A.B.C-Z Rinne Lyric Translation

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リンネ (rinne = reborn) is the song that Ebi produced themselves to celebrate their 10 year formation anniversary. I was really scared to translate Hasshi’s lyrics incase I couldn’t do a good job but I think they came out nicely. I think this is a kind of bitter-sweet song about coming to accept who you are. Instead of chasing after the impossible, forgive your past self and keep moving forward by doing what you can.

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A.B.C-Z Akidzuki Lyric Translation

アキヅキ (Usually written as 秋月 and pronounced shuugetsu) literally means “Autumn Moon” or what is often called the “Harvest Moon” in English. This is such a lovely song about an Autumn love that has changed with the seasons. I’m sad it didn’t make it into the concert. I feel like it really suits Goseki’s voice and for some reason it’s the song on the album that I associate with him the most.

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