guerrilla love 1st – 8th January 2021

I felt motivated to translate some Tottsu blogs so I’ve dumped them all in the same post here. Enjoy~


Dear everyone

Happy New Year.

In 2021, please pour all of your love into A.B.C-Z and Totsuka Shota once again. 

We’ll laugh together

We’ll have fun together

We’ll make the impossible become possible together

On a more personal note please also look forward to seeing Totsuka Shota’s “Ghost of Future Yet to Come”. 

I’m fully prepared. 




Thanks for your support again this year ^_^ 


“By the end I will be filthy and age with grace” 

How are you, everyone? 

I’ve decided to take things slowly 

We haven’t been able to get together in big groups like other years, so I’m feeling a little lonely 

The streets are quiet 

But this is a sign that everyone is fighting this loneliness

It’s a long fight 

To all of the health care workers, and everyone whose job involves them in keeping the country safe, thank-you for all of your hard work, day in and day out

I’ll use my what meagre brains I have to do what I can too 

we are the people 


How are you doing? 

I’m doing the same, deciding to take things slow

Natural desires are the best!!!

I have set aside the premise of whether or not I need contents for my updates  

Natural desires!!! 


Bring it on, holiday weight gain

Trans-fatty acids


Herds of animal based protein! 

Wads of processed meat! 

Big waves of pudding! 

You bastards and your cunning attacks 

The blood that flows in my veins is beautiful 

It has an autophagy function that is on a whole other level 

You won’t stand a chance against the will I have trained through mindfulness 

So bring it on

My metabolism will eradicate

Your all-out attack on my stomach 

Use as many tactics as you bastards have got, even if you swell me up like a wooden doll

You won’t shift my physique one centimetre, it’s overcome countless hardships before  

You bastards don’t affect me at all! 

The mere thought of your powerlessness fills me with joy,

There is not a single thing that can affect my physique

It will come crashing down on your powerlessness! 


Bring it on! 


I’m lying! I’m going to get fat again! 

I’m going to eat delicious things and get fat! 

It’s only natural

Natural desires are the best! 

Natural desires! 

Natural desires are everything! 

Mankind can never win against the love we have for ourselves! 

Giving in is victory! 

Due to natural desires I’ll have a mega-serving of everything please. 

This has been another entry in my first series for 2021, are contents necessary for my updates? Can they survive with no substance? (Lol) 


“Text 2021. 1/4” 

Cast A: Naked Man 

Cast B: Neo, a set of bathroom scales with artificial intelligence (vocal performance) 

A dressing room 

Lights up 

A man comes into view 

He’s wearing next to nothing, Naked Man  

He’s looking down at his feet 

Perhaps he’s looking at the hair growing on his toes? 

You’re wrong

He’s staring at his artificially intelligent bathroom scales, nickname “Neo” 

Music starts 

Naked Man: Neo~ 

Neo: What’s up? 

Naked Man: Free, free free free free, free free free free free, free

Neo: “Free” means receiving something without the usually necessary exchange of money 

Naked Man: I know what free means. That’s not what I wanted to ask you. Neo~ 

Neo: “Nyao” is the most popular sound people make when they are imitating a cat

Naked Man: I wasn’t imitating a cat

Neo: Then what’s up? 

Naked Man: Standing on the scales free, free, free, freaks me out

Music fades 


Neo: “Standing on the scales freaks me out”, is that how you’re feeling right now? 


Naked Man: That’s right! I’m being honest with you!

Music comes back in 

Neo: What are you talking about? Standing on the scales freaks you out? It’s only a result of your own desired actions, freaking out about it afterwards, my dear, is your own convenience  

Naked Man:  Suddenly I know exactly what gender you are from the way you’re talking! …and I know. The fact of the matter is I let my body succumb to its own desires

Neo: Aren’t you allowed to? Think about it. How do you think man got to the moon? 

Naked Man: De… sire? 

Neo: Correct, this and curiosity, and it’s a positive thing.  Mankind have flourished through their desire and curiosity. They dread ignorance. They want to know the things they don’t. They want to cross rivers, they want to set foot on continents across the ocean, they want to go beyond the stars. That’s just the way you are

Naked Man: The scale of your examples is ridiculous Neo! 

Neo: So what? Everyone gets their start from their own desires and curiosity. You stand on me. I show you a number. Seeing that number is all due to your own desire and curiosity, my dear.   

The Naked Man can’t find the words to reply

Neo: What? Are you still scared? Hurry up! Get on me! You’re afraid of everything, you coward! Move! You can’t stay in the same place forever! Get moving already! Then I’ll get moving and show you the number that your body weight has increased  

Naked Man: Neo, I know, I’m getting on, I’m getting on! I’m moving! Here I go! 

Neo: Come on! Get on, quick! Give your body mass to me

Naked Man: Neo~~~

The dressing room is lit by a strong coloured light 

Excessive orchestral music 

Neo and the Naked Man are enveloped in light 

White out 

The music continues 


(The “Are contents necessary for my updates?” series continues) 


stay foolish stay hungry

The van driving in a mountainous region

Approaches a tunnel 

Interrupted reading

The photobook of an actress 

Sits nearby

What was I doing reading it?

I forgot

The music I’ve always listened to 

For ten years before and ten years after 

The music I listen to quite a lot  

Really being one with my music and movies and books 

Is something I’ve given up for now

I’m keeping my distance 

And yet

It is the perfect distance from my music and movies and books 

I don’t know if I’ll ever live in a time when earphones sit inside the internal organs of the human body, and we are transplanted with Multiview eyeballs


If this time comes 

Then I really can be one with my music and movies and books 

(The “Are contents necessary for my updates?” series continues) 


“2019 6/25 1:25” 

Rasen Screw 

Turn turn turn turn 

Turning on my own

Turn turn turn turn

Turning on my own

If I were part group would someone else be here? 

Is there some trick or substitute to happiness? 

Turn turn turn turn

Turning on my own

Turn turn turn turn

Turning my stomach 

I’ve been painting a picture the last two nights 

I keep going back and fiddling with the same piece 

The green section has gone all soggy 

What’s worse, it got crumpled at some point 

Turn turn turn turn

Turning on my own

Turn turn turn turn 

Turning on my own 

Tiger growls growls 

Slip slip slip slip

Slipping on myself 

Slip slip slip slip 

Slipping on you 

When I meet someone I want to influence 

I hide my feelings without showing any disrespect

When I know what the picture on a jigsaw puzzle is 

I can see what the most precious parts are 

As the time for me to pray grows closer 

I will put my hands together but I will not make a wish 

(The “Are contents necessary for my updates?” series continues) 


68kg now 

My most common past weight has been updated…

But I think the day that “The Best Picture of 2020” and “Me and my Senior” will disappear is growing close, it’s a pretty complex feeling.


I want to update, but then last year’s updates will disappear… but there are a few people who look forward to my updates, so I want to update. But then you will no longer be able to see last year’s guerrilla… I want the photo with my Senior to stay there forever. So I don’t want to update. But there are a few people waiting for my updates… So I want to update. But if I update… 

I have fallen completely into this loop (Lol)  

What’s more, with this update the one last remaining past guerrilla will…

From this update with such a weak topic

How could I cut it down in such an undignified waaaaaaay! (Lol)

(The “Are contents necessary for my updates?” series continues) 

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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