Question Dojo February 2021 Part 1

Here’s the master post for the February 2021 Hikapaper Question Dojo! I hope he answers all your questions! Updates will be added to the bottom each time


Question Dojo!

Let’s go! 

Q. Yapo Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for opening the question board for the seventh time. I imagine Hikaru-kun as someone who wakes up early, but what time did you wake up today? 

A. Yapo! Today I woke up about 9am! That’s pretty much the average time I wake up! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! In Winter time, my throat often hurts because of the dry air, but what do you do to prevent your throat drying out, Hikaru-kun?? 

A. It’s fine in the living room, but I set the humidity to about 60-70 in the bedroom when I sleep! 

When I do this, I rarely wake up with a sore throat! 

Q. Please tell me how you recommend spending time in the bath! 

A. I’m the type that listens to loud music! 

And I guess those audio book things? 

I listen to people reading novels etc out loud! 

And my picks on smash. too

Q. Hello busy Hikaru-kun, thank-you so much for opening the Question Dojo ♪ I’m really happy ♪ You always wear typical coloured contacts, do you ever have days where you wear natural coloured contacts?? I’m a little curious so I thought I’d ask ☆

A. I’m currently looking for some natural ones, but there are usually only a lot of the typically colourful contacts! 

I wear what I feel like on the day! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! When you’re reading a book, Hikaru-kun, do you read paper books? Or do you read e-books? 

A. I buy both paper and ebooks~!

If I go to a book store, I always end up buying at least one book! 

Q. Was it difficult to make the apple that you made on the Hirunandesu DIY corner? I also want to try making something out of resin so please tell me what it was like! 

A. It wasn’t difficult at all, but I exposed it to a UV? to harden it, so I don’t know if you’d be able to make something without this machine~!  But it was really fun! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Even though you’re busy at work, you always update your Hika Paper, and you create opportunities to interact with the fans like this question board… and not just that, you enjoy hobbies like solo camping and playing bass, you must be really great at using your time effectively and I respect that. At the same time, I’m curiosu as to how you always find time to do these things while you’re working…!?  I’m worried that you don’t get enough sleep ( ; ∀ ; ) (Lol) What does your time schedule look like on a typical day, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Um~ As far as work goes, I enjoy having a packed schedule~. 

It’s hard to find free time,

But when I have a day off, I’m kind of disappointed Lol 

I’m more comfortable when I have a full day of things to do!

Q. Spring will be here before we know it, but is there anything you want to do before Winter ends, or anything you want to do before Spring comes? 

A. Of course I wanted to do a Winter camp, but I couldn’t this year! Since I’m not really alone on Yaotome’s Forest Lol 

I wanted to go on a relaxed, solo Winter camp! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I live on my own, but lately I got a pet hedgehog! He has an anxious and easily frightened personality, but now he will let me hold him and he goes for indoors walks and we can play together, he’s really healing, I can’t stand how cute he is every single day! By the way, I named him “Hikaru”. I know you’re not great with pets, Hikaru-kun, but have you ever held a hedgehog before? 

A. Woah~! Hedgy Hika seems so cute! 

I’ve seen hedgehogs in pet shops before, but I don’t think I’ve ever held one? Maybe? 

If I took my time to hold it I’m sure it would be fine! 

It sounds nice! 

Q. Hello! Are you good at tying your shoelaces, Hikaru-kun? I’m not, even though I’m older than you are (>_<) 

A. Shoelaces?? Sometimes, but these days there are videos,

Videos of undoable knots and stuff,

Check them out! There are so many different ways to tie them that even just watching the videos is fun! 

Q. Thank-you for opening the Question Dojo again this year Hikaru-kun! Every year I hear stories about you going on your first shrine visit of the New Year, but when you go Hikaru-kun, are you the type that takes a fortune, or buys an ema board or charms?? When I have something very important coming up, I will always draw an ema board! I’m too scared of what the result of the fortune will be so I rarely take one Lol 

A. For some reason or other I take a fortune! 

Because no matter what the result is I always grab onto the positives! Lol 

If I get “Good Luck” then it makes me yappi! 

If I get “Bad Luck” or just “Ok Luck” then I think “The only way is up!”

Ema boards are sold at shrines and people write wishes on them and hang them at the shrine. The design can be related to the shrine, good luck, or the animal of the current Chinese Zodiac year

Q. What colour do your fans have to you, Hikaru-kun?

A. Aren’t my fans yellow too??

You’ve always had such yellow voices! 

t/n: “yellow voice” in Japanese is a way to describe a high pitched, shrill voice 

Q. Hikaru-kun, you always bring me happiness with your smile! Thank-you! My son will be starting middle school this Spring. He’s very spoilt and still sleeps with his father even now. Hikaru-kun is a youngest child, but were you spoilt too? 

A. I was super spoilt! For me, I had four older siblings, so if there was time to be spoilt, I was spoilt! Lol So, now, I understand how it feels when I spoil my Juniors, and I think it’s great that I’m a youngest child! 

Q. Thank-you for all of your hard work. I know coffee is your favourite, Yaotome-kun, but what is your next most favourite drink? 

A. After coffee, this is pretty normal but, it’s Japanese green tea! 

I think about the anti-bacterial effects it has as I drink it! 

Q. I get hurt easily so I’ve developed a strong sense of wariness, I’m anxious about falling in love with people, and I’ve developed an attitude towards others like “I’m scared that they’ll reject me” or “They’ll get tired of spending time together…”. Truly I want to make friends not acquaintances, but I’m worried about how to connect well with others and I don’t know what to do ( ;  ; ) Please tell me, from your point of view, what would your advice be, Hikaru-kun, please! 

A. I’m the kind of person that overthinks things and has trouble getting along with others too, so when someone suddenly appears who I can speak to naturally without thinking about anything, then I think, “Oh! I get on really well with this person and over time we’re sure to become friends!”

I don’t think that finding friends is something you should rush into!  

They’ll appear when the timing suits YOU! 

Q. If you could only take one thing to a deserted island, what would you take, Hikaru-kun?

A. My camping rucksack! 

Is that cheating? Lol 

Q. Thank-you for opening the question board! I don’t particularly like pineapples or anything, but I love the way “pineapple baby” sounds and I use it in all kinds of situations. Is there a word that you like even though there’s no real reason why, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I get you~! This is one of those “there’s no meaning to it but I just love the feel of it” words! 

Um, I’ve done this ever since I was a kid, I say what’s in my head,

But in Nintama Rantaro there’s a sound effect when he clenches his fists and if you say it with your mouth it sounds something like “dotekapachikon!”, and I like it. 

Dai-chan gets it, I think I remember telling him about it when we were little! Lol  

Dotekapachikon! Lolololol

Q. I’m planning to wear a suit for the first time at my upcoming high school entrance ceremony! Why did you wear a suit for the first time, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Ah… Make sure you’re neat and tidy even down to your tie,

Once the day is over you’ll have memories of how stiff you were! Lol

But once you become an adult there are times when you wear a suit in comfortable situations too! 

Q. Right now, I really feel like eating pasta… What kind of pasta do you like, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I generally get pepperoncino or when I feel like pasta, I like napolitan! 

As long as it’s spicy I like anything! 

Q. Thank-you for opening the question board, Hikaru-kun! I have something I’d like to consult Hikaru-kun about. In the last year I have stopped exercising as much and now my shoulder and hips get stiff easily. My body is stiffer than it used to be so I tried doing stretches but I’m lazy and it hurt so I gave up straight away. I feel like I’d be able to do better if Hikaru-kun would give me some words of motivation! I don’t mind whether your words are harsh or kind. (If I had to choose, I’d say I’m the type of person that grows from praise Lol) Thank-you for your help, Hikaru-kun! 

A. Uh, I think a lot of people have been worrying about this during the stay home period though! 

Even if it’s small and poky, come up with some kind of exercise you can do at home, do it quickly, and you’ll discover something new, do it quickly, and by just doing this, for some reason or other, exercising will become fun! 

That’s all for today! 



Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 Warm, fuzzy apple.

Question Dojo! 

Hit me!! 

Q. What kind of sky to you like to look at, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Woah~! What a Ghibli-style question! 

The sky I like to look at is one with those three-dimensional clouds that look like they’re out of a picture, when I stare up at these I feel like they look like CG three-dimensional clouds! And I like the beautiful blue sky! 

Q. I think you’re the kind of person that gets up early in the morning, Hikaru-kun, but what time do you usually go to sleep? Also, I’m really bad at waking up, and the other day I woke up and didn’t even realise I had slept in, and I ended up being late for school. Is there good way to wake myself up? 

A. It depends what work was like the day before, but generally I get up early! 

Only because when I have work in the evening, I don’t want to miss out on the free time to do all of the personal things I want to do! 

But I’m the same as you, when I was at school I didn’t sleep in that much, but I was late! 

For some reason or other all we do when we’re students is sleep and sleep… Lol

There is nothing good about being late,

But being late and making mistakes like this are lessons for the future! 

Let’s both do our best to have early mornings! 

Q. Hello Yaotome-kun. I’m a mother who is always giving my support to JUMP with her daughter! Yaotome-kun, please tell us your top five favourite “seasonal side dishes” 

A. Mother! Thank-you! 

My favourite seasonal side dish,

Is the mushroom seasoned rice you get in Spring! 

I know you asked for side dishes, sorry for the sudden outburst Lol

But if I ignore the side dish part then my favourite is the seasoned rice you get in Spring! Not just with mushrooms, but with mixed ingredients too! 

In Summer, it’s somen noodles! It’s fun to eat them with dipping sauce and lots of different toppings! 

They’d often make them for me when I was a kid, and my mother would curl them up into bite sized portions for me, and they’re easy to eat, and you can choose the kind of dipping sauce and toppings that you want because there’s all kinds of different ways you can eat them,

I think about the different variations every day and I love eating them! 

I don’t really know much about Autumn as a season, but there’s eggplant sliced in half and baked with ginger and soy sauce! 

This is one of my mum’s specialty dishes, I love it!  

For Winter, it’s stew! 

By stew I mean just regular stew,

But it’s the kind of thing that you only eat in Winter, and it’s the food that gives me a sense of the Winter season, so I love it! 

Also, hot dogs! 

They’re best simply with a bit of salt and pepper, but when I was at school, and I got to ask my mum what I wanted in my lunch box, I’d say “If there’s hot dogs in there I’ll still eat them no matter how much rice there is!” 

Please make sure to show your child the skill of their mother’s delicious cooking too! 

Q. You were talking about a mistake you made in a text on your 2-minute Radio the other day, and actually I’m struggling with my phone at the moment too (Lol) I don’t text which is awkward and it’s not something I’m happy about, but I’m happy to hear that you’re the same as me, Hikaru-kun. I am absolutely useless with technology, but are any of the JUMP member’s useless with technology too? 

A. It’s hard being the kind of person that makes mistakes on their smart phone! 

The member that has a “useless with technology” image would be Yamada, perhaps? Even though he bought and set up his own notebook computer, and he loves games, he has this image of always being in a chaos of cords! Lol 

I think that liking something and being good at something… are two different things! Lol 

Q. Ya’ho! Thank-you for explaning (whoops, wrong kanji Lol) opening the Question Dojo! On the other hand! If there is a question that Hika would like to ask us, or if there’s something you’d like to talk to us about then you can ask anything! I washed my hands and gargled properly again today ^_^ ! 

A. Yapo! 

Likewise, thank-you for asking me questions! 

A reverse question! 

I sleep pretty well at the moment, but I want to know what all of your best sleep routines are! 

t/n: the fan wrote the kanji 解説 (kaisetsu) that means “explanation” instead of 開設(also kaisetsu) that means “open”. 

Q. Is there any housework you get hung-up on, Hika? 

A. The wet areas! 

I hate it when things get slippery and wet (I really, super hate it!!) so I clean them every day before they can get all slippery and wet! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Congratulations on coming third in the Johnny’s Grip Strength Championship. Your grip strength was 55.7kg…! You’ve become over 10kg stronger than when you measured 45.4kg on School Kakumei last year. That’s amazing…! It seems like your grip strength has increased 10kg in about six months, I think you must have been training very hard, how cool~. Could it perhaps be a result of lifting all those heavy rocks, rolling tree trunks and carrying water like you’ve been doing to build Yaotome’s Forest!? Yaotome’s Forest is fun, I love it, it always heals my heart.

Q. Thank-you! I was surprised too! Lol

Yaotome’s Forest has probably played a big part, and I’ve been training at home for a while, so maybe it’s a temporary result? 

But when I’m on location for Yaotome’s Forest, I’m holding things all day, like my axe, gripping, letting go, there’s a lot of work like that, so whenever we finish a location shoot I have the grip strength of a baby Lol

I’ll keep doing my best in Yaotome’s Forest from now on! 

Q. How are you sitting right now, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I’m leaning back in my desk chair, and relaxing as I write! 

Q. Thank-you for your Question Dojo Hikaru-kun! I feel like Hikaru-kun is always so kind~, but do you have times that you think “I’m an evil person (smirk)”?? Lol I really love evil Hikaru-kun too. Please tell me if you can! 

A. Likewise, thank-you for your questions! 

An evil me~?

The best I can do, is from time to time, I don’t know exactly what jobs all of the members are currently working on,

I feel so guilty…! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, you reopened the Question Dojo~! I’m so happy! Thank-you so much!!! I seem to have one of the most common last names in Japan so I really admire rare last names like Hikaru-kun’s “Yaotome” Lol. Is there anything great, or anything annoying about having a rare last name, Hikaru-kun?

A. Um, Yaotome does seem to be one of those names (I’ve never met anyone other than my family that have it) 

But if there’s something annoying about it, it’s when I’m somewhere like the doctors and they call my name, it really stands out and I think it’s a little embarrassing! 

So, lately I’ve been telling the reception desk to call me by my number! Lol

There’s also not many wait staff that know how to write it when they put my name down for a reservation, but I’m used to that! 

If I were a waiter, I’d find it hard to write rare names too, I’d just think “No way!”. 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I think the word “yappi” that you use is cute, but is it a word you made by mixing “I did it” and “happy” together? 

A. That’s exactly right!! YOU have good intuition! 


t/n: “I did it” in Japanese is “yatta”. yatta + happy = yappi

Q. Hello Hika!! Even though I’m Hokkaidonese I hate the cold. Hika used to live in cold Tohoku, but are you strong against the cold? If you are how did you get so strong!?

A. Cold is cold! But if that’s the case then you need things that are not cold! 

I know exactly what kind of clothes are not cold, and can prevent getting cold, I think this is something unique to people who grow up in Tohoku!

Q. Thank-you as always! Being Hikaru-kun’s fan is the greatest happiness. I really love Hikaru-kun’s dancing, but what genre of dancing do you like, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Thank-you! 

The dancing I like now is kinda unique, I like dances that are a mixture of two different genres! 

There’s a lot of dances these days that aren’t confined to just one genre, there’s a lot of creative mixtures like the bass of HIP HOP, and pop (my personal favourite), 

It makes me glad that I am able to dance in a time like this! 

Q. Thank-you for always bringing me such fun, Hikaru-kun! This is sudden, but a few months ago I got orthodontic braces. Up until now I hated smiling, no matter what photo I looked at I never smiled, and I realised I hated things that way, and made the decision. The goal is to put in the effort to get beautiful teeth and then go and see Hikaru-kun!  It’s a selfish wish, but I’d like Hikaru-kun to cheer me on!!!!

A. They say that the transformation you go through with braces is harsh!

But I’m sure, that whether it’s the YOU before braces, or the YOU after braces, whichever smile I see would make me happy! 

I think it will be hard, but it will be the best smile that YOU can imagine.

Show it to me one day, ok! 

t/n: Idk why Hika’s talking generally like “They say…” at the start when he’s had braces too. He’s been through this first hand… Did he forget??

Q. I’m a first year nurse! Are you the type that can’t help looking at the needle when you’re having blood taken, or having an injection, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Thank-you for becoming a nurse in a time like this! 

I never look at injections! Lol

As a nurse please tell someone before you stab them! 

I always say “Tell me when it’s out” as I’m looking the other way! Lol 

It’s so scary… Lol cries 

Q. If you went on a date Hikaru-kun, and you had the choice of an art gallery, an amusement park or an aquarium, which would you want to go to? I want to go to the aquarium. Please go on a date with me next time ♡

A. I’ll meet YOU at the aquarium then! 

I want to see the clownfish! 

Q. Do you have different preferences for your hairstyle depending on the work you’re doing, Hikaru-kun? When you’re in concert or on a music show it seems fluffed up, and when you’re on Hirunandesu it has a more casual feel to it! 

A. That’s right! Rather than being dependent on the type of work, I change my hairstyle to match the mood of the song! 

Q. Whenever I have a lot of things I need to do, I’m really bad at knowing which is best to start on and how to work efficiently. What should I do? 

A. This is something I do too. Write a hand written To Do List on a sticky note, and stick is somewhere you can see it! Then do things one by one and you’ll feel great when the To Do List is all gone ❤

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! The Hiruandesu Johnny’s Outfit Championship was really fun and interesting! If they choose three different people next time, who from which group would you like it to be? Please tell me if you can! 

A. Thank-you!

Ah! But I want to do it with the same line-up again! 

It was certainly fun, Kiri-chan and Nakama-kun joined the company around the same time as I did so that was fun! 

I want to get my revenge! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Please give some words of praise to all of the people who have given it their all again today! ♡

A. Everyone! I’ll give you loads more yappi apples from now on! 

Well then surbaibi! 

(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ brooooom


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 I sliced it up ready for you.

Question Dojo!

Let’s go!

Q. Thank-you for opening the question box again. Let’s cut straight to the question! Every night, I stress about what I am going to serve my no-good husband who doesn’t eat rice. We’ve been married for a few years now, but help me Hikaru-kun~ Lol

A. I see~, if I’m worried about what to serve myself, I go to a delicious looking restaurant for dinner, and steal their recipes! 

You should use your legs when you’re worrying about recipes, and maybe the best thing is something you’ll eat yourself! 

The way to a husband’s heart is through his stomach!  

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun!! If you had to take a physical endurance test, in which area would you be most confident?? 

A. Short distance running, grip strength, the kinds of things I do with JUMP! 

I’m generally a short distance kind of guy! 

I like those instantaneous kind of athletics! 

Q. A while ago you talked about how you took your Juniors in SixTONES and Snow Man out to eat, but since then has there been a member of SixTONES or Snow Man that you have been messaging lately? If you’ve got a story about something that happened with a Junior lately, I’d love you to tell us!  

A. Um, ok! 

I often message Iwamoto and that! 

I also talk to Yugo about camping,

And when I see Juri we talk about rap and rappers! 

They all talk to me!  

Q. I always enjoy listening to your 2-Minute Radio! When I’m taking the bus to school, my favourite seat is on the left hand side of the very back row! When it’s not free I get a little down heartened (‘・ ・) If you have a favourite seat in the vehicles you travel in, please tell us, Hikaru-kun!! 

A. Oh! I like the left side of the very back row in buses too! In the 8 Mile movie, there’s a scene where Eminem sits on the bus, he’s not in the back row, 

but since I watched it, I go to the back left when I’m taking the bus, and have fun listening to Eminem! 

Q. Update your Hika Paper with whatever you’re thinking about right now!!!

A. Right now? It’s part of answering the questions, but I’m enjoying writing while thinking about talking to you all! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! The question box is so fun!! Thank-you. My wish came true and I got my dream job, but I’m not used to it yet and I make a lot of mistakes, it’s not working out like I thought… Do you ever make mistakes at work, Hikaru-kun? What do you do when your mistakes get you down? 

A. First of all, congratulations on getting your dream job! 

Everyone makes mistakes, I think that there is happiness when others get mad at you! 

If I make a mistake, I sort things out in my mind at work! Then I don’t bring the worry home with me! 

Because home is the only place I can be my true self. 

Pros make mistakes and amateurs make mistakes, so make mistakes but don’t despair,

I think the most important thing is that we learn from our mistakes! 

Q. Do you put bath salts in your bath Hikaru-kun? If you do then what kind of scents do you like? 

A. Generally when I use bath salts, I find the scents of eucalyptus and lavender are quite positive! 

Salty baths make me feel all warm and toasty! 

Q. Hello! On the first of January this year I made a list of things that I want to do in a memo on my phone, but do you write lists of the things you want to do Hikaru-kun? 

A. That’s great! 

Starting this year, I make a To Do list on a piece of paper of everything I want to do in a week and stick it to the wall, and I make a memo in my phone! 

When I make up things that I want to do, then I don’t feel like I’m wasting time on my day off and I love it! 

Q. Just like your name, you have a wonderful, warm smile like sunlight! Is there a secret to having a soft smile like yours, Hikaru-kun? I’m tired from work and raising my kids and my expressions become hard without me even realising, I often reflect on this after the fact. 

A. There’s no secret to my smile,

But I consciously think “A lot of things are going to happen today that will make me smile!” 

I think that raising kids is pretty hard,

But shouldn’t you be smiling when times are hard? 

When I’m having a tough time, I say out loud “Ah! This is tough!” and laugh! 

Smiling isn’t a sin, so even if you have to force yourself to do it, laugh! 

When a child grows up seeing their mother smile, they are sure to become a child with a wonderful smile themselves! 

If you’re having a hard time, perhaps you could watch my variety shows! They’ll make you laugh! 

t/n: Hikaru’s name is written with the kanji 光・ひかる which means “light” (as in the element, not an object like a lamp or light bulb) and is used in words like 日光 “sunlight”, 蛍光 “fluorescent” and 北光 “the Northern Lights”.

Q. I hate the cold so I feel sad every day at the moment. What do you think is so great about Winter, Hikaru-kun?

A. People tend to get stuck on the negative parts of Winter, but after you’ve persevered through the cold doesn’t it make you happy to enter a warm room, or eat something? 

The temperature is low in Winter, but there are loads of warm things all around you, like me! 

You’re sure to come to love finding the small happiness’s of Winter! 

Q. Are you ok when you encounter a bug when you’re camping, Hikaru-kun? Aren’t you scared? 

A. Nah! I’m fine! 

But when I see a cat I’m such a chicken I feel like I’m going to wet myself. 

Q. Do you like brown sauce on your takoyaki? Or do you like ponzu sauce? 

A. I like a looooooooad of brown sauce and mayo! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Thank-you so much for always, alwaaaays!! Bringing me so much energy! I’m really happy that you created this opportunity for us again! Thank-you so much (^ o ^) ♡  Lately, we haven’t been going out and the only places I go are to work and home again, so choosing something to wear every morning has become a pain in the ass. I always end up choosing something comfortable… I still feel like I want to wear something stylish… But how do you always decide what outfit to wear, Hikaru-kun? Do you choose based on a theme or colour? Or are you like “I start with the top!”? I’d like to know! 

A. Thank-you for asking me questions!

I start by choosing the shoes I want to wear! 

Then I choose the clothes that go with them! 

But whether it’s something simple of something tacky I take it to the extreme!  

Even if I have a three outfit routine I’m totally fine! 

Because I’m the kind that prefers comfort to style! 

Q. I’m a nursing student and I’ll soon be having practical nursing lessons, but what did you like to play when you were little, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I liked hide-and-seek the best of the best! 

I was really good at it!   

I’d look at things from the perspective of the seeker… I liked to hide while considering the three dimensional space… and things like blind spots! 

Also I was a weirdo, so I’d deliberately hide in places that the seeker was sure not to look in! Lol

Q. What’s your goal for 2021? 

A. My goal! 

I had fun appearing on all kinds of different TV shows in 2020, so I want to try and throw myself in to loads of workplaces I’ve never heard of before! 

I also want to continue my (personal) secret project! 

Q. I ran into my first love from kindergarten again at high school. I’m a high school second year at the moment but they are in a different class and we don’t change classes during our three years here so there’s no opportunity for me to get close to them and I have barely been able to speak to them at all… If you know of a good way that I can create an opportunity for us I want to know! 

A. I guess you still like them then? If that’s the case, then why don’t you try talking to them for the first time in a while?

Don’t stress about it, why don’t you try starting up a simple conversation with something like “I haven’t seen you for so long! Do you remember me?”

Strangely when you two are alone, silence is awkward, so just go for it! 

Q. Please tell us when you thought something was cute recently.

A. The questions that everyone has asked me are so sweet! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! You’ve said that “Now I’ve become an adult I think that I want to study things” and I totally get you. I love movies so I think I want to learn about the myths and historical figures that they are based on. But, I have to study for work as well and in the end I stress about it until the day is over… Which do you prioritise Hikaru-kun, hobby related study or work related study?

A. Um, I don’t really have to choose my priorities! 

I like to be free, so even when I’m studying for work I do it in a way I like, and have fun while I’m doing it! 

We’re probably both serious people, so it’s perfectly fine for us to mess about a little! 

Q. What state are you in right now, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I’m looking at your questions on a huge tablet!

And, I’ve got some hot water! Lol 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Since last October when you streamed “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” “A Thousand and One Nights” and “Asking for the Moon” until now, JUMP have provided us with lots of content like the “Fab! -Music speaks.-“ online live stream and the smash variety show projects and behind the scenes footage, and I’m really happy! Is there something that made you feel happy lately, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Even for me, to have Queen Bee-san who I have loved for a long time write a song for us, and I respect them, but I thought getting an offer from Tokyo Gegegei-san to choreograph for us would be impossible, it’s been huge!

We have broadened our view of music!

Of course being influenced by the sound of other artists makes me happy! 

I’m a fool for music, but I’m being pulled deeper into the swamp of music, and as I choke on the water I’m enveloped in happiness! 

Thank-you again today everyone! 

I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again! 

Wash your hands and gargle properly! 


(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ brooooom


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 An apple from my pocket.

Question Dojo!

Here we go!

Q. Hikaru-kun, good morning, hello, good evening!! Lol I don’t know when you’ll look at this so I’ve said them all! By the way, which one was right?

A. Good morning!

Q. I’m a second year university student, but since all of our lessons have been online, I’ve become a second year without ever setting foot in the university. Cries. But I’ve done my best in the online lessons! Praise me, Hikaru-kun~!! 

A. You’ve taken all your lessons properly even though they’ve been online, I’m proud! 

Q. If they was a big, pure white canvas in front of you Hikaru-kun, what would you want to draw on it right now? 

A. I’d like to try drawing a small street in some foreign country with oil paints! 

Q. I’ve never had a hobby before, but I thought I would start something new, and now I have started playing the violin! I have lessons three times a month, but outside of my lessons I can barely motivate myself to practice, and I’m not improving at all.  Is there some way that I can become more motivated? The violin is fun and I like it! 

A. That’s great! I want to try playing the violin too! 

To improve, I think it’s more important to think about how fun practice is rather than how much you have to do! 

Q. Due to the impacts of the Corona virus we’re temporarily unable to go home and visit our families, but what food does your mother cook that you like, Hikaru-kun?? 

A. There is nothing more delicious than the way my mum cooks with fish! 

I want to eat her miso boiled mackerel! 

Q. Konbanwaffoi! Hikaru-kun, thank-you for opening the question board for the seventh time ♪ I enjoy watching every episode of Yaotome’s Forest on Hirunandesu. For an indoor person such as myself the numerous items and recipes you introduce are fresh new experiences, and my interest in camping has deepened. How do you come up with your dishes and recipes? I’m looking forward to the day that Arioka-kun and all of the other Tuesday regular members gather in Yaotome’s Forest. Please take care not to get hurt and keep doing your best.

A. Thank-you~! 

I generally base my recipes off things that I can make at home, and come up with ways that I can cook them over the campfire!

Q. I’ve been spending more time at home since the Corona virus, and little by little I’ve accidently clicked my way into online shopping! Is there something that you have accidentally clicked into, Hikaru-kun? Please look after yourself (^^ ) 

A. I know what you mean~! Online shopping is so- much- fun-!

I recently bought some headphones! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I love the playful lyrics that you write, Hikaru-kun. I have a question! What kind of environment do you always write your lyrics in, Hikaru-kun? Also, is there anything you try to keep in mind when you’re writing lyrics? 

A. Long ago I would often go and write in a park I liked,

But now I guess I write in a place where I can relax! 

There’s nothing I keep in mind, but my head spins when I’m writing music or lyrics, so I seize onto the hints that come tumbling out! 

Q. I often get cramps in my thighs and calves but how do you deal with cramps when you get them, Hikaru-kun, and is there a strategy to avoid cramping? Please tell me if there is! 

A. You’re lacking amino acids and are dehydrated! 

There are plenty of different amino acid supplements you can take, and it’s ok to take a lot of them, so take them every day! 

The key to staying hydrated is to have a drink before your throat gets dry! 

Q. What do you put in fried rice when you make it, Hikaru-kun?

A. Egg and sausage are a must!

The way I cut the onion depends on how I’m feeling at the time! 

Q. Thank-you for running the Question Dojo Hikaru-kun. I’m the same generation as Hikaru-kun, but before I used to like sweet cocktails, and lattes, but in the last few years I’ve started to like beer and black coffee, I feel like I’ve become a real adult~. I kind of hate that I’m losing my youth, but now that I’m older I’m also being moved by all kinds of new things. Have you been moved by anything recently that you think you are feeling for the first time, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Of course, the great part of being an adult is using our free time to reflect on ourselves! 

And also having a wide range of friends! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! My nephew will soon be starting 6th grade but now that he’s this age he’s become embarrassed and barely talks to me anymore. What do you talk to your nieces and nephews about, Hikaru-kun? Please give me a reference if you can.

A. It didn’t really feel like my nieces went through puberty, but my nephew must be about the same age as yours, about 5th or 6th grade? 

If they’re engrossed in a game, then of course you’ve got no chance of communicating with them! 

Since kids take things at their own pace, I guess we need to give them some time to themselves, just the same as with adults! 

Q. Congratulations on getting your “Coffee Sommelier” qualification!! Do you think that anything has changed in your daily life since becoming a sommelier?? 

A. Thank-you!

Yabu said to me “I want to try the coffee that Hikaru is into!” Lol

I want to give him some to drink some day! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! This is the seventh year since I moved to Tokyo for work, and in February I got promoted to store manager! However, even though I am strongly motivated to challenge new things, I’m not confident in myself. I’m also slowly starting to feel like I want to return to my home town, and I’m worried about my future. I’m lost and I’d be happy if you would scold me and/or give me some advice! In these times you always bring me energy, Hikaru-kun! I’ll keep on loving you from now on! 

A. Congratulations, store manager! I think that you’ll come to a decision someway or another, so maybe it’s ok to do things in time? 

If you make a harsh decision, I think there’s a possibility that you might head down the wrong path! 

Let’s both frantically, but not so much that we hurt ourselves, keep doing our best! 

Q. I’m going to give you some apples! How many would you like? 

A. I’d like a week’s worth, so seven (◕य◕)

Q. I am a fraternal twin and I know three other sets of twins. I have never met more than a set of triplets though. How many children from the same birth have you met, Hikaru-kun? 

A. That’s amazing! 

I’ve probably never met any more than twins? 

Q. I have a question about Hikaru-kun’s favourite dish, oden! If you had to compare the JUMP members to oden ingredients what would each member be? 

A. Chinen is fish cake! 

Yuto is beef tendon

Yamada is egg! 

Yabu is konnyaku! 

Inoo is konnyaku noodles! 

Takaki is fish sausage! 

I am mochi stuffed tofu!

Arioka is mustard! 

Oden ingredients: Top row: hanpen (fish cake), gyusuji (beef tendon), tamago (egg), konnyaku Bottom row: shirataki (konnyaku noodles), chikuwa (fish sausage), mochi kinchaku (mochi stuffed tofu), karashi (mustard)

Q. The other day you were talking about how you adopt a lucky colour for your Hirunandesu outfits, but is there a colour you like or a colour you often wear in your private clothes? If there’s a colour or fashion trend that you’d like to try please tell us! 

A. I wear all kinds of different coloured clothes in my private life! 

I want to try wearing a jacket every day! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for opening the question board. Now that we can’t see you as much, I’m really happy that you set up a place for us to interact. So, I have a question for you, Hikaru-kun. Is there something that you’re into at the moment, Hikaru-kun? You’ve always been into bass and camping and have an image as someone who has a lot of hobbies, but even so, if there’s something else new that you’re into I’d love to know.

A. I talked about this on the radio, but I’m really into room layouts at the moment~! 

Thinking about things like galleries, is really quite hard though… Lol 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Please give me a message of your love that will make my heart ache in your Miyagi dialect!!! 3! 2! 1! Go! 

A. You’re a darl (ノε`*)ノ

Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again! 

Wash your hands and gargle properly! 

Well then surbaibi! 

(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ brooooom


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 A dense one.

Question Dojo!

Let’s go!

Q. I recently made my contact lens debut. I’d always worn glasses before but there’s absolutely no difference to how I see with the contacts and now I’m wondering if it would have been better to start wearing contacts earlier. When did you start using contact lenses, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I wonder? Maybe 3-years ago? 

Lately they’ve developed contacts that I can wear even with my dry eyes and they’re so comfy! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I’ve been waiting for the Question Dojo~! Thank-you. Can you play the piano, Hikaru-kun? I’m really bad at it and I’m stressed about it so it made a little curious and I thought I’d ask Lol Keep looking after yourself and doing your best please. I’ll be cheering for you ♪♪

A. When I’m composing a song I use piano or a synthesiser, so I can play! 

But lately I’ve been studying how to read music, so that I can play chords and scales! 

Q. Hello!! This year your lucky colours are red and green, Hikaru-kun, but please decide on a lucky colour for me!! 

A. Blue! That’s just my perception though Lol 

Any colour you love is fine! 

Q. Good morning Hikaru-kun! Hello! Good evening~! I have a question for you, Hikaru-kun! Your hair is always an incredible colour, but how do you describe to the hair dresser what colour you want? I find it difficult to describe the colour I want when I speak to the hair dresser and I always prepare a bunch of pictures and words and it makes me enthusiastic to make my order like “I’m going to explain this perfectly!”  

A. Um~ I use loads of sensuality to describe it! 

Since my hair dresser is also a sensual person, they always come through with the right colour! 

From time to time, they ask me “Is it ok if it hurts?” when I tell them the colour I want, but I stick with it even then! Lol 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun. I’m worried that I can’t talk to anyone about my problems. I think that I’m going to do my best and talk to my friends but I can never drum up the courage, and get angry at pathetic old me who can’t talk about my problems and my stress keeps piling up. (Sweats) I seriously talked to my friends about one of my problems once and they brushed it off saying it was “simple”, and since then I’ve been afraid to even talk to my friends when I’m worried about something.  I couldn’t ask them about this either so I tried asking you instead, Hikaru-kun, please give me some advice!! 

A. But YOU are amazing talking about your problems right now! 

And the words of your friends might have been them giving you a hint, perhaps? 

When I’m worrying about something, I sometimes talk to someone about it, but if they brush me off, I think about it some more myself, and I often come to realise that I was just sweating the small stuff after all!

Since the time we spend worrying about things is proof that we’re changing,

It’s not a bad thing at all! We should worry a lot! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I’m a member of the wind instrument club. We have a performance in May, and I’ll be performing an ad-lib solo. If someone said that you were allowed to do an ad-lib bass performance, what kind of thing would you come up with, Hikaru-kun? 

A. When I get to play a bass solo, and there’s someone I want to show off to, I often throw in a phrase from a genre different to the one of the song I’m playing!

For example, if it’s POP or jazz, I’ll try adding in a funk rhythm,

Or if want to appeal to people from a different angle, I start playing from a high note! 

It’s fun when I get to come up with and incorporate a bass solo, and since it’s all connected to personal growth, no matter what pattern I come up with it’s sure to be fun! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun!!!!! What’s popular in JUMP at the moment, or has there been something happen in JUMP lately that made you all burst out laughing?? 

A. I wonder what’s been happening lately? Surprisingly we haven’t been spending a lot of time all together…! 

But we often talk about anime and manga! 

Q. I’m really happy that you make so much fun for us fans with the Question Dojo! Thank-you, Yaotome-kun. Lately, I’ve had a lot more chances to purchase clothing online, but finding something that will suit me makes me stressed and I spend a period of time “worrying ”, what would you do if you were me, Yaotome-kun?

A. Buying clothes online is stressful so I don’t buy them! 

I would often get worried and accidentally buy something in the wrong size, or mess up and get a fabric that felt totally different to what I thought it would,

So now I only buy from the brands I know well! 

Q. Are you a kotatsu kinda guy? Or a floor heating kinda guy?

A. I used to be a kotatsu kinda guy, but it turned me into a useless human being, so I’ve become a floor heating kinda guy! Even though I don’t have floor heating! 

But if you only produce a little heat then it dissipates straight away! 

Since I put the humidifier on when I go to bed, I don’t use the heater! 

t/n: kotatsu are a kind of small, Japanese table (like a coffee table) with a warm blanket over the top and a heater underneath. You are meant to sit and warm your legs under them, but people often lie completely underneath them and get so warm and cosy that they don’t leave. This is what Hika is talking about at the start of his answer.

Q. To my dear, beloved Hikaru-kun. I’m so glad you opened the Question Dojo at this time! I’m job hunting at the moment. I’m doing fine arts at university, but in looking for a job, I’ve decided to go for something that’s not related to the fine arts. But when I think of my parents who have enabled me to study fine arts at university for four years, I think that finding a job where I can put the things I have learned into action would make them happy. I’m worried about whose feelings I should prioritise, my own, or my parents’. What would you do, Hikaru-kun? What’s the most important thing you take into account when you have to decide on something, Hikaru-kun?

A. Um~… I have made it this far, thanks to my Mum who has passionately supported my dreams from a young age, so I am always thinking about going in a direction that will make my Mum happy! 

But I’m sure that as long as you’re enjoying life, your parents will be happy no matter what you do! 

Q. What sweets go well with coffee? 

A. Chocolate fondant and Mont Blanc cake! 

Q. Hello Hika-chan! You once said “I tried playing the piccolo a long time ago”, but have you felt the urge to again since? I feel like it was a long time ago for you, Hikaru-kun, but I have also played the flute and the piccolo! I’d be happy if you’d tell us once again, why you thought about trying the piccolo! 

A. Oh! I remember that well!  

I heard someone playing the piccolo live once a long time ago and it felt so mysterious that I thought I’d give it a try! 

But I didn’t think I was suited to blowing? instruments, and I awakened to the world of stringed instruments! 

Q.  Hikaru-kun! Thank-you for opening the Question Dojo again again! I have a question for you, Hikaru-kun. Do you like natto with big beans? Or small beans? Or pureed beans? I am tooooooootally into pureed natto ♡ I put it on my tofu every morning! It’s super duper yummy~ ♡ Please tell me how you recommend eating natto ♪

A. Usually people have small beans, and the concert catering has big beans (not that that has anything in particular to do with anything) 

I recommend adding a sauce and mustard, and a little mayonnaise! 

Or alternatively, sauce and mustard, and a little white dashi!

It’s delicious! 

Oh, sesame oil is delicious too! 

t/n: natto are fermented soy beans. They have a peculiar, slimy texture and smell pretty bad too. Many Japanese people eat them for breakfast. They’re basically the vegemite of Japan.

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I’ll soon be a high school senior, and become an entrance exam student. I think that I’d like to learn about the culture and language of another country  at university, but if you had to study a country, which one would you choose, Hikaru-kun?? I’ll be cheering for you from now on! I love you! 

A. I sometimes go and have an authentic Thai massage, but the Thai people always treat me so kindly, I’d like to express my gratitude to them in Thai! 

Q. Hello Yaotome-kun! The other day when I was cleaning I found a huge bundle of letters that a friend gave me in elementary school. I had planned to declutter the place but I couldn’t throw out a single one… and I didn’t make any more progress on my cleaning either (Lol) Are you the type that can throw away things that have memories attached to them, Yaotome-kun? 

A. I generally hold onto things, but in that sense there aren’t many things that I can throw out. So even if we throw these things away, I think that we will still be able to cherish the feelings that they gave us in our hearts! 

Q. I was just watching TV and when they showed a loaf of gourmet bread I totally thought of you, Hikaru-kun! You often go on hot spring and sauna location shoots where we get to see you shirtless, but when your perfect muscles are damp and filled with moisture they look just like a load of bread. If you had to compare yourself to a food, what do you think you’d be, Hikaru-kun?

A. That’s the first time someone’s told me I look like bread! Lol

If I had to compare myself to a food… 

I wonder? 

I’m a weirdo so maybe an avocado? Lol 

Avocados are a weird kind of delicious, and since they change colour I think that kind of suits me, don’t you? 

Q. I’ve recently had a number of chances to work with people from different countries and people who are hearing impaired through my work, I’ve started studying basic English and sign language, but I can’t remember anything. How do you remember things when you need to, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Well I’m terrible at English, but the way I remember things is by finding something that is similar! 

Like for “Hello!”, doesn’t the “Hayou!” from “Ohayou!” sound similar? 

t/n: ohayou = good morning in Japanese

Since the movements of sign language have meaning to them, I think they make sense and so you should let them sink into your body.

When you think of them as making sense surprisingly they’ll stick in your head, you shouldn’t remember them by the book, you should think “It goes like this!” while you’re studying and let them sink into your body! 

Q. What percentage is battery on right now?? 

A. 99%! I just took it off the charger! 

Q. What kind of hair colour would you like to try in 2021??

A. This year I’m into the current colours, but I guess they’re all high tone! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, Hikaru-kun, what do you do when you can’t sleep at night? When I finally get to sleep, I hope you’ll appear in my dreams, Hikaru-kun ♡

A. YOU shouldn’t copy this, but I drink a strong whisky (◕य◕) Lol 

OK! I’ll see you in your dream! 

I’ll see the rest of you in your dreams too! 

Today makes it 100 questions!

It’s gone by so fast!


I’ll keep on going! 

Today I’ll drink my coffee and be full of energy again! 

Well then surbaibi! 



Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 Riceball apple.

Question Dojo!


Q. Good evening! I have a 9-month old daughter, and when I showed her Wolf Boys she started biting the screen. What’s your secret? 

A. For starters, your daughter… has a good eye for men! 

Q. Thank-you for always giving us such smiley JUMPapers Hikaru-kun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The difficult days are continuing, but even in these times, has there been something that happened that has warmed your heart? Please tell me if you don’t mind. From now on I’ll continue to wash my hands properly and be thoughtful and caring to myself and others, I want to do my best to do what I can. Thank-you for always giving me so much energy. Later (^O^) 

A. Thank-you to you too! 

The other day I went for a walk, and there was a person out walking maybe six? baby white toy poodles,

They were so cuuuuuuute! They made me feel all warm and fuzzy! 

Q. You’re left handed, Hikaru-kun, but were you born like that? Also, is there anything that makes you think “Even though I’m left handed, this thing is always right handed!”? I am also left handed like you, Hikaru-kun!!! I’m so happy! I kick with my right leg! Apart from that I generally use my left side! 

A. Oh! Since I was probably born left handed, my brother tried to fix me! 

It’s really only scissors that I have to use in my right hand? 

Most other things I can use with either hand! 

Depending on what I’m using it for, I use tools with my right hand too! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Thanks to seeing your solo camping, Hikaru-kun, you’ve developed an image as a person that does a lot of things on his own. I went to see my first solo movie lately, but I’m not brave enough to try doing anything else on my own. What should I do, is there something I can do on my own? Also, how far can you go doing things on your own, Hikaru-kun? Thank-you for always making me happy! Surbaibi- 

A. My limit is going out for ramen on my own! 

But I don’t know what kind of limit you could compare that to Lol 

But I love spending time on my own! 

Things generally work out the way I had imagined them, so I feel free when I’m on my own! 

Q. I have a stuffed toy pig that I have had since kindergarten that I have been sleeping with for almost 15-years, but do you also have something special that you have had since you were a kid that you will never throw out, Hikaru-kun?

A. Of course I haven’t had this since kindergarten,

But I have a towel from middle school, and a personal seal case from middle school too,

And I could never throw out the wallet that my Mum bought me when I was in middle school! 

I often talk about this, but I have my first instrument, an electric guitar, that I got from my Mum in middle school too. 

That’s about it! 

There’s a lot of things from my middle school years! 

Q. I’m always messaging the person I like and we have hung out a number of times, but they suddenly stopped replying to me. I’ve started to worry that I did something. What is the best thing that I could do? 

A. It’s not impossible that this happens from time to time? 

I sometimes forget to reply to my friends, but I’ll always reply even if a few months go by,

So I don’t think YOU have anything to worry about and I think it’s ok to message him what you want to say, maybe? 

Maybe I’m biased, but I think there seem to be a lot of kids these days who read a message, and think that they’ll reply whenever. So I don’t think you need to worry about things when it comes to the person you like either! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, thank-you for updating your Hika Paper so much in such genius ways like your amazing, healing selfies! I am the mother of  three boys, a middle school 2nd year, primary school 5th grader and a primary school 3rd grader. My kids aren’t interested in cooking at all. I used to ask them to help me from time to time but they hated it so much that I’ve stopped asking them. What was it that sparked your interest in cooking, Hikaru-kun? I’d like to use it as a reference so please tell me!! 

A. I was probably in middle school? 

I thought I’d like to try making a pumpkin doria,

I was all over the place in the kitchen, so my Mum gave me a hand, and at the time, I realised that my Mum was really skilled! 

I started to ask my Mum whenever I wanted to cook something!

So maybe it will be the same for you, and when the time is right your sons will start to care about cooking too! 

Q. You have a lot of hobbies, Yaotome-san, thanks to your deep knowledge of your hobbies and interests, you’re able to look for opportunities to connect these things to your work too. How many hobbies do you think you are able to have? 

A. I consciously increase my hobbies, I don’t think about how they could help me at work, I’m inquisitive, and I think that makes me a person that can be interested by anything. 

But like, when I think about it, there are a lot of things that I get quite engrossed in, so it’s ok for me to have hobbies of the things that I naturally fall in love with, isn’t it? 

When you force yourself to make something your hobby,

It feels like work, so in the end you should go with your gut!  

Q. It’s the pollen season but you don’t do well with pollen, do you Hikaru-kun? If there’s anything you do to protect yourself from the pollen I’d like you to tell me. 

A. Even in the middle of the year, the pollen and even housedust set me off – cries. 

So, every morning and night I borrow the power of Chinen’s friends, and a mask is essential! 

I wear a mask when I’m airing out the house, and I wear a mask when I’m cleaning, and after I air out the house, I wear a mask while I run the air purifier… Lol 

But you’ll gradually find your own style of dealing with the pollen, so maybe things will change when YOU discover what your essential item is! 

t/n: Chinen advertises a brand of antihistamine called Allegra. It’s an ongoing ad campaign about a bunch of aliens.

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun. There’s something I want to talk to you about. I have barely just become an adult but adults have so many thoughts in their heads and there are so many things that they have to say and do it’s exhausting. Honestly, I want to go back to being a child. But I can’t do that so I’ll do my best and keep moving forwards! Did you have this kind of internal conflict when you were in your early 20’s too, Hikaru-kun? When were you able to accept and overcome this? The cold days are continuing so please look after yourself. I’ll keep on loving JUMP from now on ♡ I’m looking forward to the day that we can meet again. 

A. I certainly spend a lot of time thinking about things. 

When I think back on that time I tend to talk about hating things too! 

But, even though I’m in my 30’s now, I have the heart of a 17-year-old

That’s me Lol 

I can do most things now apart from speaking poorly! 

Since I’m surrounded by other adults, and I don’t think I’m alone in this,

I am able to change the words I say, so it’s ok for me to say things wrong from time to time!

I also think that using my own words and meaning is the right thing to do and if we’re talking about honesty,

I don’t want people to think that I’m disrespecting them! 

Q. I thought I’d like to make the milk hot pot that you showed us on Yaotome’s Forest a while ago, but how much cheese do you use to make it taste so delicious?? 

A. If you’re cooking for one, then one cheese slice feels right! 

To make it like to one on Yao’s Forest I recommend using lots of pepper! 

Q. We’re doing vaulting horse in P.E. at the moment but not matter what I do I can’t help feeling scared and I can’t make the jump at all… When I realise I’m scared it only makes me more aware of it and makes me jump even less but are you aware of your fear when you’re facing something you are terrified of, Hikaru-kun?? We have a test on the vaulting horse and I don’t know if I’m going to make it or not but I’ll do my best! …Lol 

A. Scary things are scary! 

It’s simple but I think it’s ok! 

Things that awaken our refusal response, are things that have a high rate of failure, so even if it’s impossible we connect them with injury.

If it’s the vaulting horse, it’s straight forward, but I think it’s best to start practicing at a low level! 

Since feeling scared is just your emotional danger signal, YOU can take it! 

Q. You give the impression that your family are really important to you, Hikaru-kun, it’s amazing how much you talk about your family every time you answer our questions, I admire it, it’s amazing, I feel like I love that part of you, Hikaru-kun. I am an only child, I have caused a lot of inconveniences so I feel like I want to show my parents how much they mean to me, but it’s embarrassing and I can’t put it into action. If it was you, how would you show your parents how much they mean to you, Hikaru-kun?

A. I don’t really say this kind of thing often,

But back to you, what do you think showing your parents what they mean to you is?? 

I think that you should tell the person you admire how grateful you are! 

Don’t you feel like you want to give a present to the artists and seniors that you love? 

I think the same goes for parents.

This is how you show them what they mean to you. 

For example, even if you don’t give them a present,

When you think about how they have raised you all this time you will naturally come to respect them! 

Q. Tell me which emoji represents you, Hikaru-kun! Is it “apple”? (*’▽’*) 

A. ( •̀ .̫ •́ )✧ This one! 

Q. There’s someone that I like. I will be graduating middle school this year, and I think I’d like to be given a button by the person that I like, but after the graduation ceremony they’ll be continuing onto high school. When I think about this I don’t want to receive their button… I like them though so I think I’d be happy if I got something from them, but is there something that I can casually ask them for? I don’t want to regret my last days of middle school… 

A. The “now” is more important than the “after”! 

So I think it would be best for YOU to tell the person you like how you feel just as you’ve written it here! 

Even if they do it as an act of kindness it won’t bring up any negative emotions so you don’t have to worry! Fight!! 

Q. What animal would you like to have as a pet? 

A. A tortoise~ (◕य◕)

And, a doggo! 

Q. What flower do you like?? By the way, I like osmanthus so I bought an osmanthus perfume and now I always smell sweet Lol 

A. The first flower I can ever remember, the pansy, and lavender! 

Because “pansy” was the first flower name that my Mum taught me, and the first time I went to the lavender fields with my Mum I thought they were beautiful! 

Q. I tend to worry a lot and I feel like I have to get over it but I can’t get over it at all. If you think you’re feeling anxious, Hikaru-kun, what do you do to turn your mood around?? 

A. I still get really scared of things too! 

But I don’t think I hate it! 

If “being worried” has a positive side, isn’t it just because you have a cautious personality? 

So, if you think you’re being overly cautious, I don’t think you should hate your own personality! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Hello! Today, I had a dream about Takaki-kun! I was at a Hey! Say! JUMP concert, I was going to buy goods, when Takaki-kun appeared behind me and said he would buy me everything, it was such an exciting dream! (By the way, Takaki-kun said “This pouch is cute” and bought one for himself too Lol) Do you ever dream about the members when you’re asleep, Hikaru-kun? 

A. What a nice dream! 

The members! I dream about them from time to time! 

But they’re often in dreams where I’m worrying about messing up in a concert Lol  

Q. I’ll be taking my high school entrance exams soon so I’d like you to give me a pep talk, Hikaru-kun! Also, if you have any magic words that I can use to bring out my usual power during the exam I’d love you to tell me! 

A. OK! YOU have to believe in your heart the you can do this! 

When you face the exam, blow off even the idea of nerves, and GO! Fight! 

Today I’ll wash my hands and gargle properly again! 

Well then! 


=͟͟͞͞(๑⃙⃘•̀ =͟͟͞͞(๑⃙⃘•̀д•́=͟͟͞͞(๑⃙⃘•̀д•́๑⃙⃘)=͟͟͞͞(๑⃙⃘•̀д•́

Author: Claire

Almost 30-year-old Australian. I've been in love with JE idols for 10 years now. Started with Arashi, moved on to JUMP and recently I've fallen in love with Ebi. I started studying Japanese with a tutor after I graduated university, and have been teaching myself ever since. I lived in the Japanese countryside and taught English at primary and middle school for two years. Currently back in Australia, working as a speech therapist and am about to get married~!

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