A.B.C-Z パイアール。Lyric Translation

Ok so, maths…. π r (pi r) is part of the π r2  (pi r squared) equation which is used to find the circumference of a circle. I would go into this but I hate maths and don’t understand so… Basically this song is about not being afraid of the unknown because there are things you can do to make it clear, like using π r2 to find the unknown circumference of a circle with the information you do know, I guess? Either way, Gocchi sings “dry ice” in this song and it’s really cute. That’s all you really need to know 😅

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A.B.C-Z One Night Romance Lyric Translation

I loooooove this song. It would have been completely at home on the Zephyr album! It’s a song about… well… meeting a girl and taking her… on a “midnight cruise” as Fumi says in the song 😏 It’s such a mature, sexy, sultry song. Ah! Did I mention I love it!

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A.B.C-Z 孤独のRun away Lyric Translation

“Lonely Run away” is a song about not giving up on your dreams or feeling alone. Ebi will be there to support you on your journey no matter how long.

As a note, this translation is more of an interpretation… A lot of the song is sung first person (I will, we will) but parts indicate that it’s also directed at someone/s else (Since Japanese is vague af. Context can only get you so far but hey, who needs subjects in their sentences really? Choose your own adventure ) I think it sounds better when it’s all directed AT someone so some lines aren’t quite the same, like the “we will be your wings” in Japanese is just “we will spread wings” Whose wings? Your wings? My wings? Our wings? So I warped it a bit in my interpretation to make it more consistent with other parts of the song. 

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A.B.C-Z Like A Blow Lyric Translation

Throw back translation! This was one of my very first favourite Ebi songs. I love the backing track and intensity of the song. I originally thought the “blow” was like “a blow to the head”, like love makes you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck… but actually it’s a song about a love that makes you feel like you’re going to explode 💣

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Yaotome Hikaru Duet Feb 2020


Just a cute, quick Hika translation because I feel like it’s been ages since he’s talked about these kinds of sweet, personal things in a magazine 💛 (Also he might try and poison himself with mushrooms and/or medicinal herbs, and/or potentially lose a toe to frostbite so we all need to look out for him!!!)

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Tengoku no Honya Messy Translation Masterpost

I have been doing lots of messy little pieces of translating for this so I thought I would condense it all into one master post that people can scroll through. I’ll keep adding little bits and pieces in as they come along~ 📖🍃✨

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A.B.C-Z サヨナラはハジマリLyric Translation

This is a lovely song encouraging someone to get back up and start again after a sad goodbye. “Sayonara wa Hajimari” means “Goodbye is the Beginning”, meaning goodbye doesn’t have to be the end of something, it can also be the start of something new.

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