A.B.C-Z OTAGAI☆SUMMER Lyric Translation

The third Fumi solo. Fumi didn’t write the lyrics for this one but somehow it’s just as quintessentially Fumi-esque as the other two. It’s a “cool” song about hitting on a girl  but the more you delve into the lyrics the more lame, awkward and Fumi it becomes.

As a note: I added in the “clap clap clap” parts because I feel these are essential to the song. These parts are not in the official lyrics so I have just written what I think he’s saying, Please tell me if you think I have made a mistake.

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A.B.C-Z S L Boy Lyric Translation

This Fumi solo is a madhouse of self-deprecating jokes, puns and a whole lot of other stuff that doesn’t make sense if you don’t know much about Fumi and/or if you don’t speak Japanese. I’ve done my best 😅 Fumi wrote these lyrics himself and a lot of fans don’t like this song because it shows how much of a negative view of himself he has… but I view it more as a power balled. So what if they said you look like a horse? You own that. You show them Fumi! S L Boys are A-OK! 😍

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A.B.C-Z 未来は明るいかい? Lyric Translation

Technically not an A.B.C-Z song but I want consistency in the titles! 😅

This Fumi solo is Fumi embodied in a song, even more so than SL Boy. It’s about seeing a pretty girl outside Shibuya Station and working up the courage to ask her out on his dream date. He even wrote the lyrics himself. 未来は明るいかい? (Mirai wa akarui kai?) means “Does the future look bright?” which, meaning wise, would translate into something like “Do you think I have a chance?”.

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