Tengoku no Honya Messy Translation Masterpost

I have been doing lots of messy little pieces of translating for this so I thought I would condense it all into one master post that people can scroll through. I’ll keep adding little bits and pieces in as they come along~ 📖🍃✨

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A.B.C-Z サヨナラはハジマリLyric Translation

This is a lovely song encouraging someone to get back up and start again after a sad goodbye. “Sayonara wa Hajimari” means “Goodbye is the Beginning”, meaning goodbye doesn’t have to be the end of something, it can also be the start of something new.

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A.B.C-Z DAN DAN Dance!! Lyric Translation

The successor to Joy shitai kimochi, DAN DAN Dance!! was the song used for Ebi’s 2019 collaboration with Joypolis. Just like Joy shitai, it’s a song about forgetting your troubles and daily life and coming along to have fun with Ebi (…at Joypolis).

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Learning Japanese with Johnny’s

People often ask me about how I learnt Japanese and how they can start their own study journey. I am mostly self-taught and my skills aren’t fabulous but this is how I taught myself and some of my personal tips for teaching yourself Japanese through the exciting medium of Johnny’s! 🤣

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A.B.C-Z SHOWTIME! Lyric Translation

SHOWTIME! was the song used for the special drama project that Ebi did in conjunction with Nagoya’s Me~Tere/DelSata in early 2019. It’s a really funky song all about putting on a special show just for you. A show like you’ve never seen before! The drama is also pretty fun and my friend N and I have done English subs for the whole thing that you can find on her LJ here –> 🍛

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