A.B.C-Z Joy shitai kimochi Lyric Translation

Let’s JOY! 😅 So the title literally translates into “I feel like I want to JOY” or something like that, lol. I think the lyricist has tried to partially translate “tanoshimitai” into English and didn’t quite get there but you get the feeling he’s trying to express 🤣 Something like “I wanna have fun” would be a more accurate translation. Anyway… This is a song about forgetting about all the yucky, responsibilities of life and taking a day off to have fun every once in a while (more specifically with Ebi at Joypolis in 2018 🤣)

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A.B.C-Z Futari de Arukou Lyric Translation

二人で歩こう (Futari de Arukou/The two of us will walk) is a mild love song about staying by your side forever and walking together, step by step. It’s got a beautiful wedding/Christmas vibe that would make it perfect for a Winter ceremony 💒

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A.B.C-Z Move that body Lyric Translation

This is a boppy, classy kind of song about not being afraid to let yourself go and take a risk. It’s mostly in English so I didn’t have much to do. I did change some of the spelling since the official lyrics are spelt in a slightly “Japanese style” so I’ve just made some minor changes like “You gatta” to “You gotta” and “Tick Tack” to “Tick Tock” etc.

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