A.B.C-Z SHOWTIME! Lyric Translation

SHOWTIME! was the song used for the special drama project that Ebi did in conjunction with Nagoya’s Me~Tere/DelSata in early 2019. It’s a really funky song all about putting on a special show just for you. A show like you’ve never seen before! The drama is also pretty fun and my friend N and I have done English subs for the whole thing that you can find on her LJ here –> 🍛

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A.B.C-Z Vanilla Lyric Translation

This is another one of my all time favourite Ebi songs. It’s so sexy~! Vanilla was originally written for Kinki Kids but was later passed down to Ebi. The Going with Zephyr album was meant to be Ebi showing us their mature, sexy side but really, they have been singing very mature, sexy songs like Vanilla since their pre-debut days. Enjoy~ ❀

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A.B.C-Z Shuuden wo Koete 〜Christmas Night〜 Lyric Translation

Merry (slightly early) Christmas! 🎄 This is Ebi’s Christmas single from late 2017.  終電を超えて・shuuden wo koete means “beyond the last train”. It’s a song about not wanting to go home from a Christmas date and wanting to stay out until after the last train has run (aka spend the night together 😉)

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「I」Lyric Translation

An anonymous translation request from Twitter. Thank-you 😘

This is a beautiful, sultry song about falling in a one-sided, forbidden love. This would have been a perfect insert song for Yama’s Cain and Able drama! In Japanese 愛・あい・ai means love and they are using the English “I” as a play on this in the song.

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