Question Dojo October 2020

I’m making a master post for all of Hika’s Dojo answers again this time. I’ll keep adding new instalments to the bottom. Scroll down to find the one you’re up to 🍎


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 Here you are.

Question Dojo!

Q. There are lots of delicious things to eat in Autumn. There’s chestnuts and sweet potato and pumpkins! What do you think is the Flavour of Autumn, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Mushroom hot pot I guess! I eat loads of mushrooms and top it off with shabu shabu! 

Q. If I don’t get 10-hours of sleep then I can’t function but about how much sleep do you get Hikaru-kun?? 

A. Maybe 6-hours?

But there are times when I sleep a lot more than that too!

When there’s a big change in atmospheric pressure I feel sleepy all day! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, thank-you for doing your question board! I’m really, really happy. I think you’re sure to get a load of questions again this time, but what was it that made you think that you would start going camping on your own, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Long ago, I was on a location shoot with Yabu and we were making a campfire with Fujioka Hiroshi-san, and wanting to make my own campfire was what started it all, because it feels like it makes the coffee I love taste delicious! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, what do you think about Takaki-kun’s hair, short? Or long? 

A. U-m, I don’t have long hair, so when I look at Takaki’s I think he looks sexy! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, thank-you for your hard work again today (◜ω◝) How is your coffee sommelier study coming along? When I saw the Hikaru-kun that I love was taking on the challenge of a new qualification, it made me think that I would like to challenge something while I’m still in my 20’s too, and I have decided that I am going to get certified for something that will be useful to me in the future. To start with I am studying my absolute hardest for the private secretary certification in November >_<  Let’s both do our best to learn the skills we need and aim to pass our certification!! 

A. That sounds hard!

I see! Let’s do our best while we’re having fun!

Because when we remember doing fun things it leaves lasting memories in our heads! 

Q. When you go to sleep which direction does your head face, north, south, east or west? I face west by the way. 

A. South! There was someone who studied feng shui here once, and they told me that if I put my pillow a certain way I would sleep soundly!  

Of course, before that I had it pointing a different direction and it felt like I never got enough sleep…! 

Q. It’s been over 15-years since I became Hikaru-kun’s fan, but because you keep showing us new charming sides of yourself, I’ve never got bored in 15-years and Hikaru-kun continues to make my heart ache! By the way, 15-years ago the first thing about you that made my heart ache was your “big, round eyes”. The most recent thing is “Hikaru-kun’s cute, curvy handwriting” \(^o^)/ From now on until forever, even when I’m an old lady, I think I’d be happy if Hikaru-kun was still able to make my heart ache. Thank-you for always bringing me so much happiness! I love you!  

A. Thank-you so much! 

Even when I’m an old man, I’ll make you smile! 

Q. To my beloved Hikaru-kun. Lately, what is the first thing you order when you go out for sushi, Hikaru-kun? 

A. When my stomach is empty I want to put something delicious in it, so I start with tail base or broiled tail base. 

t/n: This is the part he likes (source: 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! The other day Matsuda Genta-kun played ukulele in the Travis Japan live stream. He said that he got it from Hikaru-kun as a birthday present back in April, but did you really give Genta-kun a ukulele as a present, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I see! But the ukulele I gave him as a present didn’t seem like an electric one! 

So he must have used a different, electric ukulele in the concert! 

Genta picked up ukulele so fast! 

Q. Which country’s coffee do you recommend! 

A. For one reason or another, Ethiopia’s! 

It’s reliably delicious! It’s delicious black, or with milk in it! 

Q. At the moment I can’t see where my life is going from now on and it makes me anxious… the pressure that’s around me, and the different expectations everyone puts on me makes me even more anxious. Even so, when I see JUMP and listen to their songs I’m able to bring out my energy and motivate myself!! What do you do to deal with your anxiety when you feel it, Yaotome-san?? I’d like you to tell me. Keep doing your best from now on! I’ll be cheering for you. 

A. That sounds hard… 

There’s a lot of times that I feel anxious too, but I’m searching for a way to put my own mental health at ease! 

I think it’s fine to run away from our lives! 

When you don’t run away, you slam head-first into a wall and fall down, and doesn’t that makes it harder to keep moving forward again?

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun. Thank-you for always giving me energy. I go camping with my family too, but camping equipment is cute and I can’t help wanting one of everything. What’s your favourite piece of camping equipment, Hikaru-kun? By the way, even though there’s only three people in my family, we have an eight person, one-pole tent… it’s white and looks cute, it’s my favourite! 

A. Wah! Giant one-pole tents are so trendy! 

My favourite piece of camping equipment is…

My knives! 

I have two, one for splitting sticks for the fire, and one for cooking, but I want to take good care of them both! 

Q. List the three parts you love of the member who is closest to you right now! 

A. He was closest to me until just a second ago, Chinen! 

First, we’re on the same wavelength 

Second, his tricky way of thinking 

Third, his innocent funniness! 

Q. I somehow have the taste buds of a child, I can’t drink coffee and I can’t even stand coffee flavoured milk. Is there a relatively drinkable coffee out there even for me who hates bitter flavours? 

A. So you even hate the flavour of iced coffee? 

But I think it’s ok to give up and not drink it too! 

If the timing is right one day and you drink it, 

You could have fun trying a latte or cappuccino! 

Q. Every time you do the Question Dojo your answers are really warm, Hikaru-kun. You’re holding your fans close and even when things seem negative you change the words to a positive without disregarding them and it makes my heart ache. The more I learn how Hikaru-kun thinks, the more things I come to love and respect, and it makes me realise once again how glad I am that I fell in love with Hikaru-kun!!!! 

A. Thank-you! 

It’s probably because when I say or hear negative words it makes things feel horrible, so for a long time now I’ve tried to use them sparingly.

Even when I say them, I will continue to give the answer a positive spin at the end! 

Q. Lately I have absolutely no motivation at all, I’m sluggish and there are a lot of things I’m not doing. I’m detestable but how do you start moving when there’s something you don’t feel like doing Hikaru-kun?? 

A. Humans are fascinating, even when we have no motivation, there are things we can do to get ourselves moving. 

Like didn’t YOU just ask me this question? 

I don’t think a lack of motivation = a negative thing

So get moving feeling just the way you are! 

Q. This is just my opinion, but I feel like we’ve been able to see Hikaru-kun’s true self (gentle and a little air-headed) on TV more than before. Did something perhaps change the way you think about or view your work? Personally I think Hikaru-kun’s gentle, slightly air-headed parts are cute and very attractive, so I want to see them more~ ♡ I love you, Hikaru-kun! 

A. Thank-you! 

I see~, I’m actually the carefree type.

Before I would wear a shell and make a version of myself,

When I watched myself on air I saw that the me I had made didn’t feel right, and now I am just the way I am!

Not even knowing what you yourself are going to do is fun!

I’m not an air-head though! 

I’m just stupid! Lol 

Q. Hello Hikanyan! Please reply with the shortest word you know! 

A. K! 

Q. Due to the Corona Disaster I wasn’t able to find a part-time job but lately I’ve finally been employed in my first part-time work experience! There are things I’m not used to yet and I’m full of worry but I’m doing my best! I’d be happy if you’d give me a message of support!! 

A. I think that doing your best even when things feel uncomfortable is a very admirable thing! 

I think that life at the moment is like a workout,  let’s both do our best! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, yapo~!! I recently got my drivers license! I’m really looking forward to going on drives with my friends and going to faraway places that we weren’t able to go to before~! What kind of places do you like to go to when you go out for a drive, Hikaru-kun?? 

A. I like to take the expressway and go to interesting regional areas,

I love watching the scenery roll by and change! 

Drive safely, be careful until you get your gold license rating and enjoy your drives! 

That’s all for today! 

I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again! 


#(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ brooooom


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 An apple milkshake.

Question Dojo!

Q. Hikaru-kun is really good at cooking, but what’s something delicious that you cooked lately??!

A. A simple steak, lately I like simple cooking! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, hello! I’m so so happy you opened the Question Board! Thank-you as always! ♡ I love the rap part Hikaru-kun has in the coupling song Secret Magic off the new single! Since you’re singing in a way that I’ve never heard before, it really makes my heart race…! Is there anything that you have to be careful of when you’re singing, or anything that is difficult?? 

A. Thank-you! 

A new song is always like a challenge to sing in a new way! 

Since there are still lots of different ways to rap,

Look forward to them! 

Q. Please teach me the trick to decluttering! (^^ ゞ

A. Rather than feeling like you’re throwing things away, think of it as “I’m making a new room” and then you’ll be able declutter to your heart’s content! 

Q. I admire Hikaru-kun and it’s now been 4-years since I started playing the bass. I’ve  wanted to practice more lately, but my thumb hurts. What do you do when this happens Hikaru-kun? 

A. Ah… I’ve just gotten tendonitis in my thumb, I’m getting it treated

(I’m treating it properly so you don’t have to worry!) 

But when you play the bass, all you can do is stretch your wrists and roll your shoulders,

Stretch each of your fingers properly one at a time, 

And I think cleaning after you finish playing is important too! 

There are lots of different ways to practice, but using something like a rhythm machine or a drum machine, or a metronome, to practice playing freely in a range of different ways is really useful! 

I want to have a session together one day! 

Q. I’ve been doing my best to find a job since March and finally at the end of September I got a job offer and was able to finish my search. I felt like I was going to lose out along the way but I listened to “Parade wa Owarani” a lot and did my best. Please praise my efforts my beloved Hikaru-kun ♡

A. That’s wonderful! You did a great job! 

Doing your best means you didn’t betray yourself, so keep this feeling going and fight on without wearing yourself out!  

Q. Have you eaten snow before? 

A. I have! 

The top layer seemed to taste like exhaust fumes, it was disgusting,

But when I dug it out a bit and tried the snow underneath, it was yummy! 

Q. I think that Hikaru-kun is a really thoughtful and kind person. Is there any one thing that considerate Hikaru-kun would protect at all costs????? 

A. Not being weak I guess. When you’re weak you can’t support anyone. 

But as much as I think that being weak isn’t a determining factor, I won’t be a weak person. 

I think that holding close to the secret passion that you have inside gives you strength. 

So, I don’t understand it at all, but I think that always having a flame burning in your heart is really important. 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Please forgive me for bringing up the thing that Hikaru-kun hates. Hikaru-kun hates the animal that goes “meow”, but what do you think of Inya Kei and Inoo-kun who looks like that animal in Pet Shop Love Motion? I thought of this question with good intentions, so please answer it if you’d like. 

A. I won’t force myself to check it out! Lol 

It’s not for me, but if the fans enjoy it then I think that’s great, so maybe I haven’t watched it particularly closely… Lol 

Sorry Inoo. 

Q. Why do you always give us apples? Please give us a pear if you can! 

A. I have no pears! I only supply apples 🍎

t/n: the first line of his answer reads “nashi wa nashi” pear = nashi, none = nashi

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! At the moment I’m really into this game where you spread paint around and if I have even a little free time I’ll end up spending the whole time playing it… Hikaru-kun gets into games too, but what game genre are you the best at? 

A. Is that that online game? 

I was into that one for a while too! 

Something I’m good at though, it’s fun playing the horror games I like on my own! 

The latest online games are pretty high level,

I don’t know what is considered “being good”, but I think that if you’re having fun then you’re a winner! 

t/n: I’m pretty sure “that online game” they’re talking about is Splatoon

Q. Hikaru-kun ♡ It’s already the 6th time you’ve opened the Question Board! I’m so happy. Thank-you so much ♫ When you wink Hikaru-kun, lately you’ve been using your left eye a lot, but did you realise it? Whether it’s with the right eye or the left eye, I love Hikaru-kun’s wink more than anything else ✩

A. Thank-you! 

I think that the camera is probably filming me from the left so I wink with my left eye! 

I wink when I’m really getting into things,

So it’s purely my instincts! Lol 

Q. Thank-you for opening the Question Board Hikaru-kun. I often remember things that make me laugh in class… Once I think of something funny, I can’t contain it and I laugh no matter what I do. If there’s a way that I can supress it I’d like you to tell me Lol 

A. I know what you mean! There is no way to stop a memory that makes you laugh! Lol 

I can’t do it either Lol 

What’s more, I smile when I’m imagining things,

And the members often say to me “What are you smiling for?”, it gives the wrong impression Lol 

Laughing is good for your health though, so laugh away!

Q. It will soon be time for Hikaru’s (imaginary) Halloween Party ♡ If you had to dress up, what would you like to be? (ノε`*)ノ

A. From the Fist of the North Star anime,

 His face is mostly hidden, but I like Jagi and would like to try dressing up as him! 

Or something like a Kamen Rider or a Hero! 

I’m a boy through and through! Lol 

t/n: Jagi

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun!! I watched the special JUMP de CAMP video and now there’s something that I want to know! If the JUMP members were interested in camping would you go camping together with them?? And is there a member that is interested in it now?? Please tell me if you can!! 

A. Of course if they said “Let’s go” then I’d go! 

Lately, it feels like Yabu would go, and I think that if he’s free we’ll go together next time!

I think he’ll probably get into it! 

Q. What’s cute about Yabu Kota-kun? 

A. Ah, the Yabu questions continue Lol 

Um, this is related to the previous question,

He didn’t say “Take me camping!”,

But he muttered under his breath

“Yeah… I think I’d like… to try going camping”

And when I asked him

“Do you want to go with me?” 

He said 


It’s his roundabout way of talking!

It’s never changed! Lol 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! It suddenly got very cold lately and I’ve been wearing long sleeved blouses to work, so when I do physical work I can’t help sweating. But when the wind blows the sweat cools and I get cold and I feel like I’m going to catch a cold so I think that it’s best to wear long sleeves. I think that Hikaru-kun wears a lot of long sleeved clothes at this time of year, but has there ever been a time that you’ve worn something that was a mistake? (Lol)

A. When I was little I lived in a cold place, so I got used to it, but a tip is, when you’re wearing extremely thick clothes, when you get cold you can wear enough to warm yourself, when you don’t do things half-way, it’s easy to make it through the day! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Hello!!! I have something that I am simply very curious about, who is the fastest runner in JUMP?? Please tell me if you can! 

A. Oh? I wonder who? The one with the thickest legs is Yamada I guess? 

Yuto seems fast… 

But if we were running away from something I think it would be Daiki! 

Q. Nice to meet you! I’m 21-years-old and have reached my limit looking for a job! I became a 4thyear university student and before I realised it was already October! I feel like I have slammed into the biggest wall of my life right now. When you hit the wall, Hikaru-kun, how do you get over it? Please tell me if you can ^ ^ 

A. The wall hey! 

Maybe you could try searching for a different path! 

Somehow, with the right image training, there is no such thing as an impassable wall, so find that gap! 

Q. It’s October, you can feel the scent of the osmanthus in the suddenly chilly air, it feels like Autumn. Do you have a scent that reminds you of the seasons, or a scent linked to a memory, Hikaru-kun?

A.  Winter of course! 

I like how everyone feels cosy in Winter! 

I feel “Ah! It’s warm!” more keenly than “It’s cool”! 

Q. Please give me some sweet words as the medicine I need to get to sleep!!! 

A. Let’s meet up in our dreams. 

I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again! 


丼(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ brooooom


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 The skin is nibbled too.

I’ve got some free time so

Question Dojo!

Q. When you get your hair shampooed at the hair dresser,  do you shut your eyes? Or do you leave them open? 

A. I guess I do both? 

Some people put a towel over their faces, and some people don’t, and when I don’t put a towel over my face I stare at the person doing the shampooing, they laugh and say “Um… Please shut your eyes…!” 

Q. The growth diary style videos that Hikaru-kun makes with the wardrobe person’s puppy are cute and I watch them regularly to refresh myself. What breed is she, a Chihuahua? Or a Pomeranian? Hikaru-kun with a puppy is doubly as cute!! If you owned a dog, Hikaru-kun, what kind of dog would you like to own? 

A. That puppy is so cute! I feel like I’m her Papa! 

If I owned a dog then, I think a big dog that looked like a mop would be nice! 

I want to tousle their fur while we played! 

t/n: He probably means something like a Komondor or Puli. They are hypoallergenic, so good for his allergies too! (Sorry, I’m dog crazy!)

Q. Please tell us the Yaotome Hikaru story that never slips away.

A. OK!

I wear rubber gloves when I wash my camping gear,

Since camping gear is usually made out of metal,

When you use your bare hands, the detergent makes everything slippery and you can’t wash things properly… 

So when you wear rubber gloves,

Things never slip away! 

t/n: “slip away” is a way to say a joke “falls flat” or fails. So basically  the fan asked Hika to tell a story that always makes people laugh, but he literally told a story about things not “slipping away” as a punny joke instead! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Hikaru-kun often plays games with different people online, but if you had to gather a team of people together for an online game who would you put in your team (^-^)?? I’d be happy if you tell us the reasons why too!!! 

A. Um, it would depend on the game, but Kaito from King & Prince and the Junior Fuji-kun are a must! 

Because they’re good and they’re kind! 

After that, I’d want someone about the same level as me so that would be Hirano from King & Prince, and it’s fun gaming with a noisy person, so that would be the stereotypically loud Miyata from KissMai! 

I’ve never gamed with Miyacchi before, he doesn’t seem like the gaming type Lol 

I deliberately wouldn’t include any of the members! 

Also if Tsuka-chan from A.B.C-Z and Massu from NEWS were there, 

Miyacchi, Tsuka-chan and Massu would all be seniors, but since they’re all kind, the Juniors and I would still be able to have fun! 

I guess that’s the line up! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! I have a question! When you’re song writing, do you actually meet the people that give you the song and talk about the song together? I’ve always wondered so please tell me! 

A. I do! 

When the song is related to someone then of course we meet and have a planning meeting about it, when Sawano Hiroyuki-san wrote a song for us, we went out for dinner and he said roughly “This is a great song!”,

There’s a final part of the production process called “mastering”, but we work on that together too, depending on the time, sometimes schedules don’t work out, but before it goes to mastering we ask for a final opinion! 

Q. I love watching Hikaru’s picture drawing videos! The process of new things being born from Hikaru-kun’s left hand is fun and exciting. I hope you post more drawing videos later! 

A. Thank-you! 

I like watching videos of people drawing too (people with higher level skills than me) 

so I’m glad that mine make you happy! 

Q. When people poke their tongues out they can’t yawn twice! … Hey, Hikaru-kun, what kind of dog are your pretending to be? 

A. … It’s one of these things. Lol 

Dammit, you got me! Lol 

Q. If there’s a recipe that you’d recommend lately, Hika, please tell me~ ♪ Lately I’m into the non-fried series of foods, like non-fried croquettes and non-fried fried chicken~ Lol To sum it up you basically only fry things in the tiniest amount of oil, and it comes out basically like fried food and is tasty and convenient! 

A. Using a small amount of oil is great! 

Surprisingly, you think “Oh, I guess it doesn’t need that much oil after all”. 

A recipe hey…! 

Recently, I did this on Hirunandesu too, but I put dried konbu strips inside a whole baked onion and it was the best! 

And I’ve even made it again since then! 

You can even make it in a toaster oven so I recommend it! 

Q. Hikaru-kun ♡ If the members were camping equipment, what would each of them be? Please tell me! 

A. Ah, YOU don’t hold back, everyone is so good at asking questions! 

There are so many fun questions! 

Yabu would be the camp fire! You can’t start without him! 

Yamada would be the fire lighter! Because you can relax when he’s there!  

Yuto, would be a coffee grinder! He’s stylish, and would make reliable coffee for me to drink! 

Chinen, is the kettle! Kettles are kind of cute! 

Dai-chan, is firewood! I want to smash him in half ←

Takaki is the oil lantern! He’s perfect for creating the atmosphere!

Inoo, is the gas lighter! By the way, he wouldn’t light things properly! 

I would be the tarp! I’d have the role of protecting everyone from the sun! 

Q. I suddenly thought of this when Yabu-chan talked about “flicking” in his Yabu Paper, but when you’re typing Hikaru-kun, do you use only one thumb? Or do you type with both thumbs together? 

A. I mainly flick with my left thumb, and when I confirm/send I use my right pointer finger! 

But sometimes I mix things up and flick with my right pointer finger too! Lol 

Mainly it’s my thumb and pointer finger! 

Q. Hello! I’m a working woman in her 30s. I sprained my back when I sneezed this morning. I got this intense pain as I was leaving for work, and I was so surprised that I broke out into a cold sweat. I said that I wouldn’t be able to go to work, and the guilt of taking Saturday to Monday off, as well as the pain in my lower back, has caused a drop in my mental health too. Please take care of your body Hikaru-kun (  ;  ;  )  

A. What! I guess our body temperature reflects things in our body in times like this somehow… 

When you sprain something, they say that it feels more like the muscle fibres than the bones themselves,

So I’d recommend getting acupuncture! 

Get some rest and I hope that you’re feeling better soon! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, thank-you for opening the Question Board again. I always enjoy reading your Hika Papers. You play the role of a painter in the special short film that comes with Your Song, but if this production really got made into a movie, how would you delve deeper in the performance of this role? 

A. Likewise, thank-you to everyone for asking me questions! 

I see, 

I’d casually paint memories on canvas with everyone, and the most fun memory, like… I feel like they would get a prize…! I want to expand it into something wonderful! 

Q. What’s your favourite thing that you’ve bought lately? 

A. I got a camp chair that’s compact and has a reclining feature, it’s my favourite! 

Q. How many times a day do you brush your teeth, Hikaru-kun? I’d really like you to tell me! I’ll use it as a reference! 

A. Two times!

Morning and night! 

If I have time off at lunch time I’ll do them, but I forget when I’m at work! 

Even though I have a tooth brush in my bag… Lol 

Q. When I was in high school, I joined the Wandervogel Club, so I love mountains and camping. The light of lanterns, and the stars are really great! What’s your favourite thing about camping Hikaru-kun? When I was in high school, I saw a really long shooting star, but when I think about it now, maybe it was just a man-made satellite. I want to go camping with Hikaru-kun and talk to him sometime!!!

A. Let’s go camping together! 

I’ve seen a shooting star too! 

It was so mysterious! 

I want to see one again! 

It’s nice talking about things when you’re camping! 

I’d like to try doing concert planning while camping! Lol 

t/n: Wandervogel is German and means Wandering Bird. It’s a youth group that go hiking etc and wage peaceful protest against deforestation.

Q. Please tell me your routine when you’re getting yourself worked up or you’re going into battle, Hikaru-kun! 

A. Meditate! 

I don’t know how to meditate properly,

But I think about nothing, and breathe deeply for 10-minutes!

So, my head empties when I meditate, and then thinking “I’m going to have fun at work today!” gets my energy level up! 

Q. Hello Yaotome-kun! I have something I’d like to ask you about. I have a dream of what kind of job I would like to do in the future, but as I get older, rather than feeling like I’m getting closer to my dream, it feels like it’s fading away. I’ve been holding onto this dream in my heart up until now, so I hate the way I am now. In times like this, how should I face my dream? Sorry for the heavy contents… 

A. It’s not heavy at all! 

I don’t know what your dream is, but you’re only human of course,

So as we get older, we want to hurry up and make our dreams come true! 

At this age even I think that I want to make my dreams come true, there are some dreams that get away,

But when I think “It’s impossible!”, I deal with it by holding onto an even bigger dream!  

If a dream slips away it will burden you. Something like that.

People’s lives are subject to time, so it would be great if there was a way for us to make our dreams come true faster! 

Q. If there is a must have food when you’re drinking coffee, or a food that you would recommend to have when you’re drinking coffee, please tell me! 

A. Um, on my cheat days,

I have coffee and a hamburger! 

It makes my heart race! 

Q. The most fun thing is watching the snippets of Hikaru-kun that get filmed in the wipe on Hirunandesu every week. Thank-you for always bringing my ears and eyes so much fun (^ ^) Because you update everyday even during self-isolation I felt connected to Hikaru-kun and didn’t get lonely. How are you so healing Hikaru-kun? Don’t you get lonely? What’s your latest craze? 

A. Thank-you! 

Um, I’m generally peaceful, my latest craze,

I have a lot of hobbies so I don’t get worried,

But I was lonely when I couldn’t see everyone! 

But because of this I opened the Question Board, and exchanging thoughts helped alleviate it a little! 

t/n: “wipe” is the name of the little screen in the corner that shows people’s live reactions during Japanese variety shows

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for opening the Question Dojo ^_^ Hikaru-kun is left handed, but how much do you use your right hand in your work? When do you use your right hand?? You hold scissors in your right hand so I’m curious! 

A. Uh huh! 

I use my right for scissors, I also use my right side when I kick in soccer, and in martial arts I’m fine with both a left and right stance! 

I also clean my glasses with my right hand,

For some reason I use my right hand when I’m using my tablet, I use my right hand with my fire starting kit when I’m camping, and I might use my right hand when I drink something? 

I use my right hand to scratch when my eyes and nose are itchy,

And I hold the sponge in my right hand when I’m doing the dishes,

And I’ll also use my right hand when I steal your heart.

Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again! 

Well then surbaibi-

–=三Σ((( っ•᷅ω•᷄)っ


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 Full of delicious ingredients 

I’m sorry haven’t been able to upload a Hikapaper every day!

Let’s do it again today…

Question Dojo! 

Da dun! 

Q. Hello Yaotome-kun! What’s a risky thing that happened to you lately Yaotome-kun?? By the way, mine is that I only just bought a pair of boots and when I wore them one of the heels snapped!! 

A. If the heel snapped, they mustn’t be any good anymore? 

I’m so sorry (´ ; ω ; `)

A risky story, hey! I have one! 

The other day I was next to a cat for the first time in ages (; •̀ω•́)

Q. Which muscle do you like the best Yaotome-kun? I like the sternocleidomastoid.

A. Back muscles! I don’t know much about muscles, but since the muscles on our backs are really important, I always include them in my workouts! 

Q. I have a part time job at a ramen restaurant! There are all kinds of different noodle textures, like soft noodles, hard noodles, very hard noodles, extra hard noodles, flourless noodles, but what texture do you get when you eat ramen Hika-chan? I like hard noodles. 

A. Generally when I go to a ramen restaurant I express the texture of the noodles by ordering “The same as usual!”

If it’s the first time I’ve been there, then I’ll ask for their recommendation for the texture, and go with that! 

When I order “the usual”, I want to see how the cooking is at that store that day, and order “The same as usual!” 

Q. Hikaru-kun said in his Hikapaper once “Yamada-kun is sleeping next to me, stretched out like the “big” kanji!” but does Yamada-kun always sleep in the dressing room? Yuto-kun also posted a picture of it before so now I’m curious! 

A. It’s not just Yamada, surprisingly everyone seems to sleep for a time!  

For a while I think I was the one that had the really sleepy image, but I’ve fixed that, and now I only do it about once or twice a week! 

The reason I sleep is because when I arrive at work, I often have to get to the dressing room earlier than everyone else, after I’ve arrived at the dressing room there is often a 2-hour waiting period, so I have to wait for about 2-hours.

So I sleep! 

It’d be nice to do some exercise and stuff as well, but because my make-up has been finished for work, they’d have to re-do it… it’s a time that’s really hard to describe… Lol

But I don’t have that kind of schedule much anymore! 

Q. Do you get on well with Pii-tan, Hikaru-kun? Please tell us a conversation you had with Pii-tan lately! 

A. Of course, we’re friends! 

Just yesterday he was giving me a ride on his cloud, he’s got his provisional drivers liscence! 

Q. Right now, there’s a mosquito in my room. He’s seems to have settled in for the week. Last night, right as I was going to bed I heard the sound of a mosquito, but I was so sleepy I didn’t really register it. Then a few minutes later, my ear got so itchy that I couldn’t sleep, and it seems like he had bitten me right inside the ear. I couldn’t get a peaceful sleep at all. I’m hoping he doesn’t bite my face… Hikaru-kun, what’s the most surprising place a mosquito has bitten you before? 

A. Woah! You should open the window and burn a mosquito repellent!

Mine’s not very surprising, but I’ve been bitten on the fingerprint side of my finger before, but still, we use our fingers a lot so it was itchy all the time! 

Take care of your fingers everyone! 

Q. I have a complicated fear of rollercoasters and when I tried taking on the challenge of riding one once before it felt like my internal organs were floating around in my body and I just can’t… I think that the way Hikaru-kun deals with riding rollercoasters and going skydiving so normally is amazing! 

A. When it comes to rollercoasters though,

They’re scary because they are scary! Lol 

With skydiving, right before you jump it’s so scary that it’s like your life flashes before your eyes! 

But it’s for work, so I do it! Lol 

Q. Hello, Hikaru-kun. My son has finally become the tallest in his class. When you were little, about what number in line were you, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Hello! 

Oh, he’ll have to put his hands on his waist when he’s in the front of lessons then! 

When I was little I was only about third in line, I was really small! 

I was smaller than the girls! 

But, since I wasn’t worried about growing taller, I didn’t really notice it! 

This culture of lining kids up in height order is a little embarrassing! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I’ve been getting into gaming lately, and when I see my name listed in the top rankings it lights a fire in me and I end up playing straight through for hours every day. I also work though and I’m honestly not getting enough sleep, but I can’t stop. I think that you play games too Hikaru-kun, but can you become a good player in the time you have allotted to it? Please tell me what your gaming style is, Hikaru-kun! 

A. I get kind of hung up on rankings and stuff too, but because I have thrown away my pride, I don’t really play that long! 

Also, rather than playing popular games, I like playing games that haven’t really been popular before! 

I guess it’s because you don’t hear any spoilers this way and you can see things for the first time when you play! 

Q. Do you believe in fate, Hikaru-kun?? What do you think of fate? 

A. Fate, hey~. I wonder~.

You hear that our fates have all been decided, but amazing coincidences really get me excited! 

I don’t think that our fates have been decided, since “fate” is made up of (t/n the kanji for) “luck” and “destiny”, I think of it like our destiny is dependent on the luck we have!

Q. Hikaru-kun, you change your hair every time you’re on TV and I think it’s fun to watch. I look forward to it every time like “I wonder what kind of hair style he’ll have today?”. Loose curls, straight, behind your ears, bangs swept to the left, all of them are so interesting, you have such a wide repertoire of styles for short hair, I’ve learnt so much. I’ve had long hair for a number of years, but I’m tired of my usual loose curl look, so I think I’d like to try all kinds of different things too. Do you always decided on your own hairstyle when you appear on TV, Hikaru-kun?

A. I almost always do my own hair and make-up when I’m on TV! 

I style my hair depending on how I’m feeling that day, so, I style it with my feelings! 

There’s a lot of days where I finish my hair and make-up in 5-minutes! 

There seem to be lots of fun things you can do with long hair too! 

Q. Last month Hey! Say! JUMP had the 13th anniversary of their formation, but what did the members talk about at that time?? If you talked about something I would love to know the details!! 

A. Um? Rather than talking about “13th!” we were looking forward to our 15th anniversary! It will go by in the blink of an eye, so rather than focussing on the “now”, we’ve started to talk about the future!

I think it’s great! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I am a pastry chef and soon it’s going to be Christmas, the busiest time of year for me. I’d like Hikaru-kun to give me his support so that I can make it through! Also, when you’re busy Hikaru-kun, what do you try to keep in mind? 

A. Amazing! I’ll have one stylish mont blanc, please! 

I’m really grateful to people who make sweets! 

There always seems to be a “sweets boom” or fad, but here is proof that the pasty chefs are really giving it their all! Amazing! 

Something I keep in mind when I’m busy, hey.

Keeping yourself in good health is a necessity,

And picture yourself overcoming things in a fun way! 

It’s simple, but you can’t achieve something when you’re always imagining it so, failure, success, being ordinary, you can imagine all kinds of different things! 

Q. I love Hikaru-kun’s handwriting. How can I write like you, Hikaru-kun! 

A. Of course. I wonder how I write? Lol 

It’s not something I’m really aware of! 

It’s round. I think this and then it just comes out that way! Lol

It’s probably because, I’ve gone down the big path, I didn’t listen or practice properly when we did handwriting at school!  

I’d get in trouble for writing things that looked like pictures! Lol

Since I write with my left hand, I was always getting warnings! Lol 

But, when I learnt handwriting from Kataoka Tsurutaro-san at work, he said it’s great that I use my left hand! Being original is important! He said something like that to me, so don’t stress about your own writing! 

So, in summary, don’t worry about the shape and just write, and you’re hand writing will probably turn out round! 

Q. When I listen to a song, a colour always pops into my head, but do you picture colours to go with songs, Yaotome-san? If you do! Please tell me what colour pops into your head for Go Fighter! 

A. Colours! That’s so interesting! I wonder what colour you’d picture the most?  

When I write a song, do I think of a colour? I don’t know, 

But I think of movies and dramas, animes, everyday life, I feel like I often get all kinds of these one-shot scenes flitting through my mind! 

So, this is extreme, but it feels like a lot of threads come from picturing that one thing! 

Maybe somewhere in there I’m picturing colours too? 

Q. Hello! Hikaru-kun, apart from cats, are you ok with all animals, bugs and living creatures??!!

A. I don’t like G… Lol 

I saw G for the first time when I came to Tokyo, I had never seen them before so I wasn’t used to them at all… Lol 

They’re scary!

I’ve never seen it, but people around me have told me they can fly,

But they don’t look like they can at all… Lol 

That would be terrifying. 

t/n: G is for “gokiburi” = cockroaches 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for opening the Question Dojo! I have an immediate question! The other day, I met someone for the first time in ages who made my heart race! He’s an older guy from work who is about the same age as Hikaru-kun, but I’m 24 so there’s a bit of an age gap and I’m worried that it might bother him so I haven’t taken the next step…! I want to grow-up (>_<) 

A. Hello!

Age has nothing to do with love! 

Cushion, sponge, water, atmosphere,

Gradually bundle him up with things that feel soft, and he will fall for you in time.

Please love freely


Q. Thank-you for always making me happy, Hikaru-kun! Lately, I’m happy that I get to see Hikaru-kun doing things on all kinds of different TV shows! I’d like to know what you would like to challenge the most

A. I love Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, so an action movie! 

I’ve had a lot of chances to watch serious action movies lately, but I want to do something serious, but also tricky and comical, like Jackie! 

Something like when I appeared in the Dark System Championship Contest for Love drama a long time ago, this really felt like an action movie too! 

Dark System was fun! 

Coming up with movement and acting plans with Director Inudo Isshin was really fun! 

Q. Hello Yaotome-kun. What time do you like, Yaotome-kun? I like around 1-3am in the middle of the night. I like that all the busyness of the day time has faded away and it feels like you’re cut off from the world. 

A. The way you express it like a poet is so wonderful!  

I’d love for YOU to write a book! 

This makes me sound like an old man, but I like early mornings! 

It’s like the memories of yesterday are still lingering on the street,

But it also feels like today is beginning! 

Q. Please ask something you want to ask to all of your fans!

A. The inverted pattern! Lol 

Um, if you had to make an original four word poem about me, what kanji spring to your mind? 




Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again! 

Well then surbaibi-!

(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ brooooom

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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