikaru-kun!

A. Thank-you! I don’t know if I’ve met you before or not, but I feel like we’re going to be good friends!

Something that “is the way it is” in JUMP-,

We’re nonchalant, and start things in secret. Something like that.

For me, I love camping yet I never talk about it, and even the members are like “Huh? You have this kind of hobby?” Lol

Q. This is my second year working for my company, and there are new staff joining as my juniors. Since I wasn’t involved with any club activities when I was at university, I’m perplexed as to how I should act towards and guide my juniors, and what level of relationship is ok. Hikaru-kun who looks out for and is adored by his juniors, is there anything in particular I should look out for when dealing with my juniors? Please give me some advice if you can!

A. To start with, being aware of “seniors” and “juniors” is a minus point!

Don’t stress about anything, you have to communicate with them as people!

I think saying “I’m older so I’m different” or “I started earlier so I’m different” is wrong.

Even though they started later, a lot of them may be even greater people than you, so the main point is to see them as people!

Q. When you listen to a song for the first time Hikaru-kun, do you notice the sound (rhythm etc)? Or do you notice the lyrics?

A. This one-, I heard this a long time ago,

But apparently girls have a habit of listening to lyrics, and boys have a habit of listening to the melody first.

I listen to the melody first!

But after that I properly look at the lyrics too!

Since this is my job, I listen to both together, and I also listen to feel what they sound like together!

Q. Hikaru-kun have you heard the saying “Feelings of love last for three years and after that the feelings of love may be rekindled many times”? I’ve been in love with Hikaru-kun for a number of years, but I feel like my feelings of love are rekindled every day. Hikaru-kun’s charm is amazing ( ; ; )

A. Ooh! Thank-you for praising me so much!

I’m the type that grows from praise! Lol

It’s the first time I’ve heard these words,

But I definitely agree!

For the things I’ve always loved,

I’m always discovering new charms to them!

But I get bored when every day is that same,

So I do something different every day,  and maybe YOU have understood that?

Lucky-! Yappi-!

Q. Last time you accepted questions Yabu-kun sent one in, but did Yabu-kun say anything to you about it afterwards? (^ ^)

A. He was smiling at me when I saw him at work. Lol

That kids not an idol, he’s a weirdo Lol

Q. I really hate hot days. Now that we are heading into true summer time it’s going to get seriously hot, but please tell me your recommendation for overcoming the heat!

A. Hya-! I hate Summer too…

To prevent against the heat you have to give up on being fashionable! Lol

Always carry a handkerchief!

Put some icy cold water in your water bottle!

Don’t move any more than is necessary!

Do this! Lol

Even at the best of times the current temperatures are exhausting, so Summer this year is going to be a battle!

Let’s do our best together-!

Q. I’m more of an adult than Hikaru-kun but can I ask you something selfish? I lo! Lo! Love Hikaru-kun’s wink! I’d be happy if you’d show me one. The left eye, or the right eye, or both eyes is fine ♡

A. An adult who has become a person that people call selfish… that’s me.

I have a habit of closing my right eye when I wink,

That’s when I’m going with the mood.

Left eye and right eye! If I did that…

Wouldn’t that just be normal blinking? Lol

Q. Um!!!!!!!!! I’m hungry but!!!!!!! Can you make something for me!!!!!!!!!!!

A. I see-, you’re hungry-.

OK, I’ll make you something.

To start with…

How about we make some memories together?

Q. I have a niece who loves Hikaru-kun. She’s in her final year of high school, but due to the impact of the Corona virus her options for finding a job and pursuing higher education are limited, and I’m worried about what she should do. It seems like there’s a lot of uncertainty when your future is mostly undecided. You’re her senior in life, so I’d be happy if you could give her some kind of advice.

A. Thank-you for liking me!

Um-, I’m not in the position to go saying this and that about a person’s life,

But when you listen to what people around you are saying,

Continuing on to university/graduating, I think you should try to think of something that can really provide for your life.

Because a lot of people think “I’m going to go to university like I should!” and end up wasting their time.

As a representative of a person who can think that things are fun for them now, if I speak for myself,

Focussing on something you like is a short cut. Because if it’s fun, you’re always motivated and there are a lot of merits. So what do you think about going for a plan like this with not many demerits?

If you’re going to run away, decide that you won’t,

I think that having the ability to notice when you’re running away is key!

My mother taught me “You have to do as many things you like as you can!”, so if like me, you want to have a fun life,

Find lots of things and experiences you like, I think that’s the spice of life!

I hope your niece grows up quickly!

Q. When you try something new do you consider the negatives Hikaru-kun?? I always end up hesitating when I think about the minuses (Lol)

A. Of course I think about the minus points to a certain degree!

Even still I move forward, even if the way is narrow, I’ll move forward!

Q. Hikaru-kun!! How do you say stupid!!!

A. Sutyu-piddo!

If you want to make it sound even more Englishy,

Sutu, pi!

Q. What Miyagi dialect word do you like?

A. Idzui. Idzui.

I guess!

It’s like “Itchy!”, or “Gross!”, or “Uncomfortable!”, or “Feels weird!”,

Since you can use it for all kinds of different meanings, even when I’m in Tokyo I say “Idzui!” without even thinking to express things! Lol

Q. I’m not sure if I should join the dance club at my high school. Please tell me what’s so great about dancing!

A. Dancing is great-!

You can communicate with an instrument too,

But the things you feel in your heart and your head, it’s difficult to express them with words right?

But when you dance, you can express all of the human emotions just as you imagine them, and there are a lot of different genres,

Even to this day, new dances are being born,

So it’s infinite!

Try leaping into infinity, it’s a really fun World!

Q. I really hate losing, but when think I want to win I get kind of irritated at my teammates and I can’t help having some feelings of hatred towards my teammates and then I get irritated at myself too, my feelings are really chaotic at the moment. What should I do to get my feelings in order…

A. I hate losing as well,

But when you think “Isn’t a loss, really a win?” it broadens your outlook on things,

With the “If I lose, I’ll just win next time!” energy that comes from a loss, within yourself, you can process it as a draw.

Rather than a “loss is really a win”, it should be a gain.


Think like this, when you keep on losing,

You’re moving forwards, huh?

When you think “Even though I’m losing I won’t look down”

Think the other way, you’re winning,

And in the end you’ll be like “Yay-!”.

So, when you lose a lot it coils up your spring to propel you forwards, and you’ll definitely be able to go higher.


That’s all for today!

Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again–!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/17 Part 3 

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 Squishy squashy.

Question Do-jo-!!


Q. What are the bags under your eyes stuffed with Hikaru-kun? Is it stardust?

A. Spare eyedrops.

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! If you could add one new colour to a rainbow what colour would you add? Or would you not add anymore colours? Thank-you for always making me happy!

A. Doesn’t a rainbow have seven colours? I say that but, when you look at one,

Can’t you only see 3-4 colours?

If I added a colour to a real rainbow, if I clearly added some red, or purple, I feel like it would look even more amazing!

Q. I’m a 9-month old JUMP fan who is currently pregnant and preparing to give birth at the start of August! It’s the second time I’ve had a baby, but when I remember the pain it makes me scared, as you would expect… ( ; ; ) So that I don’t become completely terrified I’d like Hikaru-kun to fill me with courage~~! (Lol) Please! (◜⬭◝ ) 

A. Oh my! A baby!

They say that it’s a pain a man can never understand-!

Even when things hurt a lot, it’s not even on the same level…!

Maybe there’s a plan for it to deliberately hurt!

If you don’t fight extremely hard, new life cannot be born.

It’s mysterious when you think of it that way.

Either way, even though you’re terrified of the pain,

When you see your child’s face afterwards, I’m sure it will heal you tens of times more!

Fighting! I hope you give birth to a healthy baby!

Q. Hika!!!!! I’m no good at changing careers!!! I can’t decide on anything-!!!!!!! I’ll send this question hundreds of times, but if you read it I’ll use my full power to do my best to be bad at changing career-!!!!!!!!!!!!

A. I see-! ( ; •̀ω•́ )

Even though you’re changing career, it seems like you’re having trouble deciding what you want to do. Doing what you can for a job, is a step forward,

I’m sure you’ll get closer to your dream!

I don’t just sing, I do variety shows and things, and since it’s like changing career, doing the things I want makes me nervous too, and I’m bad at bringing out my power…!

I start to think that I can’t be certain that I can do the things I do!

But I think that doing your best is admirable. It’s wonderful!

Q. This is sudden, but what attributes do you have, Hikaru-kun? I have the attribute of laughter and can gain people’s trust straight away!

A. I guess I have the close range fighting attribute!

Rather than attacking over a long distance, I recite my spells straight into people’s ears from a close range!

Like “○⨯<$°✩〆pika-!”  (❍∇❍)✌️

Q. During the stay home period I made iced biscuits for the first time. I couldn’t come up with any good designs or motifs and it’s worrying… What kind of times do you come up with ideas for your drawings, Hikaru-kun? What kind of things do you look at for input?

A. Um-, I wonder what I do for input.

I look at game characters and monsters with detailed designs and stuff, and I want to see anime backgrounds and rewind them too,

I look at clothes, I really like looking at their design too!

But the important part is the output.

When I’m doing my output, rather than imagining it,

I guess I actually make my head completely blank.

And then, things pop into my mind, and just like that I move my pen, and make something.


One way or another, imagining things seems to make it easier,

But now, my head is white when I’m creating.


Let’s have a cookie party next time-!

Q. Hello hello! I’ve always had a speech impediment and I’m bad at talking to people. There are times that I can’t express the things I want and it makes everyone laugh, but it’s a shock to me. I have no confidence in myself and talking makes me anxious, so what should I do to have confidence in myself.

A. I don’t think my speech is great either,

But it seems like I really bumble my words when I’m not feeling well! Lol

But this is just one point, but when you want to say something, the speed of the thing you want to express and your mouth don’t match,

So take your time when you speak,

It’s best if you take all the time you need to be comfortable!

Also for the words you find hard to say, say them over and over again while you’re washing in the shower, practicing them a little at least is a must!

But because I do this, when I talk about things like this now, for some reason or other I know what I want to say, so I don’t think it’s bad to have a speech impediment!

Q. Whenever I look at Hikaru-kun, I think “Ah-! I love you! I really love you!”. For being alive, and for supporting me in this way, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

A. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart too!

If you can, please fall in love with the people that surround me as well!

Q. Hikaru-kun! How do you all spend your time in the dressing room??

A. We spend our time getting into more than perfect condition for the show!

We eat, listen to music and relax, have coffee time, make conversation,

Work out, stretch,

And for some reason, we’ll be preparing for the show the whole time from hours before it start!

Q. What do you want to do once the rainy season is over??

A. I want to bring smiles to all of the people who have suffered due to the torrential rains!

Since things are the way they are, it may be impossible or difficult,

But I want to do what I can.


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again–!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/20 Part 4 

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 Today’s is delicious too.


I’m scared of the Chinen patrol~. Lol

I wonder if he drives around in a tiny patrol car-.

Generally I type really, really fast,

So today I’ll try not to make any careless mistakes!


And with that,

Question Do-jo-!!


Q. Lately I’m into going to sleep while listening to a video of rain sounds, it’s part of my evening routine. Is there anything you do before you go to sleep, or anything you need to do to get to sleep Hikaru-kun?

A. Um-, if I was being cool I’d say “candle”, if I’m being lame I’d say “candle”. I put these out and the room gets gradually darker, then I go to bed!

When I get to the bedroom I light an oil burner, put on a good game stream and go to sleep!

t/n: he says “candle” in English the first time and then “rousoku” (candle in Japanese) the second time

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I’m a high school third year who is currently very worried about their future. I’m worried about whether I should leave the prefecture or stay in the prefecture close to my family. All I can do is decide on the career I want to pursue and then decide on the other things afterwards. If I leave the prefecture what kind of decisions do I have to make? Were you lonely Hikaru-kun?

A. Um-, when I left for Toyko, I felt like “Let’s do this-!”,

Gradually as I’ve gotten older, I think the distance to my family is important to me.

So, if you haven’t made your decision yet, maybe the first thing you should think about is a distance where you can travel to see your family straight away, wouldn’t that be best?

Q. Hikaru-kun, I’m very happy that you always do so much for the fans. Thank-you! Lately I’ve been enthralled by Hikaru-kun’s hands and fingers, they’ve become so big and strong- They’re an adult man’s hands- Hikaru-kun was wearing accessories in June, but has your ring size changed?

A. No, you guys all bring me happiness,

So I just want to return the favour!

So I’m just begin selfish! Lol

My ring size does seem that way-, maybe it’s gradually been getting bigger?

But I wear one about once a year, it’s so rare now that I’m like “Huh? I’m not really into rings anymore?”.

Q. Hikaru-kun, hello. Since it’s getting hot, I want something to cool me down! Please tell me a terrifying experience you’ve had lately!

A. Horror games are popular at the moment, I play them myself, but since there’s a lot I can’t play I watch live streams, but the other day, there was someone streaming a game that I had played before too,

When I was playing it the power went out in the middle of the game.

So I thought it must have been some kind of bug.

I remember thinking that at the time,

So I was watching this live stream in a nostalgic way,

And then

The battery on my phone went flat!

Games don’t bother me, but I wonder if there’s something up with that old horror game…

Q. What has been a recent episode of happiness/anger/sadness/fun!!

A. Happiness is the things I do at work!

Anger is nothing in particular-!

Sadness is, well, all kinds of things!

Fun is when I think about what’s for dinner!

Q. Chinen-kun has a cute character but what would you say you think is the cutest thing about Chinen-kun so far?

A. How he checks my Hikapapers. Lol

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! During this time I’ve had the chance to think about a lot of things, and once the self-isolation period was over I resolved to start living alone! So every day I pack myself lunch, but if I packed a lunch for Hikaru-kun what could I put in it to make you happy? Next time I want to make a lunch box stuffed with the dishes Hikaru-kun likes!

A. I want to eat a home-made lunch, it’s been ages-!

I’m one of four kids, I didn’t want to be a burden on my mother, so I’d say I was excited when she put hotdogs or pickled plums in, and I was honestly happy that she put them in, but from time to time when my mother would try making a new dish and put that in, I’d be seriously happy-!

So in the end I guess hotdogs are my number one!

Make them next time- (◕य◕)

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I always enjoy reading your Hikapaper. Hikaru-kun’s cute writing refreshes me everyday ♪ Thank-you so much for updating so often! Do you read the blogs of the other members, or members from other groups? If you do read them, who’s blog do you think is fun?

A. Everyone has been writing lately so I’ve been reading them all-!

Yamada posts handsome photos, and, uh, I can’t help smiling when I think of him coming up with cute and cool ways to take photos for the fans Lol

I think the emo photos that Yuya posts are stylish-!

They bring out his personality! Lol

Q. Hikaru-kun, hello! The things I have to do when self-isolation ends have been piling up non-stop. I say that I’m going to complete them and I am doing just that, but I’m slowly becoming unable to continue thinking this way… When you feel like you’ve got a puncture Hikaru-kun, how do you overcome it?

A. When I feel like I’ve got a puncture, then I have got a puncture! Lol

So when the air is rushing out it’s like the power is rushing out and it makes me calm.

It’s hard to keep going when I have a puncture,

So I let out as much air as I need!

Q. The other day, we had zunda rice cakes in our school luches! They were su—per delicious! I think that I’d like to eat them again!

A. They were that delicious, hey?

I always have a bit of zunda in my pockets, it’s great,

I can’t help thinking “Why isn’t there a zunda emoji?”

The rhythm of saying “zunda, zunda, zunda” makes it sounds like the start of “Come on a My House!” Lol

t/n: zunda is a sweet, green bean paste made in Miaygi that’s used to make sweets and milk shakes and all kinds of things. Hika also answered the start of this question in Miyagi dialect


And so,

Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again–!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/21 Part 5 

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 Eat it before Chinen finds out.

I saw you on Hirunandesu today-!

So again today,

Question Do-jo-!


Q. During self-isolation, what did you do to work-out? Please tell me if you can!

A. Beat my punching bag!

I’d practice my Thai kicks and practice my hooks!

Q. Is your wallet organised?

A. It’s really neat-!

I’m the type that lines up all my notes back to back!

I don’t really collect many tax receipts!

Q. I’m happy that you’re doing the Hikapaper Question Board again! I always ask a load of questions, so from time to time I want to answer things that Hikaru-kun wants to ask! Next time, please try and set up a question board where we can ask the things we want together (✿´ω`)

A. Then, I’ll ask a question, and if you’re interested,

Use a #, what do you think? Something like that?

Or, at the end should I ask something summarising?

YOU want to have more fun!

Q. I work at a cake shop so what kind of cake do you like Hikaru-kun?? I’ll come deliver it to Hikaru-kun! (Lol)

A. I’ll get one Mont Blanc, one chocolate cake, and one simple tart delivered to my house please!

Q. Hikaru-kun, hello! Please let me consult you about something. Is it rude when someone who doesn’t do their best, tells someone who does do their best “You can do it!!”? I want to bring power to the person I love when they’re feeling down, but I’m useless, no matter what I say I have no idea of what’s best and it’s miserable. What should I do?

A. Of course it’s difficult to say things like “You can do it” and “Do your best”!

For example, if there’s something you want them to do their best in, then shouldn’t you say it?

I think that the topic of doing your best should be expressed!

If you say do your best, and they’re like “What?”,

Maybe it’s best to guide them, so they can do it!

Of course, this way you won’t hurt their feelings either!

Q. Hello! In the furture I’m aiming to become a school teacher, but what do you think is important when you’re dealing with kids Hikaru-kun?

A. Being frank, and respect maybe?

It’s easier to open kids hearts by being frank with them,

I think you’ll be bad at dealing with kids, I think this kid will be a genius one day, I’m talking about respecting the ones who have potential already!

Because the children of today are the ones who will support us in the future!

Q. What do you call yourself, Hikaru-kun?

A. Well that would be. The otherwise awesome me.

I guess- (◕य◕)

Q. The picture that was included of Hikaru-kun in the STORY “Exquisite Men Catalogue, 88thEdition” was sexy and had a mature coolness! Was it embarrassing bringing out a sexy feeling like that?

A. Thank-you!

It wasn’t that embarrassing,

I say that but, they didn’t tell me “Be sexy!”, we took it like “Can you try it like this?”, so when I saw the finished product, I thought “Ah- it’s so mature-!”.

Q. What scent do you like at the moment, Hikaru-kun?

A. I don’t know the details of what scent I use when I go to sleep, but I like using scents that become clear when it’s Autumn or Winter!

I love the smell you get a few minutes after making curry too!

I make curry, have a shower, and when I come back to the kitchen I’m like “Ah- it smells great!”.

Q. When you get out of the bath what is the first part you dry? But the way, I dry my collar bone!

A. Isn’t starting with your collar bone rare?

If your head is wet, then it will still be wet! Lol

How rude.

I start from the head-!

I rub it dry in a way that won’t hurt my hair!

Q.【Question】Using the following words, explain the highlight of “Last Mermaid…” (Great care, seeing is believing, sob)

A. Fu fu fu. Well, since Hayashi-sensei taught me the details…!

The visual highlight, the aural highlight,

To start with, overall it will more than make you more than sob, you’ll wail,

Like the girl dancing in the MV, you’ll be like “Huh? Hang on… Huh?”

But you won’t get it unless you watch to the very end,

Because seeing is believing,

It’s super very good, and sorrowful, we take great care to sing about a love story that has ended, and dance, it’s nostalgic, (t/n: I have no idea about this last line, it’s complete nonsense).

Q. Of the instruments we had to choose from to learn at school I chose the shamisen. I chose it just a little while after the concert ended so I decided on it after seeing Yaotome-san play it, but now that I’m trying to play it I’m like “Why? What have I done?” and I’m starting to regret it. It’s harder than I’d imagined, and I’m worried about being able to continue with it. How do I play this thing? How can the shamisen be this hard Lol

A. It’s different to a guitar etc, there are a lot of rules about having to play it in a certain way that make it hard (≃д≃)

The bachi (t/n: the paddle like pick used to play shamisen) makes your fingertips hurt too… Lol

But it made me happy when I made a beautiful “strum” sound, so I practiced playing it like a maniac!

There’s still a way to go, but the shamisen is limitless,

It can be the gateway to anything-!

Rather than thinking about being able to play, let’s think “I want to enjoy playing” and do our best together-!

Q. Do you properly wear pyjamas when you sleep Hikaru-kun?? What do you wear when you sleep??

A. In Summer a t-shirt and shorts, in Winter pyjamas, I don’t really like bulky things so I wear one set of fluffy ones-!

Q. If you were able to use magic in the afterlife Hikaru-kun, what would you want to do first?

A. Erase all magic from the World!

Doesn’t a World without magic sound fun? (◕य◕)

We wouldn’t be able to use magic, but restoration magic is ok-!

Q. How are all of Hikaru-kun’s friends that you introduced us to during self-isolation doing? I want to meet them again

A. Everyone is great-!

I still have more friends, so I’ll introduce them to you next time!

Q. I have a question for Hikaru-kun who will be turning 30-years-old in about five months! Hikaru-kun is an idol who makes you say “Hikaru-kun, he’s so cute!” and “Hikaru-kun, he’s so sexy!”, but which one are you happier to hear?

A. If it’s a choice of these two then I’d prefer “ He’s so cute!” I guess-!

Both of them are kind of embarrassing though Lol

I don’t know how to react when someone says I’m sexy! Lol

Q. Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for doing the Question Do-jo- again! There’s something that I’ve been worrying about lately that I’d like to ask you please. At the moment, I am studying to become a nurse, but they tell us that we must always think that everything is “for the patient”. I thought about it, but I thought about it too much and now I don’t know if I’ll be able to become someone who does anything for their patients. I think that Hikaru-kun really thinks about doing things for us fans. So, I’d like you to teach me how to do things for others… Sorry for the difficult question.

A. No, YOU’re wonderful sending me such a difficult consultation!

I wonder if it’s best not to think about it?

I say that but don’t space out, that would be bad Lol

Rather than thinking about it, how about you do things based on how your patient is feeling?

As far as understanding people’s bodies go we only know about our own, but for a nurse, since you’re always sensing differences in people,

“for the patient” is probably just a hint,

Don’t think about it, just look. I think it’s that kind of thing.

Thank-you for supporting us everyday!

Q. I’m sleepy so let me lay in your arms ♡

A. Since you were upfront and simply asked to lay in my arms I will do it.

Q. I love it when Hikaru-kun is singing and you reach the high notes! What do you do for vocal training?

A. Thank-you!

Up until now I’ve learnt vocal training methods from a number of different teachers, I’ve studied theories, but if you sing high notes everyday then they’ll come out!

I always sing in a high falsetto voice as vocal training at home then I go out to recording!

Also, if my throat takes too much damage, it’s important to do vocal care after singing!

Q. Thank-you for always filling me with energy! Please tell us a Hikaru-kun secret that you haven’t talked about on TV or in a magazine before (´∇`)

A. I thought I’d make this this last question for today,

And something that a journo would like to hear has turned up-! Lol

Are YOU an idol magazine journalist? Lol

A secret-,

The 100 yen ladle that I’d been using since I was about 20-years-old broke so I bought a new one! Thank-you for the last ten years!

New ladle. Welcome.


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again–!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/22 Part 6 

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 A foldable apple.

Mr Chinen Patrol!

According to my manager, he wants to respect my individuality and so he deliberately ignores me! Lol

By the way, did I make any more mishtakes… Lol

Te he he thanks a bunch (◕य◕)

And with that,

Question Do-jo-!


Q. Do you like shaved ice Hikaru-kun? Please tell us what flavour you like!

A. I love shaved ice-!

Blue Hawaii is my number one-!

Strawberry syrup with condensed milk is my number one as well-!

Summer is the time for shaved ice!

Q. Give a comment to Arioka Daiki!

A. The BedhairSHARE was great, but I want to see a BedfaceSHARE too-!

Q. My favourite saying is “yaha~”. What’s your favourite saying, Hikaru-kun?

A. I wonder what “yaha-“ means? Lol

For me, obviously, it’s words from my dialect,

Like “daccha?” and stuff~!

Also, this one makes me want to see Odori Haruhi-kun,


I totally say this. Lol

t/n:  “daccha?” is instead of regular Japanese dayo/desuka/datta? etc. for “Is it?” when asking a question. “Umu” is a cute way of saying “uh huh”

Q. Hikaru-kun~ Save me please! My tummy rumbles in class and it’s really embarrassing. What do you think I can do to stop my tummy rumbling? Please tell me! (Sorry for asking such a weird question) I always tune in and enjoy Rajira and Hirunandesu. Please keep doing your best from now on!

A. Thank-you for your support!

I know what you mean-! We can’t run from nature Lol

The right thing to do first is to talk to your doctor about it, but as for me, the case is that our stomachs often rumble while they’re digesting something, so how about taking in something easy to digest with a high water content?

Q. What would you like for your Last Supper?

A. Beef tongue-!

I want it to end with the taste of my home town!

Q. Finally I can see my friends again and give them the thing I’ve been working on during self-isolation, it’s actually a message exchange notebook. I thought that I rarely write out my feelings much in my daily life. Once I started it became really fun, so much that I couldn’t stop writing… Lol Who would you write and send things to Hikaru-kun?

A. That’s great-!

My Hikapaper is something kind of similar I guess-!

Being able to express the things I want to express now. It’s great!

But, you can also insult someone straight away over the net,

But it’s because you can follow through on that straight away too!

But I think doing a proper hand written letter like YOU did it really great!

Q. Please try and represent yourself with a kaomoji Hikaru-kun!

A. (≧∀≦)

It’s me laughing out loud.

Q. I’m picky and there are a lot of foods I can’t eat. How can I cure my pickiness?

A. To start with cure the minus points, and your biased thoughts, and try eating an expensive piece of the food you hate!

I hated leeks,

But when I ate some delicious leeks in the country side, I was like “Huh? Have they always been this delicious?”

Also change the flavour with cooking, and gradually work up to eating the real thing!

This takes time,

But when I was little, I hated green capsicum, but my mum would make things like Chinese strifry, where she’d soak the green capsicum in sesame oil and soy sauce, and I was able to eat it like this!

Also, I’m fussy myself but I will say this,

The bigger the range of foods you eat the more fun you’ll have eating!

I don’t know what it is you hate, but when someone makes something for you with all of their might, it’s always going to be delicious!

Q. Today we were doing drama at school, but what do you really think is important when you’re acting Hikaru-kun?

A. Acting is deep~!

But something important is the give and take I guess!

Always showing interest in your partner, wanting to communicate, because when you communicate it changes the way you react.

Also think of a plan for a performance that you want to see! You can’t help watching!

Try giving the character you perform some habits!

Q. Right now, tell me what your fashion point is today!

A. The Simple!

Something like that, rather than things with designs, lately I like a plain shirt and jeans style!

It’s just my private clothes after all!

On Hirunandesu etc. I like wearing flashy outfits and outfits in my lucky colour!


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again–!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/24 Part 7 

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 Zero calorie.

Question Do-jo-!


Q. Since when have you liked coffee so much? What’s so good about coffee?

A. Um-, I didn’t notice when I started to like it, but when I was in high school, we weren’t allowed to bring cake to school, so my friends piled up cans of coffee to look like a cake for me! Lol

The charms of coffee, when you want something sweet you can drink it like this, and when you want to relax you can drink it black,

Also, there are coffee beans, instant coffee, canned coffee,

There are all kinds of different ways to drink it!

In particular, when you’re overseas, there aren’t any coffee vending machines,

But there are lots of stores that do flavoured coffees,

So it’s fun to compare them to the coffee we drink in Japan too-!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Are you the type that adds spring onion to your natto?

A. Not really-!

I have natto, with mayonnaise, or mayonnaise & pickled plum,

I eat it with stuff like beef steak plant!

Or also just plain!

It’s yummy!

Q. I love Hikaru-kun’s cheeks but are Hikaru-kun’s cheeks firm and squishy? Or are they soft and squishy? I want to know but I can’t get my hands on them so plea-se tell me!!!!

A. Even though I’ve touched them myself I don’t really know-!

I guess they’re kind of springy!

Q. How do you remember drama scripts? 

A. I read it normally and remember it,

Also, this is a habit I have when I’m doing a drama, but I stand around with some of the other actors outside the make-up room and mumble my lines, then the other actors get into it too, and everyone starts practicing their lines together Lol

Also in my breaks while I’m drinking coffee,

I’m naturally going over my lines,

And by doing this I naturally remember them!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! At the moment, I’m studying architecture. I have all kinds of my own ideas that I bring out in my plans, but the teacher told me they lack individuality. The more I think about it the less I understand. I don’t know how to bring out my individuality. When you’re making things Hikaru-kun, are you conscious of this?

A. Saying you lack individuality is terrible!

Having no individuality is also a skill!

Can’t you be like “So what special skill do you have, Sensei?”.

Because everyone is different, I think it’s best that you believe in your own ideas!

I do what I want to do when I’m thinking about the things I make!

If someone ragged on me like that, I’d be like “Then you try coming up with a better idea?”

Q. Hello ( ^ O ^ ) I’m a thirty-year-old woman the same age as Hikaru-kun! On TV the other day, I learnt that the older we get the amount of times we get the “hiccups” decreases, but lately I can’t help having the “hiccups”? I feel like I’m never going to stop having them, so I’m very worried… ( ; ᗣ ; )

A. Ya’ho Miss Thirty-year-old-!

I guess we really do start to get less hiccups?

When I start to hiccup they stop straight away!

But it’s ok not to worry, right?

Since hiccups are spasms in your diaphragm,

Doesn’t that just mean it’s making your diaphragm stronger?

Q. Hikaru-kun, yapo-! I think that Hikaru-kun often sings while playing the bass in concerts (It’s really cool ♡), but is it hard to sing while you’re playing?

A. Yapo-!

Uh uh-! It’s not hard, quite the opposite, I play the air bass when we’re recording to get the rhythm Lol

I think that singing while keeping the rhythm by playing is better!

Q. Which member do you think your relationship has changed with the most since you debuted??

A. I guess Yamada-! In the beginning he didn’t say things like “I’m the centre! The ace!” Lol, but now when we line up Yamada naturally goes to the centre, and the rest of us have a habit of going to the edges Lol

Our relationship as well, since I’ve become calmer, he’s been able to really dig into me with the teasing Lol

I feel like our “top/bottom” roles have switched places!

Q. When Hikaru-kun types “Laughing” do you use “w” or “Lol”??

A. Lol

This one I guess!

I used “w” when I was a student, but somewhere along the way it turned into “Lol!”.

t/n: Laugh in Japanse is “wara” which is typed either as the kanji “笑” which I translate as “lol” or just a “w” which is the sound at the start of the word and also looks like a laughing mouth. This one is more “geeky” and often seen in chat rooms etc. 

Q. Hikaru-kun!! Konbanwaffoi!! The JUMP member that has a unique laugh! Who is it!?

A. Waffoi!

Who I wonder? We’ve been together for so many years but it’s not something I’ve ever noticed-! When Dai-chan bursts out laughing his face goes bright red from laughter so I guess that’s pretty popular! Lol


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again–!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/25 Part 8

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 Saturappleday.

Today I’ll see you on Doustar and Rajira!

So again today…

Question Do-jo-!


Q. What temperature d you have your aircon set to?

A. 27 degrees!

But, am I the only one who feels a different kind of cool from the aircon?

My house is 27 degrees-!

Q. Are you the indoor type Hikaru-kun, or the outdoor type?

A. Both-!

When I’m inside then I’m totally inside, and on my days off I feel like going out-!

But I guess I’m kind of biased to being indoors! Lol

Q. I’m doing 365 days of chicken dishes and it’s making me really happy but, my dad is getting tired of chicken. So I’d like Hikaru-kun to teach me his version of a successful chicken dish!

A. I like to boil it, cool it, shred it, and season it like a salad! Chicken has a Western feel to it, but I like to season it with things like plum puree and shiso, seaweed boiled in soy sauce and spring onion, and match it with Japanese style ingredients!

Q. Is there something you wish of your fans, Hikaru-kun? I want Hikaru-kun to be happy so I’d be happy if you told us without hesitation!

A. I wonder if I wish for anything more than this-…

I want you to believe in me and support me, when I’m being idiot, and when I’m being serious too!

Q. This is sudden, but what special skill does Hikaru-kun’s friend, Gigantically Tall, have?

A. Gigantically Tall is great at basketball!

He can easily dunk the ball in the opposite goal from his own goal!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun!! I suddenly thought of this, but is there an instrument that you can’t play?

A. The mandolin and the violin, the harp, there’s quite a lot! But generally if I practice together with someone I feel like I’ll be able to play them!

Wind instruments seem hard! Especially things like the piccolo and flute, those ones where it’s hard to get the angle of your breath right!

By the way, my mum told me “You should buy a piccolo instead of a guitar-!” Lol

I said “Guitars are normal-!” and got a guitar! Lol

Q. This is my first time sending a question and I’m super-duper nervous, but I’m verrrry worried about what to write so in the end I’ll go with: What sushi ingredients do you like?… By the way, I like whelks! Lol

A. It’s your first time, welcome! Thank-you!

I like whelks too-!

Sometimes, even when I order lots of whelks from the chain restaurants, they say “It will take a while to prepare!” and I know I’ll be eating fresh whelks!

The flavour is no different to the upmarket sushi restaurants!

By the way, seared fin meat is also the strongest!

Q. What is it really like doing a concert with no audience? I want to hear if there are any specific differences to a regular concert.

A. Um-, as you’d expect it makes me want to hear the live cheers-!

But it can’t be helped at the moment, the current situation means that there’s no way for us to do a performance, so we aren’t replacing that fun, but the most important thing is that YOU are here!

Q. Please tell me the definite conditions it takes to secure Hikaru-kun’s heart~…

A. Make a line of chocolates, that finally lead all the way up to your house and you’ll be able to catch me!

And also a wasp!

Q. At the moment I’m studying for test season and it sucks! On Saturday I’m spending up to 10 hours! Please tell me how Yaotome-san deals with exhaustion! Please!

A. Thank-you for your hard work!

When I’m feeling exhausted I turn up the heat in my shower a little, and let it hit me a little on the lower part of the back of my neck!

When I stop the shower, I stare into space for about 10-minutes, and my shoulders and my whole body become relaxed!


As I expected everyone is really good at coming up with questions-!

Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again-!

Today’s is from El Salvador!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/26 Part 9

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 From Aomori.

So, let’s go again today!

Question Do-jo-!

I wonder if I’ll answer a lot today?


Q. Do you start eating taiyaki from the head? Or do you start eating from the tail? ♡

A. From the head I guess-? At the end, I eat the spongy part of the tail to cleanse my palate!

t/n: taiyaki are fish shaped pancakes with different sweet fillings

Q. Please tell us how you’re feeling today in 5/7/5

A. Deep fried skewers are

As delicious as I thought

People who think this are amazing-!

Oh, there’s too many syllables.

Q. If JUMP made a movie what kind of movie would they make? And who would play which roles? Please produce it for us Hikaru-kun!

A. Since I’d like to try appearing in something with lots of ad-lib and playing around,

It would be something like a mystery or detective story parody,

We’d all be policemen, and Inoo would deliberately feel inclined to be the only sadist and tell us not to play around and adlib Lol

That person loves playing around, when you give him an ad-lib, he has a wealth of topics he can use and I love it! Lol

So Inoo would deliberately take on the stiff guy role,

I want to hear him cry… He he

Q. I have a habit of comparing myself to other people. I have an inferiority complex and I’m slowly starting to hate myself, but I’d like to get some advice from Hikaru-kun on how I can learn to love myself.

A. Man, everyone is different so we end up making comparisons!

I know what it feels like to have an inferiority complex,

There was a time when I would compare myself even though I knew I’d lose,

So I guess we’re standing in different fights!

If there are times that we compare ourselves and decide that we’ll do our best to win, we can make our own fight and there, where we can be comfortable to learn to love ourself, we can spread our wings!

So because we are here for no-one but ourselves, don’t hate yourself, and think of yourself as the jewel that your parents so preciously raised, and find a way to polish yourself!

Q. The other day I dreamt that my front teeth suddenly fell out, it scared me and I woke up crying… Have you ever had a dream about your front teeth falling out Hikaru-kun?

A. What a scary dream!

I’ve never had that dream, but I frequently have scary dreams!

But generally, I wake up calm in the morning and I think about it, and I make sure to work it out like “Ah-! I did that the other day, so that’s why I had this dream!”.

Dreams are your memories sorting themselves out, so for some reason or other they will share some similarities with reality!

Q. When you mess up and get embarrassed Hikaru-kun, what kind of face do you think it’s best to show?

A. Um-, if I could predict it, then I think I’d put on an expression, but most of the time I realise suddenly like “Huh? I messed up?”, so at the time I guess make a face that expresses just that! Lol

Q. Hikaru-kun! Yapo~!! Please tell me how to charm older men!

A. Yapo-! Saying that, I guess I should imagine what part it is that younger girls find attractive!

If that’s the case, then is it pure men, or perhaps stinky uncles?

For example, even if you’re a girl, when you have a manly side to you, it’s like “Oh! She’s into it-!”,

Like “Oh no-, all I’ve been drinking is beer-!”

(That’s an exaggeration though Lol)

When there’s a little part that they have that’s similar to a man, they’ll probably think “Woah-!”.

Q. When I’m studying I can’t study unless I listen to music, so is there a JUMP song that Yaotome-kun would recommended to help me concentrate??

A. When I want to focus on something I listen to music too!

But this answer might negate the question, but if you love JUMP then I wouldn’t recommend them because you’ll get all excited while you’re trying to concentrate!

But if you can concentrate, then I’d recommend the ballads I guess!

By the way, if you have the songs you like on CD then don’t the artists often included a karaoke track?

I play that, and listen to the version without any singing!

If you do that, you’ll be able to listen to JUMP song karaoke in the back ground and have fun studying, and it stops you feeling sleepy too!

Q. What do you think is youth Hikaru-kun!!

A. That time, for example for that 1 year to 3 years, it’s a time crammed full of all kinds of different full-power emotions!

Q. Hikaru-kun, please tell us your big dream and your little dream!

A. My big dream is to be an unrestrained entertainer.

My little dream is peace!

Q. What time did you get up today??

A. 5am!

Q. Glasses, how many favourite pairs do you have?

A. I have about three main pairs?

I have about 20 substitute pairs, but I barely use them!

Q. Hello Hika-san!! I am a junior college student, but soon I’ll be doing work experience. I have to have dark hair for my work experience, so I dyed it. I decided on a beige grey, but after I dyed it it went pitch black… The hair dresser was like “You look like a Japanese doll” and laughed at me!! What should I do… After you dye your hair Hikaru-kun, have you ever thought “Wah- this was a mistake”?

A. Hello-!

I’ve made mistakes too-! To a certain degree when I say “I messed up” it’s because it looks different to what I’d imagined,

But I’ve never messed up the colour so far!

I’ve had lots of haircuts that were a mistake Lol

What’s more generally it’s when I butt in and say “Can we cut a little more off here?” Lol

So let’s leave our hair up to the professionals!

Q. Even though it’s my last year in high school practically all of our events have been cancelled. Please make some memories together with me Hikaru-kun!!!!!!

A. That’s how things are at the moment…!

Of course I will!

Even though there’s no events, it’s different to not doing anything!

Come up with some ideas, and there are things you can do that are even more fun than those events!

Q. When I show my pet rabbit pictures and posters of Hey! Say! JUMP she always gazes only at Hikaru-kun. It’s really funny and it’s like she wants to look at Hikaru-kun (Lol) What about Hikaru-kun makes animals love you? (Lol) Her name is Mochi!

A. Mochi, you’re amazing!

I really am loved by animals-!

Because animals are innocent, if one of them welcomes you then another one will welcome you too and it makes me yappi-!

Q. Due to the humidity at the moment my hair is frizzing and my curls are falling out but do boys notice this kind of thing?

A. Of course we notice-!

Since I get frizzy hair in weird places too,

I have a plan to put hair spray on just that spot!

When I have my hair styled in these times, when I imagine setting it with low volume, I over set it!

Q. I hate crows more than anything in the world. What do you do when you’re walking along and you see a crow Hikaru-kun!!

A. Since there are people out there that get attacked by crows don’t let your guard down!

But generally I ignore them. They hang around dumps and stuff so I think I they’re no good, “They’re rotten to the core!” I say,

But crows are desperately trying to stay alive too, so there’s no way to describe them-!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Is there anything Hikaru-kun had fun doing because he was in isolation? I love garlic, but I come into contact with other people at work, and I go out a lot, so make sure not to eat much of it normally. But, during isolation I’m working from home, and since I’m not seeing anyone other than my family, I held a one day garlic dishes party, I ate as much as I wanted without worrying about the smell, and it made me really, really happy… I’m sorry to my daughters who were forced to come along to my party, but I think I’d like to do it again one day!       

A. I know what you mean! When I’m not seeing anyone the next day, I have a “Garlic!” day!

Also, I want to try having something like Okinawa Time?,

And one afternoon I want to relax and day drink! Lol

It’s something I can do when I don’t have work the next day!

Also I’d clean all day,

For three whole days, I want to try living without looking at the clock Lol

I want to try all kinds of things-!

But it’s good that I can work again now!

Q. A question for Hikaru-kun! Do you call your mum? How often? Also, what do you talk about?

A. My mother doesn’t use a mobile,

So I go and see her as much as I can on my days off-!

We listen to and sing along to Misora Hibari-san’s songs together!

Q. I had a bit of an accident and now I’ve ended up on crutches~! (I didn’t break anything!) Please tell me how to enjoy my life on crutches! Lol

A. Are you ok??

How to enjoy it… When I broke a bone a long time ago,

I didn’t use crutches and played! Lol

I hopped the whole time, I hopped to school! Lol

But when you have crutches at school, for some reason you become the most popular person, so they lent me some!

I don’t want crutches and have fun doing “Strong!” things!

But the most important thing is to not get hurt!

We hurt ourselves when we least expect it so take care!


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again-!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/27 Part 10

Yapo-!  (noming kaomoji) 🍎 I ate it by accident-.

I wasn’t feeling particularly unwell yesterday, but I only ate one meal-! Lol

Today I’m relaxing with some Indonesian coffee!

The other day I gave my manager some of my Columbian coffee to drink, and he told me it was delicious!

I’m looking for a book so that I can become a coffee sommelier!

And so again today.

Question Do-jo-!


Hikaru-kun! Please say something to make my heart race (*´□`*) HEART!!

A. ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎Here you go.

Q. I’m the manager of my high school club, but I don’t know how much I should support the players. I think Hikaru-kun knows what it’s like to be the “player”, but what do you think is the BEST distance for a manager to have?

A. I talk to my manager a lot,

We communicate a lot, we come up with projects for TV shows, so I think it’s great that we’re slowly becoming closer-!

I don’t know what club it is, but if I could go back to being a student and I was in the athletics club if my female manager were there when I had to do my best… I’d fall in love with her! Lol

Q. What made you laugh the most recently?

A. I burst out laughing at Chocolate Planet’s Ariyoshi wall! Lol

Q. Hikaru-kun! Have you ever experienced a real poltergeist? I have three times Cries The first time I was playing with my friend and my wallet went flying Sweats

A. Huh-! Your wallet flew, what a thieving ghost!

I don’t know if it was a poltergeist,

But when I was living in Miyagi I would experience weird things a lot!

It was scary at first, but I got used to it, and I started shouting “You’re just intimidating me!!” Lol

Q. Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for making another question board for us ♡ I’ve always cried a lot and it worries me. It’s not coz I’m mad, I end up crying even when I’m calm. It’s not like I’m thinking “This is particularly scary so they’ll forgive me if I cry”, but the tears start flowing. When I was in high school, I’d often cry in meetings with my teacher too. But when I cry, everybody notices and takes pity on me so I don’t want to cry. What do you think I should do?

A. Thank-you for sending me questions too!

I think it’s fine to cry openly when you want to cry!

I think that people who cry a lot, have few ways to let out their feelings other than crying.

You’re not an annoying person.

So I think that you shouldn’t hold back, and change your tears.

If YOU do your best to resist crying, the stress will pile up, so cry without caring what the people around you think.

The people around you will only think “Ah, she’s crying”, and somewhere among them I’m sure that there will be someone who will lend you a hand!

Q. Hikaru-kun! Hikaru-kun’s funny jokes and stories always fill me with energy! I want you to tell me how you come up with your funny jokes and stories!! And I want you to teach me a simple yet popular joke!! Please!!

A. YOU seem to have a shallow goal? Lol

I am beyond serious, I put the things I think are funny into words, and they turn into jokes!

Even though you said “Tell me a popular joke”, I generally aim to be serious- Lol

I like imagining stupid things, so all I do is put these into words and it’s becomes fun!

Q. Good morning! Hello! Good evening! Lately it’s rainy season and it’s humid and I hate it, it’s hot and sticky. Amongst all of this, what did you have for breakfast today Yaotome-kun!!! By the way, me who is writing this had bread with a mayonnaise on top that made a wall to hold an egg inside and then toasted it!!

A. Good morning!

Ah, that sounds like it would be totally scrummy!

Lately I’ve been having supplements and salad and chicken for breakfast-!

I only eat a little bit of rice before I have work!

I’m the kind that eats my fill in the evening!

On days I have to do something (like work) I don’t eat much-…

So I often have to apologise to the caterers… Lol

Q. When you always give us an apple in your Hikapaper, how do you come up with the accompanying words? It’s different everyday so I look forward to it like “I wonder what kind of apple we’ll get tomorrow”

A. Rather than coming up with something, I just write down what kind of apples I have harvested that day. So I just write it as it’s written.

Q. How fast can you run 100m Hikaru-kun?

A. Ah~ If I’m serious then about 0.0003 seconds,

But that comes up as a measurement error so if I run at 3% power it’s about 7 seconds.

Q. What thing has a Summer image to you, Hikaru-kun?

A. Fish swimming in the river! Like char!

Ah- I want to catch and eat a rainbow trout… !


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again-!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/7/31 Part 11

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 A golden apple.

Today I’m going to answer them one after another!

Question Do-jo-!


Q. Yaotome-san, your aura has become softer than before, and I think you’re becoming cuter and cuter~, but why is that?

A. Thank-you so much!

I’ve been ordering more and more toppings!

Don’t they seem delicious? (◕य◕)

That’s a joke Lol

Um-, I don’t think anything in particular has changed,

I don’t know myself!

Ah, I can turn the question back on you!

Why is it? I want to ask everyone!

Q. Hikaru-kun! There’s something I’ve always been curious about! You used to wear your hair swept back in concerts, right Hikaru-kun? I feel like you said about 12-years ago that the reason was because you hated when your bangs stuck to your forehead! You haven’t been sweeping them back lately, but is it because you don’t notice it anymore? I’d like you to tell me! I’ll always be cheering for you, Hikaru-kun!

A. Of course! There was a time when I’d wear it in a pompadour and stuff!

It’s simple now compared to before when I would style my hair up like art, and come up with plans so that it wouldn’t fall out,

I wouldn’t wear my bangs up,

Then I’d end up wearing them up, and it wouldn’t suit the songs! So I stopped! Lol

Q. Hikaru-kun!! Once and for all, if you had to represent how much you want to see the fans with apples, do you know how many apples it would be?!

A. None!

I can’t express how much I want to see you all just with apples.

Q. At the moment I have a secret challenge with myself to see how long I can stand it without using my air conditioner. (It’s to help me save money!) So far I haven’t used it once this year! Hikaru-kun, please predict how long I can last without using the air conditioner!

A. Amazing-!

But since the real fierce heat hasn’t hit yet, I think you’ll use it in the middle of August! What do you think?

Q. When there’s someone you like, how do you get closer to them Hikaru-kun? I want you to tell me!

A. Um-, since I’m an adult already-!

Something like inviting them out for dinner?

At a restaurant where we can see the night view! Or something?

And the theme would be something like an outfit battle! Lol

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I have a lot of chances to go to Sendai on business trips, but I had hoya at a restaurant and I was moved by how delicious it was and now I’m addicted to it! Do you like hoya too, Hikaru-kun? I’d like you to tell me how you like to eat it, and how you’d recommend trying it, Hikaru-kun

A. Hello!

That’s great-! I want to go on this kind of business trip!

The hoya from Miyagi are delicious!

But I think it’s rare to get ones that are delicious!

Generally, people see them and don’t think they can eat them, there are a lot of people who say they could never try them!

I would recommend eating them, well the way I was raised was the normal way with soy sauce and wasabi, but if you’re an adult, how about trying them with some local sake?

t/n: “hoya” are called “ascidians” or “sea squirts” in English and are a kind of, I don’t even know, coral? They look like an anemone without all the flowing legs.

Q. Say something to Yabu-kun who is updating every day!

A. Yabu! Nice blog dribble! Keep it up! I’m sure it will make everyone really happy!

Q. Since there’s only half of 2020 left, please tell us Hikaru-kun’s choice for “If you carry this thing around for the rest of 2020 you’ll find happiness, based on blood type”!!

A.Type AB, Vermont curry for when you’re a teeny, tiny bit hungry!

Type B, a personal ice-cream spoon for anytime deliciousness!

Type A, a TV so that you can check the TV anytime!

Type O, coffee and an apple!

Q. The last school trip of my life has been cancelled! It was the thing I was most looking forward to in high school so I was shocked!! Since all of the other fun events like the culture festival and ski trip are being cancelled too, the only things left are tests and I can’t forgive them!!!! Please comfort me!!

A. Oh! You’ve been listening to Ai✩Scream! Lol

There was a time when I also thought that “Adults exist only to take away the fun from kids-!”

But, compared to going to Kyoto on your school trip, going to Kyoto with the friends you love when you’re all grown up is way more fun!

Kyoto has an unlimited number of different places and events.

You’ll have this experience later, I think they are being kind to the kids who are yet to come!

Once you’ve done your best in your tests, watch the PARADE DVD and scream–!

Q. I broke up with one of my best friends of about 10-years. I’d heard that these kinds of things still happened when you became an adult, but no matter the reason it still sucks.

A. Oh my, I don’t know what the reason was,

But it’s because people don’t follow the same route together…

But you can walk similar routes together.

But when we grow up, whenever that may be,

We are always faced with decisions, so that we can be ok when certain decisions come eventually, it’s best to be flexible, and live like water!

Q. I don’t get much sleep on hot nights… What would you do Hikaru-kun?

A. I’m addicted to my smooth, cool pillow that I put in the fridge for an hour!

At the moment, it’s hot when you go to bed, so don’t go to bed until right when you start to feel sleepy,

Then when you’re like “I’m falling asleep already!” go and sleep soundly in your bed!

I hate it when I can’t sleep even though I’m in bed, so I spend as little time awake in bed as possible!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I’m always cheering for JUMP! I’m in my third year of middle school and there’s a boy I’ve liked since first year. We’ve been in the same class for three years and we were in the same group on our school trip so we get along well enough, but he rejected my confession and now we can’t talk and have fun like we did before and it’s awkward. But I still love him! I want to ask for some advice on if there is anything I can say to him so that we can talk like we did before!

A. Hello!

I see, it’s awkward, basically because you can’t talk about the things you want, it’s awkward. I think that’s how these things go.

Especially in love, even more so, I don’t think we can put the things we want to say into words,

But you think it will be embarrassing at the start, but when you both talk about feeling embarrassed it’s actually a great ice-breaker!

Maybe you’ll think “It’s a high risk!”,

But if you talk about how things are awkward,

Like “We could talk normally before, but since I confessed things have become awkward, but let’s go back to just being normal friends!”, this is an example, but the key to both of your awkwardness is words and maybe it will fill the space between you!

But I’m glad that you were able to confess!

Q. Thick cut beef tongue or thin cut beef tongue, which do you like?

A. Of course, fat cut!!

Thin cut is such a waste! If you’re going to enjoy your beef tongue, the best way to enjoy the texture, and the full flavour is thick cut!

Q. Hikaru-kun, I have a question please! Ever since I was little I’ve loved and admired the “click click” sound that grown women make when they’re walking in heels ♡ (Lol) My love for it hasn’t changed even though I’ve grown up now, but what sound do you like Hikaru-kun?

A. The “click click” of heels is a sound that only a woman can make!

I think that the sound of heels is wonderful too, it gives me the image of a busy morning train station going “click click click!” Lol

The sounds I like are the “drip drip” as my coffee filters, and the sound of leaves rustling in the forest!

Q. Hikaru-kun, yapo-! Hikaru-kun really hates cats, but why do you hate them so much? Even though you’re the member that is most catlike! Lol

A. Yapo-!

I’m catlike? I’m human! Lol

Cats are… Man I think it’s the same feeling of hate everyone feels towards snakes-!

But sometimes people say, it’s rude to people who like cats, or that cats definitely have cute parts,

Maybe I’m just immature and haven’t realised it yet!

Q. Hello. This is the first time I’ve written in! I have a child who is in first grade at primary school. The other day I made sure to get them ready for school properly, and even though I checked everything, just before they got to school they were like “It’s not here. I don’t have it!”, I’d forgotten their name tag. This keeps happening every day, so when I send them off to school in the morning they are getting scolded more and more. If I can I want to see them off in the morning with a smile saying “Have a nice day!”, but I have a younger child and I work and it ends up being a last minute rush that makes me irritated. When you were a child, what did you want your parents to say to you Hikaru-kun??

A. Hello!

I see, I used to forget things a lot too,

But my mother just gave me a simple warning “If you forget things the teacher will get mad and then they’ll hate you”.

Even if you say this and that, the range of things that a child can do is probably different to an adult, it’s limited,

(No idea about the next section so I’ve skipped it)

Kids will inevitably go and play, even though there are many things they want to do I think that maybe they are comfortable with the fact that they can’t-.

When they make a mistake it’s not a lesson for the parent, it’s the child,

So when there’s a number of things they need, tell them, and since they have their teacher and friends as well, why don’t you try leaving their environment up to them?

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Is this a habit of yours? On TV Hikaru-kun often makes a great face when he’s scratching around the side of his forehead, you tug on the back of your ear and jutt your chin out Lolol I think it’s cute but at the same time I can’t help laughing Lol Are you doing in unconsciously???

A. I do it super unconsciously! Lol

I’m just like a kid- Lol

Q. During self-isolation, Travis Japan’s Matsuda Genta-kun said on YouTube that he had a remote dinner with Hikaru-kun and that you drank water! Please tell us what you like about Genta-kun ♪

A. Honestly, he’s a hard worker, I can respect him even though he’s my Junior,

There are many things about him that I can praise!

Q. If there was a Yaotome Pirate Crew could I join? I’ll clean and do laundry, I’ll do anything! (Lol) If Hika-chan was the captain, everyone would always be smiling, but I imagine when the time came they would be a stoic pirate crew that would get the job done ♡

A. Yo ho!

We’ll have loads of fun together!

Q. What cut of meat do you like Hika!!!???

A. Skirt steak!


I ended on a final question with only a two word answer… Lol

Oh, I also like beef tongue!!


There was quite a volume of questions today, thank-you for reading all the way to the end!

Thank-you for the questions too!

Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again-!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/8/3 Part 12

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 I sliced it into 1mm slices.

Let’s get going straight away-!

Question Do-jo-!

Q. Hikaru-kun, good morning! #goodmorning #foreignfan #it’ssunnyagaintoday #haveaniceday

A. Oh? Um? What’s been popular with you lately?

I’ll have a nice day!

Q. I have a daughter and soon she’ll be turning one-year-old! Her mother is a big Hikaru-kun fan, so she listens to Hey! Say! JUMP CDs and watches Hey! Say! JUMP DVDs, but lately my daughter has been pulling herself up to stand and has started to call out “Ooh! Ooh!” when she sees Hikaru-kun Lol It’s a bit mean but I’d also like to see my daughter remember Hey! Say! JUMP songs and dances! Do you have a song you’d recommend?

A. Oh! You’re a man! Thank-you!

You show your daughter-!

Um-, if it’s a song then “Meh” is easy to remember, and it seems like she could imitate the singing!

If it’s a dance then Hitomi no Screen is easy so maybe it would be fun?

It’s a song from our first era, so there’s a lot of choreographed hand movements that she might enjoy!

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun. Since May I’ve been taking online classes every day. I have a lot more chances to be looking at my computer, but what do you do when your eyes get tired Hikaru-kun?

A. Thanks for working hard on the computer every day!

My eyes get tired easily, so I use my eye drops before they dry out,

When my eyes get tired, I massage my shoulders, and the base of my neck (the hollow part in line with your ear is like pressure point for the eyes, massage this!)

It’s also nice to relax with a hot, damp towel, or a chilled, damp towel on your neck!

I hope you can keep doing your best every day!

Q. Go Fighter gives me amazing energy! What was it like singing with Yabu-kun for the first time in ages? If there’s a behind the scenes story please tell us

A. Thank-you!

Is it the first time since UNION?

At that time we were like “We have to play our instruments too-!”, but this time it was fun being able to do the stronger rap and focus on the back-and-forth!

I want to do it again-!

I’ve been with Yabu a long time, so I felt like I could rely on him for the chorus,

And I was able to comfortably immerse myself in the entertainment!

Q. I want to know if Hikaru-kun’s Mokutaro-kun is feeling better and I keep losing sleep over it. Has there been any progress since last time? If you feel like it please show us some more of your bass playing!

A. Thank-you for worrying so much!

But if I take him to be repaired he’ll get better!

He won’t “get fixed”, he’s my partner, so he’ll “get better”!

At the moment I don’t really want to go out though- Lol

But I’m playing him without hooking him up to the amp!

His acoustic sound is wonderful too!

Q. Niigata is my home town. It’s been twenty years since I moved to Tokyo, but when I go home and and I’m coming back to Tokyo on the Shinkansen from Niigata, I always feel this indescribable sadness. While I’m looking at Niigata City and the countryside, it’s like I’m slowly being pulled back to reality, and I get this sentimental feeling as I wonder when the next time I’ll be able to return to Niigata will be. It’s like the nostalgic childhood that I spent in Niigata, makes the flow of my life now that I’m an adult feel real, I can’t express it well, but do you feel the same way when you’re sitting on the Shinkansen too Hikaru-kun?

A. Ah- I know exactly what you mean-.

When I come to Miyagi for work, rather than going there,

I can’t help but see it as returning Lol

Gradually seeing the nature change into the scenes of the concrete jungle is heart breaking-!

But I think I’m glad that I have a hometown!

Somewhere I can return to. Something like that, like a place where my heart can rest.

I can think “As long as I have this place, I can keep on doing my best!”

Q. Good morning! I think you’ve spent the last few months at home, but is it hard for you to maintain your weight?

A. It should be hard- Lol

Lately I haven’t been eating as much-.

I guess there are a lot of days where I’m living a one-meal-a-day life!

When I’m at work it distracts me from the hunger so it’s fine,

But then it makes me want to eat on my days off- Lol

At the moment, the best plan that I want to make is to exercise in the morning and exercise at night, work, and eat one meal in the evening,

When I get home I’ll drink my fill of water, and to distract myself from the hunger, I’ll go to sleep! I guess-!

Q. Are you the type that’s good with machines and appliances Hikaru-kun? Are you the type that reads the instruction manual? Or are you the type that says “I can do it!” without reading the manual? I’ll always support you! 

A. Thank-you for your support!

I rarely look at the instruction manuals-!

I use it, and I’m like “Ah- It’s got this feauture too-!”, I like to remember as I use it!

I think I’m the kind that’s good with machines!

Since I use a lot of machines with my instruments and when I’m composing,

I go with my intuition!

Q. This is sudden but! Hikaru-kun has excellent taste! What is the fashion item that you have your eyes on this Summer? Is there an item that you got already, or one that you want to get this season?

A. Ah, I got praised!

I bought a few pairs of sandals, but all kinds of different people have been saying nice things about them to me!

Even that Yamada-san! And Takaki-san! Lol

And the staff too, they said things like “I want the same ones-, where did you buy them?”

I’m so yappi-!

Q. Hello, Hikaru-kun. If you had to represent yourself with five kanji what would they be?

A. 八乙女光神 God Yaotome Hikaru!

That’s a lie Lol

絶対好調光 Totally satisfactory Hikaru!

Those kanji don’t look very nice together…

神乙女光君 God Otome Hikaru-kun!

That’s the one—-! Lol


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again-!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom


2020/8/6 Part 13

Yapo-! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ 🍎 Today’s is yum, meh!

Question Do-jo-!

The last time!

Let’s go-!


Q. I think that I want to become midwife in the future, but what thing that baby’s do do you like Hikaru-kun? I like when a baby is sleeping and their lips move like they’re sucking Lol

A. Oh-! What a wonderful dream!

I like when you stick your finger in their hand, and they grab it tight, and how they pucker their lips when they’re sleeping! Lol

I remember when my nieces and nephews were little-!

Babies are just balls of cuteness!

Q. Thank-you for doing the question board!!! What do you think is the thing JUMP has done that you’re the most proud of? I want you to tell us if you can!!

A. Thank-you too for your question!

There’s all kinds of things, but aren’t the members that were chosen by Johnny-san the strongest thing?

Q. Hikaru-kun! I think that I’d like to start living on my own next year, but please tell me if there is something I need to live on my own, or something I should probably have!

A. The ability to budget!

Q. It’s time, what fetish do you have?

A. Have I answered something like this before…?

I don’t really know if it’s a fetish, but hands and fingers!

Q. This is sudden, but if your girlfriend cooked you something really, really disgusting, would you honestly tell her it tasted bad Hikaru-kun?

A. I think I’d tell her it tasted bad-!

Cooking has no limits, so when you don’t always say when things taste out of place you’re restricting yourself!

Be brave and say it!

Q. Hello! My court name is Champion (pronounced Haku, not Haru)! If you had to give yourself a court name Hikaru-kun, what kanji would you have as your one kanji?

A. Are you talking about basketball?

If it’s basketball then my one kanji would be,


Read as “San”, not “Yama”,

To the opposing team it would sound like “san” (3), and it would confuse them like “Is he aiming for the 3-point shots?”,

It would be like I was aiming for the top of the mountain, I think it’s a good name for a match!

Q. I can’t help showing my emotions in my body. On days when I’m in a bad mood I can’t help sulking. It makes me feel like the people around me can’t help noticing. But I can’t stop it! It’s fine on days that I’m happy, but I feel like because I’m stressing about exams the amount of days that I’m in a bad mood are going to increase. If it was you Hikaru-kun, how would you conduct yourself around other people?

A. Ah-, you’re fine just as you are!

Quite the opposite, a lot of people these days don’t like to show their emotions, and there are people that end up bottling things up inside too,

There are lots of ways that we can express ourselves other than words,

Like expressing things with actions, I think venting is very important!

So, when you’re in a bad mood, it’s natural to suffer on your own.

Because, after you’ve suffered it’s natural that you’re desire to unleash will change,

And it becomes a step to being in a good mood, from one extreme to the other.  Make the most of this ability!

Q. Hikaru-ku~~n, it’s raining, use your magic to make it sunny~!!

A. I’ll make a Teru Teru Bozu~!

Teru Teru Bozus have amazing power-!

t/n: Teru Teru Bozu are little, white, ghost shaped dolls that Japanese children make and hang in the window when it’s raining. They are said to ward off the rain and bring good weather. Teru Teru Bozu literally means “sunny boys”.

Q. Today the breeze in Miyagi Prefecture felt great all day-! You’re not too hot are you Hikaru-kun? I want to bring you some of this breeze~ (○・・○)/~

A. I’m not, but the humidity is gross-!

When the cool breeze of Miyagi hits me, it makes me want to go cycling or camping or fishing-!

I’ll definitely come to Miyagi again, so I’ll be seeing you then!


Well, this time I couldn’t quite answer 200 questions in the Question Do-jo-, but there are still lots of question left, and I want to answer them!

But this is the last Question Do-jo- post for this round!

I wonder if the words in my letters reached you, even just a little?

I wonder if you understood my feelings?

I was able to write and think that it would be nice if my words could brighten the hearts of the people who read them!


From tomorrow I’ll keep doing my usual, weird Hikapapers so thanks for your ongoing support-!


Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again-!

Well then surbaibi- (((((((((((っ・ω・)っ broooooom














Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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