Question Dojo February 2021 Part 2

It got too long so I’ve started the second part of the translations over here 😊


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 The first apple in a while.

Question Dojo!

Let’s go!!

Q. What role in a fairy-tale would you like to play, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I wonder? If it were Momotaro then the monkey, or the turtle in Urashimataro, I want to try adding ad lib into the performance as the second character! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! What was it that sparked your love for coffee? Also, if there’s something new that you’ve learnt about coffee lately, please tell us! 

A. What’s coffee, don’t you mean coshi? (◕य◕)

I guess it all started with coffee flavoured milk,

I’ve generally always liked the flavour so I started buying it from the vending machines when I was at high school! 

An update on something I’ve learnt about coffee lately, I like diluting coffee in water to make it weaker! 

t/n: Hikaru often writes coffee as “coshi” as a joke. I always just translate it as coffee though.

Q. Thank-you for everything you do, Hikaru-kun! Is there anything you say to yourself when you’re worried about something or you need to do your best, Hikaru-kun? Could you make something up for us too? I want to do my best in all kinds of situations using these precious words. At the moment I chant “Hikaru-kun” three times to myself when I need to. 

A. I don’t have any words, but for about 15-30 seconds I empty my heart, and in my head, I think “I can do it again today”.

And take a deep breath! 

I do it almost every day! 

Q. Which season is the best for camping? 

A. Um~ What a great question! Autumn I guess! 

It’s dry so it’s easy to make a camp fire! 

Because you can use the sticks around you to start the fire!

Also personally, it’s a great time for tasty mushrooms,

So it’s fun to cook with them! 

Rather than just choosing a time that’s good for camping, it’s also fun to choose a time when you can collect delicious thing to eat! 

Q. I’m searching for a job at the moment but I don’t understand what I need to be a working adult. If there is a certain type of person that you would like to work with Hikaru-kun, please tell me (I’m begging) 

A. Personally, I think it’s fun to work with curious people!

They’re full of dreams “I wanna try this, and this!” and they make those dreams come true, 

I guess that’s just like JUMP though! 

Q.  I lost my eraser when I was studying and spent three minutes looking my hardest for it and I was holding it firmly in my left hand the entire time. I’m exhausted. Please give me some revitalising words. 

A. That’s so cute! Lol 

There there, you can now close your eyes and think of nothing but me for a while! (Like I’m someone important Lol) 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! Starting next week my friend and I are going on a training camp to get our drivers licences! It’s my first time driving a car so I’m excited, but I’m also a little worried about properly passing the exam. Were you nervous when you got your licence, Hikaru-kun? Also, if you have a memory from that time, please tell us!! 

A. There isn’t really anything about the written questions, 

But when I was doing my final test on the road, there was someone driving dangerously in front of me, so I took a deep breath to calm myself down and dealt with the situation! 

You never know what’s going to happen when you’re driving, so enjoy yourself but also be safe! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun!! I’m embarrassed about it but I never clean my room. Since I’m not even motivated to do it, how can I get myself motivated to clean up this mess? 

A. It’s fine, don’t force yourself to be motivated! 

But also, um… if you leave it like that it might get dirty and you might get cockroaches… (for example), if it got that bad I think you’d frantically be changing your tune! 

Also, if you do clean it up, and you think it’s going to be exhausting to keep it clean, why don’t you try making yourself some easy rules like “I’m not going to sit anything on here”? 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun. I’m so glad you opened the question box. Lately, I’ve developed a daily routine of stopping by the convenience store or supermarket on my way home from work and buying an ice-cream. Are there any daily routines that you’ve developed lately, Hikaru-kun? 

A. Once a week, I  eat my favourite hamburger with a coffee! 

A hot dog or a hamburger with a coffee makes the best lunch!! 

Q. Do you have any crazy daydreams, Hikaru-kun? I’m always thinking about things like “What if I were living in zombie apocalypse…” (Lol) I’m sitting at work thinking about things like “If a zombie came in what could I use to attack it and how would I get away?” Of course I never want it to become a reality but it’s fun to think about (Lol) Please try thinking of something yourself, Hikaru-kun ♡ Lol

A. Are you me? Lol 

I have loads of crazy daydreams like this! 

I’m a daydreamer! 

Q. Hikaru-kun! Hello! What are you most looking forward to at the moment, Hikaru-kun? 

A. I’m always looking forward to seeing YOU guys! 

Q. There’s this person and when I think about seeing them it makes me feel happy and when I’m having a tough time I can’t help thinking about them and when I’m having fun I wish that they were here, do you think this is love?? 

A. Yep. It’s love. Congratulations! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, hello~ I’m a nursery school teacher! At my school in February we hold an event called “Playing Shops”… the 3, 4 and 5-year-old classes open a store and they buy and sell things to each other ♪ I’m in charge of the 4-year-old class, and this year we’re opening a “Cake Shop” and a “Bento Shop”, the children are excited and every day they are busily making products to sell…! Is there a store you would have like to have tried opening when you were a kid, Hikaru-kun? By the way, I always wanted to open a “Flower Shop” ♡

A. Woah! What’s with this super adorably cute energy! 

If I were a kid, I’d want to try being a BAR tender! Lol 

I want to come and play with you at your event! 

Everyone is sure to be so adorably cute!  

Q. Hikaru-kun, konbanwaffoi! You’ve been getting more variety show appearances lately, Hikaru-kun! Would you ever like to try hosting your own program??

A. I have never wanted to! 

I enjoy being a guest in the background! 

Q. Hikaru-kun, thank-you for always giving me so much energy! For me, being a Hikaru-kun fan is the thing that gives me the energy to do my best every day, but for you Hikaru-kun, was there some particular thing that got you to where you are today, some life changing experience? Please tell me if you don’t mind. The cold weather is continuing so please take care of yourself. I love you! 

A. You’re so polite, thank-you! 

YOU guys were the thing that changed my life of course, and the family that raised me, my friends, my workmates, if even one of these people were missing, I wouldn’t be the me I am today! 

I’m even grateful to the faraway person I’ve never met who said “cosshi”! 

Q. I’d like you to simply say “I like you”…! If you do it will add 5-years onto my life! 

A.  I like you! 

But I really do like you! 

Q. Hello Hikaru-kun! I know this is sudden but there’s something I want to ask you about. I think “I worked hard” on my own every day, but other people seem to have it tougher than me and maybe I have never really had to work hard for anything before… I can’t help feeling like this. I want to be able to stop comparing myself to others and praise my own accomplishments, but when you have worked hard at work Hikaru-kun, how do you tell yourself that you’ve done a good job? 

A. Ah, I can totally sympathise with you! 

When I’m feeling exhausted and I see people working hard on TV, I feel like I haven’t got much stamina… but it motivates me! 

I wonder when I’ll be able to praise myself for something? 

I think it feels great to always be motivated by this! 

Let’s both get worked up together! 

Q. Did you do your traditional Christmas present exchange??? If you did please tell us who got what presents from who! 

A. We did! I got a brush thing from one of the managers, and the manager got my head massager! Lol 

The next day he sent me a message saying “I’m so relaxed!”

Q. I’m changing careers at the moment. In my interview practice there’s this question “What are your beliefs (policy)?” How would you answer this question, Hikaru-kun?

A. “I don’t have any!” Can I answer like that? 

Honestly, if nothing came instantly to mind I’d give an honestly stupid answer Lol 

But after I said “I have none!” I’d also give a completely unrelated answer like “I want to live like water!” 

Q. My 5-year-old son said “When I grow up I want to be like JUMP. Please give him some advice.

A. Some advice hey! 

It’s fine to just do the things you like! 

Ignore the things you hate. 

Because there will come a time when you will like them too! 

That’s all for today! 

Thank-you everyone! 

Well then surbaibi! 

I’m going to drink my coffee and be full of energy! 

(((((((((((っ・ω・)っ brooooooom


Yapo-!! ( ・ิϖ ・ิ )っ🍎 Cut into the shape of a bunny.

Question Dojo!

It’s been a while, but let’s go!!

Coming soon!

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