A.B.C-Z 頑張れ、友よ Lyric Translation

Long time, no translation! 😅

Here it is! Ganbare, tomo yo! Good luck, my friend! Ebi’s wonderful theme song for their Oenya movie. The lyrics were written by a famous (old) comedian called Egashira-san, which has got the song a lot of hype. It’s a great song about keeping on going, even when you fall! Hasshi’s last line is my favourite and basically sums up the entire feel of the song ❤️

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A.B.C-Z Yakusoku Lyric Translation

This is my other favourite B-side off the single. It’s so sad and beautiful. It’s a song about a relationship that had to end and all the promises that the couple have made. I love how it quotes what the girl has said and how Ebi feel about it. It’s almost like a conversation.

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