A.B.C-Z Yakusoku Lyric Translation

This is my other favourite B-side off the single. It’s so sad and beautiful. It’s a song about a relationship that had to end and all the promises that the couple have made. I love how it quotes what the girl has said and how Ebi feel about it. It’s almost like a conversation.

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A.B.C-Z Spirit Lyric Translation

This is a passionate song about having the spirit to drive yourself to reach your goals and never give up. There were a lot of really difficult words in this and I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes but I’ve done my best capture the “spirit” of the song (pun fully intended). The music reminds me heaps of “The Greatest Show” from “The Greatest Showman” too… so bonus for the Hugh Jackman fans of us! (Or is that just me?)

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A.B.C-Z パイアール。Lyric Translation

Ok so, maths…. π r (pi r) is part of the π r2  (pi r squared) equation which is used to find the circumference of a circle. I would go into this but I hate maths and don’t understand so… Basically this song is about not being afraid of the unknown because there are things you can do to make it clear, like using π r2 to find the unknown circumference of a circle with the information you do know, I guess? Either way, Gocchi sings “dry ice” in this song and it’s really cute. That’s all you really need to know 😅

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A.B.C-Z One Night Romance Lyric Translation

I loooooove this song. It would have been completely at home on the Zephyr album! It’s a song about… well… meeting a girl and taking her… on a “midnight cruise” as Fumi says in the song 😏 It’s such a mature, sexy, sultry song. Ah! Did I mention I love it!

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