A.B.C-Z Mr.DAZZLING Lyric Translation

I don’t even know where to start with this RIDICULOUS song! It’s so ridiculous! 😖 But good ridiculous. It’s about letting go and partying in the Summer… or I also saw a Japanese fan say that she can’t help thinking of it as a sex song so there’s also that 😳 Interpret it as you will but please appreciate what a horrendous mess of heat related imagery these lyrics are… I did my best!

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A.B.C-Z GAME OVER!!! Lyric Translation

GAME OVER!!! is the lead song for this year’s album. The whole theme of the song and album is that the end of something is just the beginning of something else. Just like when you die in a game and it asks if you want to “Continue?”, even when you fall down in life you keep on getting back up!

Check it out on Pony Canyon’s Youtube here -> GAME OVER!!!

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A.B.C-Z Oh! Teacher Lyric Translation

So… when I saw Ebi were going to have a song called “Oh! Teacher” on the new album I felt an immediate dread, but I am happy to say that the song was nothing like I had imagined! 😅 It’s a song about going to a school reunion and feeling inadequate/like a failure in the eyes of an old teacher. There’s a happy ending though. The lyrics tell a great story.

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A.B.C-Z 孤独のRun away Lyric Translation

“Lonely Run away” is a song about not giving up on your dreams or feeling alone. Ebi will be there to support you on your journey no matter how long.

As a note, this translation is more of an interpretation… A lot of the song is sung first person (I will, we will) but parts indicate that it’s also directed at someone/s else (Since Japanese is vague af. Context can only get you so far but hey, who needs subjects in their sentences really? Choose your own adventure ) I think it sounds better when it’s all directed AT someone so some lines aren’t quite the same, like the “we will be your wings” in Japanese is just “we will spread wings” Whose wings? Your wings? My wings? Our wings? So I warped it a bit in my interpretation to make it more consistent with other parts of the song. 

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A.B.C-Z Like A Blow Lyric Translation

Throw back translation! This was one of my very first favourite Ebi songs. I love the backing track and intensity of the song. I originally thought the “blow” was like “a blow to the head”, like love makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck… but actually it’s a song about a love that makes you feel like you’re going to explode 💣

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A.B.C-Z 未来は明るいかい? Lyric Translation

Technically not an A.B.C-Z song but I want consistency in the titles! 😅

This Fumi solo is Fumi embodied in a song, even more so than SL Boy. It’s about seeing a pretty girl outside Shibuya Station and working up the courage to ask her out on his dream date. He even wrote the lyrics himself. 未来は明るいかい? (Mirai wa akarui kai?) means “Does the future look bright?” which, meaning wise, would translate into something like “Do you think I have a chance?”.

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